Pregnant with the villain uncle’s child
Chapter 8

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The long-awaited engagement banquet is finally here.

Tang Xinyu was so excited that she didn't sleep well the night before the engagement banquet.

Lin Tong saw Tang Xinyu yawning and said strangely: "Xin Xin, what are you being so excited for? Before you marry, you turn your arms out. Mother has raised you for so many years!"

Tang Xinyu lay on Lin Tong's shoulders, squinting: "Well, then the daughter is not going to get married so early, and she has to stay with her mother at home."

"Go clean it up and go to the banquet hall later."

Tang Xinyu raised her eyes and looked at the cheap father Tang Ruifeng who was sitting on the sofa watching financial news. The father, who rushed home three days before his daughter's engagement banquet, did nothing to help, only to sit on the sofa and giving orders.

Since knowing Tang Ruifeng's trouble, Tang Xinyu did not expect her father. According to her observations over the past few days, the relationship between Lin Tong and Tang Ruifeng does not seem to be very good, and they are distant to each other. If it were not for the marriage certificate, Tang Xinyu would think it was a business meeting between the two corporate executives.

Does this kind of respectful relationship also consume Lin Tong's love? No feelings are put on the husband, how could he be concerned about the situation of the husband's derailment?

Tang Xinyu secretly decided to wait for the engagement party to clean up the dog couple and then find a time to make it clear to Lin Tong that after divorce, she was the first daughter to stand up and support.

Tang Xinyu responded to Tang Ruifeng perfunctorily and turned to ask Lin Tong: "Mom, grandpa, uncle, cousin, when will they come? Will no one be absent?"

Lin Tong was busy checking his daughter's dress, and took the time to look up and replied: "I think they dare not to be absent!"

Tang Xin was convinced: "Mother is powerful!"

Lin Tong has been favoured by his father and brother since he was a child, and only in front of his mother's family will his rare daughter show pride. As early as a month ago, just after the time for the engagement banquet was set, Lin Tong swiped the screen in his mother's WeChat group to emphasize the day of the engagement, and everyone must be free.

Big cousin immediately showed his loyalty in the group: "Follow your orders, aunt! Even if I climb, I will climb back!"

The younger cousin immediately followed up: "Yes! We raised the stick to have a strong heart. The kid from the Mo family just had a bad heart, so we broke his dog leg with a stick! @ 心心"

Gold Medal Writer Uncle: "Don't be fooling! Are you going to smash the scene or He Xi?"

Unmarried young uncle: "I'm just afraid of such a big uncle dare not to marry!"

Father Lin: "It's a good idea to raise the stick."

Uncle Gold Screenplay: "Dad is right!"

Unmarried Uncle: "Dad is right!"

Little cousin: "Grandpa, send me a red envelope, I'm going to buy a stick!"

Gold Medal Screenwriter Uncle: "Stubborn boy, reach out and ask for money! I'll interrupt your hand first!"

Unmarried Uncle: "Brother, I will find you a stick."

Mr Lin issued a red envelope with the name "Special Fund for Protecting the Flower Stick".

Gold Medal Screenplay Uncle: "..."

Unmarried Uncle: "Hehe, Dad, we were just kidding."


Tang Xinyu brushed the WeChat group with a smile, and he immediately summed up a food chain: the cousin ​​listened to the uncle and he listened to grandpa, grandpa listened to mom, and mom listened to me. Turns out I was at the top of the food chain! Poor two players who have long been bullied at the bottom of the food chain.

After wearing it in the book for so long, Tang Xinyu felt for the first time that there were so many loved ones laughing and huddled around her, caring for her with love. She wanted to encourage Lin Tong to divorce immediately, carrying her baggage back to Lin's family to live happily and happily.

However, she was unwilling!

How can a scumbag be so cheap? !

At the very least, after taking back all the captured ones, they will live a peaceful and beautiful life, and be angry with them!

Tang Xinyu carefully checked the process with Yun Xiuyao on the phone. Lin Tong walked into the dressing room and saw Tang Xinyu still muttering, urging: "Hurry up, the engagement process is just like that, you just have to be a beautiful fairy all the way, your mother will handle it."

