Overbearing City Inspector Fell In Love With Me
Chapter 2

Author: Cai Youren
Source: Foxaholic

Twelve hours after her furniture was confiscated by the law enforcement, Xian Man took Ah Fang to the gate of the city management squadron in the west. 

It was a rainy day; the light rain had continued falling intermittently throughout the morning. Xiao Man squinted contemptuously at the big characters “City Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau” at the gate.

 Her face was as gloomy as the lingering black cloud above her head. Xiao Man drew a strand of her dampen hair behind her ears, raised her chin slightly and strode forward in a brave posture of a revolutionary martyr.

My name is Long Jia….. Are you going to sue me……

Lying in the bed in the rental room last night, Xian Man had remembered that woman’s hateful smiling face a lot. The more she thought about it, the more madder she got. It was to the point where she felt it was necessary to rip off that hideous face.

Long Jia! Just wait, I’ll sue you soon!

Xiao Man’s face held a satisfied grin

“Hey, hey.” Ah Fang poked her from the back, gesturing to her to stop.

“What?” Xiao Man looked over her shoulder.

Out of nowhere, an old man appeared in a loose security uniform as he sized her up and down warily, “What are you here for?”

With an attitude of ‘killing-anyone-who-gets-in-my-way’, Xiao Man replied with a bit of excitement, “I’m looking for Long Jia.”

“Looking for Miss Long?” The old man touched his chin and thought that she was an acquaintance of Long Jia. “Go in, go in, go up the stairs and turn right. The second office is there.”

Xiao Man thanked him and entered the building without looking back. There were several big and sturdy men walking back and forth in the corridor. Ah Fang pulled her hand with a guilty conscience, “Xiao Man, what are we doing here… “

“Taking back what they took from us,” Xiao Man said as she went upstairs. Her pair of canvas shoes stomped on the tiles, “And in passing, sue that woman, the I’ll see if she will still be so daring.”

“I’m telling you,” Ah Fang was clearly underwhelmed as she looked around, “City management is generally dark and you can’t sue anything or get any results.”

“How do you know that there won’t be any results if you don’t try?” Xiao Man said to herself with her hands on her waist, “The current world...The moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day, tsk, corruption…”

After walking past an office, Xiao Man reached the second one. She straightened her back and knocked on the door.

There were laughters in the office, but no one said to come in nor did anyone come over to open the door. Xiao Man waited patiently for a while but since she still couldn’t get a response, she pressed the door and pushed it open.

There were four desks inside. Four or five men were gathered around one desk as they discussed something on the computer screen, and judging by how happily they were laughing, it certainly wasn’t work-related. The fire in Xiao Man’s heart burned even fiercier. What kind of people were they? The atmosphere turned foul.

“Ah? What are you doing? Why didn’t you knock on the door before you came in?” Finally someone spotted Xiao Man and asked her with an annoyed face.

“I’m looking for Long Jia.” Xiao Man suspected that she had entered the wrong office. It was all men here.

“Where’s Long Jia?” 

The men looked at her direction, “She’s out.”

“Gone where?” Then I came here for nothing?

“I don’t know.” One man shrugged and asked her, “What do you want her for?”


“I’m going to file a complaint against her,” Xiao Man walked a few steps and spoke righteously.

“Hahahaha……” those men burst out laughing in unison. It really was the best joke they had heard in days.

“What’s so funny?” Xiao man stood without a change of expression, in fact, she found them a little baffling.

“You came to her to complain about her?” The man looked at Xiao Man with a serious look as he coughed while barely restraining his smile, “What’s wrong with her?”

“She took my things.” Xiao Man finished. The other side again went into a fit of laughter.  She was somewhat powerless to ridicule these people. Weren’t they aware that their laughter could be a mental disorder?

A steady stream of footsteps resounded from behind her, like the sound of high heels clicking on the ground. Xiao Man turned her head abruptly and looked straight at the person who came.

 It was strange… She should be very angry when she sees the woman, but why is it that now they are standing face to face, she didn’t know what to say.

It’s you…” Returning from a trip to the bathroom, Long Jia found two more people in the office. Long Jia always had a premonition that she would see Xiao Man again, she couldn’t find out why, but maybe it was the determined eyes that looked at her last night that made Long Jia believe that Xiao Man would come looking for her.

Xiao Man pursed her lips, coldly watching Long Jia pour two cups of boiling water on the table. She turned and whispered to Ah Fang, “If they don’t return the things, Ah Fang, it’s time for you to show off your skills!”

“What do you want me to do?” Ah Fang looked at Xiao Man with a straight face and asked seriously.

“Sa po*!” Xiao Man solemnly nodded as she left this incredibly difficult task to Ah Fang!

[TLN: *to make an unreasonable scene.]

“Pui!” Ah Fang almost choked on her saliva.

Long Jia moved two stools over and made an inviting gesture, “Take a sit.”

Xiao Man sat down unceremoniously without a word but Ah Fang grinned and thanked her, to which she was squinted at by Xiao Man.

“Miss Long……” Xiao Man had just spoken when Long Jia had raised her hand to stop. “Just call me Long Jia.”

The nosy man next to them playfully interrupted, “Miss Long, that woman said she wants to file a complaint against you.”

Another person followed and pretended to be ignorant, “Aiya, what did you do to the person? Now you have to take responsibility for others.”

Long Jia leaned back on her chair unperturbed, looked at Xiao Man, and frankly asked, “Well, what do you want me to be responsible for?”

Xiao Man looked up and was about to speak when she met Long Jia’s smiling eyes and hurriedly looked away. This woman was just as prude as those men…disgusting!

“You….. You give me back my things!”

“That’s not up to me, you’ll have to find the captain.” Long Jia shrugged, looking quite helpless.

Xiao Man took a sip of the water Long Jia had poured,scalding her tongue numb. When she heard the other party say that, her tone became more serious, “How come you’re the one in charge when you took my stuff yesterday?!”

 Long Jia went silent for a moment. Her long, curled eyelashes fluttering twice as her dark eyes looked upward as if he was pondering something.

“Is that your attitude when you come to get your stuff?” Long Jia asked.

“What kind of attitude should it be?!” Xiao Man angrily said.

TLN: “malatang (麻辣烫 málàtàng), the Sichuan snack of skewered meat and vegetables cooked in spicy broth, shall henceforth be known as “spicy hot pot”.” So, therefore, I will be using spicy hotpot instead of Malatang.

Overbearing City Inspector Fell In Love With Me
Chapter 2