My Reality is a Romance Game
Chapter 26

Author: Warui Otoko
Source: Hinjaku Honyaku

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Fuhaha, shit. You made me waste 500,000 ¥ for nothing. Complaining all on my own, I chose the first option this time. And following the words in the option, I went further in. However, there was nothing to be seen. This giant wall was the only thing in this alleyway. Getting irritated, just when I thought of turning back and heading out, a sharp pain rushed up my back

I instinctively screamed and collapsed right there. The sensation of death came over me. The same as when I got run over by the car. A sensation of my back completely burning up. It seemed as though I was about to lose consciousness. I wanted to take a look behind me, but I didn’t have the luxury to take that chance. I mustered every ounce of my adrenaline induced strength to trigger the ‘Load’ screen and unhesitantly clicked on the terminal. What followed was the ever so familiar transformation into the white world.

This was already the second time I loaded in such a short time.


Recalling the feeling of getting stabbed in the back, I took deep breaths and regained my composure. There was no more pain. But the feeling remained vividly engraved into my brain.

What the hell is this? Are both the choices wrong?

After having loaded back, as I tried to endure the remaining painful sensation, she had already disappeared from sight. Was she intending to enter the same alleyway from last time? I would’ve tried heading there as well, but I had already lost sight of her. I have no idea what’s going on anymore!

However, at that moment… A pain rushed up my back again. An even more intense pain from last time. A kitchen knife. This was most definitely a kitchen knife. A slightly larger variant from regular home knives had tore into my abdomen.

The pain… was beyond my imagination. I felt like I would faint right then and there. Literally every inch of my body was screaming death out to me.

With a quivering hand, I summoned the ‘Load’ screen again. Willing myself to stay alive before my consciousness went somewhere far away, I clicked it. I was unable to see the perpetrator this time as well. If I bothered doing that, I’d have lost strength in my arm and become unable to click the terminal, leaving me in the embrace of an eternal slumber.

With that said, the load point this time was before the cart as well. Ugh, I’m so done with this shit. The hell is up with this infinite loop! It’s as if I fell into an endless labyrinth of death! I wonder if I really did accidentally enter such a place. This was indeed, most definitely a labyrinth of the night streets.[1]

Anyways, I started running again. But this time, earnestly keeping an eye out for my surroundings. The alleyway came into view in no time. Yeah, this was definitely the same dimly lit place where I got stabbed by something sharp as I stood still. I wasn’t bothering much with my surroundings at the time. That’s why, this time, I made sure to stay alert in all four directions. I even used the glasses again.

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My Reality is a Romance Game
Chapter 26