Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo
Chapter 1 Part 4

Author: Rakuda
Source: pretty bad TLs

Finally got this out. I have been spending quite a bit of my TL time on the manga I have been working on and may have put LNs on the backburner for a bit since manga is honestly just easier to translate. Releases will still be sparse, but hopefully I can get 2 parts out next month. We will see. I was going to make a big update post but fuck it ill just say this, hope everyone is doing safe. Things are still pretty bad out there.

If you see any mistakes or feel that a certain part is weird, please let me know as I did not proofread this.


After about an hour, I managed to peacefully explain the situation to my mom.

However, that did not lead to this situation being resolved. If anything, you could say that it got worse.

While I was busy persuading my mom, Pansy was searching around in my now human empty room, discovering all of my interests and preferences. In addition to that, my mom even did something extremely unnecessary and asked “Since it’s already dinnertime, would you like to eat with us Sumireko-chan?” and so our dinner table was surrounded by a Showa-era-esque feeling.

「Hee~h, Sumireko-chan you take the train to school!」

「Yes. Because my house is a little far from the school.」

On the table in the living room was an extravagant meal that costed more than the usual meals we have, and seated in front of me was my mom with Pansy next to her, with everything coming together to create a scene of hell.

I don’t really know when, perhaps since that bombshell of an announcement, but I started to not be able to taste the food.

I was hoping that my dad would at least come home, but he’s currently fighting hard at work.

Just a while ago, he sent me and mom a text saying that he would be coming home very late.

「Did you think about going to a closer school?」

「Oh yes, but I completely ruled those out.」

「But, weren’t you lonely separating from your middle school friends?」

「It’s fine. I basically had no friends.」

Well, with her personality it’s not surprising.

She gets along well with my mom but, she is someone who always has an indifferent expression on her face and never shows emotion, so you can never tell what she’s thinking. It’s natural for someone like that to be ostracized at school.

「What~! Why though, you’re such a good girl Sumireko-chan! Amatsuyu do you know why?」

「……..Who knows. I don’t.」

Mom, please don’t send the conversation my way. I don’t want to be apart of this.

「Amatsuyu, your attitude has been bad since earlier.」

I don’t know how much I’ve glared at my mom. The fact that I’m still in this hell is something to be praised on.

「Jouro-kun, Laurier-san’s meal is very delicious isn’t it?」

「That’s great to hear. Quickly eat and then leave.」

Rummaging around someone else’s room as you please… How dare you help out with cooking and talk so calmly as if nothing happened. My brain has gone quite crazy just thinking about it.

「Seriously Amatsuyu, what’s the matter? I understand that what happened earlier was just a misunderstanding you know?」

「Mom, that’s not it. I just hate this girl.」

The moment I said those words out of frustration, my mom came to a halt.

「……What did you just say? Sumireko-chan is a girl you know?」

A second after coming to a stop, my mom let out a frighteningly low voice like it was coming from the depths of her stomach.

Oh shit…… This is my mom when she’s mad for real.

「No matter how calm they may seem, being told “I hate you” from someone, there’s no girl who wouldn’t mind that. I don’t remember raising a child who would say such horrible things.」


God damn. Well, what happened just now might be my fault, but the cause of all this——–

「Amatsuyu, apologize to Sumireko-chan.」

Not good. Making mom angrier than this is not a good plan. Strangely, not fighting back is the better choice.

「……………My bad.」

「Don’t worry about it, it’s fine.」

After I apologized, Pansy plainly replied without looking towards me.

「Sorry about that Sumireko-chan~, this boy’s mouth is really awful…」

Immediately switching to a cheerful voice, my mom started talking to Pansy with a smile.

It seems like she’ suppressed her anger for now, but she’ll be scolding me later… This is the worst.

「It’s fine. Jouro-kun may speak rudely, but he is very kind.」

「Ara, is that so?」

Oi, it’s helpful that you’re fixing my mom’s mood but you know that’s a bad way to do it right?

「Pansy, don’t say anything unnecessary……」

「You just sit there and be quiet!」

Because I could smell a dangerous bomb, I decided to immediately deal with it by shutting up, since there was no arguing about it.

「Hey hey Sumireko-chan, will you tell me about Amatsuyu? He never talks to me about school or anything~」

In front of my cheerful mom, Pansy looked at me with her indifferent eyes.

「……Is it fine for me to talk about it?」

「……Within the bounds of common sense.」

To be honest I want to stop her, but unfortunately, mom was seriously angry earlier.

Taking that into consideration, if I were to stop Pansy here, things would get extremely bad.

