Marshal, Please Calm Down
Chapter 1

Author: 莫土
Source: Chrysanthemum Garden

Wu Zimo looked up at the high-tech products flying in the air, defying the rules of gravity, and the corners of his lips pulled up. cJEghw

If the scenery outside the window hadn’t broken him yet, then the thing he suspected of being a dinosaur egg that kept rubbing against his calf would be enough for Wu Zimo, the calm emperor, to curse: I bought a watch last year……

As an outright shut-in who had been browsing the Internet for many years, how could he not guess his present situation? Assuming a thinking pose, Wu Zimo sat on the bed in his room, struggling to sift through his memory and recall how he actually kicked the bucket.

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Wu Zimo was a good young man from the twenty-first century. Although this good young man had shut himself in, in the eyes of relatives and friends, Wu Zimo was a reclusive tech nerd. He wouldn’t leave the main entrance and wouldn’t step out of the inner doors, behaving even more like a feudal young miss than an actual young miss.

Fortunately, the child’s disposition was still alright. He wasn’t a bear child, nor did he have secondary disease. Plus, he would also earn some pocket money online. Originally, the economy was fairly prosperous. His parents expressed that they weren’t too strict about education; as long as he didn’t starve himself to death, it was fine.

Although Wu Zimo was a shut-in in the eyes of his relatives and friends, he was a great godly force in another world. As long as the ‘Great God Mo’ was mentioned in the hacking world, whose eyes wouldn’t sparkle? Who wouldn’t hug his thighs, begging for his support? Particularly, the most important thing was the Great God Mo’s three world views: he would never release Trojan viruses or attack servers randomly and would help make some anti-virus products to be used by the public from time to time.

So, this hacker God Mo was also registered with the National Security Department and sometimes cooperated with them.

On this day, Wu Zimo sat in front of the computer as usual with a full belly. He surfed the Internet and stopped to poke around the lastest news about his male god’s newest film. It had been rumored that his male god had a chance of winning this year’s Oscars. As the male god’s iron powder fan, Wu Zimo was honored.

But his happy mood was soon doused by a pop-up box. yRqgQe

#Did Li Yingdi lose his Oscar because of his patriotic speech?# #Is the Oscars Ceremony raising winds and clouds with racial discrimination?#

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Huh?!” Seeing the banner on the pop-up box, Wu Zimo, who had been absentmindedly scrolling, immediately exploded.

Wu Zimo wasn’t a groupie. However, he was one of Li Yingdi’s loyal fans not only because of his face, but also because the other’s three world views were correct! As the first film emperor to rush out of his own country into the outside world, no matter what he said or did, his works allowed the foreign audiences to know of China’s strength and confidence.

Because of this, there were some extreme racists who abhorred Li Yingdi. Normally the media feuds were trivial; the number of people who wanted to slander him to death wasn’t small on the internet. Of course, for the sake of meeting these people who were slandering simply for the sake of bad-mouthing someone, powerful iron powder fan Wu Zimo came onto the stage. TOlf7L

Wu Zimo quickly opened the plug-in communication program he had written and immediately contacted his foreign connection, “Fox, what happened to the male god?” The reaction speed of the local media was always slower than the international media.

“What the fuck? Great God Mo, your male god is being blackened by those sunspots again!”

The other party never spoke nonsensically and after hearing the story once, Wu Zimo promptly exploded.

This time, the racially discriminatory media was targeting his own male god. Hacker F, someone from M Country that he had fought with before, had declared that if the Oscar was handed over to an Eastern pig, he would black out the Oscars’ web page. tU9VMk

Even those outside of the hacking community knew how powerful M Country’s hacker was. Their most brilliant achievement was the defense weapon network in the eastern part of M Country and they hadn’t been caught yet.

The source of Wu Zimo’s hatred for this man was Li Yingdi. This F was incredibly racist, believing that white people were superior and that the rest were inferior and should be dominated.

Wu Zimo had fought against this person several times, both winning and losing, so when he saw the other’s proclamation, war was immediately declared.

“Brothers! Sisters! Lift up your weapons! Let’s fight against that brain-damaged moron!” hdYSuF

This battle was a surge of winds and clouds. Be it M Country, Z Country, or any other of the onlooking countries, all the respective countries’ Security Departments were focussed on them, working overtime. They were afraid that the fire from the two masters would harm the other fish in the pond.

The battle was fierce and dangerous, but the result was good; Wu Zimo had won the battle and had found F’s real IP address.

Wu Zimo looked at the row of numbers on the computer screen with a sinister smirk on his lips.

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“Hey, F? I’ll let you pretend! Now, Ge will let you fly!” Sealing the IP address, Wu Zimo entered a mailbox number with his keyboard and then forwarded the address. u0bFhk

“This time you can really go and boast inside a prison, F brother~”

Just as Wu Zimo was about to place his hands on his waist and laugh haha, the feeling of numbness suddenly jolted from his fingertips, and then there was no more……

He looked up and seeing those flying cars outside of the window, what more was there?!

“So, I was killed from electricity leaking from my keyboard?” At the end of his recollection, Wu Zimo continued to hold a contemplative face. s89eZ4

Toss! The keyboard was made of plastic! Even if it was a mechanical keyboard, it was still plastic! Your sister’s leakage! You leak for lao zi to see! Do you understand what insulators are?! Junior high school physics, ah!

