Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 597 Part 1

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Xiao Tianyao always knew how ugly his emperor brother’s character was and how much he wanted to trample him. So knowing something happened to him it would be strange if he didn’t covet the bank first.

Xiao Tianyao was also not surprised that the emperor sent troops to surround his Xiao Wangfu and let his men rob the bank’s management. These were all things the emperor can do, and he would not be surprised to see more.

What’s more, he didn’t really have an accident. How much the emperor has eaten now, he will make pay double.

“You block the news, you must not let any news that benwang is safe to be sent into the capital. Also, send some of our men to protect the people in Xiao Wangfu. If something happened, you can take action.” Xiao Tianyao ordered without hesitation. Once he took action, his relationship with the emperor will be broken, but he doesn’t care.

“This subordinate understand.” Hearing this, the shadow guard was shocked at first.

Xiao Tianyao now decided to use force to protect the people in Xiao Wangfu and didn’t care about tearing the emperor’s face for their sake. They were very lucky to follow such a master who thinks about their life and death.

“Retreat.” Xiao Tianyao spoke lightly, and when the shadow guard stood up, he said again: “Tell Su Cha to come and see me.”

“Yes.” The shadow guard replied before bowing his head to retreat.

Not long after, Su Cha came in with a look of anxiety: “Wangye, you are looking for me?” Su Cha, who knew Xiao Tianyao has no kind intention, didn’t dare to be clumsy this time, and honestly greeted him with full of respect.

“You arranged for a tent for Xiao Wangfei?” Xiao Tianyao asked as soon as he opened his mouth.

Su Cha froze and said in a low voice: “Yes, I made arrangement. Wangye, is there a problem?”

“No, you did a good job.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t get angry and even praised Su Cha. But such compliment scared Su Cha: “Wangye, did I do something wrong?” Don’t praise me like that. I’m so scared!

“Didn’t benwang say that you did a good job?” Xiao Tianyao said, but his tone doesn’t have any trace of warmth. His sharp tone has a deep contrast with his words. Su Cha didn’t feel any happiness of being praised at all.

“Yes, but is it true?” Su Cha looked at Xiao Tianyao cautiously. Seeing the look on Xiao Tianyao’s face didn’t change, he still looked cold, he couldn’t tell whether Xiao Tianyao was really praising him or not.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t answer Su Cha’s question, but asked: “Do you think what benwang said is false? Or do you think doing something like this bad?”

“Of course not.” Su Cha quickly denied it. He was not so stupid to say yes. Knowing that the situation was not good because he arranged a separate camp for Lin Chujiu, can he still live a long life?

“Then what are you feeling guilty about?” Xiao Tianyao did not let Su Cha off and added. Sweat instantly appeared on Su Cha’s forehead, but he still quickly replied: “Wangye, I am not feeling guilty.” To prove that he really has no guilty conscience, Su Cha Stand up straight and looked at Xiao Tianyao directly to prove his innocence.

Xiao Tianyao snorted but didn’t hold on to it. He tapped his finger on the table and talked about things in the capital: “There is news from the capital that the Tongyuan Bank has been taken over by the Ministry of Finance. There is also a problem with the Su family’s business. Your shops in the capital city were sealed. And your father, stepmother, stepbrother, and stepsister are all sent to prison.”

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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 597 Part 1