One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love
Chapter 745: A Homely Feel



Even at a time like this, she still dared to drag them down.

If someone stood on her side, it of course meant going against Huanyu.

Who would dare do that?

Even if one had the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard, they would still not go head to head with Huanyu.

If Huanyu wanted to ban someone, no one would be able to stop them.

Whoever gutsily lent a hand would be banned as well.

Only lunatics would fight for her.

She sought Yang Shoucheng's aid at once, yet the man was truly helpless in this situation.

On the mainland's market, his words never carried much weight.

Even if he did have some status, his authority inland was flimsy at best.

His backbone was on the Hongkong market, but as his country's film industry was on the decline, he had actually been trying to relocate to the mainland by investing in Huanyu. He wanted his share of the loot on a market like the mainland.

This media conglomerate did not give him a chance at all, though.

Moreover, deep down, he knew that he was in no place to plead for someone that Mu Yazhe wanted to ban.

In the man's eyes, his face was not even worth a few pennies.

She wept before him. However, while her helpless look hurt his heart, the most he could do was promise her a place in Hongkong to develop her career anew.

The moment he gave out this promise, she was in total despair.

She was hugging the wrong Buddha's foot all along.

Although she was desperate, she was more overridden with fear.

Fear toward Mu Yazhe.

How influential was that man? Overnight, she was completely knocked down from her pedestal by him.

There was no room for her to even struggle.

That Yun Shishi, what magical capabilities did she have to enlist the dauntless support of many?

Mu Yazhe.

Gu Xingze, too.

She inwardly felt a little regret. If she were just a little more restrained, she would not be in such a situation today.

Sadly, there was no medicine for regret that she could swallow. Right now, even if she wanted to repent, no door to earn Yun Shishi's forgiveness was open for her.

She realized that her life was as good as ruined.

It was completely gone…

Those on Weibo were having a field day over this issue these past few days, yet the other female lead in this situation, Yun Shishi, was strangely detached from all this, not even making a simple declaration.

A few netizens felt for her. They reckoned that she was still recuperating in the hospital; thus, it was not the proper time for her to express herself.

In truth, having received great care, her injuries were mostly healed; therefore, she had long been out of the hospital.

Worried that she and Youyou would feel vexed over the talks floating on the Internet, Mu Yazhe had arranged for his family of four to have a private retreat on an island.

Yes, 'a family of four'. He loved this term sincerely.

It was filled with warmth.

A homely feel.

Yun Shishi had no idea of his intentions. Initially, she was told by the doctor that she still had three days before her discharge. Suddenly, before she could even react, she was already having a getaway on an island overlooking a vast span of blue water.

Seagulls cawed as they flew across the ocean surface, but it was quickly muffled by the waves crashing against the seacoast.

This limitless blue ocean seemed to be forming a beauty line with the sky.

She had never seen a sky as blue as this one; it was so clear with not a speck of impurity in sight.

Amid this stunning view, the haze clouding her heart these few days was swept away instantly!

Yamaha Island had a breathtaking scenery. It was the size of a hundred acres, with sprawling white beaches and abundant flora and fauna.

One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love
Chapter 745: A Homely Feel