My Reality is a Romance Game
Chapter 27

Author: Warui Otoko
Source: Hinjaku Honyaku

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I bought this item with the intention of defending my body in times of facing Kusora, but to think that I’d end up using it in an incident like this. Anyway, since the item isn’t capable of being effective during a surprise attack, so I wouldn’t be able to avoid death just because I use it. However, now was a pretty good situation. The activated ‘Formless Sword’ was able to completely parry her sharp, very real sword off. However, I couldn’t see anything in my hands. It was formless, exactly as stated. A sword without any material form.

An unexpected class of swords. That too of incredibly high expertise. The exchanges continued on for some time. And soon enough, she finally stopped her movements, and started to speak with her sword pointed towards me.

“What… exactly are you?”

It was an unbelievable face. Living up to her sword skills, there was clear and absolute confidence in her eyes. It was indeed true that her abilities weren’t that of an amateur. They were sharp strikes that one would see on TV or movies. Definitely not one of those reckless hacking procedures. Firm and disciplined sword arts. Is it from some famous school somewhere…?

To think that there’d be earnest swordsmanship being practised in the 21ˢᵗ century. We’re not even in some kind of kendo hall right now. Isn’t this simply an unlaughabe homicide?

“Do you think it’s necessary for me to answer such a question to a serial killer?”

I made my rebuttal with false pretext, following which, the woman knit her eyebrows and replied.

“Who are you calling a serial killer?”

How shameless. Even though she looks like she’d be any second even now. I magnificently replied back. Since I currently have the Formless Sword, I’m feeling kinda confident.

“If you, who suddenly flourished your sword out of nowhere are not a serial killer, then what, am I the one who is?”

“What about the part where you were targeting and tailing after me?”


At my dumbfounded expression, the woman sheathed her sword back in her cane-like scabbard. Fortunately, it seems like she was thinking there was some kind of misunderstanding.

“Then why were you loitering around this area?”

“That’s… erm… I was trying to… pick you up…”

Rather than giving her some weird misunderstanding, it seemed like it was better to tell her the truth. That’s why I confessed outright. And that was when an expression appeared onto her face. Till now, it was nothing but blank and indifferent.



For some time, the two of us simply stared at each other in silence.

“You… Are you mocking me right now?”

Getting angry, she once again drew her sword and commenced her flurries. And of course, having no choice, I continued to defend against her attacks with the Formless Sword I had yet to cancel. The dull battle continued for some time until I was starting to get tired from it. It was the same for her.

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My Reality is a Romance Game
Chapter 27