My Master Disconnected Yet Again
Chapter 70: Forming Good Karmic Ties

Author: 尤前

It was Yi Feng who was curious about the young lady seated lazily beside him. Who was this lady? Why the special treatment from the Xuan Yuan Family?

But just as he was about to give voice to his questions, his hand was suddenly pricked. Looking down, he saw that the tenth-stage demon creature which had previously been lying down quietly at the side had suddenly jumped to its feet, limbs stiff straight and its fur standing on end. Its whole body began to tremble slightly as if having encountered something frightening.

"Huh? Xue Yin?" What's wrong with it?

The sudden movement caused the girl beside Yi Feng to turn around and look at the creature on the ground. She asked, "Cat?"

"It's a Lion Roaring Beast," Yi Feng explained.

"Oh." Shen Ying looked at it again. I've never seen this little creature before. Wonder if it can be eaten?

The Lion Roaring Beast trembled even harder…

"Stop trembling. You're going to knock into others," she suddenly warned.

The Lion Roaring Beast immediately froze like a fossil, still as can be.

Yi Feng could not believe his eyes. "Lady, are you also an expert in beast taming?"

"Never learned that before."

"Then that's even weirder. Xue Yin has never listened to others before unless… maybe it is sick?"


He conveniently asked, "In your opinion, what illness do you think it has contracted?"

"Uh… Canine distemper?"



The first day of the preliminary rounds was a mere formality like an opening ceremony. The important part would be the finals on the third day. The experts of every sect only watched for a few hours from the audience platform before they began leaving in succession. Even both the Yu and Yi Family left.

Shen Ying's group waited till all nine of their disciples had finished their fights before getting ready to leave. The lucky thing was that all nine of them had qualified for the second round of the competition tomorrow. The two members from the Xuan Yuan Family beside them had kept them company throughout the entire match and afterwards even courteously sent them back to their courtyard to rest.

"Little Missy, you are finally back!" Upon entering the house, Radish who was dressed like a jade, pounced onto Shen Ying who habitually dodged a step to the side. It resulted in that jade-resembling piece smashing directly into the person behind Shen Ying - Lonemoon.

Lonemoon's mouth twitched as he asked, "Why the hell did you transform into a human?" Where did your promise to stay in the pit hole go?!

"Cheh!" Radish stepped back in disdain as it slapped at Lonemoon's hand. "Ugly, don't touch me!"

The blue veins on Lonemoon's temples exploded. "Holy shit, how about you move around by yourself in the future? Don't turn into a radish and cling onto my leg!" I haven't even complained about your weight!

"Pui. You think I want to?!" Rradish was also unwilling to do so. If only if it weren't for Little Missy who did not allow him to hug onto her leg… The more radish thought about it, the more it felt aggrieved. It turned to Shen Ying, wanting to beg for a hug. "Little Missy, he bullied me!"

"Get lost!" A vegetable thing has no right to speak up.

"Wa wa wa…"

"This… is this a Thousand Leaves Vegetation Spirit?" Xuan Yuanyu looked towards Radish in shock. It had manifested so quickly! The Xuan Yuan Family had worked hard for thousands of years yet they had not managed to get their Vegetation Spirit to manifest, even though they had nurtured it till its death!

Both gazes of the Xuan Yuan Family members on Radish grew fiery until Radish had to hide behind Shen Ying. Enraged, it threatened, "Pui! Get lost you ugly things. Don't covet my pure body!"

The Xuan Yuan Family pair: "…" Were all Vegetation Spirits that had manifested so mean?

"Cough. Great Immortal." Xuan Yuanyu withdrew his gaze from Radish and scanned everybody else before turning towards Shen Ying, saying, "Congratulations to all the disciples that have entered the second round of the competition. You all are indeed the Great Immortal's disciples. Every one of you are outstanding."

"Of course!" Radish answered with pride before Shen Ying could reply. "Our Little Missys are all very formidable."

During this year, Radish had already become familiar with the disciples. After all, they were the ones watering him everyday. In its heart, Shen Ying ranked first, Radish itself ranked second and the Little Missys third. As for its mortal enemy, it was the chef Yi Qing who always cut radishes, and as for Lonemoon… Pui!

"Great Immortal's disciples are naturally formidable!" Xuan Yuanyu nodded as he looked at them again before continuing, "But… after taking a rough glance at my Fellow Daoists' spirit bones, it seems like… their foundations have been damaged, and they seem to be old wounds. Forgive me for being straightforward, but such injuries should be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will affect their immortal cultivation path in the future."

"Do you have a way?" Lonemoon looked at him in surprise.

He nodded and said, "My Xuan Yuan Family has always been skilled when it comes to elixirs, and I have some minor achievements in the path of refining pills. Their situations are actually not too big of a problem. With an eighth-grade nourishing elixir, they should be able to heal their wounds and recover their looks. It just so happens that I have just refined a batch of nourishing elixirs which I can gift to your sect."

Everyone from Invincible Sect was delighted at this.

Xuan Yuanyu immediately took out a palm-sized bottle and handed it over to Lonemoon. He added, "They have not completed their Nascent Soul Formation yet, so repairing their foundation as soon as possible will be beneficial."

Lonemoon received the elixirs and asked in a serious tone, "How many Spirit Stones for these?" After all, Lonemoon did smash up his place. It wasn't nice to take the things of others for free.

"No need, no need…" Xuan Yuanyu quickly shook his head and then said earnestly, "I just want to form good karmic ties with your sect. There is no other meaning to it." Even if he had any requests, would he dare to ask for it? Moreover, coming from one of the four aristocratic families, he really was not lacking in Spirit Stones, unless…

His gaze uncontrollably turned towards Radish.

Lonemoon understood and suddenly, the gazes of everyone settled on a certain vegetable.

Radish shivered under their stares, subconsciously hugged its chest and took a step back. "What? I sell my skills but I do not sell my body!"

The crowd: "…"

"Radish, make some flowers bloom," Shen Ying said. They could not receive things for free.

"No!" Radish shook its head hard and it looked at Shen Ying with grievance on its face. "I want to let only Little Missy look at my flowers."

Who wants your dandelions!

Seeing that it did not want to budge, Shen Ying turned to look at Yi Qing and said, "Chef, let's have boiled ribs and radish soup tonight."

"Great idea, Master."

Radish's face turned pale and became on the verge of crying. "I will make them bloom, I will, alright?"

It then walked out of its grievance and… made to tear off its lower clothing.

"Holy shit! What are you doing?!" Lonemoon rushed up and barely managed to stop Radish from taking off its pants. In shock, he said to the girls, "All of you turn away, turn away!"

Yi Qing also subconsciously covered Shen Ying's eyes.

"Why do you want to play hooligan out of nowhere?" Being angry isn't an excuse for this.

"Who is playing hooligan? Didn't you want flowers? How am I going to make them bloom if I don't take off my pants?"

Blooming flowers and taking off pants…

Hey, wait.

Lonemoon faltered, suddenly remembering something. Flowers seemed to be a plant's… something?


So it really was taking off its pants to… bloom flowers?!

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Xuan Yuanyu: "…" I suddenly don't feel like receiving them anymore?

My Master Disconnected Yet Again
Chapter 70: Forming Good Karmic Ties