Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow
Chapter 36

Author: Jie Mo
Source: wordexcerpt

Gu Feiyan struggled immensely to guess. She wanted to continue probing on, but Jun Jiuchen interrupted her and said, “It seems that you have accepted the matter that you secretly changed the ingredients.”


All of Gu Feiyan’s thoughts came to a halt. She was stunned. She had tried so hard to analyze his identity that she had overlooked the fact that he had set her up early on. It was the only secret that she swore to never reveal, even if it meant that she had to take it to her grave, but it revealed so easily and involuntarily. ‘I must still have my fever,’ she thought.

When she glanced at Jun Jiuchen’s cold eyes once again, she couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. She then tried to console herself. No matter who this fellow was, at the very least, his position was not hostile. Her life might not be in danger! “Since we’re on the same side, why don’t we get to the point? Why did you kidnap me?”

Jun Jiuchen was becoming to be even more straightforward. “Tell me first, who are you? Why are you hiding in the Imperial Pharmacy instead of the Gu Palace? “

Gu Feiyan didn’t expect this guy to throw her such a scary question, so she subconsciously avoided his scrutiny. It wasn’t that she was stupid, she thought, but because this guy was just too smart.

Jun Jiuchen’s cold and fierce gaze followed behind Gu Feiyan’s eyes, patiently waiting.

Of course, he had to interrogate everything before Princess Huaining did. He had wanted Cheng Yifei to corner her a few more times, but he hadn’t thought that Princess Huaining would interfere. Princess Huaining had always been concerned about Qi Yu’s reputation so she didn’t target this girl’s life. Now that rumors were flying everywhere, she dared to go over Cheng Yifei’s head to snatch her away, and it’s most likely that she would take this little girl’s life also. 

Gu Feiyan felt guilty, but she swiftly looked at Jun Jiuchen straight in the eye. She shouldn’t feel guilty towards such a shrewd man! Having a guilty conscience only means that you have lost!

She didn’t know why the original owner had died in the carriage, but she was certain that her body had crashed into the abyss in the Ice Sea Spiritual Realm. Her soul had been reborn, leaving no trace behind. As long as she did not speak the truth, no one on this continent would be able to find out that she was not this realm’s Gu Feiyan, including this cold fellow in front of her. But why is she so afraid of him?

“My name is Gu Feiyan. Don’t think that it’s a fake name or anything. I’m not lying about my name, unlike someone who kidnaps people and doesn’t even show their face nor reveal their name,” Gu Feiyan said whilst secretly wanting to provoke him.

Unfortunately, Jun Jiuchen wasn’t that easy to be angered. His expression did not change as he said coldly, “When you were a child, your martial arts talent was excellent. At the age of eight, you drowned and after a year of unconsciousness, you lost all your martial arts and learned medicine. Five years ago, you took a test in the imperial pharmacy and got a C on it. For the past five years, you have been a medicine slave, only doing odd jobs. You’ve just been promoted to a medicine girl for less than three months whilst continuing to do odd jobs, so where did you learn medicine and poison? “

Did he investigate her? However, no matter how hard he tries, he can only investigate the history of the original owner, but she was the most peaceful person in Jinyang City! What could he possibly find out about her?

Gu Feiyan was remained calm. “Have you ever heard of being ‘self-taught’? Since you have investigated so much, you should know that the Gu Family has a lot of talented people in the field of medication! “

Jun Jiuchen continued to pursue the matter. “To conceal one’s strength so much by putting on a cowardly front and even being condescended as a medicine slave… what is your purpose in doing so?”

Gu Feiyan immediately replied, “No ulterior motive. I’m just kind and broad-minded and I do not like to put on airs. I just like to settle things peacefully.”

“Stealing fake prescription, refusing to sign the marriage annulment contract, and using Cheng Yifei to humiliate the Qi family and cause chaos throughout the city…” The corners of Jun Jiuchen’s mouth curled up in ridicule as he said, “What a ‘peaceful person’ you are!”

Gu Feiyan said angrily, “You’ve been following me!” This guy even knew that she humiliated Qi Yu when he came to her house late at night to break off the engagement. Without a doubt, he had been secretly watching her!

Jun Jiuchen gripped the small cauldron tightly and warned, “Tell me who you are! Also, tell me all the information regarding the fake prescription and the real culprit! Otherwise, I will destroy this immediately! “

Gu Feiyan finally lost her composure. “Stop!”

However, Jun Jiuchen was as calm as ever, as if his emotions never fluctuated. “This little cauldron seems to be very important to you.” He then clenched the small cauldron without the slightest hesitation, increasing the strength in his hands.

Gu Feiyan gasped, realizing that she had fallen into his trap again. At first, he wasn’t very sure if the little cauldron was her weakness or not and so, he started to test her. His threat then gave him a clear indication that the little cauldron truly is her weakness. 

Every single word that he had said up till now had an extremely strong purpose in mind. This guy was not only smart, but he was also shrewd! 

Gu Feiyan really did not know how she got so lucky to run away from him the first time. He was much more terrifying than she had imagined. Gu Feiyan stared at Jun Jiuchen in silence, secretly telling herself that she had to remain calm when facing such a man. While Jun Jiuchen was also staring at her, he didn’t say a word. However, the strength of his hands gradually increased. 

The little Cauldron was an ancient divine artifact, so she wasn’t sure if this fellow could destroy it. However, if this fellow were to destroy the little Cauldron, then it’s all over. But, if he is unable to destroy the little Cauldron, then he will definitely discover that the little Cauldron is a very resourceful item. What if he wants it for himself then?

Gu Feiyan had no choice but to admit defeat. “It is indeed very important to me, so what do you want? Just say it! “

Jun Jiuchen’s voice was colder than hers. “The truth!”

The truth? Would he believe it if she said that she had been reborn?

Gu Feiyan took a deep breath and began to lie. “I am really Gu Feiyan! I am not kind and my heart is not big! I hold a grudge. I will remember my revenge and I will fight! Those who have dared to bully me will receive millions of divine retribution. The reason why I had been resigned and conceded before was that I was too weak and too incompetent! What can the weak do beside forbearance? A year ago, I found a pharmacopeia among my grandfather’s relics and I secretly learned it. Medicine and poison belong to the same family so it was easy to learn. However, it wasn’t easy for me to become a medicine girl, and when I finally got a chance to show off my newly honed skills, I happen to bump into that fake prescription! If I tell the truth, the first one to suffer at that juncture will be me! If I hadn’t secretly change the medicine and General Cheng dies, the one who will accompany him in death will be me!”

Gu Feiyan’s mouth was full of lies, but she did not feel guilty at all. Instead, she felt righteous and indignant.  Blame it on the cruel law of survival of the strong in this world! It was the original owner’s sorrow and grievance that put her in this predicament after all!

She met Jun Jiuchen’s cold gaze and asked seriously, “If you were me, what would you do?”

This was the first time in Jun Jiuchen’s life that he had been so patient to hear so much from a woman. He lowered his head in silence as if he was deep in thought, but the strength in his hands didn’t stop. The way he quietly pondered made him seem cold and distant as if he was the only person in a lonely world. No one could ever get in and no one could figure it out.

While waiting in silence, Gu Feiyan had started to become extremely anxious …

Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow
Chapter 36