「I understand. Then……」

Please don’t say anything unnecessary……

「Thanks to Jouro-kun, my school life has become very enjoyable. Everyday, we talk in the library, but sometimes he will help me with work.」

「Ooooh~! And and?」

「Whenever there are heavy books or when I’m having trouble holding them, Jouro-kun always comes and carries them for me. Even though he is usually mean, he never complains during times like that. I’m really happy about that casual kindness. And also, so that everyone is having a good time, and to protect the place that gives everyone happiness, he is able to sacrifice himself. I would never be able to such a thing. That’s why I think he’s a wonderful person and I respect him.」

BOOOOOOM! It’s a huge explosion! Please say that in a place where the person in question is not present!

It’s seriously embarrassing if you face me when you say it, please give me a break!

「Way to go Amatsuyu!」

「Stop it mom! Please stop!」

Don’t rub my head like that in front of Pansy! That’s also unacceptable!

「That’s true! This boy is suuuuper kind! A long time ago, when all 4 of our family went on a trip, I had lost a precious necklace that my husband had given me, but at that time too this boy didn’t say anything and was always searching for it by himself! It’s nostalgic remembering when I also said “Amatsuyu is also missing!” and was in an uproar at that time~」

Mom, don’t hold on to that kind of memory! Seriously, don’t! That’s not allowed!

「Fufufu, Sumireko-chan please continue to get along well with Amatsuyu from now on too okay!」

「No, I should be the one asking for that. Let’s continue to get along, okay Jouro-kun.」


I had already received such a lethal dose, so I had to try my best to let out a corpse-like voice.


After dinner and some chit chat, it became 10pm and today’s hell was over.

When I thought to myself that I wouldn’t be the subject of those two’s talk anymore, I was so moved I looked like I was going to cry.

「Thank you very much for everything today. It was really enjoyable.」

「You don’t have to say that~ I also had a lot of fun! Come again okay!」

My mom waved her hand and looked at Pansy, who was politely bowing in front of the front entrance, with a smile.


At the same time, she pushed on my head and forced me to bow back, with me only able to endure it.

「Alright then, I’ll take my leave here.」

「Okay! See you~」

And with that, the front door closed, and some peace and quiet finally came back to the house.

「Alright then mom, I’ll be heading out for a bit.」

「Fufufu~ as expected of my son. You understand even if I don’t say it! How kind!」

「……yeah yeah.」

While I was fed up with my mom’s grinning face, I put on my shoes and went outside.

I sped up my pace just a little bit, and immediately found the braided, glasses-wearing figure I am used to seeing.

Noticing my presence, she turned around to face me.

「Ara, are you here to escort me to the station perhaps?」

「Wrong. I’ve got to get some stuff from the convenience store, so I’ll only be with you until there.」

Making an okay sign with her right hand’s thumb and index finger, she replied with one thing.

「I see. I get it. Then let’s head there together.」

Pansy walked next to me with a lively pace. She had a blank look on her face, but she seemed to be in good spirits.

「Hey Jouro-kun,」

And then, while I continued to walk in silence, Pansy spoke with a awfully serious voice.


「How long do you plan on not fixing your relationship with those people?」

「………………..That’s none of your business.」

This girl, out of all the topics she could’ve talked about it had to be this. It’s seriously irritating.

「Am I not allowed to ask if it doesn’t concern me? I don’t remember hearing about such a rule.」

「That’s true but did you think I would answer you?」

「Yes. You answered me already. It seems like you won’t be fixing it for a little while longer.」

「I don’t remember saying a single word though.」

「I immediately understood from what you said earlier. Since you didn’t give a response, you still don’t plan on getting back on good terms with them. You just haven’t found the chance yet huh?」

Tch. Rather than her usual tone of voice, she saying this with a serious tone……

「Getting the chance is easy you know. If you just talk to them, that will become the chance.」

「You think I can do that huh? Haven’t you thought about if those guys don’t want to associate with me anymore?」

「I can’t even imagine that.」

This girl had the nerve to immediately reject what I said…….

「What do you know? I’ll just say this, I’ve known those guys for a long time. So, I understand those guys way more than you do.」

「I’ll answer your question with a question. Those people that you say you know, are they the kind of people who will stubbornly refuse to make amends after ending up in a fight after discovering your true personality, or are they pitiful people who actually want to be friends again but are troubled and don’t know what to do?」

「…………Who knows. I’m going ahead.」

I don’t want to continue this conversation any longer. Let’s hurry and head to where I need to go.

Deciding that, I sped up my pace, taking some distance from Pansy.


Catching up to me with a jog, Pansy grabbed my hand and we stopped walking.

「You’re annoying. Let go. I hate you you know.」

「That’s it.」


Pansy, who up until now had no emotion on her face, suddenly showed a small smile.

「Like this, when you’re in front of me you’re acting honestly right? If the you right “now” properly told them how you really felt, then they will definitely understand you know?」

「If you don’t want to apologize then it’s fine to not apologize. If you want to be mad then be mad. There’s no need to be afraid of destroying relationships. After all, they’re already broken right? Even if you fail things will be the same. If you succeed, then things will get better. There’s no downsides here don’t you think?」

「……You don’t have to tell me that I already know.」

This girl definitely understands my troubles and is trying to cheer me up in her own way right?

