Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow
Chapter 35

Author: Jie Mo
Source: wordexcerpt

The astonishment in Jun Jiuchen’s eyes had long since disappeared and was replaced with a frightening chill. He forcefully pulled Gu Feiyan’s hands away, causing her to immediately fall onto the ground.

Gu Feiyan only let out a whimper. She closed her eyes and locked her brows together whilst her hands continued to grope on the ground as if she were trying to find her previous source of warmth. Only God knows how cold she was at this moment!

Jun Jiuchen glanced at her indifferently. He leaned against a tree trunk, folded his arms, and looked up at the stars. He did not want to touch this woman again so he might as well just wait for Mang Zhong to arrive. However, he subconsciously glanced at her after a while. He saw that Gu Feiyan was no longer fumbling around but rather that she was curling into a circle, trembling lightly due to the cold air.

Jun Jiuchen looked around the street but didn’t see any sign of Mang Zhong. A rare sense of restlessness surfaced between his brows. Without prior knowledge on how to properly carry a woman, Jun Jiuchen copied the movements of General Cheng during the time they were all at the restaurant. He walked over to Gu Feiyan, picked up her fragile body, and carried her over his shoulder.

When she touched Jun Jiuchen’s warm back, she immediately hugged it tighter than before as if she was afraid that it would disappear again. Jun Jiuchen then left the scene as fast as he could, however, his tightly knitted eyebrows didn’t relax at all during the entire time.

After who knows how long, Gu Feiyan finally passed out, however, she was still hugging Jun Jiuchen tightly. She then had a strange dream. The dream was set at a boundless sea of ice. She was led by one person, and that person’s hand was especially large and warm. She struggled to see his face, but she couldn’t. She asked him where they were going, but he just laughed. Suddenly, she stepped on air and fell into a hole in the ice as the person let go of her hand.

“Don’t!” Gu Feiyan screamed as she jumped up from the bed, realizing that it was all just a nightmare. She then noticed the taste of medicine in her mouth, realizing that the fever had subsided. Her memories of the time when she had been kidnapped were foggy and she had forgotten all about that source of warmth that saved her life. “Where is this place?”

Fighting against the dizziness, she surveyed the unfamiliar room and inadvertently turned her head. Suddenly, she discovered that a masked man was silently standing beside her, coldly staring at her. This man was none other than the masked assassin!

“Ah!” Gu Feiyan yelped in shock. Her first reaction was to the item wrapped around touch her waist, but it was gone. Where did her little cauldron go? Jun Jiuchen slowly walked towards her as soon as he realized why she was searching frantically around her, took out the small cauldron from behind his back, and slowly leaned towards Gu Feiyan. “What, do you still want to poison me?”

His tall and lean body was clothed in dark clothes, emitting such a strong aura that it was greatly overpowering. Even with just simple movements, he looked elegant and powerful. Although it was not the first time that Gu Feiyan had seen him at such a close distance, she was still shocked by his mysterious, majestic and domineering aura that emitted from just his eyebrows.

Gu Feiyan subconsciously retreated, feeling that the pressure became increasingly stronger as this man got closer. The air between them seemed to be slowly squeezing out, making it difficult for her to breathe and to think properly.

Fortunately, Jun Jiuchen didn’t get too close. He coldly asked, “Where did you learn poison techniques?”

Gu Feiyan calmed down a bit and did not answer. Instead, she suddenly stretched out her hand to snatch the small medicine cauldron from his hands. However, it was a pity that Jun Jiuchen had raised his hand high enough that she was unable to reach him.

“Answer my question.” Jun Jiuchen coldly said.

“Who the hell are you and why are you so resistant to poison? Also, why did you kidnap me? Why didn’t you just kill me instead? “Gu Feiyan knew that this guy wouldn’t answer any of her questions, but she knew that piling all these questions would distract him for just a while, giving her an opportunity to retrieve her cauldron. As she continued to question him, she focused all of her attention on the cauldron and then suddenly rushed towards Jun Jiuchen to reach for his hand.

