Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Rabukome o Zenryoku de Jama Shite Iru
Vol. 3 Chapter 3

Author: Kasukabe Takeru
Source: Imported

“Choose: 1. Humanity history’s smallest 2. Fundoshi”

I fell into despair in the pool’s changing room.

When the choice first appeared, I did not know what it meant at all but, at the point I was about to change my swimsuit, it’s intention turned clear to me.

The normal trunks I prepared inside my bag suddenly vanished and 2 items that I have no memories about came up instead.

There’s a trunks type swimsuit with the words [Humanity history’s smallest] written on the crotch area and, a red fundoshi………i have to pick one?

And this time, number 3 did not exist. Damn it, what a useless way to do things. When will it appear if it doesn’t appear at times like-----


1. [Humanity history’s smallest]

2. Fundoshi

3. Don’t wear anything”

“Take that back now!”

I shouted through reflex and caused the people changing around me to look surprised.

“I-I am sorry…………”

While apologizing, I wore the trunks with the [Humanity history’s smallest]……….i want to go home.

While heading to the girls rendezvous point, all the people that passed by me glanced at my crotch………………I would be taking photo immediately if it’s my crying face; what should I do.

After a few minutes I reached the front of the rendezvous map display board.

“Ama-chi, sorry for the wait!”


I let out an exhale of admiration by reflex when I turned around and saw her. If I close my eyes from her words and actions; visually, Yuuouji would be a black long hair beauty from an orthodox school with extremely good style. She’s wearing a bikini-type with high exposure of her skin but, it’s the best match for her.

“Iyaaa, this outfit is so easy to move in”

Yuuouji laughed happily.

“That’s true, a swimsuit feels so good”

Chocolat with a chocolate colored swimsuit was right behind her.

“Kanade-san, how does it look”

While having breast surpassing Yuuouji’s, places that should be tucked in are tucked in perfectly. I thought this when she was wearing clothes but, even after always eating that much, her amazing style is just plain mystery.

“Aah, why not”


“Don’t cling onto me while looking like that!”

I pushed Chocolat who approached me while wiggling her tail.

“Onii-chan, look at me, look at me!”

was Yuragi wearing a colorful one-piece type swimsuit. It’s clear that there’s a difference of volume compared to the previous two but, this is in a way………not bad.

“Mufufu, Onii-chan how is it”

“Ho-how, about what?”

“Oh come on, stop playing a fool. There’s no way you wouldn’t feel happy after bringing 3 cutie girls here”

Leaving aside Yuragi’s supreme death sentence, its undeniable fact that the visual of these 3 girls are superior than average.

That’s clear by the fact that the guys that passed by us just now were glaring in hatred at me. There were some of them that bumped into their possible girlfriends because they were staring at the girls too much too.

It’s a three shot that I want to take with the water proof camera hanging down my neck but, in my current situation where I can’t think of another method other than my secret weapon, I restrained myself because I know that I do

“Ah-re, now that I think about it, what happened to Utage-sensei?”

“Oyo, I have been together since just now………”

I grouped up with Yuuouji and looked around.

“Ah, found her”

10 meters behind the map display board, she was talking with a plump and hairy guy.

“Haa……………haa………O-ojou-chan, did you separate from your mother?”

……….it’s a respectable person with a fetish, who blurted that out.

“…………Sorry to not meet your expectations but, I am already an adult”

Even Utage-sensei somewhat backed off from the guys excited look.

“A-an adult?”

“Aah, no get lost alre----“



“It seems that Ojou-chan is misunderstanding something, age isn’t important. There are insolent fools that call girls at approximately ○ yrs old and above grandmas but, they don’t know anything. The appearance; the appearance is the one and only foundational value! No, rather; having a gap from the appearance and actual age makes me excited!”

…………..this is bad, he’s quite high leveled.

“By the way, if you don’t mind, can ojou-chan tell me your aGofueee”

The Lolicon was crushed here.

“S-sensei, isn’t going for the stomach immediately is too much………”

“The hell I know, it’s just too disgusting”


………….Oh well, he looks happily fainted anyway.

“Err, can I have your time? This person is feeling kind of sick so………..”

I guess I’ll call a staff to collect him.

“Th-that was a sudden disaster”


The victim and opponent were at fault. It’s just suicide doing something to this person-----


1. Lift her body up and [There there Utage-chan, go high, go high]

2. Hug her body and [Waiii, Utage maama]

…………so basically, you’re telling me to die?

No, I should be positive here. Sensei will probably understand that I done it because I can’t help it from the choice.

“I am sorry”


I lifted her body without letting her any say in.

“There there Utage-chan, go high, go high”

I finished it as fast as possible and timidly lowered her to the ground.


“…………Amakusa, you have it rough huh.

Utage-sensei made a full smile. I’m so glad…………..

“Th-that’s right, I knew that Utage would understand since you went through the same circumstances, Bafubeshii!”

I got slapped normally.

“I sympathize you but, this and that is a different problem”


Well, I should think that it’s much better than getting a one punch knock down at the stomach. But Utage-sensei, I knew this a long time ago but, now that I take a good look at her this close-----


At that moment, a sudden impact attacked me.



O-oi……….is this……..the 2nd choice that appeared a few days ago, the one where I would say the things I am thinking of………..

It was useless to suppress the impact with all my strength. No-no good, my mouth is moving on its own----

“Your breast is small huh!”

“Your excuse?”


“You know what you said right?”

…………your punch made my cheeks swollen after all.

Rather, there should be a limit on the time difference………..i completely forgot about this. Well, the choices 1. Having the normal fags explode and 3. To the end of the galaxy have a dangerous sense to it so, I guess it’s the light in the dark tunnel that I managed to end things off with a face changing punch…….nope not okay.

Utage-sensei opened her mouth unhappily, after waiting for me to be able to talk normally again.

“Amakusa. I’ll be lazing around alone so you take care of those brats”

“Eh, Sensei, you’re moving separately?”

“Yeah, adults have adult ways of playing. Rather, it’s just too much mixing with you all because of the difference from you and the 29 year old me …….what are you making me say you bastard!”

“You just blurt it out yourself!”

Instantly, Sensei’s palm slammed into my face.

“…………..if you ever tell anyone my age, I’ll strangle you to death”


She’ll do it…..this person will really do it.

“I am different from a pervert like you, who is happy to expose your own embarrassment”

“Don’t say weird stuff while looking at my crotch!”

Even though she knows that this is because of the choice, she’s just too sadistic to not ignore it.

“Well, work hard, Endless CherryHumanity history’s smallest”

“Why are you saying it like its a nickname!”


When I got back to the map display board while patting my painful cheek, I could not find those 3 which was here just a while ago.

After looking around, it found a crowd of people forming at a place just further away. While getting a bad feeling, I headed to that spot.


Yuuouji was climbing a man-made palm tree which was set up as an artwork.

“Ah, Ama-chi, this place feels so good!”

Whether it’s that time when she hang down from the roof with the nylon string or today’s problem with the sakura tree, just why does this girl like to go up to high places………….

After I made a *Get down here* gesture, Yuuouji climbed down the tree casually.

“Ko-ra! Don’t go do something dangerous!”

I shouted at Yuuouji who was running to me.

“Ahaha, Ama-chi is like a dad”

“D-dad, why you………..”

It feels like she was implicitly calling me an old man so, it was a shock to me.

“Well forget it……..where’s the remaining two?”

“eerrr………Yuragi-chi is over there”

I looked over to the place where Yuuouji pointed.

While on her knees in front of him, she was patting a boy who looks like he’s in elementary 2nd or 3rd year. Normally, this scene would make anyone smile but……… I got closer to a point where I could hear their conversation.

“Hey hey you. Will you be my Onii-chan?”


“O-ni-i-chan………hey, you feel excited being called this right?”

“………..this onee-chan is kind of scary”

The kid is disgusted!

The kid then ran away.


Yuragi was staring at his back while restraining her mouth and groaning. Oh? Getting rejected by a kid is a shock even for her too?

“I-I got called O-onee-chan………I feel like puking”

Why is that the problem!

………..when i was hesitating if I should talk to her because I don’t want to be thought to be acquainted with her; Yuragi quickly recovered from her damage and went to her next target.

Uoo……….even though he’s wearing a women swimsuit, his face and body clearly belongs to a man so……..basically, it’s a tranny.

“Will you become my Onii……………….No, my Onee-chan?”

Hey there, don’t get hesitant there!

The tranny that got called out looked cautious. Well, it’s a normal response to give if someone suddenly says that to you.

“Eh……..W-why gozansuka? I, don’t have any money so it’s useless if you want to try to sell me something yansu!”

Your character is plain weird!

This Tranny person from Edo(?) ran away secretively.

“Haaa…….2 consecutive loses”

…………I judged that I could not ignore her anymore and called out to Yuragi who dropped her shoulders.

“Just what are you doing………”

“Ah, first Onii-chan”

“……….i have a retort for that but…….where did Chocolat go?”

