Manadeshi ni Uragira Rete Shinda Ossan Yūsha, Shijō Saikyō no Maō to Shite Ikikaeru
Vol.1 Chapter 2

Author: Rokushima Asa
Source: 7Sins TL

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Please save us                      That what i was asked.

I was a human until just a moment ago.

Resurrected as a Demon Lord . . .  I am a demon right now, aren't i?

However my consciousness remained as a human.

Of course, my emotions and moral value too.

I fought as a hero to protect the human world, but I was confused when I was told to fight those humans this time.

Yup, I'm a hero who protected people.

         have i been betrayed?

Suddenly, murky words sprang up from the inside out.

[I am a Hero]

I muttered to tell myself.

           Betrayed by the hero too?

Again, words sprang up from the bottom of my heart.

Damn, What i was thinking . . . .

[Demon Lord-sama, This.]

It was Stella's voice that interrupted such an inner conflict.

She held her hand over mine.

From the void, a mask with a sinister pattern appeared.

It slid through the air and fitted comfortably on my face.

[This is             ]

[You should hide your identity that you are a former human. As it is now, it is considered an enemy by both humans and demons.]

Stella said.

[From human viewpoint as a hero who defected in the demon world. From the demons viewpoint, as a human who defeated the predecessor Demon Lord]

[... That may be the case.]

I was a former hero, and I worn the Demon Lord's mask.

[This mask can never be removed with a simple force. It has magic that can be attached and detached only at your will.]

Stella continued.

[For now, I'm the only one who knows this fact. Of course, I also won't reveal it to others.]

Her slit eyes were staring straight at me.

[Are you here, Demon Lord!]

At that moment, several warriors entered the hall.

──Maybe there was Lyle too?

I turned my gaze to them.

A boy who was a disciple, a close friend, a companion, and a son.

A boy who killed me.

[I am the hero, Alex!]

[Same here, Freed.] *TL Note : his raw name is kinda similiar with the MC, Our protag name is フリード (Furido), and this new appeared man name is フレッド(Fureddo). Thats why some manga use Fried as MC's name. But i don't wanna do it.

[My name is Jeremy! Be prepared, the Demon Lord!]

The heroes gave their name in turn.

[There isn't Lyle, is it?]

I sighed under the mask.

Desperate subjugation of the Demon Lord by one hundred heroes.

Well, in fact it was done about three days ago.

I and Lyle were also members.

Many of my friends were defeated or separated by the demons, and by the time I reached the Demon Castle, I and Lyle were the only ones.

Then we proceed to the top floor and fight the Demon Lord.

Now, I myself am the Demon Lord.

What happened to Lyle after that?

I wonder if they were fighting in another place.

Or ──.

[I won't let you touch even one finger the Demon Lord!]

This time the demon soldiers came.

[Aaa, ahhh? It is not Yurisha-sama ... who are you?]

The female demon who leading was showing confusion state.

A young girl with red hair in a ponytail.

[Hold on, Captain Lilim. This person has become the new Demon Lord in place of Yurisha-sama.]

Stella told with dignified.

[The New Demon Lord ...!?]

[I know you are confused, but now it's an emergency. Do your duty.]

Surprised her── Stella told Lilim.

[Cer, certainly there is the Demon Lord's crest . . . Then we will protect it.]

[Fuuh, let's kick you off before the Demon Lord.]

Heroes and demon soldiers confronted each other.

[Now, please stand back.]

Prompted by Stella, I went back.

I still can't settled down my feelings.

Logically, I thought I should be on the human side as a hero.

But, there was something holding me back

What was this  . . . . feeling?

Was it because i was betrayed by Lyle?

Did i shift to Stella and the demons?

Or ──.

In front of me who was confused, the battle between the heroes and the demons began.

The three heroes each held a spear of the same design.

It looked alike a magical armament.

It was a sacred armament that God has given to humans to defeat demons.

Those who have the qualities to handle it are called: The Hero.

[Blow away!]

One of the heroes sticked out a spear.

[Roar, "Undine."]

[Guwaaah, . .]

