Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow
Chapter 37

Author: Jie Mo
Source: wordexcerpt

Even though Gu Feiyan had stopped talking, Jun Jiuchen refused to stop putting so much pressure on the little cauldron. It was the first time that Gu Feiyan had met such a troublesome person. She finally realized that she had to say something of value to convince him otherwise.

“Eunuch Wu is the real murderer,” Gu Feiyan asserted. “I overheard him saying that he wanted to check on the drugs after Cheng Yifei had used it. At first, I suspected that the culprit may be someone from the palace, but after some pondering, I felt that the real culprit may be an outsider. “

Hearing these words, Jun Jiuchen finally dwindled his strength. “Why?”

Gu Feiyan secretly let out a sigh of relief. “Because the real motive of the culprit was not to kill Cheng Yifei, but to provoke both Cheng and Qi’s army. I’m Qi Yu’s fiancée so it should be greatly obvious that I shouldn’t have been the one sent to the Cheng military camp to deliver medicine, but I was sent there! The culprit obviously has the ability to change the prescription, however, they still left the fake prescription as evidence. If Cheng Yifei died that night due to the fake prescription, what would the Cheng family think of me? They would think I am to blame! Could it be that you suspect that the Qi family is behind this? “

Jun Jiuchen nodded, but Gu Feiyan continued on. “The day after I returned to the palace, rumors that were full of insults towards the Qi family had started to spread. The insults also included the Cheng family too. Once the two armies fall into chaos, Tianyan will fall also. Therefore, I suspect that the real motive of the culprit is to cause chaos. If the criminal isn’t a traitor, then they are definitely a foreign enemy! But whether it’s the traitors or enemies, they must all be prepared. All that’s left is a chance to rebel and send their troops! “

Jun Jiuchen was surprised to hear this. In all honesty, he only kidnapped her so he can forcefully gain clues about the culprit, however, he did not expect her to be able to analyze so much information with her limited knowledge. What a thorough analysis! Even Cheng Yifei and the Qi family’s father and son hadn’t thought of this. Jun Jiuchen found her quite interesting.

He was willing to believe her because of her confidence in her beliefs.

Jun Jiuchen placed the small cauldron on the table and sat down. Seeing this, Gu Feiyan was secretly delighted. A trace of cunningness flashed in her eyes. She quickly sat down and immediately started to analyze. “Imperial Physician Su’s secret formula is said to be top-notch. It wouldn’t be so easy to solve it, however, the murderer easily cracked the effects of Xia Su Zi which is fatal to the lung. This means that if the culprit was not a master of medicine, then they would definitely have had the assistance of one. Also, if they were unable to kill Cheng Yifei the first time, then they will definitely plan for their next move. They might even use the Imperial Pharmacy to make a move against the other nobles in Tianyan. In other words, the medicine is the murderer’s weapon! “

When Gu Feiyan said this, she stole a glance at Jun Jiuchen and saw that he didn’t seem to object to this conjecture, so she boldly continued.”In my expertise in the field of pharmacy, I am very willing to work for you!”

Gu Feiyan was planning something small. Since she could not escape his grasp, she might as well rely on him. But if he was really a prince, wouldn’t that mean that Princess Huaining would challenge him? Princess Huaining was still waiting for her in the palace.

It was unknown whether Jun Jiuchen had seen through her thoughts or not, but he raised his eyebrows and looked at her coldly. Gu Feiyan immediately flashed a dog-legged smile, “My pharmaceutical level would meet to your satisfaction! Why don’t you believe in me for now?”

Jun Jiuchen didn’t expect that this stubborn little girl would have such a dog-leg situation.

A glint of amusement flitted across his eyes, but he said nothing. Gu Feiyan was unhappy, but she tried to convince herself that she should not lose the opportunity to do so. Serving this guy while at his side is still better than serving Princess Huaining!

Clutching her hands, she blinked her large watery eyes and said miserably, “I promise I won’t cause you any trouble. I won’t tell the justice courts anything about you. Just take me in!”

After Jun Jiuchen had admired her pitiful appearance for a long time, he finally opened his mouth and said, “Alright!”

Gu Feiyan was overjoyed, but she did not thank him yet. Jun Jiuchen handed over a prescription and added, “This is the prescription copied from Eunuch Wu’s house. It’s very likely that it is a secret letter written by the murderer. If you can decipher it, I will accept you.”

Gu Feiyan did not expect for this fellow to move so quickly. Not only had he investigated Eunuch Wu, but he had also even obtained evidence! From the looks of it, her prediction was correct. His identity is definitely not ordinary.

Gu Feiyan immediately unmasked her pitiful expression and carefully looked at the prescription. However, as she continued to examine it, she didn’t see anything wrong with the ingredients.

“This prescription is for external application. It’s used to treat bruises and injuries. There’s no need to pay much attention to the dosage. However, if one were to really think about it, there is one ingredient that isn’t suitable for use, but it’s not a big problem if you add too much of it.”

Jun Jiuchen hurriedly asked, “Which one?”

“Germander,” Gu Feiyan replied, however, she stopped herself in thought before quickly correcting herself. “Well, to be precise, the problem is that ingredient was not included in with the right amount, not that it was improperly added. The medicine is bitter and it can clear away heat, detoxify, relieve swelling and pain, and dissipate blood stasis. It’s wise to use with caution if you don’t have any blood clots, however, it would be better to not use this medicine at all.” 

Jun Jiuchen secretly admired Gu Feiyan as he stared at her strict, professional and earnest demeanor. Mang Zhong had already looked for a few retired medicinal masters at the Imperial Pharmacy who had looked through these prescriptions, but they couldn’t find any clues. This woman might be young, but she is greatly polished and skillful. Not one bit inferior to those seniors. He then asked, “Does this prescription have any other problems?”

Gu Feiyan shook her head. “There’s only one problem with this medicine, but what can a single pill even do? “

Jun Jiuchen handed over the remaining prescription, “It’s all in here. The spy found some destroyed prescriptions outside Eunuch Wu’s house which they then hid in the house.”

Gu Feiyan hurriedly took them and read them one by one, however, she could not find anything amiss. “These formulas are all quite perfect, regardless of the choice of the medicinal ingredients or the dosage. I don’t see a problem with it at all.”

Before Jun Jiuchen could say anything, she started to reread the prescription, muttering to herself repetitively. “There’s nothing wrong with the prescription, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a profound mystery. Could it be that it’s a type of word technique?”

Her eyes were planted on the prescription. No one dared to disturb her. Although her fever had just subsided, her face was pale and haggard whilst her hair and clothes were ragged, but for some reason, when her delicate and pretty eyebrows knitted together, she exuded an indescribable sense of beauty. It was as if all the elegance in the sky was taken over by her lightly knitted eyebrows. Jun Jiuchen inadvertently lifted his eyes and his gaze happened to meet hers. He quickly looked away and the words that were about to come out of his mouth unconsciously stopped. He was very anxious to disturb her.

Time passed slowly in silence. She was staring at the prescription whilst he was gazing at her. Both of them seemed to have forgotten their surroundings as if they were in a trance. Outside the house was Mang Zhong. He was hiding from the onlookers, however, he happened to witness the scene inside, causing him to cover his mouth in shock. His Highness had seen all the beautiful women that could topple cities, however, he has never stared at one so affectionately until now. Mang Zhong shook his head in disbelief, but when he peeked his head out to take a look again, he saw that his master was obviously lost in thought and distracted.

Mang Zhong didn’t dare to casually enter. He could only wait at the door with the medicine in his hand …

Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow
Chapter 37