“Chocolat Onee-chan is over there”

Chocolat was at the noticeably focused spot of people that Yuragi’s sights were directed to.

“Th-there’s many naked men”

The eyes of this rotten dog were glittering.

“There are endless possibilities if I join them-----“


I walked to her and talked to her with a disgusted tone.

“Ah, Kanade-san, come and take a look, which one of them is good?”

“None of them are!”

“I think Kanade-san’s ideals are too high. Just what are you not satisfied with the situation of having any pick you want?”

“The gender!”

………I’ll take this chance to ask her about a question that I have been thinking about.

“Hey Chocolat, you love me right?”

“Yes, I love you very much”

Just like usual, Chocolat immediately answered without any hesitation.

“No, then isn’t It weird that you are trying to get me together with another guy?”

Of course, I heavily know that Chocolat’s [Love] has no romantic meaning in it, but even with that, I just can’t understand why she’s compiling someone who she has affections for.

“My love for Kanade-san and my urge of wanting Kanade-san to enter homohomo-ness is at different dimensions. That’s why; this two will not be in conflict with each other and stands together”

“………..i don’t really get it but, I understand clearly that I the inside of your brain is incomprehensible”

Rather, what’s with the Homohomo-ness……

“All you bloodthirsty males, theirs is a handsome guy here. Will you all come here and attack him”

“Will you stop!”


I quickly covered Chocolat’s mouth to keep her quiet.

Kuh……..whether it’s Yuuouji or Yuragi, why are they causing all this problem the moment they just came here.

I have to give them a good warning here. I brought Chocolat to Yuragi and Yuuouji who I made to stand-by at the map display board.

“You girls……….sit over there”

The 3 of them listened to my instruction and quietly sat down while grasping their knees.

“Listen here, all of you are already in high-school so have some decency in your actions”

“Ahahaha, do it, he says. He really is like a dad”

“Owah Onii-san, you’re like an old man”

“I often receive this and Kande-san’s scolding is quite naggy”


Th-these brats……I wanted to shout out with all my might but, they would probably take it as something interesting if I raised a loud voice. Calm down me. close your eyes for a moment and breathe, just breathe.


Even though it only took a small amount of time, the I opened my eyes the 3 of them had already disappeared.

“Oh---, the pool over there looks interesting”

“There’s the smell of a lot of Onii-chin coming from there”

“It looks like the place there is the food area”

“W-wait a second!”

All 3 of them ran to the directions they liked.

“Kuh………right after I said that”

My head started to hurt………but, what should I do? It’s impossible to catch all of them, there’s also the mission too so I have to prioritize Yuuouji and----

“Choose: 1. ※Press your crotch while [Guaaah! My right hand……my right hand itches!]

2. ※ Rub your crotch while [Guaaah! My right hand……my right hand itches!]


“Guaaah! My right hand……Amy right hand itches!”

……No, of course I picked number 1.

While rationalizing who I directed that to in my mind, I was about to follow after Yuuouji before,

“Can I have a moment?”


A male staff called out to me.

“Just now, you pressed your crotch down and said some weird stuff so……….can we have a small talk?”

…….now that I heard my actions from the view of the audience, it was completely those of a pervert.

“………..I am sorry, I actually have a famous sickness called Chuuni”

If I lose Yuuouji here then, I will lose a big chance. I don’t care if I am thought to be a medical patient so I ended it with one sentence.

“No, I know that you have a sickness already………”

He’s misunderstanding something!?

Kuh…………the word Chuuni does not work on a commoner with any basics on Otaku view.

At that moment, the guy looked at my crotch while saying this.

“Rather, shouldn’t it be called a small size 2 instead of middle 2………..”

“Just what are you talking about!?”

“Damn it………….”

Before he released me, it took me quite some time to explain to the guy about the concept of Chuuni(It was really hard) and to make him understand that I was not grieving over the small size of my winnie until he understood. Of course, the 3 of them are nowhere to be seen.

“Damn it, why must it turn out this way…….”

I scratched my hair while running towards Yuuouji’s direction.

(A-Amakusa-kun looks like he’s enjoying this……..)

Within a group of people, a girl was looking at the back of Amakusa Kanade running off with a tired manner.

Her name is Yukihira Furano.

(I don’t know how to talk to him since it’s too late……….uuu, what should I do)

She was regretting. About the fact that she refused his invitation to go to the pool together.


She pulled her chin and looked at her chest.

(Why does Chocolat-chan and Ouka-chan have such big breast………)

Seeing them who have the appearance comparable to models in reality, her confidence which was close to nothing has been completely shattered.

(Boys really do like girls who are bigger huh…………)

She once again looked at her own breast and sighed. The two small lumps she’s been with for many years have already stopped growing around 1 year ago.

(Ah, I am going to lose him)

Furano quickly ran after Kanade.

“Haa………..Haa………..those girls; doing whatever they like”

No matter how much I run around, I could not find Yuuouji anyway.

But, this pool is seriously huge. The catchphrase that this is the country’s biggest water amusement park is not a joke.

I placed my hands on my waist and was breathing heavily. No good, I don’t I can find her if I run around places mindlessly. Is there a better way----------

“Looks tough huh~”


I turned around in reflex when that voice suddenly called out from behind but, this special speaking style; no way…………..

“Hello, Amakusa-kun~”

………my bad feelings hit the money.

President Kokubyakuin was at my view when I turned behind and lifted my face.

“P-president, why are you at a place like………..”

She’s wearing a swimsuit naturally. Her body which is extremely balanced was glowing divinely. Her hair which is known to be as long as her height was wet and looked silkier than usual.

“Fufufu, I coincidentally came here to play~”

“Coincidentally huh………ah-re?”

She wasn’t the only familiar face.

“Oh my, the body of the poor garbage bug looks poor too huh”

“Amakusa-kun, hello”

2 familiar people were behind the president.

Reikadou Ayame and Yawakaze Konagi. The girls are in the 5th and 2nd in the popular ranking; in contrast to the high-handed queen Reikadou, Yawakaze looks timid and moderate. Both of their personalities are completely opposite. Well, that might be the reason why their popularity won’t clash and both of them get to enter the ranking.

“Why are the 3 of you here?”

“We might have lost the competition but, I invited them to have a good job done trip”

The president placed his hands on her own cheeks and smiled.

Now that I think about it, she said that she wanted to hand a certain something to the two of them at the corridor last time; so it was the ticket for here huh.

“Well, both of us personally did not lose though. Am I right, Yawakaze-san?”

“Ahaha……that’s true”

Just where does Reikadou gets that confidence from. In spite that she was about to cry when the fact that her breast was a fake filled with silicon was about to be exposed when she competed with Yukihira…………….

However………….i gulped when I saw Reikadou’s swimsuit. What’s going on here? There’s almost no cloth………….

I was completely staring at her but, maybe she was used to this because, Reikadou did not faze at all.

In contrast to her, Yawakaze’s swimsuit reflects her personality and has low exposure…………but, there’s should be a limit of not caring about skin ratio in front of this cuteness! Yawakaze is wearing a swimsuit, that itself holds great meaning.

“Err………Amakusa-kun……….it’s embarrassing…….if you keep looking at me”


This is bad, my character somewhat changed in front of Yawakaze’s angelic way.


Yawakaze’s face turned red and looked down.

“Yawakaze-san, be more proud. All of the garbage guys in the world that comes to the pool have nothing to do other than staring at girls in swimsuits so; you have to be ready to be looked at”

………….the way she says that is like that but, I think her comment isn’t wrong, yes.

“By the way Amakusa-kun, why are you alone~?”

The president cut in with a carefree attitude.

“No, actually-----“

I explained to her that the girls scattered around as they liked.

“Oh my my~ now that’s a problem~”

The president doesn’t look troubled at all.

“The chances of a problem occurring if we leave those 3 people alone is high~”

Well, they were already climbing trees, saying perverted stuff to children, and making guys to attack me…………..

“Uuun, as a member of the student council, I cannot leave anything that might hurt the name of Seikou academy~. Amakusa-san, do you roughly know where the 3 of them went~?”

“Ah, yes”

After looking at the map display board near the entrance, Yuragi should have gone north east, Chocolat almost right at north while Yuuouji is at North West. I briefly told that to the president.

“I see~. There are 3 search targets. Oh my, we also have 3 people here. Yawakaze-san, Reikadou-san. I am sorry for this but can you help us~?”

The president suddenly asked the 2 members of the popular ranking to help.

“Ah, yes, of course”

“Well, I am someone that gets to play without paying anyway and if the person that asked me is none other than the student council president then I can’t refuse”

Both of them easily consented but…………this proposal feels kind of weird. She talked about hurting the name of Seikou academy but, the way she put it sounds too clear that it doesn’t give a sense of reality at all.

“Then let me go to where Ouka-chan went”

“I will go look at what Chocolat is doing~”

“Which means mine will be the pink hair 1st year”

When I was at the side worrying, their respective roles were decided in no time.

