My Husband Extends My Life with His Money
Chapter 53

Author: 盐焗大龙虾
Source: Fuyu Neko

“Young Master, Miss Gu asked me to give this to you earlier.”

Qin Ruhai was just booted out of the room when someone knocked on the door.

It was none other than Siyi.

He didn’t care to see what Huo Sishen looked like right now, so he kept his head lowered as he handed over a rolled-up drawing paper.

Huo Sishen had been sick for three days. Siyi had been with him for years and knew that it’d be a very bad idea to irritate him right now.

But, Gu Shishi had given him her work this morning, so he must put it in Huo Sishen’s hand today.

This had, somehow, given Siyi an idea that he never had before.

Perhaps Miss Gu… would be able to save his boss. Or at least resolve his psychological issues!

“Miss Gu had gone to work. She said to give you her present for you. She also said that I can take it back to her if you don’t like it.”

He forced himself to ignore the cold look that Huo Sishen was given him.

That day, Miss Guhad fallen directly into the boss’s arms.

The boss didn’t try to move out of her way, nor pushed her away… in fact, he sat next to her bed after she had lost consciousness and waited for Qin Ruhai to diagnose her and administer her IV fluid before he added her on Wechat with his dark face….

Recalling the details of that day seemed unreal.

As he was thinking that, he forced himself to overlook the gloomy atmosphere and the eerie silence of the room and slowly unrolled the painting.

He was only halfway through what he was doing when he was interrupted by a lonesome, coarse, and authoritative voice.

“Get out!”

Siyi paused for a second.

After a slight pause, he quickly placed the painting on the coffee table and retreated with his back bowed.

Miss Gu, I have done all that I could!

Good luck!


Gu Shishi, who was blessed with Siyi’s thoughts, just arrived at the art studio and was looking at the stranger in front of her. She was dumbfounded.

The large bundle of flowers in his hand baffled her even more.

She turned and tried to walk around him, but he moved his body and blocked her.

“My name is Wu Zhenhao. I’m an owner of a company nearby. I ran into you accidentally when I went to lunch a while ago and fell for you immediately. I just couldn’t help myself.”

He had on a full suit and his hair was nicely styled with hair gel.

He directly professed his fondness for her and, at the same time, mentioned the fact that he was an elite with his own company.

Wu Zhenhao’s eyes beamed with the light of confidence.

There was even a hint of satisfaction on his face!

That’s right, satisfaction.

This gig that he’s got was simple and high paying.

He just had to pretend to be an elite and tricked this Gu Shishi to go on a date with him.

Then, all there was left to do was to take some intimate pictures of them together and give them to his employer.

His employer started the price at $100,000!

If the quality of the pictures were good, he’d pay him even more.

Now that he has met her in person – she was a pretty quality girl as well!

She definitely stood out among the girls in the art studio.

She had on a silk spinned little white dress with grass green lining. It was light but also showed the curves of her bust nicely. The poofy skirt covered just above her knees and showed off perfectly her white and shapely calves. 

Around her waist, there was a light green belt and made her waist seemed even more slender than it was and left one a lot of room for imagination…

He looked again at her white and smooth face. It was a hot day, but her face was still flawless. It was white and smooth like snow and looked so pinchable. One look at her was enough to make him feel very excited and high spirited.

He must complete this gig!

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My Husband Extends My Life with His Money
Chapter 53