Pregnant with the villain uncle’s child
Chapter 10

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  "I will marry the crippled in your mouth and I won't marry you!"

As soon as these words came out, the entire banquet hall became quiet.

Mo Yifan's cold star-like ink pupil flickered, staring at Tang Xinyu who was standing a few steps away and found ripples in his heart.

Mrs Mo San quickly went to Xinyu: "Xin Xin, don't talk mad ..."

Although she knew Tang Xinyu was angry, Mrs Mo San couldn't help but want to stop Tang Xinyu's thoughts in time.

Mo Yifan's smile broke out and turned to Mr Mo: "Dad, you lost a granddaughter-in-law, don't you mind one more daughter-in-law?"

Before waiting for Mr Mo's reaction, Mr Lin first waved his cane and stomped heavily on the ground, staring at Mo Yifan: "Stinky boy, you are Mo Lanqing's uncle, the elder of the heart, how dare you say it Such frivolous words! "

Tang Xinyu looked at Mr Lin's walking stick and was frightened. He walked a few steps and blocked him between Mr Lin and Mo Yifan.

Tang Xinyu: "Grandpa, Mo Shao is joking."

Mr Lin stared at Mo Yifan with a warning, and Mo Yifan suddenly felt that he had a long way to go.

Mr Mo coughed a few words: "What happened today is that our Mo family is sorry for the Tang family, and I will have this old face and put my words here, and I must give the Tang family a satisfactory answer."

Tang Xinyu smiled lightly: "Grandpa Mo, I have nothing to lose. I just want to maintain the decentness of Tang Mo and the two families. However, what Mo Shao said reminded me. Since Mo Lanqing has someone he likes, I quit, and I would like the beauty of adulthood. . "

Grandpa Mo: "Girl ..."

"No!" Mrs Mo San objected first.

The Tian family is just a small merchant's home, and even the side branches of the Mo family are inferior. How can she help Mo Lanqing?

However, the other Mo family members are not the same as Mrs Mo, and they may wish that Mo Lanqing and the Tian family were wedded together and there was no strong competitor.

Mrs Mo took the lead in helping to say: "Now the girls have followed Lanqing, and everyone knows how to do it. If you don't marry Lanqing, who can she marry? That wouldn't ruin the girl's life."

Mrs Tian's eyes turned and immediately seized the opportunity to make a comeback: "My poor Wan Wan, I am infatuated, but this is what I get."

Tang Xinyu chuckled in his heart that Mrs Tian was also a wonderful person, changing her face faster than turning a book. However, being able to occupy the most beneficial side of yourself in a rapidly changing situation is also a keen sense of smell.

When Mo Lanqing saw his marriage with Tang Xinyu completely hopeless, seeing the opportunity to marry Bai Yueguang and returning home, he suddenly ignited twelve points of hope.

Mo Lanqing knelt eagerly and walked to the old man of Mo: "Grandpa, I am willing to marry Tian Wanwan."

Mrs Mo San is going to be crazy!

Originally already surrounded by enemies, he was so weak, but his son was still an inferior one. He dragged himself behind and slammed Mo Lanqing into a loud slap in one go.

Mrs Mo San: "I do not admit such daughter-in-law!"

Tian Wanwan looked at Mo Lanqing sadly and sadly, with tears in her eyes, like a pair of bitter mandarin ducks being forcibly separated by the vicious mother-in-law.

Mo Lanqing grabbed Mr Mo’s legs and begged a little: "Grandpa ..."

Grandpa Mo felt a headache and wanted to slap this grandson in the face. He closed his eyes and simply kicked the ball back to Mrs Mo San: "Sir, you should discuss it with your wife."

The fire of hope in Mo Lanqing's eyes went out, and he looked back at Tian Wanwan.

The eyes that vowed to marry him almost touched Tang Xinyu. Lin Tianzuo took a step diagonally, blocking Tang Xinyu, holding her hair with her hand.

Lin Tianzuo: "Don't look at it, President needle eyes."

Tang Xinyu looked at this worried cousin, crying and laughing. Didn't see that I was thinking about watching a good show.

"I'm pregnant."

Tian Wanwan's slender voice sounded.

Mo Lanqing: "!!!"

People who eat melons: "!!!"

Tang Xinyu turned away Lin Tianzuo who was standing in front of him and looked at Tian Wanwan who was sitting on the stage with his legs. Sure enough, it is the heroine in the novel. The halo is so powerful that it can always emerge a turning point of survival in desperation.