Thinking this, Wu Zimo wanted to press his hands against his forehead. His death would not only upset his parents, but also absolutely make the headlines. He worked it all out —— A young man with an internet addiction was electrocuted to death; that he had all kinds of unhealthy internet addictions, conveniently picking up keyboards leaking electricity and so on.

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Once done recalling his own situation, he thought about the body he was possessing.

The body’s memories passed through Wu Zimo’s mind like a movie. DPCFi1

Wu Zimo felt that being attached to this body might have been fate. This body’s name was also Wu Zimo, an orphan who had grown up with the government’s aid. However, the original owner didn’t feel inferior because of his status as an orphan. Since he started school, he had been a top student.

“Top student, very good!”

Wi Zimo expressed that as an ancient man from the twenty-first century, it would be asking for his life to re-learn all of the knowledge of the current interstellar world.

Correct, Wu Zimo was now in an era that had developed to the point of using an interstellar calendar. The use of A.D. had long become history. 3xdhP

“The future is good, the future is great. At least I haven’t traveled to ancient times and have to worry about eating, sleeping, and dressing well.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Interstellar universe was good and convenient in all kinds of ways. However, the one thing that made Wu Zimo show his pain was related to the death of the original owner.

“Sentinels and guides, how could there be such a fierce and cruel species violating human evolution?!”

Five thousand years ago, the pace of human development began to more towards space. In the process of exploring space, humans encountered various dangers and difficulties. Particularly, when humans explored the Alpha Galaxy, they were met with the common enemy of all the races in space —— h7zKaA

A type wisdom-possessing heterogenous creatures: the Dimensional Zerg.

This type of Dimensional Zerg instinctively preyed on all organisms they encountered. They were very aggressive, not at all inferior to the machine-armor that humans had developed. Most importantly, these Zerg knew how to work in groups. Against this ferocious enemy, humans suffered a heavy blow during their interstellar explorations.

Humans had to retreat and do everything possible to annihilate these Dimensional Zergs. In the course of battle, some human fighters suddenly developed superpowers, their bodies becoming thousands of times stronger than that of ordinary people. These powerful people could tear apart machine-armor by hand.

These superpowered humans were called sentinels. With their contribution, the balance between the humans and the Zergs finally began to tilt. kZVaMb

However, the sentinels’ abilities were too strong, so they were often in a manic state. While it could be relieved with medicine, for high-ranking sentinels, the medicine had little effect.

Just then, a sentinel in a manic state who was about to explode from the powerful energy was miraculously eased from his mania by his partner’s spiritual comfort.

Because of this, the world discovered another type of power that could only spark the sentinels’ spirit, but were weak themselves —— guides.

Sentinels had a strong fighting ability and the guides’ spiritual power could soothe a sentinel’s mania very well. 317KMi

The emergence of sentinels and guides had helped mankind stand firm again in interstellar space. At the same time, the pairing of sentinels and guides went above the law.

However, even knowing that guides could pacify sentinels, there were too little guides awakening. Throughout the interstellar history, the best ratio of sentinels to guides had been 5 to 1, the worst being 12 to 1. Now, it had averaged about 7 to 1.

Because of the rarity of guides, the guides that awakened were very precious, so they were divided up by those in power.

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The original owner was a top student who had been recognized as having great potential to awaken as a guide when he turned eighteen. 7BlJc0

It wasn’t that the original owner hadn’t wanted to be a sentinel, but sentinels usually awakened early, the earliest being four or five years old and the latest being twenty. A sentinel’s awakening was also related to their physical fitness.

Wu Zimo bowed his head and pinched his arm. “Sure enough, this sentinel business is a floating cloud……”

The original owner had indeed been a top student, but his physical fitness level was better than the interstellar’s lowest rank F. Compared with rank F, in the eyes of others, E wasn’t a bad ranking at all. So, everyone believed that the original owner would awaken as a precious guide.

The same was true of the original owner. In the past, a number of powers had handed olive branches to the original owner, waiting for the owner to awaken and join them. W7ZLdm

However, reality played a big joke on the original owner.

The original owner’s birthday had been three days ago. That day, there were no signs of the original owner’s awakening. The expressions on the representatives of the powerful forces’ faces shifted through all the colors of the rainbow. They had only attended to attract the original owner.

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He couldn’t awaken and was just an ordinary person. He was the school’s top student, but that was the way the world worked. Seeing high praise, seeing the bottom step. They were envious of the original because he had the potential to awaken as a guide, and now the original hadn’t awakened. They were contemptuous and sneered at him and he had suffered all kinds of public verbal humiliation in the past three days. It allowed the original owner to understand the fickleness of human nature.

Not to mention the original owner, even Wu Zimo, who was only watching, grit his teeth in hatred and wanted to give those guys a punch. But the death of the former owner had been accidental. Because his best friend had taken the lead in mocking him, he broken-heartedly fell into a daze and hit the back of his head and like this, the original owner was no more. R TxgP

Wu Zimo subconsciously touched the back part of his head that had been hit. It was a little painful, but it had taken the life of the original owner. Wu Zimo didn’t know what to say.

“Actually, it’s not too bad to not awaken as a guide, at least I don’t have to worry about my little chrysanthemum……”

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Marshal, Please Calm Down
Chapter 1