Married to the Protagonist
Chapter 119

Author: Wendy诶呀
Source: ShainaG Translations


The class president looked up at the willow leaves above his head and sighed deeply. After a while, he responded on his phone, “Alright.”

At the same time, Chen Jinyao had already reached the nail salon she was so eager to visit, bending over and carefully selecting the pattern she wanted.

And as a result, the more patterns there were, the harder it was for her to make a decision.

The air was filled with the smell of nail polish, not too heavy and not choking, but it was enough to cause those who weren’t used to it to frown a little.

Chen Jinya’s movements paused. She seemed to have suddenly remembered something and straightened up. Holding her breath and thinking for a moment, she quickly made a decision and smiled apologetically to the owner before leaving.

As soon as she stepped out of the nail salon, she crashed right into Yan Cheng who was holding an umbrella.

Yan Cheng raised his brows proudly. “I guessed you were here. Why’d you come out?”

He walked over and passed her some pulpy orange juice.

Then, he fished himself a can of coke from the shopping bag.

Psh—with the sound of the can being opened, a fizz could also seemingly be heard. Since it was cold, water droplets were sliding down the side of the can.

The auditory and visual experience was enough, not to mention how refreshing a feeling it was to drink icy cola in the summer.

Chen Jinyao dragged him out and looked up, staring at Yan Cheng’s rolling Adam’s apple.

After that, she moved her gaze towards the can in his hands with an almost thirsty look in her eyes, then at the orange juice in her hands.

The juice wasn’t that cold. After a pause, Chen Jinyao said with utmost sincerity, “Wanna swap?”

“What?” Yan Cheng did not understand.

She pointed carefully to the soft drink in his hands and gulped. “I think it’s better if you take the juice. It contains vitamin C, it’s healthier.”

After that, she put on a look as if saying “I’m thinking for your sake”.

But Yan Cheng wasn’t taking the bait.

He raised his chin and glanced at Chen Jinyao, saying in a very straight-man manner, “What business has a big man like me got to drink orange juice?”

At that, Chen Jinyao blinked her eyes and calmly stated, “Coke kills sperm.”

Yan Cheng, “…”

Only then did he lift his arm, raising the can to his lips.

Chen Jinyao stared at him with some resentment in her eyes, her face serious as if she was talking about some serious business. “You have to think carefully, for the sake of your kids and your grandchildren!”

She also did not forget to use herself as an example, “Look at me, I gave up on doing my nails because of the smell of nail polish even though I really loved one of the darker reds!”

“…” Yan Cheng felt the pressure and slowly lowered his arm.

Chen Jinyao was immediately happy when she saw the change. “Alright, let’s swap. Orange juice is nice too. I think you should try it.”

But of course, Chen Jinyao knew her. He sneered.

Then, under Chen Jinyao’s expectant gaze, he threw it into the trash with a clang.

“You’re right, but both men and women should watch out,” he said meaningfully. “For the sake of our kids and grandchildren.” Using the same words against her.

Chen Jinyao was silent and her face looked a little complicated.

Her heart was not as calm as the surface looked right now. She was screaming silently, what’s it got to do with me!!!

Another classical case of her lifting up a stone to smash her own foot. She still had a chance before that!

Chen Jinyao puffed her cheeks and gritted her teeth.

She thought to herself, this Yan Cheng is such a dog. He would rather waste it…

And have the both of them suffer for it.

Chen Jinyao gritted her teeth. “Don’t talk to me. I just want to hold you down on a dentist’s chair and sew up your mouth right now.”

“…” Yan Cheng’s eyes went wide and he sucked in a breath of air.

After a while, he pretended to be surprised. “What are you, the evil wife???”

Chen Jinyao snorted. “Bleh.”

Yan Cheng used one hand, index and middle fingers wiggling like a person walking in front of her, then he bent his knuckles as if he were bending his knees to kneel down. “Okay, wife, I was wrong.”

Chen Jinyao, “…Forget about it.”


Married to the Protagonist
Chapter 119