My Husband Extends My Life with His Money
Chapter 51

Author: 盐焗大龙虾
Source: Fuyu Neko

As weak as she was right now, her mind had never been clearer.

This time she was so sick that she couldn’t even hold up her paintbrush and her life bar was dropping at 300% rate. She was practically puking out blood as she walked. This had made her all the more aware that there was nothing more important than life itself.

One would have to be alive in order to eat and drink, and to be able to create “experience-for-yourself’ paintings, and have her four husbands in her video game.

Those would all be gone if she died.

Besides, according to the book, the big villain Huo Sishen only has 2 more years to live.

She must live till then so she could try and save him.

Technically speaking, their lives were tied to each other’s!

Taking this logic a step further – when he was spending money on her, it was the same as him spending money to buy his own life!

“I’ll work harder going forward and create one painting a day. Then, I can sell my work and repay him!”

After she had it all figured out, she didn’t feel bad anymore.

She looked down and saw that her red packet had been opened.

How exciting was that!

The boss had received her mini red packet!

Her little heart started to pound!

In the novel, everybody thought that Gu Shishi was kicked out of the family when he was still a young man and owned less than 10% of the the Huo’s Corporation with no rights to succeed. But, what they didn’t know was that he had accomplished far more than that outside of the Huo’s long time ago.

He was now the hidden boss of HB, the largest social network and search engine. He had also purchased quite a few mines overseas.

His personal assets had way exceed that of the Huo’s a long time ago!

In the novel, the Huo’s never found out about his assets until after his death, making them feel very regretful about it.

And, he hadn’t left a penny of his fortune to them either. He gave away half of them to his employees, and nobody knew what happened to the other half.

“Ah, let me take a deep breath and be prepared!”

She didn’t want to be shocked by any 5-digit or 6-digit amount red packet!

The maximum amount for a red packet was $200. But that’s okay, WeChat came with the ability for direct transfer.

Gu Shishi couldn’t stop smiling.

But then… she kept on waiting. Until she almost fell asleep, nothing came over her cellphone.

“That’s impossible!”

The boss received her red packet and then… that was it?!

She refused to believe that!

And yet, she waited until Boss Huo returned to the mansion and turned in. Even then, she still hadn’t received anything in return….


Now Gu Shishi didn’t feel so good anymore.

She wasn’t someone who gave up easily.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have practiced painting for 20 years.

She had IV fluid for three days, and she persistently sent Huo Sishen red packets for 3 days!

$6.66, $8.88, $9.99….

Each time she sent over some caring messages as well.

Be careful in the rain. Be careful of the high temperature today. Do eat your lunch on time….

And still, she received nothing back from him.

Under her extreme distress, she jumped up, grabbed her paintbrush and streamed a “Little Chicken Fighting for Rice” drawing to let out some steam.

With the effect of “As Though Assisted by God”, the chickens were so lively in her mind they could bounce out any minute!





She scolded as she drew.

The entire “childish” farm life painting was done in one swift stroke!

The chickens were vivid and live-like. Even the way that they were eagerly fighting over the rice was about to leap out of the paper.

Her streaming screen exploded once again. 

[King of the Hill: That was amazing? Is this for sale? I’ll pay. Give me your contact info!]

[King of the Hill: Hey, hey, hey! Where are you? Are you selling the “Red Mountains” from last time as well?]

[King of the Hill: ….. Shoot! Are you snubbing me? My Wechat’s username is ‘King of the Hill”, add me pleeeeeeease!]

Gu Shishi, naturally, did not see any of those messages as she was very focused on her painting. She just went ahead and turned off the streaming after she was done.

She admired her own work for a long time and felt that all the unhappiness in her chest was relieved.

She was feeling much better!

After three days of sick leave and the gifts of the IV, medicine, bird’s nest soups, abalones, etc, the fall of her life bar has finally been stabilized.

She picked up her stuff and finally went back to work.

As for the delicate man, who had been waiting for her with flowers for three days straight, he was close to tears when he finally saw her showing up in front of the art studio.

“Miss Gu, you are finally here. I have missed you so.”

Gu Shishi looked up at the stranger dumbfounded, “Who are… you?”

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My Husband Extends My Life with His Money
Chapter 51