Well, now isn’t the time for me to be trying to confirm the president’s real intent and no matter what combination is made, my target has already been fixed. Thinking of my mission, I should head straight to Yuuouji-----

“Ah, by the way Kanade-san, please follow either Reikadou-san or me~”

The president interrupted with a carefree manner.

“Huh? No, I need to go to Yuuouji-----“


“W-what nope………….”

“Going that immediately, won’t make things interesting”

President, who said the latter sentence in a strong tone, placed her index finger on her mouth and smiled.

“The best is best saved for last~”

…………what’s going on? Even though she helped (Tentatively) me at the end of the competition, she’s now acting to obstruct today’s mission……………..just what is this person doing.

“Yes, then Yawakaze-san you should head there soon~”

“Ah, okay, then I’ll be looking for Ouka-chan”

Having urged by the president, Yawakaze turned her back at us and started jogging away.

I want to follow if possible but………….

“Have a safe trip~~”

There was an odd pressure emitted out from the president’s back when she was waving her hands to Yawakaze and that made me unable to walk a step forward.

With a smile, the president looked back at me.

“Amakusa-san, do you know the meaning of slow and steady wins the race~? It’s true that the main this time is Yuuouji-san but, I think you won’t lose out if you be friendlier with other girls as a result you know~”

What? What is the president saying?”

“With that said, please choose Amakusa-san. Find Yuragi-san with Reikadou-san or find Chocolat with me-----“

“To Yuragi”

I immediately replied before she finished. I flat out refuse having a one on one with the president. “Oh my, I got dumped. I feel so sad~”

The president said that line without even an ounce of seriousness.

“With that said, I will be with Reikadou looking for Yuragi”

Reikadou talked with a boring expression.

“Fuun, do what you like but don’t drag me down”

Those lines were arrogant as usual. Honestly, I am bad with Reikadou if I had to pick but, this is much better compared with being with the president.

“Ah, yes yes, Amakusa-san, there is something I will tell you”

When I was about to go with Reikadou, the president called out to me so I turned back.

“Bad things will happen if you cheat you know”


The eyes the president showed for a moment there when she opened her eyes had a light similar toa raptor preying upon its prey which I saw some time ago.

“Remember to calm Hakoniwa-san if she is causing a problem okay~”


While wiping off the cold sweat flowing out from me, I went away from the spot.

It was bouncing.

The lump known as breasts were bouncing beside me.

“it’s annoying so stop giving side glances here you pervert”

Uu………I got noticed.

“Sorry, I just………”

However, judging by how it bounces naturally, it really doesn’t look like an artificial object was mixed in.

“It really doesn’t look like there is silicon inside”


Reikadou’s face turned stiff and her walking pace turned extremely slow.

Oh crap. It’s not like I had bad intentions; I let it out my mouth through reflex.

“Ah, no, forget that”

Just when I was thinking abusive words were about to fly to me, Reikadou looked scared for some reason and was making a cautious yet anxious expression.

“Wha………….what do you wish for?”

“Huh? Wish? What are you talking about?”

“Do-don’t play a fool, you’re planning to make me do something indecent since you said my secret right?”

“Nono………just what are you talking about”

How did she reach to that conclusion?

“T-that’s because all the girls in the manga I read are all like this”

“Wait just a second………….what were you reading?”

“I-I don’t have much of a choice. I have no actual interest in manga but, my brother left it in my room because it can’t fit in his room anymore. He said that [This is a reference book for sex education] with a very good face”

“I think he has a problem as a brother…………”

“My brother said that he gets very excited when he sees me getting embarrassed from reading porno”

“Isn’t he just a pervert!?”

Whether it’s Yuuouji’s parent or Reikadou’s brother; all those type of people around me also have parents like those type huh……………well forget it, let’s get back to the main topic (?).

“Why did you put silicon inside in the first place anyway?”

Even though it’s an artificial treatment, it isn’t normal to increase the volume this much. Reaching to this stage should require a reason to a certain extent.

For example, Yukihira won’t go this far even if she inject silicon inside…………….i’ll get killed if she heard this comment.

Anyways, it’s predicted that Reikadou’s has breast bigger than the normal standard. Is there even a reason for her to volume up even more? Honestly, I think Reikadou’s breast right now looks as unnatural as a living thing.

“Th-that’s…………..my childhood friend living beside me said that breast are better the bigger it gets and…………..i at first thought it was stupid too but, he keeps telling me with those glittering until I finally lost and decided to go for the surgery-------wait, what are you making me say!”

“You just said it by your own will!”

Going all dere then immediately snapping…………..she can sell this as a new act.

After proceeding for a while, I reached a place called [Water Survival game area], and stopped through reflex.

“Wh-what is this………”

In there, there was a huge rock cliff installed inside of the pool. The zigzag plants were grown thickly and it looks similar to a small jungle.

Of course with the rock included, they are all fakes and were replicas made from soft materials but, it gave of a realism that made me mistaken from afar.

The water depth is approximately only until ankle length and it looked weird for a pool but, well, it doesn’t look as weird if I see it as a stage for a survival game.

That’s why my perplexed voice was not aimed towards the scenery at all.

At the pool, there were several guys blanked out with white pupils; adding on, it seems that many people lost their stamina and fainted on the rock cliff.

“What………..is going on here?”

A familiar voice echoed into my ears from the peak of the rock when I leaked that out.

We’ve done it, we are close to eliminating all enemies, my Onii-chans!


The oddly tensioned group of males taking up positions around Yuragi who was holding a megaphone, all roared while preparing the giant gun-like object.

Ah, Kanade Onii-chaaan

Noticing me at that moment, Yuragi swung her hands from above.

……………no good, I have no idea what is happening right now.

I talked to the Onee-san staff nearby to understand the situation.

“Err, I am sorry but………..i am related to that pink hair girl on the top so, what’s going on here?”

“Ah, you know………….”

The Onee-san explained while making a wry smile.

This [Water Survival Game Area] has the name survival game in it tentatively so people can borrow water guns and use it as the want to play making it quite lenient.

However, there are times when team games events are held when many people gather so a survival game research club from a nearby university borrowed this play to use.

Then, the tragedy occurred when Yuragi passed by looking for her [Onii-chan].

The research club members at first were having a healthy enjoyment with their group separated to [East Army] and [West Army] but, both teams demolished when Yuragi joined in. It seems that a grand scale war suddenly occurred after they were reorganized into [Little sister faction] and [Elder sister and other type’s alliance army].

The former was brainwashed and display overwhelming powers of half-berserkers by trampling over the latter team giving them the grief of defeat.

………that’s right, in the past; Yuragi has been able to grasp a person’s mind and excels in inciting a group. There was a time during middle school, when almost everyone in the class thought that Yuragi was their sisters and turned into a cult, therefore pushing the class close to destruction.

By getting surrounded by many [Onii-chan] and reigning on the top of them as their sister, she has gained joy which is incomprehensible by others…………………why am I childhood friends with this one?

If possible, I want to ignore this and immediately leave this place but…………….the eyes president made floated in my mind.

No good, I can’t leave this place if I pull Yuragi down from there.

I have no choice, first off is to get information if I have to do this. I talked to the staff onee-san again.

“This is a question……………why are all those people using powerful water guns?”

From what I can see, all the victims are just unconscious. Lending those things with that power to the public is just too dangerous.

“……………well you know, the water pressure for that is actually fixed. Those university students had fun with them at first but……………after that girl came, a group of people rampaged and………………inside them, one of them released the lock and fiddled with the water pressure; with that as the start, everyone else started doing that in no time too………………..”

……………Yuragi’s brainwashing, how scary it is.

“Rather, I think it’s better to forcefully stop them since it has come to this stage though”

“Well about that. That Little sister faction won’t listen to anything I say. I then went to inform this to my superior since I couldn’t do anything but, I was told [Customers are gathering and things are living up so I guess it’s okay since it’s interesting]

It’s an okay……………………..well, it’s true that many onlookers gathered here.


I borrowed the megaphone from the Onee-san and talked upwards.

What, Onii-chan?

Stop with those boring acts and get down here!

Mufufu, I won’t listen even though it is Onii-chan’s request. That’s because right now, many Onii-chan became my limbs and is moving for me, this is the time of bliss for me

I’ll drag you down forcefully if you don’t listen to what I say!

Onii-chan will dive in to take me back……………..many Onii-chan will prevent that from happening………..haa………haaa

…………No good, she has reached into terminal symptoms. I have no choice but to use actual force.

“But, even I say that……………..”

“I don’t like this”

Suddenly, a voice appeared right beside me. Reikadou who was walking beside me, was folding her arms while looking up at Yuragi with an unsatisfied look.

“What’s wrong Reikadou?”

“Hey that pink haired little girl. You the pretentious queen who don’t know your own place, making those lower creatures obey you. I wonder who you think you are leaving me aside”

……………that goes for you too, just who do you think you are, was something I probably shouldn’t retort back.

