Munou To Yobareta Ore, Yottsu No Chikara Wo Eru
Chapter 65

Author: 松村道彦 (Matsumura Michihiko)
Source: Nega Translations

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Episode 65: Execution

It’s not that I don’t know who he is. Is there anyone who doesn’t know about one of the great kings of the continent? The strongest King in the world… and an SS rank adventurer. He’s famous even outside his own country.

[I didn’t recognize him because I’ve never seen his face before. But this person… didn’t he attend the Olympus meeting the other day? Then how come there’s no rumor about his sickness?]

[Uーn… there are so many questionable points here, but it will be best if we ask the person in question directly. Let us wait until he recovers.]

The King of Celt should be aware of the incompetent girl. We could probably talk about it once he recovered.

[You’re right… let’s check our current location for now. If we look at the river we saw earlier…]


3 hours later. After confirming our location, we’ve been spending time tending to the Celt King. His breathing had eased already.

[Un… it’s about timeー]

[Thank goodness… it’s hard to watch him suffer in pain like that…]

Soon after his expression also became calmer, the Celt King finally regained consciousness. He slowly rose up and began to take a deep breath, after which he stood up then balled and opened his fist.

[Thi, this is… there’s no pain… a, am I healed? This… if this true…!]

The Celt King clasped his fist in delight to the point of shedding tears. His happiness might seem a bit overt. But he must’ve been prepared to die before this.

[Your Majesty, thank goodness you are alright.]

[O, oh! I, it’s all thanks to you all! But, how… ah… how should I thank you… ah I’m at a loss for words…A, anyways thank you very much!]

The King excitedly shook our hands while bowing his head in gratitude.

[Please raise your head, Your Majesty. I’m glad that we’re of help to you.]

[Well zen, Rhode-sama, I shall excuse myselfー. Your Majesty, please be more careful wiz your healthー!]

[A, ah! Yes! Thank you… thank you!]

After Asclepius responded to the king with a smile and waved her hand goodbye, I undid the materialization and returned her to the notebook.

[Your Majesty, please make yourself comfortable. There are a lot of things we need to talk about]

[Go, got it! Since I gave up, I… I hadn’t really thought about what I would do if I survived…! …Oh, dear God…]

[Levi, some tea, please?]

[As you wish.]

The tree that the Guvilia had felled was easily cut with Durandal. In a jiffy, 3 chairs and a table were fashioned from it. Sitting down, we started the conversation while enjoying the tea Levi had brewed.

[…this is delicious. It’s my first time tasting such delicious tea.]

[I am honored to be commended by Your Majesty.]

[Ahh… so refreshing. I really should thank you all again. You might have recognized me, but allow me to introduce myself. I’m Orlando-Godrick Celt, the current king of Celt. You have given me a huge favor I could never hope to repay. Really… Thank you very much.]

The Celt king stood up and bowed again. Which we responded by doing the same in kind.

[Your Majesty, I’d say it is enough already. I’d like to have a word or two, will that be alright?]

[Very well. Ask away.]

We sat down once more and talked about many things with the Celt king. Thanks to him being so accommodating, I was able to understand what happened.

[I see… so it’s here.]

[Yes… the place my last selfishness had brought me to. I thought that I’d die soon after all. Excuse me, but allow me to ask some questions now. First of all, why are you here? Moreover, wielding the power that can heal even incurable illnesses… Just who are you people?]

[Ah, pardon me. We haven’t introduced ourselves… My name is Rhode Irvine. And this is Levi. Sorry for the late introductions.]

[No, it’s alright. Did you say your name is Rhode just now…? Where did I… Aha! The champion of Nibelugh adventurer tournament!] 

[Ah, yes. We are.]

[I see now! You are the one who defeated that Gladi! That explains some of your power…. Then, why are you here?] 

[It’ll be a long conversation.]

[I don’t mind. Go on.]

So I told the King everything. How I was an incompetent, obtaining the legendary armaments, my Materialization magic, and my goal of erasing the concept of incompetent from the world.

[We came to Celt after reading a certain article in the newspaper. An article about an incompetent girl who was arrested for attacking a civilian family. I don’t know who this incompetent girl yet, but I want to prevent her from being executed… or talk to her at the very least.]

[I see… It’s hard to believe, but it’s the words of my savior… I’ll trust you in the name of Celt’s pride. Besides, there was a past event that came to mind after hearing this]

[Past event…?]

[I received a report regarding an incompetent before. She was treated badly in the prison. Certainly, I felt some sort of unpleasant feeling toward the incompetent. But I still couldn’t quite put my fingers on why I feel that way. But now that I hear your story, I kind of get why…]

[I see… When was that…?]

[Let’s see… I believe, that was 5 days ago… A knight captain went to talk with the incompetent girl, saying that he felt uncomfortable. Eddie, the knight captain, said that the girl may not have hit the person as charged. He has this power that could see through people, whether the person is good or bad. Case on point, he never arrested the wrong guy so far. That’s why he requested a re-investigation. But given that she’s incompetent, her execution day has been decided… I mean… this isn’t good!]

Suddenly the king rose from his chair in a hurry. Wha, what’s wrong…?

[What time is it!?]

[Eh? About 2 or 3 minutes till midday…]

[N, no good! That girl is bound for execution at midday! Yes… it’s still fresh in my head because I was told about it before I left the city… w, we have to stop them! Whether she’s guilty or not… we need to stop that Asna girl from being executed!]

…eh? No, it’s probably just someone else with the same name. Asna was not an incompetent. But, just in case…

[Your Majesty… is that girl’s name… Asna Lindtail…? And she’s not from Nibelugh, right?]

[Eh…? N, now that you mention it, she’s indeed registered as an adventurer from Nibelugh… how did you know!?]

No way. I don’t know what’s going on here. How did Asna become an incompetent…? No, there’s no time to mull over that!

[W-What’s wrong?]

[She… maybe she is my childhood friend. But, she was most definitely not an incompetent before!]

[Wh, what!? What did you say!]

[I don’t know yet! A, anyway we need to stop the execution…!]

[D, doggone it! If only my communication stone didn’t break…!] 

With so little time until the execution, we’ll never make it on time no matter how fast Epoly drives the carriage.

[Rhode-sama! If you use Brionac-sama…!]

[That won’t do! I need to move linearly when using Brionac’s speed… on the other hand, this forest is pretty much an obstacle course!]

[The, then through the sky! What if you combined Brionac-sama’s power with that person!?]

[L, let’s give it a try! Brionac! Talaria!]

Brionac and a pair of winged shoes emerged from the notebook. Once I put the shoes on and circulate my magic power into them, I was able to step on the air and gain altitude as if I was climbing a staircase. By wearing these shoes, I’ll be able to run in the sky… combining that with Brionac’s lightning speed…!

[Levi! Take the carriage to Celt with His Majesty!]

[As you wish!]

[Hurry up, Rhode! Leave the aftermath to me! Just go and stop the execution! Here, take this!]

The King tossed a dagger to me. Judging from the gaudy decoration, I could tell that it’s a valuable item.

[That dagger is a royal treasure of Celt that I always carry! Showing that should be enough to convince everyone that you are my messenger… go now!]

[Thank you, Your Majesty!]

I ran through the sky towards Celt at full speed. I still don’t know what has happened. Of course, many things happened… but it’s also thanks to her I…! There’s no way I’ll let it end like this!

[Asna… Don’t die…!]

Munou To Yobareta Ore, Yottsu No Chikara Wo Eru
Chapter 65