Pregnant with the villain uncle’s child
Chapter ch9

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Tian Wanwan's chest seemed breathless, her lips trembling, and she couldn't hold a word for a while. She could even imagine how many people behind her poked her backbone in contempt. The brain kept screaming and fleeing, but his hands and feet were stiff and cold in the mocking eyes of Tang Xinyu, unable to move.

Tang Xinyu's fingertips pressed hard, holding Tang Xinyu's chin closer to her, and leaned into Tang Xinyu's ear, slowly whispering: "You are still looking at Mo Lanqing to save you? He can't help himself because he is in the mud. In the face of the rights of Mo, will he choose you or give up on you? "

A chill burst from Tian Wanwan's heart, his face pale, his lips clenched tightly, and she shivered uncontrollably: "You ... you talk nonsense ..."

Tang Xinyu interrupted Tian Wanwan altogether: "He said he will always love you to the end of the world? Haven't you heard that he was just on stage, holding my hand and saying the same thing in public?"

In front of Tian Wanwan, there were countless images of Mo Lanqing's affectionate models making vows to herself, supporting the palm of her swaying body. (TN: I have no idea how is this humanly possible )

Tian Wanwan vigorously denied that but the disordered breath still exposed her lack of confidence: "Not the same ... Lanqing is different to me ..."

Tang Xinyu sighed with pity: "Did you not see him just kneeling in front of me begging me? Still, deceiving yourself? "

Tang Xinyu did not say clearly that Mo Lanqing was asking for something. She determined that the scene was chaotic, and Tian Wanwan didn't hear Mo Lanqing's words at all. Yes, Tang Xinyu's goal is to send scum men and women into the mud. Before that, she had to plant suspicious seeds in their feelings.

When the time comes, lovers who are faithful and loyal to each other will become wonderful lovers!

Mo Lanqing was backhanded by Lin Tianzuo who was the first to break through the encirclement of the Mo family, and the shoes on Lin Tianyou's feet that followed were trampled in the breakout. Lin Tianyou took off his stinky socks and stuffed them into Mo Lanqing's mouth.

Lin Tianyou: "I only received Grandpa’s special red envelope yesterday, but I didn’t expect it to come in handy today. You can bear it!"

Tian Wanwan saw Mo Lanqing completely messed up. The giant dream that is within reach is like a bright soap bubble, breaking in front of his eyes in an instant, Tian Wanwan feels that the sky is falling.

Mrs Tian rushed to the stage and wanted to hug her daughter. Mrs Mo San was not to be outdone. Don't look at the wealthy and noblewomen who usually treat themselves with respect and superiority. Once the vital interests are involved, it is as fierce as a tiger going down the mountain.

Mrs Mo San rushed in front of Tang Xinyu: "Xin Xin, you listen to me. Mo Lanqing is an honest child and must be seduced by this fox spirit. You can rest assured! Leave it to me and I promise to let them break up cleanly and will never let this shameless fox appear in front of you! "

Mrs Tian yelled: "Who do you mean coquette! Your son must have lied to us, Wan Wan, your son is shameless!"

Tang Xinyu stepped back, listening to the quarrel of the two wealthy wives, and scratched their faces.

Broken clean?


At this time, Mrs Mo San still had the dream of getting married to the Tang family. Why didn't she find a rod to claim that she weighed a few pounds?

Tang Xinyu's lips evoked a cold arc: "Aunt Mo, the things I use in Tang Xinyu have always not allowed others to meddle halfway, let alone a husband?"

Mrs Mo San hurriedly wanted to go to Xinyu: "No, Xinxin, I only recognize you as my daughter-in-law, other people I will not ..."

Yun Xiuyao plugged in and cut Mrs Mo San: "Mrs Mo, seeing you gasping like this must be tired. I will help you to rest there first." He said, dragging Mrs Mo San indiscriminately. Step down and press **** the chair.

Tang Xinyu looked at the chaotic ballroom. The two cousins ​​on the stage controlled Mo Lanqing, and the grandfather Mo under the stage was still gasping. The two uncles, one left and one right, were standing next to Master Lin like a door god, watching Master Lin waving his cane angrily, standing in front of the stage and threatening: "I see who dares to take a step!"

The Mo family did not dare to push again for a while, and no one was afraid of hurting Lin and could not bear this responsibility.

Tang Xinyu glanced across the crowd and happened to meet Mo Yifan in a wheelchair. The cold Jun Mo Yi smiled at her.

Tang Xinyu even read a hint of support from that smile.

The sound of the big screen was tuned to mute as soon as Tang Xinyu drank "shut up for me" and only the two flesh of the white flower played the AV silently.

Picking up the microphone, Tang Xinyu couldn't find any trace of anger or grief or grief on his stunning face. His voice was quiet and elegant and fell into the ears of everyone in the banquet hall.

Tang Xinyu: "Let everyone laugh. Today's engagement banquet is cancelled. I'm sorry to let everyone run for a while. There are some private matters to deal with now. Please forgive the Tang family for being poor."

The insatiable and humble chase order made the guests have to leave the banquet hall one after another, but the speed of gossip could not be stopped.

I'm sorry! Don't run in vain! 