“I have made up my mind. I will beat that girl down mercilessly and have her know who the real person that should be standing on the top”

Doing what she want alone; Reikadou’s competitive conscious burned up. well, no matter what motivation she has, it’s a thankful thing for me if she does something about Yuragi………..

“But it’s impossible for you to overturn this situation alone”

Reikadou snorted with a “don’t look down of me” manner.

“Fuun. it is the pinnacle of idiocy for me to take the imitative to move for an attempt. Borrow me that”

Reikadou snatched the megaphone from my hand and shouted.

Listen to me, you foolish collapsed trashes

Her clear voice echoed the entire area.

My name is Reikadou Ayame, a woman who is born to control everything in this world

Maybe it’s because her voice volume was increased to the max or her voice was just too dignified. The people of the alliance faction regained their consciousness one after another.

You all yielding to that pink haired sister imitation that does not listen to what she’s told means that all of you are damn M’s who enjoy being slaves right? Then, I will order you. Use your lives one more time for me, all you trashes! [1]

Honestly, what she said was just messed up but, the members of the alliance who woke up gradually have life returning, after getting hooked up with Reikadou’s speech as she continues……………these guys really are damn M.

And after a few minutes.

“””A-ayame-sama! Please give your order to these lowly pigs!”””

Reikadou has completely captured the alliance.

In occurrence of defeating that pink hair, I will do my best to punish you all!


………………why are all of them raising the tension? No, seriously.

“What are you doing?”


Reikadou talked to me with a cold voice when I was looking at the alliance while a little taken back.

“Get going already”

When was that prepared; she handed me a water gun.

“Me? No, you can just let those excited people do it……….”

“Haaa? Then I don’t understand why you would follow me. A trash commoner like you can only sacrifice your body so become my pawn and move”

Hearing those over the top words, my anger has passed its limits and I got tired of this.

“Hey you----“


1. Quietly listen to her and head to war.

2. Do not listen to this high-landed girl. Slam your water gun into her breast to teach her how strict this world is”

I really wanted to pick 2. But there is one worry…………….Reikadou’s swimsuit will probably get blown off If I did that. Because, rather than calling it a swimsuit, it should just be called a piece of cloth.

“What are you doing, I told you to get to it”

Kuh……….the fate of your breasts is under my grasp.

There’s no way my silent threat would reach her. Reikadou looked at me unpleasantly since I was not moving.

Then……..i’ll let her know.

off, Reikadou’s swimsuit was taken off by the water bullet I shot and started crying with nothing in her hands…………………………..it happened in my imagination.

“Fuu…………..i’ll end it here for today”

Aaah, I am really a gentleman to not pick 2. There’s no way I could expose her breast to the onlookers here as expected. I don’t know what kind of effect it will give to someone and I don’t know what will happen to me if I see live breast too.

“……………your face looks disgusting you know”

While receiving Reikadou’s abuse, I once again stepped into the pool.


Immediately, I felt killing intent and half-consciously jumped to the side. While falling down, I confirmed the enemy.

Found him…………..a dark-skin man was peeking over with killing hostility from the top of the rock replica.

“Wa-wait, I just want to stop Yuragi, and I don’t really want to fight-----Uoooh!”

Half-way through my sentence, the second shot grazed my face. I can figure out how powerful the water bullet from the burning pain on my cheeks.

N-no good. i………..i have to do this.

After the dark-skin man clicked his tongue because of his 2nd failure, he placed the water cartridge into the water to replenish its water supply.

My chance!

“That one hurt………it really hurt-------!!”

Taking that chance, I charged at him like Freeza-sama…………..i am unexpectedly excited huh.

Even though he is part of the survival game club, it looks like he isn’t used to using water guns as expected; his movements when resupplying water can’t be called smooth even if I complement him.

About the dark skin man was done, I already reached the distance to hit the target.


The water bullet I shot hit his throat and took his consciousness with one shot………this water pressure is bad.


I wiped off the cold sweat and exhaled in relief but even while I was doing that, a fierce battle was the whole area

Hyaaahooooo, go Onii-chans!

More, raise your morale even more, you pigs!



Both armies were encouraged by their belief and became even exciter.

By this state, both sides probably have equal power.

Okay then, I’ll use this chaos to take Yuragi------

“Don’t move”

A robotic voice appeared and something cold was poking my back.

This is bad…………..i could not feel him getting close at all.

“Drop your gun and look here”

……….i have no choice but to quietly listen to him in this situation.

“Is this okay Fugaaah!”

I turned around and got my nose poked by the gun.

“……….Who are you?”

The shaved head guy looked at me suspiciously. It’s a normal response towards an outsider like me if I enter a survival game that was done between friends. It’s better than getting shot suddenly like what the dark skin man did just now.

“W-wait a second, I am independent. I just want to stop this unproductive war”

I can’t discriminate which faction this shave head belongs to so I just randomly connect my words.


The shaved head who reacted to that word for some reason, relaxed his expression a little.

“…………will you listen to what I have to say?”

*Nod**nod* i nodded. I have no choice but to obey him when I am in a situation of having a gun poking into my nose.

“Actually, I love little sisters”

That was a confess I didn’t cared about. But well, I could now know that he is a Yuragi believer.

“But…….but you know, adding on to that……..err………I am also a M”

That was a confess that really endlessly didn’t cared about. Rather, what’s with this person. Why is he telling me his fetish to someone he first met? Is he an idiot? Go die can you?

“My love to Yuragi-chan is real……..but, but, I can’t restrain my urge to get punished by Ayame-sama!”

……………Unn, I think you should do whatever you want.

“Tell me, i………..which should I love?”

“No, there’s no way I would know------“


1. [Little sister is the top, everything in this world exists for the little sister!]

2. [It’s too late to follow me. M type males will conquer the world from now on!]

3. Suggest a new possibility and convince him”

…………….There will be no effect if I say it half-heartedly to this guy when he is hesitating. It’s the best to pick 3 here and move his excitement somewhere else.

“Why not look at another world?”

“Another world you say?”

“Yes, it’s a completely new concept freed from the 2 boring choices of Yuragi and Reikadou…………………..the garter belt”


“A new concept…….the garter belt!”

“No, it’s not like I didn’t heard it……………………you’re a pervert am I right”

The sister loving damn M got disgusted!

W-why didn’t he understand? If a garter belt is worn then, elder sister or younger sister, M or S, hot mature woman or loli, huge breast or tiny breast; those vulgar concepts will no longer matter. If all of them unite with the noble garter belt then there should no longer be anymore fight…………..

“Rather, I am having a serious worry here and what’s with the garter belt…..are you screwing with me?”

Eh? What is this person saying. Little sister or M, what part of that is serious------

“Forget it, just disappear”

Wai-wait, you give up too fast. Are you that lax! Everyone else who has different opinions are enemy huh, are you that lax! Such narrow thoughts that only have black and white inside the world and nothing else, are you that lax! You’re older than me in the first place………………..wait, this isn’t the time to be thinking that. This shaved head is seriously going to shoot me, I have to act like I love little sister now and-----


Immediately the water pressure which turned into a deadly weapon infiltrated into my nose and flowed inside of me.


“Even though the water pressure is restrained, you sure are tough huh…….but, the next one will bring you down”

After saying that, while scattering water around, the shaved head pointed the gun at me when I was agonizing.

“You’re acting all mighty for a pig huh”


The shaved head turned behind reflexively and his face hit Reikadou’s gun.


“Disappear, you indecisive pig”

Reikadou lowered the sights to around his chest and pulled the trigger without hesitation.


The shaved head who got blast behind, lost his consciousness but he collapsed with a happy face for some reason………as expected from a M.

“Reikadou…….thanks for the help but, why are you alone?”

While wiping off my wet face, I asked Reikadou a question. She said that it was the pinnacle of idiocy for her to move so what kind of wind changed her.

“Look around you”


The war zone which was filled with shouts turned extremely quiet before I knew it. Now that I take a good look at it, nearly twice the amount of people are unconscious compared to the time when I got here……………both armies are at the brink of destruction huh.

“Fufun not bad for pigs that got defeated once”

Reikadou looked at the fallen men with joy.

“So, it’s my role to take down the enemy leader”

………..Which means, she wants to take the delicious part huh.

“Fuufuufuu. That challenge……..i accept!”

Yuragi’s voice suddenly echoed from behind.

“You appeared, Pink hair”

“I didn’t think Ayame Onee-chan would reach this far”

*Suu* Yuragi pointed her gun here.

“Fuun………learn your place”

“Ayame Onee-chan, I won’t lose so easily”

Both of them prepared their guns and confronted each other.

No, those rampaging guys have already settled down so, these 2 people fighting hold no meaning.

“Both of you, put down your guns for a while and let’s talk this----“

The moment I stepped in between them,

“Eat this”

“Onii-chan Barrier”


Reikadou shot mercilessly while Yuragi used me as a wall to protect herself.