Tang Xinyu put away her and Yun Xiuyao's plan to overthrow the scum couple.

When Tang Xinyu wore a silver-and-white shoulder fishtail skirt and slowly descended from the European-style spiral staircase, the otherwise noisy banquet hall suddenly calmed down.

Lin Tong specially invited a designer who specially fashioned the top stars for Tang Xinyu. The designer has always praised Tang Xinyu's appearance and figure and bluntly speaking that Tang Xinyu is a face born for the big screen, making Tang Xinyu once doubt that the designer's word of mouth should not be only verbal praise.

Now seeing the reaction of the guests under the stairs, Tang Xinyu believed the designer's praise.

Mo Yifan, who was present as the elder of the engaged man, naturally arrived at the scene early. The former successor at the helm is now sitting in a wheelchair and has a large part of his power to go out. Naturally, fewer people are greeting him than in the past. Mo Yifan was very indifferent to this situation, and sat quietly in the corner with joy, watching the non-stop crowd at the banquet.

So when Tang Xinyu stepped down the first step, Mo Yifan caught her at a glance.

The flaxen hair was hot and wavy, and it fell on the shoulder, half-covered and half-covered the charming collarbone. A hairpin inlaid with pink diamonds pinned a bunch of hair with fine braids to the side, revealing a beautiful facial contour.

A silver dress followed Tang Xinyu's footsteps down the stairs, glowing like a wave of water with a beautiful lustre, setting Tang Xinyu into a slim lotus flower, with a desire to open the cowardly.

Mo Yifan's eyes and ears were temporarily blind and deaf. The brilliance and bright colours of the entire banquet hall slowly faded into grey as Tang Xinyu stepped down the stairs. Noisy vocals and music have nothing to do with him, only to hear the sound of Tang Xinyu's high heels stepping on the marble steps as if stepping on his own heart.

Lin Wensen watched Mo Shao closely the first time Miss Tang appeared, and it was uncomfortable to see Mo Shao's special gaze. If no one is okay, but now the crowd is gathering, and there are eyes and ears everywhere. If intentional people arrange some bad rumours, the consequences can be unimaginable.

When Lin Wensen was about to cough to remind Mo Shao, Mo Yifan recovered himself first, squeezed the goblet in his hand.

Mo Yifan asked in a cold voice: "Xiaolin, have everything been arranged for you?"

Lin Wensen replied in a low voice: "Everything is right, just wait for Miss Tang's signal."

Mo Yifan's eyes burst out with his determination to get: "Tonight's banquet must end in chaos and not end happily."

Lin Wensen's nerves stretched: "... Yes!"

When Tang Xinyu walked up to a few steps left, Mo Lanqing had a wine-red suit already waiting at the stairs, like a long-awaited prince.

Unfortunately, she is not the princess Mo Lanqing wants to wait for.

Tang Xinyu lowered her eyelids, concealing the mockery of her eyes, and gently lifted her skirt. Suddenly, each of the left and right sides extended a hand to support Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu smiled and looked up: "Cousin!"

The two cousins ​​wore the same black suits as two heroic knights, guarded by their princess.

Big cousin Lin Tianzuo laughed and said: "Yo, really people rely on clothes and horses and saddles. They look pretty like little fairies."

As soon as the voice fell, a crutch hit Lin Tianzuo's shoulder directly.

"Stinky boy, I don't know how to talk about it! What a horse or a saddle! Getaway and don't be ashamed." Mr Lin stared at him with his cane blowing his beard.

Lin Tianzuo took the time to whisper to Tang Xinyu before he started walking: "Grandpa's legs and feet are so good. Wherever you need a cane, you are beating us from time to time."

"Is there no way to talk?"

Lin Tianzuo hurried away before the next crutches fell.

This is the first time Mo Lanqing has seen the Lin family. I used to hear that the Lin family had been on the battlefield, but now I see it with my own eyes. A glance at the crutches in the hand of Master Lin, and cold in the back of the neck.

Mo Lanqing's change of expression couldn't escape Tang Xinyu who was standing at a high place, and he chuckled in his heart: he didn't dare to recognize it after eating shit.