Never hesitant and always acting on something. Fuck… This is why I hate her.

「It’s better to have a lot of friends. So that you can create enjoyable memories.」

「……….Are you speaking from experience?」

「You can think that if you want~」

「Hmm… Then, I’ll think that way.」

「By all means, do as you see fit.」

If that’s the case, then you should also work hard and make some friends.

Always shutting yourself in the library and not talking to anyone else besides me makes this conversation kind of hypocritical.

「Also, hurry up and let go of my hand. I said that it was annoying didn’t I?」

「Ara, even though I wanted to continue walking while holding hands like this, how disappointing~」

Pansy let go of my hand, and I continued to walk.


From there, we silently walked without any conversation and found ourselves near familiar buildings.

「This is as far as we’ll walk together huh.」


Finally…… I’m finally free of Pansy. What a refreshing feeling this is.

「Hey Jouro-kun, do you mind accompanying me for a little?」

「What? Why should I……whoa hey where are you going?」

Rather than listening to me, Pansy started walking down a back alleyway.

As I hurried to follow her, Pansy stopped underneath an awfully huge tree where there weren’t many people.

「Could you wait here for me?」


What is this girl doing? Suddenly going around behind the tree like that.

「Thanks for waiting.」

「Listen here, don’t just do things so suddenly like that I don’t under…….. whoa!」

「You weren’t able to see this in your room. My chest is still like this but, can you make do?」

T-that surprised me……. Who would’ve thought that the Pansy that appeared from behind the tree wouldn’t be the usual braids and glasses, but rather her appearance with the glasses taken off and braids undone……

As per usual, this is right in my strike zone. She’s so beautiful I could even hug her tightly without thinking about it.

「Fufufu, getting all shy like that…… how cute~」

Showing a captivating smile, Pansy slowly came closer.

And just like that, she put her hand on my head while my body couldn’t move as if it was paralyzed.

「Oh very kind Jouro-kun, if it’s you then you’ll be able to solve it well. You can rest assured, in the case that things don’t go well, I’ll take responsibility so just accept my encouragement.」

While stroking my head, Pansy said that with a gentle voice that was different from usual.

Because our faces were extremely close together, I could feel her breath tickling my face.

「…That encouragement, could I get it in advance?」

「Such a greedy person…… But if it’s just for a bit then it’s fine…… Okay, could you close your eyes?」


A strange atmosphere sweeping over us. Pansy’s gentle scent. A prickling sensation on my right hand.

Hot damn…… It’s kinda like various things coming together to…… huh? Wait doesn’t that last one seem a little odd?

「Ara, welcome back Stinger-kun.」


Taking a good look at my right hand, before I even noticed there was a giant Stinger-kun there!

As if completely unconcerned about me, who quickly jumped back, it just calmly flew over to Pansy’s shoulder. You can even say it possessed the dignity of a king.

「I never thought it would be here…….」

「Oh yes. This place is home to Stinger-kun’s favourite sawtooth oak tree, “Rectified Spirit”.」

That bug seriously gets in the way!1 I won’t say that out loud though!

「Alright then it’s regrettable but could you be patient?」

Huh? I thought for sure I would be getting that encouragement in advance and let bygones be bygones, but I guess not?

And why is this girl holding her hands above her head like they are rabbit ears?

「”Ma~ster~♡ What kind of books would you like to read together today?”」2

「Wh-………! You…….!」

This is…… from my collection that was hidden on the bottom side of my drawer…… “Maid Usa-chan and a fluffy book club” isn’t it! T-this girl…… she even had the nerve to look at the contents!!

「How is it? I’m not really confident but I tried my best to do it~」

I could only be dumbfounded. I didn’t ask for this endeavour.

「Jeez. How mean of you to not say what you think……Alright then, shall we go?」

「……Yes, let us do that.」

Why did my advance payment of encouragement have to be something like this?

It didn’t become any weirder, so it might be safe in a sense, but amount of compensation I was expecting was washed away.

「Jouro-kun, thank you for today.」

Walking next to the currently depressed me, Pansy said her thanks with an uninterested tone.

「Huh? What for?」

「For bringing me to your room, for having an enjoyable conversation with me, and also…」

Pansy stopped and paused.

Her cheeks were dyed a slight red, but she never moved her gaze away from my eyes, and continued to talk.

「For properly escorting me all the way to the station.」

After saying that, she put her glasses back on, and headed towards the building in front—- the station. Looking around to confirm where I was, I turned around and walked back the way we came.

「Alrighty, guess I should stop by the convenience store on the way back.」

Haa…… That girl, is still so incredibly cute……

Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo
Chapter 1 Part 4