“Using your body to protect your little sister, as expected from my Onii-chan!”

“Which mouth is saying that!”

While pressing down my sides which got shot by the water bullet, I walked unsteadily towards Reikadou.

“R-Reikadou, you shot me, an ally Oeeeh!”

The water bullet Yuragi shot my back this time.

“Ah, Sorry Onii-chan, I missed”

“Hey, a little of the splash got onto me. You’re a shield so use your body properly”

“Y-you two………..”

“Rather Onii-chan, you are quite amazing to be still energetic after getting shot twice with this”

No, I am not energetic at all. It seriously hurts. Both shots almost made me lose consciousness.

“Well, he is a pervert that performs actions which are out of human common sense and gets excited from getting despised so, I think he takes pleasure in physical pain too”

“Yes yes, mentally and physically I am a M so this pain feels………….Hell no!”

“Okay then Ayama Onee-chan, let’s start things up again”

“Fuun, just what I was wishing for”

……..err, you guys ignoring my mood retort is quite the ignoring play………….

Well forget it……………I don’t want to be inside this so I’ll let them do what they want. This place settled down no matter which side wins anyway.

I left the place unsteadily and right when I turned behind, Reikadou and Yuragi’s voice mixed.

[It ends here!] [It’s my win!]

From these confronting two, water bullets were shot out almost at the same time.


The water bullet shot by Reikadou passed Yuragi’s face with a paper thin difference but, Yuragi’s bullet grazed Reikadou’s stomach and she fell down on her back after losing her balance from the impact.


Yuragi did not give Reikadou, who was distorting her face in pain, the chance to get up and ran up to her to mount on top before thrusting her gun into Reikadou’s breast gap from below.


“Kufufu. Ayame Onee-chan, you’ll get a direct hit with water through the gap of your breast if you don’t give up you know”

Oi, what’s with this……it’s really graphic.

“W-wait, I can’t move like this”


“St-stop, don’t think you will get off easily after doing this to me-----

“Here here”

“I-I told you to stop didn’t i…….Ahhn”

Together with that old man line, Yuragi was moving the gun’s piston while Reikadou was in agony. This…………I could only say “Do more”.

That scene was something I have been admiring for a long time but, after performing those movements repeatedly in a timed pace, Yuragi made a questioning face.

“Ah-re, the feeling here is kind of different……….”


“For some reason, only one part is oddly hard………..”


Reikadou’s face was covered with shock.

Ah, this is bad. At this rate, Yuragi will find out that she has silicon in her breast.



Suddenly, Reikadou raised a deep voice that sounds like it wasn’t from a girl and pushed Yuragi away with all her might.


Reikadou mounted on the fallen Yuragi without any delay…………her outrageous strength during danger is amazing.

“Fuun…..this is a reversal”

However, Yuragi who was pin down made a fearless smile.

“Fufu, you are too naïve, Ayame Onee-chan”

“Acting all tough at that state------Fugah!”

In that moment, Reikadou’s eyes turned white and she lost consciousness.

Let me explain. The water bullet Yuragi shot from bellow, hit Reikadou’s breast from the underneath. The breast that bounced upwards with that momentum has turned into a blunt weapon. Having taken that hit in the face, Reikadou got her consciousness taken away from the impact in her brain!

“Mufufu, this is my win-----heh?”

But, the war didn’t end there. The unconscious Reikadou fell onto Yuragi, who was sure of her victory.

“Eh, wait, Mogah…………”

Reikadou’s explosive breast feel right onto Yuragi’s face.

“Wait……..breathe……..i cwan’t bweathe……..”

Her face was covered with her breast (Her swimsuit miraculously did not slip off) and she struggled but, a unconscious person is unexpectedly heavy. Yuragi’s power cannot move Reikadou’s leaning body.

“Hn------! Hn------! Hn……………………hn”

And after 10 seconds-------Yuragi’s body stopped moving.

[Sister faction] VS [Elder sister and other type’s alliance army]

Ends in a draw with both army leaders in a double down…………..

What the hell is this.

While getting tired at that shabby conclusion, I pulled unconscious Reikadou and Yuragi who is unconscious in between her breast and arranged them to the side of the pool.


Okay, Yuragi won’t cause any commotion like this so; the president won’t have any complaints. I left these unconscious 2 to the staff onee-san and asked her to bring them to the medical room.

Okay then, I can freely find Yuuoiji now-----



A voice suddenly came from behind.


When I turned behind, president Kokubyakuin was there smiling……………..the way she appears is bad for my heart and I wish she can stop that.

“What are you doing here? Weren’t you looking for Chocolat……………”

“Ah, I did manage to find Chocolat-san~. She wasn’t really causing any problems so I came here to look at the condition here~”

I got a little relieved when I heard the President words. Yuragi was like this so I got worried but, it seems that Chocolat is being quiet.

“Is that so, then I’ll go to Yuuouji----“

“Then, come with me and let’s go back to Chocolat-san~”

…………..why did it turned into that?

“No, I don’t want to be with President-----“

“Okay, let’s go~”

“Wait……wait…………too strong!”

I could not do anything and got dragged away.

Along heading to the [Kiddy pool] where Chocolat is at.

“………..so, what are you planning today?”

With the condition of following her without any resistance I was given the permission to walk with my own legs, and was staring right at the president.

“Oh my, planning huh, Amakusa-san, I think that way of saying it is harsh towards a girl~”

While placing her hands on her cheek, she nonchalantly said that. There won’t be an end responding to this person so, I’ll ignore her and continue my talk.

“It’s not coincidence that you bring Yawakaze and Reikadou here right?”

“No no, it’s the friendship of maidens~”

………No good, it’s just a waste of effort no matter what I say as expected.

“Amakusa-san, why are you making that face and look is so dissatisfied? Going to the pool with 8 girls; isn’t that completely a harem situation~”

“Eh? 8 people?”

Chocolat, Yuuouji, Yuragi, President, Yawakaze, Reikadou and also, after forcefully adding in Utage-Sensei into the count (Feeling Sorry); there is only 7 people.

“Fufu, one dishonest white cat mixed in you know~”


Furano trembled at the sudden chill.

(W-what was that. I got chills at my back just now……….)

The unknown cold was creepy but, another question switched over in her brain.

(I wonder where Amakusa-kun and the President-san are going together?)

Right now, she was trailing Kanade and Seira magnificently.

(Uu, but even so, although Amakusa-kun is one of the [Reject 5], I feel that he is always with girls nonetheless…………..)

Even just now, he looked so happy with Hakoniwa Yuragi and Reikadou Ayame---------(That was how Furano sees it).

(Bu-but but, it is not my concern on whether who Amakusa-kun is with………)


While making a sigh unconsciously, she once again looked at Seira.

That student president has nothing on her and is someone that has thoughts that cannot be grasped at all. Even in the competition a few days, Furano felt her heart was about to jump out when she suddenly hugged Kanade.

What are those 2 relationships with each other?

(Ah Mou, even though I just said it isn’t my concern, just why am I thinking about it………)

While Furano was carrying a hazy feeling, suddenly a certain object flew her view

“Ah, it’s [Agua-kun]!”

It’s the costume mascot for Aqua Galaxy which is modelled after a duck. The view of it moving around while making everyone happy looked extremely cute.

“Hauuu, it’s so cute~~”

With her heart completely captured, Furano wobbled to Agua-kun.

She confirmed Kanade’s back by taking a side glance. He looks like he was having trouble with Seira’s words and wasn’t that fast.

(A-a little bit is fine right)

Furano touched Agua-kun and grinded her cheeks.

“Ah, it’s so smooth”

The feeling of the [White Pig-kun] resurfaced in Furano’s mind. That costume was felt fluffy but, another type of comfortable skin texture, was stimulating Furano’s cute sensor.

“I am so happy~~”

A child is still okay but, the scene of a grown up high school girl grazing her cheeks on a costume was odd and many sights from her surroundings concentrated on her but, Furano who is absorbed into her own world was not conscious of that.

“Haaa~ he was so cute~~”

Satisfied with the feeling of that sensation, Furano let Agua-kun go.


Kanade and Seira disappeared before she noticed.

“W-what should I do?”

That’s only normal, although Furano body experience was only for 10 seconds, the actual time she was grazing her cheeks on Agua-kun, easily passed 5 minutes.

(Whe-where did Amakusa-kun go…….Wait, eh?)

She looked around to look for Kanade and immediately noticed the sights directed at her.

(Eh? Eh?)

Most of the people around Furano was concentrated at her.

(Wh-why is everyone looking at me?)

Only question marks popped up inside Furano’s head, who does not understand how weird she looks like.


Furano’s face blushed immediately and she ran away from the place.

“White cat? What are you talking about?”

“I wonder~~?”

Is that a metaphor? President’s confusing talk pattern is still the same but, that was especially unknown to me. Well, 7 or 8 people are fine but the problem isn’t by the numbers.