Mo Lanqing raised a gentle smile: "Heart, I will take you to see the parents of Mo."

Tang Xinyu sweetly called out "grandfather", and only after meeting his grandfather's consent, he followed Mo Lanqing to meet his parents. Halfway through, Tian Wanwan in a pink short bud skirt quickly followed.

Tian Wanwan: "Heart, I am with you, don't be afraid."

Tang Xinyu seemed to laugh, not to laugh: "In this way, it seems like how terrible the uncles of the Mo family are, will they eat me and fail?"

Tian Wanwan realized that something was wrong with her and looked to Mo Lanqing for help.

Mo Lanqing was pitiful and guilty, but in front of so many people, there was no way to hug Bai Yueguang in every comfort, and he could only whisper to persuade: "Wan Wan, it's okay. Uncles are very good, don't account for these. "

Tang Xinyu has been impatiently caught between a couple of dogs and men, enduring the affectionate look between them from time to time, as if he is the queen mother who ruthlessly dismantles the cowherd and the weaver.

Tang Xinyu walked a few steps quickly, and came to the old Mo family, and met the ceremony generously: "Grandpa Mo is good!"

Everyone in the Mo family is happy and happy, and the girl looking at the sign is very satisfied. He smiled and said straightly: "Good boy, good boy, it is a blessing in Qingqing. Come, I will take you to recognize your relatives. This is your future father-in-law. This is Uncle, Erbo, and ... What about Yifan? "

"Dad, here I am."

Qing Yan's voice rang from behind Tang Xinyu. Tang Xinyu turned lightly, looked at Mo Yifan sitting in a wheelchair, and shouted with a smile: "Sister Uncle!"

Mo Yifan's fingers under his wrists tightened tightly, and Peng Leng didn't respond to the sound of "Little Uncle".

The old Mo family stared at Mo Yifan and said to Tang Xinyu: "He is a cold person to everyone, we don't need to ignore him."

Tang Xinyu's gaze was on the star eyes of Mo Yifan, a bit playful: "Okay."

Mo Yifan's tongue tip slipped over his upper jaw and touched his left teeth, listening to Su Nuo Nuo's "good", and his mouth brought a burst of numbness.

Lin Wensen sorrows in my heart: Mr Mo, don't talk about it anymore, so you don't have to hurt your face in the future. Your little son is cold to everyone because he wants to leave all his enthusiasm to Miss Tang.

It was almost time, Tang Xinyu and Mo Lanqing helped Master Mo to the front. Mr Mo and Mr Lin came to the stage and spoke a lot of words cheerfully, but they were just grateful to friends and family to attend the engagement feast of their grandchildren and grandchildren, and then the people below applauded and echoed.

Tang Xinyu looked at the stage with his eyes, and his mind had never known where he was floating.

Until last night, she was fighting hard, waiting for today's battle. But when the time is getting closer and closer to this moment, the heart is surprisingly quiet, the entire engagement dinner seems to be watching other people's things.

Especially when you see the oblique rear.

Mo Lanqing stood on her left, and Tian Wanwan stood beside Mo Lanqing. The two of them secretly hooked their little fingers through the huge bouquet in Tian Wanwan's hands, thinking they could hide the sky?

The bouquet was designed by Lin Tong himself for Tang Xinyu. The imported pure white calla lilies and pink double-flowered Paeonia are bundled into a bunch, which is full of unlimited blessings for her daughter. At this time it has become their intimate cover!

On stage, Mr Lin said a lot of laughter, and Mr Mo was happy.

Mo Lanqing kept his gaze gathered on the stage, but his fingers reached into Tian Wanwan's hand holding the bouquet and painted a heart of love. Tian Wanwan's cheeks were hot, and although he felt wrong for himself, the thought of Mo Lanqing swore to himself that he would rather die for himself rather than touch a finger of Tang Xinyu, and the stagnation slowly dissipated.

When Mo Lanqing gained the power of the Mo family with the help of the Tang and Lin families, he married himself into the door beautifully and became a wealthy wife. The winner is the one who can laugh until then.

Thinking of this, Tian Wanwan was full of expectations for the future. Looking at the stage, she was already planning how to arrange her wedding with Mo Lanqing.