Mo Lanqing was overjoyed, holding Mrs Mo San's hand: "Mom, have you heard? You want to be a grandma!"

Mrs Mo San's face was as ugly as she swallowed a fly, and could not hold a word for a long time.

Mr Mo said at this moment: "Since there is the blood of the Mo family, we cannot naturally be harsh. Mr Tian, ​​find a time to come to the Mo family to drink tea."

Mr Tian never thought that the return of mother to son would appear on his daughter, and he hadn’t recovered yet. Mrs Tian raised her daughter immediately, straightening her waist.

Mrs Mo San did not give up but also wanted to speak out against Tian Wanwan to get rid of the child, but Mo Lanqing clenched her hands tightly.

Mrs Mo San shivered with rage: "You ... what the **** are you doing?"

Mo Lanqing lowered his head and lowered his voice a little: "I am responsible for Wanwan."

Mrs Mo San couldn't help looking at Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu shrugged indifferently and then congratulated: "Congratulations to Grandpa Mo, today is double happiness. I have a granddaughter, even a grandson. Good day!"

Mo Yifan saw Tang Xinyu's serious congratulations and inexplicably felt a little happy.

Mrs Mo didn’t know it was sour or was ridiculing: "Well, Dad, buy one get one free, it’s a good deal. We have to get this marriage done as soon as possible, otherwise, it’s not long before the girl’s belly grows big, so she won't look good in a wedding dress "

When it is clear, we must grasp the identity of Tian Wanwan's granddaughter-in-law.

Mrs Mo San was so angry that she could not speak.

Tang Xinyu didn't want to participate in the next bad thing. After all, she got up early in the morning and was so excited last night that she hadn't slept all night. She was holding Lin Tong in one hand and Mr Lin and Mr Mo said goodbye.

Mr Mo looked at Tang Xinyu with regret and made it clear that he would give the Tangs a satisfactory answer. At this time, Tang Xinyu no longer cares. Any guess can be guessed, nothing more than a concession in business cooperation, heavy property compensation.

Mo Yifan bid farewell to the Tang family.

Tang Xinyu made an excuse for the Tang and Lin families to get in the car first. Lin Tianyou glanced at Tang Xinyu in amazement. The look seemed to say: "You will not be stimulated badly, marry scum man and his uncle!"

Tang Xinyu returned his eyes and ignored him.

Mo Yifan is sitting in a wheelchair, but he seems to be sitting on a throne. His expensiveness often makes people forget that he is a disabled person with two legs.

Mo Yifan: "Really don't consider marrying me? my scum nephew must bow his head every day to call your aunt."

Tang Xinyu: "Mo Shao, my grandfather said, you are my elder."

Mo Yifan only felt an arrow in his knee.

Tang Xinyu: "Mo Shao, this thing is over, but other things are not over yet, our cooperation is still valid."

Mo Yifan: "If you marry me, I will listen to you naturally."

Tang Xinyu's eyes twitched, and he didn't understand which of Mo Yifan's ribs was wrong today, and he had to fight **** this matter.

Tang Xinyu's eyes fell on Mo Yifan's lower body, and his mind was already imagining. Although I don’t like people who poke your disability, once I have to take into account my interests, I’m grateful. I don't want to stay alive forever.

Of course, these heart activities, Tang Xinyu will not appear on the face.

Tang Xinyu: "Time is pressing, don't bullshit. Just ask, Mo Shao, can we be friends?"

Mo Yifan: "Yes." But he silently added the last sentence: he can be friends first, and then develop into more than friends.

Tang Xinyu patted his hands: "That's easy to handle. There will be bad things to do in the future, I will find you."

Mo Yifan looked at Tang Xinyu's hair that was blown by the wind, and only felt itchy fingertips, trying to hook her behind her ears.

Mo Yifan: "Why do bad things together, not good things together?"

Tang Xinyu said seriously: "If a friend wants iron, of course, it depends on whether he can do bad things together."

Mo Yifan raised his eyebrows: "Oh? What's the saying?"

Tang Xinyu: "With mutual control, friendship can last longer."

Mo Yifan stretched his eyebrows: Well, she wanted to develop with me for a long time, and she just wanted to spend a lifetime with me.


Tang Xinyu: You brain dead emperor!

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Pregnant with the villain uncle’s child
Chapter 10