“You say it’s a harem but, isn’t Yawakaze the only girl within them all that is good”

The president’s face stiffened with a smile.

“What did you say just now~~”


“…………..Isn’t the President and Yawakaze the only girls within them all that is good”

“Oh my, nothing will come out if you praise me like that you know~~”

…………..Just what meaning does this dumb conversation holds?

“Ah, we should be seeing her soon~~”

Beside the scared me, the president talked in a nonchalant mood.

“Over here huh……………”

What awaited me when I reached the [Kiddy pool area] was a very peaceful scene.

“Chocolat Nee-chan, me next!”

“Chocolat Onee-chan, me too me too”

“Ah no fair, it’s my turn first”

“Okay okay, we will take turns so please wait”

What entered my eyes was Chocolat playing with children in a pool that has a depth that only reaches her knee.

The signboard clearly has [Only for children under 10 years old] written on it. I feel that Chocolat’s mental age is under 10 but, her appearance is still of a high school student.

I talked to the staff onii-san who was looking at them without finding any faults.

“I am sorry but, I am acquainted with that blond girl and………..can I ask something, Ah-re?”

The kind-looking Onii-san scratched his head while making a wry smile.

“No, she actually can’t do that but, the children are oddly attached to her……………”

That’s true, a big group of children were pestering Chocolat to play with them.

“President, it doesn’t seem like she will cause any commotion like this right?”

If she is playing with the children this peacefully then, it’s probably okay to leave her; rather I think its better not to disturb. Her age might be against the rules but, the staff is half-tolerant about it anyway.

“Let’s see~. Well, if you get Chocolat out from that pool then, you can go look for Yuuouji; Should I make that the rule?”

“………Isn’t your way of “Well” a bit weird?”

“I will accept any complaints or objections if you defeat me~~”

While saying lines that sound like this is a battle, she lightly pushed my back.

“Okay, have fun~”


Since its probably useless if I oppose her (I feel like I won’t be able to beat her in both physically and mentally), I told the staff Onii-san that I will be going in for a while before getting closer to the pool side.

“This silky looking hair looks so yummy”

Chocolat hugged a bob haired girl and buried her face into her hair……………Oi, don’t tell me you are seriously going to eat her………….

I stepped into the pool while feeling worried.


“Ah, Kanade-san”

When I entered her view, Chocolat’s tail stood up happily.

“Why did you disappear when I was lecturing you”

“I smelled something nice”

………….No, that isn’t an answer.


If felt a sight of hostility at my back and turned behind.

“……….What’s with you”

A spiky haired boy was glaring at me.

“Chocolat Nee-chan, who is this?”

“You’re Kanade-san right?”


The boy called Takashi stared at me as if he was evaluating.

“How is this guy related to Chocolat Nee-chan”

“Yes, he is the person I love the most”

After hearing Chocolat’s words, Takashi’s face turned displeased even further.

“……….you came in as you want, although we are having fun with Chocolat nee-chan here; read the atmosphere come on”

…………this boy has one nasty mouth. I understand being attached to Chocolat but, you don’t have to look at me with that hostility.

Well, I don’t have the time to be pissed off by elementary students now.

“Chocolat, come out from the pool for a while”

If she gets up from the pool side once then I can clear the condition the president made. After that, Chocolat can play or do whatever she wants with the children.

When I was thinking that, the moment I placed my hands on Chocolat’s shoulder-----


A crazy impact was felt at my lower half of my body.


A……..a pain that gave me the illusion that this world ended…………..right at the jewels?


When I turned around while I was about to cry, the bob haired girl Chocolat was hugging just now was glaring at me.

“Don’t touch Chocolat Nee-chan”

T-this girl is the same as Takashi huh……………I understand being attached to Chocoat but, you don’t have to hit me right at the jewels right, right at the jewels!

Chocolat frowned her eyebrows and talked to the girl.

“Misaki-chan, a surprise attack from behind is no good”

“That isn’t the part where you should warn her about!”

“I understand. I’ll do one more time from the front”

“See, she made one weird misunderstanding!”

“My Kanade-san is tough so something that little won’t do anything”

“It will!”

“You will still be okay even if 100 people kicks”

“Why are you talking like I am some kind of object! I will definitely die!”

“Oh, you don’t have to so humble”

“That’s not it! It’s a shout from my heart!”

She’s an idiot………..no, I know that from long ago but, this girl is seriously an idiot……….


I collapsed onto my knees when another impact that came from an attack from behind.

It’s a serious kick to my calf from Takashi…………it normally hurts.

“Keh, I did not head for your balls because it’s sympathy from a warrior. Be grateful”

“T-these fucking brats……….”

Whether it’s their wordings to someone older or their actions, what kind of upbringing did their parents do?

I got pissed and pulled Chocolat’s hand a little forcefully.

“We’re going”

“Ah, but……….”

Further up Chocolat’s gaze was a long haired girl staring over here. Unlike the other two, she gives off a quiet impression.

“What’s wrong Minami-chan?”

The girl called Minami did not say anything and continued staring at me and Chocolat but, after a while-----



Tears were forming at the side of her eyes.

“I don’t want……I don’t want Chocolat Nee-chan to go!”

Oh no, she cried.

“A-are you kidding me…………”

I got shook up at the sudden event.

Takashi looked at me with a cold gaze.

“You made a girl cry, you’re the worst”


“Ah, there there, Minami-chan it’s okay, you don’t have to cry”

Chocolat was comforting in a familiar manner.

“You’re in the way”

“Yeah, go back!”

Merciless words came from Takashi and Misaki. I am completely at the bad guy role here.

“””Go back! Go back!”””

Both of their hostility spread out to the surrounding children making the “go back” call echo.

“………..I am sorry”

I could not do anything and dejectedly retreat back to President Kokubyakuin who is waiting at the pool side.

“Oh my, is it okay~~”

“No, it isn’t but………..once a child cries then, I can’t do anything anymore”

“Oh my oh my, you are so gentle even though your whole life depends on it~~”

……….who is the one making me do it then, was a retort I swallowed before I sat beside the president who was sitting with one leg out.

“Amakusa-san, do you remember the penalty if you can’t accomplish a mission~?”

“………..that’s the one where the absolute choice will never disappear “

That’s something I can’t forget even if I tried to.

“That’s right~. That’s the reason why you work so hard for the missions. But from what I can see, I think you don’t sense the reality in this”


“Yes. So, in order to give a motivation up to Amakusa-san, I will now show you a special video~~”

“Special Video?”

“Yes, please excuse me~”

After saying that, *kon* she poked at my forehead.


My head suddenly feel light weighted.

“Have Fun~~”

Together with the president’s relaxed voice, I dozed off.

I was walking alone at a certain shopping district.

I looked over to the digital clock installed at the surface of the building. The time shown there was already at late night.

Even within mid-winters with cold winter winds, the season now was especially cold and it’s hard to say that the environment now is gentle for an old man that has crossed his 70’s.

Then why am I walking at a place like this in a season like this?

The answer was just by whim.

It’s just simply because I had no clear goals and was just wandering around. It might even a good idea to drink cheap booze in my rundown apartment or stay at a supermarket and read for a long time while getting looked at by the clerk with an annoyed gaze.

Which means, I don’t care anymore. My actions………….my life has no meaning. Yes, everything is the same no matter what I do.

Many years quickly passed ever since that critical mistake; my every single move continues to get controlled by a certain phenomenon-----

…………..It’s here huh.

That appeared like usual when I was in my thoughts.

Now that I know that it’s meaningless to resist this phenomenon, I no longer make exaggerated responses to every single thing that happens like how I was when I was young.

No matter how much I cry, scream or retort, it didn’t change the fact that I have to do it.


While keeping quiet, I threw away the coat I was wearing. I stripped off my sweater and pants without hesitation next. And without taking even a minute, I was left only with my long johns.

Since the long johns have a color very similar to the skin, people would see me as stark naked from far away.

It’s the point of insanity that I am doing this in mid-winter but………..the real event starts here.

“Hey! Look at my nipples YO!”

An extremely high tension rap flew out from my mouth.

Matching with that, I was pinching my own nipples and was bending my upper body while soul languages were gushed out.

“Carve this into your eyes YO, my nipple high tech technique!”

Reactions from the passersby were various. Youngsters’ staring dumbfounded, females walking away quickly while looking away, and a tranny was looking with an annoyed gaze.

“YO! YO! YO! All of you all pinch too YO!!”

Inside that gallery I engraved the burning beat indifferently.

…………….after a minute of expressing my soul.

The oppressing dull pain in my head disappeared.

I stopped my actions perfectly at that time and wore back the clothes I threw away before leaving the place as if nothing happened while ignoring the strange gazes I was receiving with all my strength.


It’s not painful………it is not painful at all. I have been repeating things similar to this for many times until now. There’s no way I would feel painful from something this small after so long…………..the cold thing poking at the depths of my heart is definitely because of the temperature that has crossed freezing point.