“Give me back my things! You scoundrel! You bastard! ” Gu Feiyan was both angry and anxious. Although she said that she would go back and take revenge on her master in the Ice Sea Spirit Realm, she still hasn’t figured out a way to return back. Her master is her only family and the little cauldron was the only memorial she had received from her master. But in this strange world, her family now is just her little cauldron. Whether the little cauldron was on strike or not, she would simply not allow it to fall into someone else’s hands.

“Let go!” Jun Jiuchen coldly said.

“Return it to me! Stealing from a woman, you … ”

Jun Jiuchen fiercely struggled, but he was able to free himself from the grasp of Gu Feiyan. However, she fell off the bed in a daze and hit her forehead. Her fever had just subsided, but her head was spinning, making her even more dizzy from the impact. Her vision went dark for a long time.

Jun Jiuchen’s pair of cold eyes remained impassive as he looked at her from high above.

Gu Feiyan gritted her teeth and endured the dizziness as she struggled to get up. She then glared at Jun Jiuchen and had a stubborn expression on her face. “Bastard, give me back my things!” Although she was much shorter than him, her imposing manner was definitely not subpar.

Jun Jiuchen’s eyes flashed with admiration, impressed by her stubborn demeanor. Although it is rare for him to not hold back on his admiration, he could not help but show slight awe as he coldly questioned, “How can a mere medicine girl not only know poison techniques but can also tell that there’s a problem in a top-tier prescription? Where did you get this ability?”

Gu Feiyan suddenly quieted down. She was shocked! The matter of the fake prescription was extremely confidential, so how did this guy know about it? He wasn’t on the same side as the person who forged the prescription! He would have to intercept the prescription that very night! Could it be…

“You.. you already knew that there was a problem with the prescription, so you wanted to intercept the prescription that night, right?” Gu Feiyan boldly guessed, but she was not entirely sure.

Jun Jiuchen didn’t respond but just handed her a prescription and a large medicine bag. Gu Feiyan examined it closely and became even more shocked. Without a doubt, her guess was right! This prescription was none other than the real prescription that Imperial Physician Su had given Cheng Yifei. The herbs in the medicine bag were exactly the same as the real prescription. In other words, she had misunderstood this fellow from the start. This fellow was not here to plot against Cheng Yifei, but to intercept the counterfeit prescription!

She faced Jun Jiuchen’s ice-cold eyes and asked, “Could it be that you’re also someone from the palace?” If he had the ability to obtain the original prescription, then he would also be able to find out the route she had used to deliver the medicine that night. Either he’s a person from the palace or he’s just extremely related to the situation. No matter how she looked at it, this fellow didn’t seem to be someone who would succumb to others. He had to be a master!

Besides, Cheng Yifei and the justice courts were pursuing him. He had the original prescription in his possession, so why didn’t he seek Cheng Yifei to defend himself? Could it be that he was the same as her, wanting to save him but fearing trouble? A little medicine girl like her had reasons to be afraid of trouble, but what were his reasons?

Although Gu Feiyan was dizzy, she tried her best to keep her head clear. In terms of martial arts, her first thought was Prince Jing, otherwise known as Jun Jiuchen. However, she immediately denied it. Even though His Highness was only a prince, he was the crown prince’s blood brother and had the same authority as the crown prince. The Crown Prince was so young, causing all of the Eastern Palace’s matters to fall on Prince Jing. How could he possibly have the time to bother her? The most important thing was, for a man like Prince Jing, he would never be a hooligan like this scoundrel! Gu Feiyan knew that the princes were on good terms with General Cheng’s estate, but she had never seen them together before and so she didn’t dare to make any assumptions.

She probed again, “Which master in the palace sent you?”

However, Jun Jiuchen’s cold eyes remained unperturbed, so much so that even the slightest traces of weakness could not be detected by Gu Feiyan. He knew that showing her the prescription would be risky, but he wasn’t afraid . . .

Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow
Chapter 35