My Husband Extends My Life with His Money
Chapter 52

Author: 盐焗大龙虾
Source: Fuyu Neko

At the same time, at the mansion.

All the shades were drawn shut once again in the master bedroom.

Qin Ruhai, in his white robe, looked at the animal-like man in front of him. The man’s eyes were bright red, and he was obviously in a lot of pain. The murderous look on his patient even made him shuddered.

First, it was the girl with her diarrhea and fever so he was called over.

He had just put an IV into her before Siyi came over again and said the boss needed him again.

Qin Ruhai frowned.

Normally, Huo Sishen was still able to control his own emotions as long as other people kept their distance from him.

But, once he was stimulated, he’d fall into his frantic memory lane. His rationality would be out the window, and he showed signs of violent tendencies, extreme anxiety, irrationality, and be unable to be placated. 

The last time this happened was two years ago. After Qin Ruhai had given him some sedatives, he still went on a spree and destroyed all furnishings at home.

Word had it that he almost caused his competitor to go out of business as well.

“Did you little fiancée annoy you?” asked Qin Ruhai as he slowly injected sedatives into his vein.

Huo Sishen sat on the couch motionlessly with his mouth closed.

His body was cold.

The term made him react slightly.

Little fiancée…

Inside his blood-shot, black eyes, the thunderstorm paused for a second.

The face that was so pale that it looked translucent suddenly popped up into his mind…

She was wrapped up, sent to a place that she had never been before, and was never asked about again. 

She was so sick that she couldn’t even get out of bed. She passed out from running a fever, and nobody knew about it.

Her experience kept reminding him of his past….

His fists that were next to his legs clenched and released, released and clenched.

“Didn’t you add her on your Wechat already?” Qin Ruhai forced himself to grumble.

“She’s still young. You can always coach her. Don’t just bottle everything up….”

That being said, he was quite impressed by the little girl’s courage.

He had never seen anyone successfully acquired Devil Huo’s contact information.

Qin Ruhai carried on with his one-sided conversation, showing no signs of being tired of it.

The biggest issues with Huo Sishen was that he wasn’t able to walk out of his past.

He just changed the subject onto the girl in the hope to get him out of his path down his memory lane.

Qin Ruhai knew only too well that his condition had nothing to with his fiancée.

No woman would be able to make him happy or unhappy.

Right when he was thinking about the next step of his treatment, he heard a coarse voice. 

“What is this red packet thing?”


Qin Ruhai was baffled.

He looked at the beast-like, lonesome man, who was used to licking his own wound. He rubbed his ears and asked, “What did you just say?”

Huo Sishen looked down with an unclear look at his cellphone that was right now tossed onto the floor.

She had been sending him a red packet every day.

Nobody has ever done that before.

“In WeChat, does anyone ever send you red packets?”

Qin Ruhai’s hand that was over his ears paused. His eyes widened and even his pitch went up by half an octave, “Your little fiancée sent you a red packet?!”

She was certainly a ballsy one.

What did that mean? Was she blatantly flirting with him?

Qin Ruhai looked at the devil man, who looked like a thunder storm that was able to happen. He wanted to tear someone up into pieces at any moment.

He thought about it for a second and tried to calmly organize his thoughts.

“Well, normally speaking. I’d only send red packets to women that I intend to court ...”

But, before he could finish what he was saying, he was kicked out of the room by the big devil himself!

“Sh*t, I haven’t lit your rose scent aromatic therapy yet ...”

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My Husband Extends My Life with His Money
Chapter 52