“Hey you”

After I walked a bit, someone tapped my shoulders”

“Hn? What-----!?”

It’s the police.

Now that I think about it, it’s the most normal thing to happen since I did that in a place like that.

2 of the worst words appeared in my mind. If this goes on………….I’ll “get arrested”.


off, I ran away trying to escape.


But, I was no let off that easily. The strong looking police caught me instantly and easily arrested me.

“Ojii-chan……………….why, did you do something that stupid?”

“Le-let go! It’s much better than stripping my pants off”

“Come on, that isn’t the problem. I understand Ojii-chan’s feeling of wanting to show off but, it’s annoying to others. Do you understand?”


The moment I heard those words, tears starting to fall from my eyes unconsciously.

Am i…………..am I going to get arrested from a misunderstanding that I am a flasher by a youngster that has barely lived half my age.

“Even i………..even i………..am not doing this because I wanted too-----“


“Yes, welcome back~~”

What awaited me when my consciousness came back was President Kokubyakuin’s smiling face.

“……..President, just now was perhaps my………..”

“Yes, it’s how Amakusa-san ended up after failing to completing a mission~~”

I knew it…………

Even though I was have convinced about it, once I heard the fact from the presidents mouth in reality, I felt my mood turn even heavier. Rather, don’t say that it’s my end……….”

“But, relax. This is only a [A certain possible story] and it’s not like it will definitely happen”

The president used both her hands and hit hear chest before continuing her talk with a smile.

“There’s you losing your job because of a choice and dying at the roadside, there’s your head splatting into small pieces from a sniper because you were mistaken as a target of an assassination from a choice, there might also be a wonderful future where you got stuck in concrete and was sunk under a bay somewhere”

“It’s so wonderful that I am in tears!”

The president ignored my retort and replied back with her usual my pace smile.

“Well basically, you have to work hard for the mission, that’s all~~”

“……………..President, you helped me during the last mission and now you are disturbing me from going to Yuuouji…………..what do you want to do?”

“Something interesting~~”


“More specifically, I am making things more interesting~~”

“Eh? What do you mean-----“

“Ah, Chocolat-san is calling you~~”

The president cut down my sentence and looked over to the pool…………….this feeling; she doesn’t want to tell me anymore.


Just like the president’s words, Chocolat was beckoning me from inside the pool.

Since I won’t get any more information even if I stayed here, I quietly headed over there.

“What’s wrong, Chocolat?”

From what I heard, the open [Kidding pool area] has been closed temporarily and it seems that their parents came to pick them up.

“Come on, Takashi-kun, you have something to tell Kanade-san right?”

Takashi was urged by Chocolat but, he came to me with a sullen face.

“…………I-I know”

Unexpected words came out from his mouth.

“My real nee-chan, has a personality of a guy so, I had always admired a gentle nee-chan. Chocolat Nee-chan is always smiling so, she’s close to my ideal nee-chan……………..you came in when I was that happy and It felt like Chocolat Nee-chan was going to get taken away so i turned weird and kicked you……….”


Mysterious emotions come and go inside my heart. At the same time, I feel embarrassed about my thoughtlessness to fix him as a fucking brat just by his surface mouth and bad attitude.

“You’re……..a nice guy”

“T-that’s not true………”

I patted his head.

“S-stop it……………”

“No no, Onii-san is really moved. You don’t have to be so shy Guah!”

“Do-don’t get ahead of yourself, idiooot!”

After kicking my leg, Takashi’s face turned red before he ran off.


Takashi, you don’t know anything about this world…………the existence of a male tsundere is worthless and that is the absolute and unchangeable truth.

“Here, Misaki-chan too”

Chocolat urged Misaki next and brought her out to me.

“I am sorry for suddenly kicking your important part hard”

Misaki lowered her head. Oh, this is a good girl that can apologize properly too.

“I will do it softer next time”

“No, stop the kicking itself!”

“That’s something I can’t do I think”

“Why can’t you!”

“Because, I feel kind of excited whenever I see a boy in pain”

“You’re ominous and scary!”

“But, it’s my fault for doing that so…………….i will say sorry one more time”

What’s this living thing…….i feel like I want to hug her really tight.

That’s disgusting an bad as expected so, I crouched down and pat Misaki’s head while making a smile to her.

“Okay, good girl”


At that moment, Masaki’s cheeks blushed.

“What’s wrong?”


Misaki’s whole face turned red. What? Is getting pat that embarrassing?

After that, Misaki did not look at me at all and returned back to her parents that came to pick her up.

“Misaki-chan, bye bye”

Chocolat was waving to her back.

“You’re unexpectedly good at treating little kids”

“Yes, I love little children”

Well, she has the thought patterns of a little kid or under too………..


My swimming trunk was pulled and once I turned over, a long black haired girl was there.

Its Manami-chan huh……………..i made her cried once so I was on edge. I can’t have the same thing repeating so, I have to interact cautiously.

“So-sorry for just now”

After I talked to her with a very soft voice, Minami-chan swung her head sideways.

“I was a little afraid just now but, now I am not”

I am glad. Getting hated by children is just pain painful even though it doesn’t make sense.

Manami-chan looked at me and Chocolat alternatively before mumbling softly.

“You two feel like a dad and mom”


“Because, you two look so close”



Minami-chan smiled before running to her parents.

“……….th-that was a weird one……….”

“She said we look like a couple”


Chocolat said it without any embarrassment.

“Do you know this, Kanade-san. Couples do the “Ahnn” during meal time”

“B-by Ahnn, you………..”

That scene that happened a few days ago, resurfaced in my mind.

“Ah, let’s try that too next time”

“Wh-who is going to do it!”

“Kanade-san, your face is kind of red you know?”

“I-it’s your imagination! An-anyway, let’s get out from here”


Chocolat’s tail was wiggling about while she followed me.

“Oh my, you safely got Chocolat-san out. Good for you~~”

President was there showing her usual fake smile at the pool side.

“Now you can openly go over to Yuuouji-san~~. Ah, she is at the [Scream coaster area]. I will handle Chocolat-san so, please hurry up and go~~”

Even though she was disturbing me so much just now, she gave me a service and told me where she is this time…………..this too, is probably linked to how she is making things interesting which she said just now.

“Okay then, do you best to make her cry~~”

…………….while receiving an extremely bad sentence from behind, I left the spot.

[Scream scream coaster area], just like the name, it’s an area filled with machines that will make anyone scream while they get on the ride while wearing swimsuits.

Right after I reached, an exhausted Yuragi at the pool side entered my view.


Yawakaze who was looking up at me, was crying.

“Wha-what’s wrong”

Yawakaze pointed forward.

“That ride, is separated to Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of scariness but………..”

To the place she is pointing, there were 3 types of coasters that look like a curling snake.

“I, got scared after getting on Level 1”

Yawakaze is especially cowardly, was not the case it seems. Actually, many screams are echoing from all coasters at this very moment regardless of the level.

“That sounds tough…………by the way where’s Yuuouji?”

“Ah, Un, she went to get on the level 2 coasters happily just now so, she should be back soon-----“


Half way through Yawakaze’s sentence, a water pillar suddenly appeared and someone appeared from inside the water.


While acting like a gymnast, Yuuouji landed on the pool side magnificently.

“Why can’t you come out normally………..”

“Oh yo, Amac-chi you came”

After smiling towards me, she moved her sights towards Yawakaze.

“Konagi-tan, you recovered yet?”

“St-still not possible I guess”

Yuragi swung her head while making a wry smile.

But, it’s good that I found Yuuoiji but, what should I do. I can’t think of anything that can make Yuuouji cry. My secret weapon is actually my last resort-------

“I see. Then, Ama-chi let’s go ride it together”


Yuuouji talked to me when I was thinking.

“Just now, I got on the level 2 coaster and it was really fun. will be level 3 and let’s get on it together”

“………no, I’ll pass”

“Eh, why?”

“……………i-I already graduated from scream coasters. It’s a ride for kids. I have no interest in it”

“Ama-chi, are you………scared?”

“………..N-no way”

Honestly, I’m scared.

To me who’s even bad with Ferris wheels because of my fright of heights, I just can’t understand why scream machines exists in this world.

If I ride that curly looking Level 3 then, I will probably not end up only screaming. It’s at the level where I will probably take one whole page for [Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!] if this was some kind of light novel.

“Ho hou………..”

Yuuouji’s face distorted pervertly…………..now that I think about it, half-assed lies don’t work on her.

“Mufufu. Then let’s ride it~~”

Th-this girl………..i am still a guy so, no matter how obvious it may be, I won’t say that I am scared in front of a girl (Tentatively). I had no choice but to nod reluctantly.

“Okay, then let’s go!”

“Ah, oi, wait----“

The happy Yuuouji pulled me, who has no say into anything.

I ended up forcefully brought the coaster’s boarding stand but more importantly, there is one urgent problem.

“Wa-wait, you’re too close, I can walk alone so let go!”