[Gyaaaah . . ]

The stream of water that suddenly rushed out from the spearhead became a sharp blade and chopped up several demons.

[Oh, dead again! I'm the top position with this.]

A number of demon-like heads were hung on his waist.

If you look at it, the other two are the same.

[There are still many demons.]

[Look, I'll reverse it from here!]

The heroes were grinning.

These guys played a "game" to hunt demons ...!

I felt uncomfortable.

I have defeated many demons.

In battle, the giving and taking of life was natural.

However it was not like a game to enjoy.

If you even forgot the minimum honor for your enemies, it's no longer a hero or a warrior.

What they were doing was not a fight.

It was just a massacre.

It was like, they were the devil.

[Everyone step back! I'm here!]

Lilim came out in front.

When I thought that the body had faded translucently, it softened and expanded as soon as I saw it.

Was she a species of slime?

[I will become a shield, everyone rearrange the formation           Kyaa!]

A slime woman who screamed

The stream of water emitted by the heroes from spearhead pierced her viscous body.

[Captain Lilim!]

[No, it's too strong ──]

The demons of her subordinates screamed in despair and fear.

Normally, physical attacks were ineffective on slime.

However, it seemed that the water stream can also damage slime, as expected a magical armament.

But she still stand in the way to protect her companions with utmost effort.

[Arghhh ... uhhh ... uhhhh ... uhhh ...!]

It pierced the whole body, and while leaking a voice of pain, it did not go down even one step.

──As one of the heroes, I have fought against the demons.

The demons were enemies that threatened the human world.

It was an enemy to defeat.


I gritted my back teeth tightly.

I stared at Lilim whom being pierced many times and still protecting her friends.

[Whether the other person is a human or a demon . . . it doesn't matter]

You couldn't overlook such a scene!


I screamed in anger and stepped forward.

[Heee~, the Demon Lord gonna deal directly?]

[I'm gonna do it, if i beat this guy i will get a glorious achievement.]

The heroes cheered.

The opponents are Three Heroes.

If you came to Demon Castle, you should be the chosen of the elite.

During my lifetime, i barely crossing once.

But , what about "I'm as a Demon Lord"?

When I turned my eyes to them, countless letters emerged in the air.

Name                : Alex

Class                : Knight Hero

Overall Lv         : 110

HP                     : 560

MP                    : 170

Attack                : 302

Defense             : 440

Dodge Rate       : 415

Hit Rate             :  700


Magical Armament "Undine"


Water Spear Attack Lv7

Water Shield Lv4

[Is this ... The "Display Status" that Stella showed me earlier?]

Apparently I could do the similar thing.

Currently, the status of vanguard hero was displayed. And the other two had similar number

My overall level was 4702, and all the opponents are level 100-ish.

It is overwhelming on numbers.

[What are you absent-mindedly thinking about!]

[It's full of gaps!]

[Penetrate the Demon Lord,"Undine"!]

Three spear-shaped miraculous Armaments fired the blades of the water stream all at once. 

──If the opponent was using water, how about against flames?

As soon as I thought about it, another display appeared in front of me.

Fire: The lowest level of flame magic. The power is low, but the activation speed is fast.

Burst Bomb: Explodes extensively. The range and power expand according to the level of the user.

Meteor Blade: Launches a slash of fire. The basic reach is about 3 meters.

In addition, hundreds of spell names were lined up.

Maybe it was a list of magic I could use.

[I've never used magic. How about using "fire" for the time being?]

As a test, I chose the lowest level magic.


A speck of small fireball was appeared.

The fireball that slowly advanced through the air collided with three streams of water ──,

It caused a tremendous explosion.

[Wha, what . . . ?]

The three streams evaporate in an instant, and the three heroes disappeared without even screaming.

Furthermore, the floor and walls melt into muddy and burn out.

The fireball, which still pushed on forward, jumped out of the castle, reached the mountain range several kilometers away, and wiped out several mountains at once.

[I use the lowest level magic ... right?]

It's far more powerful than I had imagined.

Manadeshi ni Uragira Rete Shinda Ossan Yūsha, Shijō Saikyō no Maō to Shite Ikikaeru
Vol.1 Chapter 2