"Xin Xin? Xin Xin! We're going up." Lin Tong saw Tang Xinyu stunned and reminded.

Tang Xinyu smiled slightly, crossed Mo Lanqing, took the bouquet in Tian Wanwan's hand, and pretended not to see the fingers of the two quickly separating, laughing: "Wan Wan, I'll take the bouquet first. Let's go, Lanqing. "

Tang Xinyu held Mo Lanqing's arms gracefully and walked toward the stage step by step. Before going on stage, Mo Yifan glanced down at the stage, staring at himself scorchingly. Tang Xinyu glimpsed that he had listened to his orders and found someone to stay with Mr Mo and Mr Lin, so he was relieved.

Mo Lanqing, Tian Wanwan, the stage tonight was specially built for you.

I hope you will like the gift I gave you.

After the speeches by Mo Sanye and Tang Ruifeng as usual, the speeches by Mo Lanqing and Tang Xinyu began. Mo Lanqing held the microphone and took Tang Xinyu's hand, facing the affectionate confession. The large screen behind him started playing the music and photos of them.

Everything is affectionate and vows to look like Bai Lao.

Tang Xinyu even saw Yu Tong lower his head to wipe tears in the corner of his eyes, Tian Wanwan looked at Mo Lanqing with infatuation.

Very good, the atmosphere is just right.

Suddenly, the harsh current of "Bao Biao Biao" appeared in Mo Lanqing's microphone, interrupting his affectionate confession, and immediately after the big screen dimmed, the music stopped and Mo Lanqing's voice appeared.

"Look, this is a bedroom, it's big ... and your favourite bay window, you can see the garden ..."

The guests, including Mo Lanqing, paused for a moment and then thought it was a special program. Someone said with a smile: "The young couple is enough, don't show love anymore. Everyone knows the mansion in Yulong Bay ..."

The voice of joking stopped abruptly because a female voice appeared in the video, but it was not Tang Xinyu's voice.

No one dared to say anything in the entire banquet hall.

"Wow, it's really beautiful ... but ..." The female voice became wronged, "But here is your wedding room with her."

The big screen began to light up, and the eyes were a pair of men and women hugging each other.

Mo Lanqing suddenly panicked, and said through the microphone: "Turn off the screen! Turn off!" Unfortunately, the microphone did not produce any sound. Mo Lan rushed to the big screen under his breath, and threw the microphone fiercely towards the big screen, violently thundering: "Turn off! Turn off for Lao Tzu!"

A few cracks appeared on the large screen, but it did not affect the clarity of the overall picture.

Mo Lanqing in the video: "Wan Wan, this is our wedding room. We can be here ..."

"Don't, people haven't bathed yet."

"Let's wash together, just try the effect of the mandarin duck bath here ..."

As soon as the name of "Wan Wan" came out, the whole banquet hall began to boil. Some people screamed out, and some people talked.

Yun Xiuyao roared: "I **** Tian Wanwan, you bitch!" Yun Xiuyao vigorously turned away the people around him and grabbed Tian Wanwan's hair and pulled it on the stage.

Tian Wanwan screamed: "Ah !!! What are you doing! Let go!"

Yun Xiuyao opened his voice to the maximum at this time: "What hand to lose! It's you who catches it! When it's time □□ I have to set up a torii, how many times did I go back to Chen Cang, and pretend to be **** pure! You roll me up and let everyone Let 's see what you 're doing! Arrogant to go to the wedding room to shoot guns! Is there no money to open a house or blizzard? Your concubine is so poor that you do n't even have a few to open a house, so you want to take advantage of your fiancee ?! "

Where Tian Wanwan is Yun Xiuyao's opponent, sitting on the ground-hugging her torn hair, kicking her legs desperately, even struggling to slip her skirt off her shoulders.

"Stop it! Yun Xiuyao, let me go of her!" Mo Lanqing rushed up and grabbed Yun Xiuyao's hand.