“Ah-re ah-re, Is Ama-chi trying to run away after saying that?”

“I won’t run, I won’t run so just let go!”

“Hn? I don’t really get it but, if you say that then, here you go”

Yuuouji finally let go of me there…………..i have been thinking about this for a long time but, she really is to defenseless to another person of an opposite sex. Please be more aware that you are a 16 year old girl.

Right beside me when I was thinking that, Yuuouji made a prankster smile like an elementary school student.

“Mufufu, I look forward to see Ama-chi’s crying face”

Crying face huh…………..i am the one that want to see yours……………Oh, yeah. A perfect topic came up so I’ll use this to confirm something. It’s something Yuuouji brought out so, she won’t feel it’s unnatural.

“I won’t cry from the likes of scream machines but…………has Yuuouji been crying lately?”

I have a restriction of making her cry [Today, and here (Pool)] so, I might not be able to perform something similar immediately but, I if I know the trend to loosen her tear glands then, it might become a clue in finding another method than my secret weapon.

“Me? Uuuun, I haven’t cried for a many years”


Those were unexpected words. Yuuoji seldom shows any negative emotions so, I don’t get the image of her crying but……….many years; that’s just too long.

“Actually, I was a cry baby in the past. Leaving aside when I was a baby, it did not get fixed when I was in elementary school. On a certain day, my mom told me this. [Ouka, the tears of a girl is not something that cheap. Please save it for the time you cry happily to that person you love]

Speaking about Yuuouji’s mother, she’s the previous top idol Yuuouji Kyouka. She’s playing the role of a news commentator recently and gives off a wise and intellectual impression………….

“Continuing on, she said [When I get punished by your father, my tears come out through excitement when he hit me with his superb strength control]

“She’s just a M!”

That’s just plain terrible even for something private. That isn’t in a gap level…………..

“I did not completely understand at that time but, I knew that mom said that seriously so, Ah---, so that’s it was what I felt………I wonder if you call that imprinting? Ever since that day, I have no memories of crying maybe because it’s something done unconsciously”

What the heck is this……….i planned on getting a hint but, I heard something not good instead. There are limited amounts of way to mentally trying to make her cry.

Well, there are no side-effects in using that so, that’s at least a good thing.

“Ama-chi what are you thinking? Let’s go already”

“Wait………….like I said, don’t come so close to me!”

While getting dragged by Yuuouji forcefully; we reached the boarding station for the coaster level 3.

“Okay, it’s fixed in nicely”

The staff Onee-san confirmed the bar’s lock.

“T-this is alright, right?”

The one-san nodded with a smile when I asked her with a trembling voice.

“Yes, passing out and incontinence commonly happens every day but, there is zero accidents of course so it’s going to be okay”

Wait just a second there. Which part of that is okay………..

“Is-isn’t there a better way to say it?”

The Onee-san put some thought into it before managing to come up with something and opening her mouth.

“It’z oookay”

“That’s not what I meant! Why are you saying it like some kind of sketch comedy channel!”

What’s with this staff…………..

“Ahaha, Ama-chi, you’re wearing a swimsuit now so it’s okay even if you leak”

Yuuouji said it happily sitting at my right side.

“No, I am not a kid so I won’t leak……………”

Although I said that, small drips might happen perhaps…………..

“Yeah yeah, I am not the one cleaning so, it’z oookay”

“You shut up! Why do you sound a little worked up!”

No seriously, what’s with this staff……………..

Thanks to her weird agitation such as passing out and incontinence, my determination which i formed temporarily, got shaken. And, why are at the front row in the first place……………

“Yuuouji, I, kind of feel sick so I am getting off-----uu”

My last struggle was futile and the coaster departed mercilessly.

……………w-well, the starters look like an uphill so, I have to prepare my heart now that I have the time------


A-a sudden acceleration!?

The coaster with such an impossible trait, immediately reached the peak of the rail-------

“No, wait please-------“

Immediate drop.


This is weird this is weird this is weird! Why is this coaster so curly Hiiiiiiiii! Once I thought we are downwards, we go upwards then again back downwards, now I don’t know which way is up or down-------


Why this girl beside me laughing, is her head messed up Waaaaa! We’re going into the curl No good No good No good!

[Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!] [Uwaaaaaaaaaahh!] [Let me get offffffffffff!]

See that Yuuouji, other people are also screaming, you should act more like a girl and scream at least once-----

“Iyaaahooooooo! It’s so fuunnnnnnnn!”

Are you an alien! Forget that, i think this is still accelerating no it isn’t my imagination, this is without a doubt accelerating----


I was rampaging around in fear condition but, my body turned solid before both my arms no longer could move; I don’t want this anymore I don’t want this anymore, Save me anyone SAVE ME!


No more no more no more! Seriously no more! I am at my limits, no good, I am fainting-------

At that time, my right hand grabbed onto something soft.


My consciousness came back the moment I felt something. What is this? This soft------


Beside me, a very loud scream that was able to erase my thoughts------

The coaster dropped again at that moment.


My consciousness got shut off.



I opened my eyes.

“…………..where is this place?”

Yawakaze was looking down at me worriedly.


I raised my body and found out that I was at the pool side.

“I’m so glad………………the staff carried you all the way here and you weren’t really waking up so I got worried”

Aaa I see……………….i fainted because of that demonic coaster.

“Ah-re, now that I think about it, where’s Yuuouji?”

While standing up, I looked around.

“Err, she’s over there………….”

Further at a distance from Yawakaze’s view, Yuuouji was crouching down.

“W-what’s wrong with her?”

“Un…………….it looks likes she entered to her own world and she won’t respond no matter how I call out to her”

It’s true that she isn’t acting normal…………….what happened when I was out?.

I slowly got closer.

“Uu…………what should I do what should do……………….not only did he saw my panties twice, he even touched me at that place…….."

She was chanting something but, I can’t hear her.


“I-I have no choice but to his wife………”

………No good, she isn’t hearing anything at all.

“Oiii, Yuuouji”

I tapped her shoulder.


Yuuouji reacted to that as expected and looked over------


After a long silence, Zozozozozozo! She backed off while sitting down.

“D-darling……not that, Ama-chi………N-not that, darling”

……………..what, why darling? And you are too panicked. Her face was beet red too so, did she suddenly get a fever?

“Are you okay?”

I approached her and extend my hand to her.

“T-that right hand!”

*Twitch* Yuuouji reacted with nervousness. What? My right hand did not erase another special power, and I did not punch a girl after lecturing her; it’s just a normal hand.

“A-ama-chi……….you don’t remember?”


Did my right hand do something to Yuuouji when we were riding the coaster? My mind was completely messed up in fear at that time and I only have memories of screaming.

“I-I see……….Ama-chi doesn’t remember…………then……….it’s a safe”

The red on Yuuouji’s face slowly dispersed.

“Un……..un…………okay, then I don’t need to worry about it too”

On Yuuouji’s face after she *Pan**pan* slap her cheeks, she returned back to usual self. She wasn’t sick but rather, was it because of something mental?

“I don’t understand but, just get up for now, here”

“Ah, un, thank you”

Yuuouji grabbed me hand I extend to her.


At that moment, electricity ran through my body.

Wha-what is this feeling!?

Yuuouji’s palm which has swollen up from the water to a nice feeling was so soft that it felt like a baby that was just born.

What is this…..it feels good, it really feels good. The softness feels abnormally good and if possible, it was something I want to keep on holding.

“Ama-chi, what’s wrong?”

Yuuouji was already standing up so, she looked at me oddly because I wasn’t letting go of her hand.

“N-no, nothing”

Hah, I regained my composure and quickly let go of her hand.

However, the memories of how good it felt did not left my mind. It really is a waste of just one time. Well, I can’t do anything here now so I won’t say anything but, I would like to feel it once more if I get the chance------


Suddenly, the same type of impact that I suffered at that time with Utage-sensei, attacked me.

Which means, it’s the “Say the things I am thinking about”………….a-are you serious, I thought this would end after one time.

It’s meaningless to resist and my mouth moved on its own as if it doesn’t belong to me.

“Yuuouji, it’s really soft and feels good so can I touch you one more time?”

Uuu………….That was such a perverted line even for me.

But, it’s a good thing that Yuuouji is the other person. She would always laugh off my eccentric behavior and since it’s her, It’s easy to call her lenient in sense-------


However, Yuuouji’s reaction was dramatic unlike my predictions.

“Y-Y-Y-Yo Yo Yo……………”

Her face turned red instantly and she backed off energetically.


“You still remembereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!”

“Ah, oi, Yuuouji!”

Yuuouji did not stop and ran off with tremendous vigor.

I was left alone.

No, I have no idea what is going on at all. She didn’t look displeased when I first grabbed her right? The way I put it might be off putting but even so, this reaction is too abnormal.

“A woman’s heart……….is a mystery”

Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Rabukome o Zenryoku de Jama Shite Iru
Vol. 3 Chapter 3