Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 598 Part 2

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The doctors didn’t believe Lin Chujiu very much. Lin Chujiu was still young. Even if Lin Chujiu tried to treat the man’s broken leg, the doctors still didn’t believe that she has good medical skills. After all, they can’t guarantee that the man’s leg will be cured.

However, before Doctor Zhu left, he told the doctors and the wounded soldiers in the camp, that Lin Chujiu’s medical skills were not inferior to him, which convinced everyone a little bit.

In addition to Doctor Zhu, the young doctors, who bandaged the wounded soldiers in the room, called Lin Chujiu Master exaggeratingly.

Of course, this master thing was not a joke. The young doctors explained that their master, Doctor Wu, had studied with Young Master Jiu for a period of time, and they had also received advice from him, so they called Young Master Jiu, master.

With the assurance from Doctor Zhu and able to study with Doctor Wu. What reason do these people have to doubt Lin Chujiu’s medical skills?

Besides, Lin Chujiu only treated patients with traumatic injuries. She didn’t prescribe medicine. If they don’t want to let her treat patients, who would treat the rest?

After getting everyone’s approval, Lin Chujiu successfully started treating patients in the camp.

In the camp, most of the severely injured people were treated by Doctor Zhu and his apprentice. Lin Chujiu came late. Most of the severely injured people were either treated or died for not getting timely treatment.

In the camp, Lin Chujiu sutured the wounds of soldiers who have suffered cut and stab wounds. This kind of injury can be said serious or not serious injury. If it can’t be handled well and on time, it can cause death due to infection. However, if it was handled properly, there will be no problem after being treated.

Lin Chujiu moved very fast. She let the patients from the outer room lie down according to the severity of the injury, and then she went to their side one after another.

Lin Chujiu didn’t prescribe medicine to the injured soldiers, so she doesn’t need a medicine boy around her. The people who were on her side were the two soldiers, who were originally guarding her. However, she asked them to change their clothes and helped her carry her medicine box or hand over things… …

Removing dead skin, suturing, applying the medicine, bandaging… … Lin Chujiu spent a year in the emergency department, so she was very familiar with the procedures for dealing with traumatic injuries. She can complete this process even with closed eyes.

Lin Chujiu’s operation was extremely fast. She cleaned up a slap-sized wound in a blink of an eye. The patient hasn’t had time to react, but she already sutured the wound.

“Hey, it’s not painful, it’s not painful at all. It only feels like being bitten by an ant.” The current condition didn’t allow Lin Chujiu to use anesthesia too much, so she told the wounded soldiers that they would feel pain during the suturing process. They should bear with it for a while. The wounded soldier had already prepared himself for the pain, but… after waiting for a long time, he didn’t feel much pain.

“It’s good if it doesn’t hurt.” Lin Chujiu said with no expression. After applying the medicine, she quickly bandaged the injury. When the other party reacted, she had already moved to the next patient.

“Jiu Gongzi’s movements are really fast.” The wounded soldier couldn’t help but stare at Lin Chujiu with wide eyes opened and looked at his bandaged wound.

In the blink of an eye, his wound was bandaged, which was really amazing.

Xiao Tianyao stood outside the camp and watched Lin Chujiu’s treatment process. Seeing that Lin Chujiu’s movement was well-organized, he secretly nodded his head.

Lin Chujiu was really good in this aspect. If coming to the wounded barracks is what she really wants to do, then he will let her do it. After all, no one can touch Lin Chujiu under his watchful eyes!

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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 598 Part 2