Yun Xiuyao held back the fire for so long, and it was even more polite to see the scum man send it directly to the door. He grabbed Mo Lanqing's collar with his backhand: "You scum man! A second ago, I was on the stage to show affectionate oath. Good person, one second later, I will fight for Xiao San immediately. I 'm going to hit you today! I do n't just hit you, I kick you! "

Yun Xiuyao specially wore a pair of stiletto heels today, stomped heavily on Mo Lanqing's handmade leather shoes, raised his knees again, and kicked towards the lower body of the man.

Yun Xiuyao: "Since you can't control your lower body, I will kick it for you! See if you can catch a piece of trash like Teddy and catch up with the child!"

The audience has become a mess. The Mo family are calling for security, and the Lin family are stopping the Mo family from rushing to the stage to rescue Mo Lanqing. Tian Wanwan's parents secretly ran to the table, trying to take advantage of the chaos to run with her daughter.

Unexpectedly, Lin Tong reached out and stopped. Don't look at the slender President Lin, at this moment suddenly was so powerful that there was a posture of a husband and wife who opened the door.

President Lin sullenly shouted: "Wan Wan's parents, I have some questions about educating my children.

"Ah ... don't ... slow down ..."

The large screen on the stage began to be unsuitable for children. Some of them quickly covered their eyes and dragged them to run out.

Grandpa Mo was already paralyzed on the chair and gasping for breath, Mo Yifan followed his chest beside him. Mr Lin became a strong man, commanding his son and grandson to rush away from the Mo family with crutches and stepping onto the stage.

Tang Xinyu embraced his arms, standing and enjoying the big screen. For the first time, she saw the video content. When the video was available at that time, Yun Xiuyao didn't show it to her because she had too hot eyes. Now she can appreciate it.

Well, Tian Wanwan's flexibility is still too bad.

Mo Lanqing's abdominal muscles should be strengthened, and there will be fat on the waist.

Finally, compliment Mo Yifan and get such a large high-definition large screen, even Tian Wanwan's eyes are clear.

Mo Lanqing finally struggled to get out of Yun Xiuyao's devil's claws. Looking at the messy scene in the banquet hall, he instantly felt that the sky was falling apart. His white moonlight had messy hair and was firmly held by Yun Xiuyao. No one was allowed to step closer, and he looked like he was waiting for Tang Xinyu to speak.

Mo Lanqing ran to Tang Xinyu and grabbed her arm: "Heart, I beg you! Thousands of mistakes are all my fault! Don't blame Wan Wan, let her go!"

Tang Xinyu turned around in vain and shouted, "Shut up for me!"

The microphone in Tang Xinyu's hand was not turned off, and the sound rang through the banquet hall through the sound, deafening. Everyone froze in his hand and looked at Tang Xinyu on the stage.

Tang Xinyu ignored Mo Lanqing's begging gaze and broke his fingers one by one, kicking him **** the knee.


Mo Lanqing kneeled in front of Tang Xinyu unambiguously, with bone pain.

Tang Xinyu slammed Mo Lanqing slap in the face suddenly, straightly swaying his face, his ears buzzed for a long time and he didn't relax.

Tang Xinyu's back was straight, Mo Lanqing kneeling on the ground and gazing at the ground, spit out two words: "Garbage!"

Tang Xinyu turned to Tian Wanwan, who was sitting on the ground, walking slowly step by step.

Tian Wanwan stared magnificently and crawled back: "You ... what do you want to do!"

Tang Xinyu smiled like flowers, the skirt fluttered, as if the fairy had strayed into the world.

The gorgeous crystal lights on the stage refracted the bright light, which covered Tang Xinyu with a dazzling white light. Tang Xinyu came from Bai Guang, squatted slowly, pinched Tian Wanwan's neck with one hand, and pressed hard to the ground.

Tang Xinyu's fingers plucked Tian Wanwan's hair in front of her eyes, starting from her forehead, like a cold little snake, sliding down the cheek to the lower jaw, squeezed her chin sharply and raised.

Tang Xinyu had a warm smile on his face, but his voice was chilling.

"Just a piece of garbage, do you want it?"


Mo Yifan: "It is only allowed to end in a mess, not to end happily."

Tang Xinyu: "As you wish."

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Pregnant with the villain uncle’s child
Chapter 8