My Reality is a Romance Game
Chapter 28

Author: Warui Otoko
Source: Hinjaku Honyaku

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“By the way, are you sure we aren’t in the same line of operations? It’s been quite a while since I met someone who can repel my sword.”

“Umm, I… was just a passerby?”


Her eyebrows perked up as if she didn’t like my answer.

“My abilities with the sword aren’t really that good. Even the technique itself is focussed on defense and has no offensive aspects at all.”

It was then that she finally seemed to have caught on and nodded in understanding. It was actually the abilities of the item and incapable of offensive moves, but did I slip out anything along those lines?

“Hmm, I see, so that’s what it is. It’s that you’re completely incapable of attacking, is it? That sword style is pretty half-baked.

“That would be the case, wouldn’t it.”

It was a harsh criticism but not off the mark, so I couldn’t let out a single rebuttal. But more importantly, at this rate, it seems like I’ll be naturally parting away from her like this, so I’m in quite the trouble. I had to make ourselves go on a tangent somehow or another, thus I started to think over possible methods. It’s out of the question that we’d be seprataring after this conversation at this rate. The fact that the mission is such where I must absolutely capture her, it’d be a severe setback if I let it slip.

Hmm, how should I hold her back.

“Um, would you like to have a bite at the cart from back then? I got hungry again thanks to you. You know, after the whole sudden assault and whatnot.”

“Your actions were so suspicious, I had no choice but to attack you. Fuu, alright. As an apology, I’ll treat you.”

She nodded her head with vigour. And so we returned to the cart we first met. That was also my starting point, so I thought of saving there again. I really want to free myself from this labyrinth of death and since I managed to slip out of it somehow, why not.

Just as usual, the cart was being managed by the oba-san. There were no other customers in sight. The two of us, who previously sat in different places, now sat together at the same table.

“I’ll have a yakitori, what about you?”

She had yakitori last time too, so she must really like it, right. In that case, I’ll get ramen too. There were no other items on the menu that I liked as much.

“You came here a while ago too, didn’t you Onii-san? And now it’s two of you, hmm?

That’s what the oba-san said as she brought the food over. I laughed to hide my embarrassment. And on the other hand, she completely ignored the oba-san’s words and silently started to eat away. What an interesting woman. Last time when I spilled the ramen, she got incredibly pissed, but once I came back, she seemed to be all smiles again. How fickle, she and her emotions.

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My Reality is a Romance Game
Chapter 28