After breaking through the secret stories of such giants, there will be fun chatting in the next six months! It seems that the previous restaurant Oolong is not Oolong. Poor and kind Miss Tang was still thinking about dogs and men everywhere. No, no, this matter is too exciting, so I have to find someone to share it.

It is conceivable that the young master of the Mo family and his fiancee rolled their sheets in their wedding room, and they were hit by the public to break the rape. In the future, how many kinds of fragrant versions will be circulated in the market? But no matter what kind of version, Tang Xinyu is a good girl who takes care of the overall situation and has a kind heart.

Tang Xinyu subconsciously glanced at Mo Yifan again, and when he saw his approval, he was inexplicably calm for a while.

Grandpa Mo finally managed to slow down. When he saw Mo Lanqing sitting on the floor, a red slap print on his face was visible, and his collar was crumpled like the dried pickles. Mrs Tian was sitting by the desk with her arms around her, sobbing softly.

Grandpa Mo could not wait to faint with both eyes closed, and the blindness of the eyes was a net.

Master Lin hummed, took out a small bottle of pills from the inner pocket of his jacket, and threw it at Mo Yifan next to Master Mo. The secret test reminded: "Catch it, save the heart pills quickly, and save the Mo family to do justice."

At this moment, Mr Mo was about to close his eyelids, and he was stuck in the middle, daring not to close them.

Mr Mo whispered: "Father-in-law ..."

Father Lin raised his eyebrows: "Don't! Can't stand it! I quite believe in Brother Mo's character. The fertile soil grows a crooked neck tree. I think Brother Mo has no face than anyone else, so I still call him Brother Mo. I just want to ask Brother Mo, how to count this matter! "

Mr Lin stomped fiercely on the ground with his cane, smashing a small wine glass, and made a crisp glass burst.

Old Man Mo frowned, feeling that Old Man Lin was taking the wine glass as Mo Lanqing's hammer.

Tang Xinyu thought that his cousin was right. Master Lin was strong, vigorous and the crutches were indeed just decorations. Carefully kicking the broken glass with the tip of the shoe and holding Master Lin's arms, Tang Xinyu said softly, "Grandpa, don't be angry."

Mr Lin's voice calmed down, patting Tang Xinyu's hand: "Everyone is bullying you, and you can hold your breath?"

Yes, of course!

Tang Xinyu shouted in his heart, but still smiled quietly on his face: "Today, I am the one who dumped him."

Tang Xinyu turned his head towards Grandpa Mo and smiled slightly: "Grandpa Mo, I have always respected you. I believe you will deal fairly with this matter. I will inform Lin’s public relations department to release a message to inform everyone later. Mo Lanqing and I dismissed the marriage due to their inconsistent personalities. Since then, men and women have never been married. I hope Mo can do the same. "

Mr Mo sighed in his heart, not to speak Tang Xinyu's back against the big tree of the Lin family. This determination and courage alone will become a good help for Mo Lanqing's career, but Mo Lanqing this ****...

Mr Mo tried to save it: "My heart, you have already thought about it."

Tang Xinyu: "Think about it."

Tang Xinyu smiled softly, but his tone was too firm to resist. Tang Xinyu's words have already preserved the face of the Mo family, but the Mo family has no such blessings.

Mr Mo sighed, "Okay."

The word "good" was exported, and Mrs Mo San jumped up: "Dad, no, Lan Qing is confused for a while, he loves  her in his heart."

Of course, Mrs Mo San was afraid, and her marriage with the Tang family failed. Where can she find such a good Yue family to support the seizure of power by the Mo family?

Tang Xinyu flicked away Mrs Mo's hand and said to Mr Mo: "Grandpa Mo, then I will be very troubled."

Mr Mo said with a deep voice: "Sir, take your wife back!"

Mrs Mo San struggled: "Dad, someone must be framed! Lan Qing, you say something!"

Emperor Mo Lan raised his head and saw that Mrs Mo kept giving him a look, and then he regained his mind: "Grandpa, someone made a good video in advance and chose to release it at this time. The intention is very obvious. It is necessary to catch this person with bad intention It’s very simple, whoever has the most engagement is the easiest to handle. "

Mo Yifan smiled slightly: "Lan Qing, are you talking about me?"

Mo Lanqing gritted his teeth: "Uncle, who made the heart clear! I'm afraid that someone's legs will be ambitious or how big, trying to swallow Mo's!"

When Tang Xinyu heard Mo Lanqing mocking Mo Yifan's disability, a great deal of discomfort suddenly appeared in his heart, like a thorn stuck in his heart.

Tang Xinyu stared at Mo Lanqing with a smile: "Did he force you to talk to Tian Wanwan? Did he press your head and Tian Wanwan in the wedding room Yunyu?"

Mo Lanqing opened his mouth weakly: "XinXin..."

Tang Xinyu's gaze swept sharply: "Don't call me that! I'm disgusted! Doing bad things and not reflecting and deliberately drags people into the water. Is this your gentleman way ?"

Tang Xinyu sneered: "I will marry the crippled in your mouth and I won't marry you!"


Mo Yifan bubbled in his heart: "She said she would marry me!"

Lin Wensen raised his head: "Mo Shao, everyone with a clear eye knows that Miss Tang is deliberately irritating Mo Lanqing."


Lin Wensen: My face hurts ~

Pregnant with the villain uncle’s child
Chapter ch9