Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 600

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Fell asleep!

That’s right after Lin Chujiu heard what Xiao Tianyao said, she thought for a while but didn’t understand it, so she went back to sleep!

Even after hearing such a questionable statement, Lin Chujiu still has the heart to sleep, which showed that she has thick skin!

Lin Chujiu only woke up for a short while. When Xiao Tianyao came back, she was sleeping again. she fell asleep again, so Xiao Tianyao didn’t know that Lin Chujiu heard him.

In fact, even if I heard it, there will be no difference. With Lin Chujiu’s attitude, she knew a long time ago that Xiao Tianyao’s words had always been like a strong storm, and so she didn’t take it to heart.

After Xiao Tianyao wiped Lin Chujiu clean from head to toe, he took her to the bed and gently covered her with the quilt.

Xiao Tianyao has a habit of cleanliness. Everyone who knows him knows this. Naturally, he couldn’t tolerate Lin Chujiu sleeping with a dirty appearance. He couldn’t hug the dirty Lin Chujiu without washing it.

Xiao Tianyao had prepared a large bucket of hot water before to let Lin Chujiu take a good bath, so she could relax her muscles and bones. However, it completely turned useless, Xiao Tianyao had to take a bath by himself.

Xiao Tianyao had already bathed before, so he simply wanted to wash and change clothes.

If it was ordinary times, Xiao Tianyao would definitely relax and take a bath comfortably, but not this time.

Lin Chujiu work hard today. If he won’t give her a good massage, he’s afraid that tomorrow she won’t even be able to hold the chopsticks.

“It’s really worrying.” Xiao Tianyao said to himself, then got up from the tub. He took the clothes hanging on the side, put on it, and walked out directly.

Obviously, he didn’t wipe himself with a dry towel, but the water droplets on Xiao Tianyao’s body seemed to have evaporated. He didn’t wet his clothes at all. If Lin Chujiu saw it, she would definitely be envious.

It was really annoying to have internal strength or whatever it is.

When Xiao Tianyao came out, Lin Chujiu still kept the original posture, sleeping soundly, making people reluctant to wake her up. Of course, Xiao Tianyao did not intend to wake her up.

Xiao Tianyao went to bed but did not rush to sleep. He grabbed Lin Chujiu’s arm and rubbed it for her.

Xiao Tianyao was not a doctor, but he was a martial artist who knows the acupuncture points of the human body. Moreover, he suffered a lot when he was learning martial arts, so he knew very well what to do to relieve the sore muscles.

Xiao Tianyao secretly applied force and make his internal energy wander through Lin Chujiu’s body with his fingertips, warming her aching meridians.

One, two… … Xiao Tianyao’s strength was not light. Lin Chujiu couldn’t adapt at first. Every time Xiao Tianyao put strength, she would frown, as if she was sleeping restlessly.

But that’s all there was to it, Lin Chujiu didn’t wake up!

On several occasions, Xiao Tianyao thought that Lin Chujiu would wake up, so he tried to be careful and even slowed down his internal energy. But in the end, it was proven that he underestimated Lin Chujiu’s sleeping ability too much. Lin Chujiu was still sleeping. She wouldn’t wake up just because of this simple thing.

“How tired are you? Why didn’t you even wake up when benwang hugged you before?” Xiao Tianyao suspected that even if he eats Lin Chujiu today. Lin Chujiu might not even know it.

This woman really made him angry.

When he thought of this, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but add more force. Lin Chujiu cried in her sleep: “Mmm…it hurts.”

Lin Chujiu, who was asleep, stretched out her hand, rubbed her painful arm, turned around, and continued to sleep.

That’s it?

Xiao Tianyao was stunned. It took him a long time to return to his senses, he then silently held Lin Chujiu’s other arm and continued to massage it. This time, Xiao Tianyao didn’t deliberately use too much force, but instead, used the most comfortable strength to massage Lin Chujiu.

There was no sudden pain, so Lin Chujiu slept very peacefully with a smile on her face, which made Xiao Tianyao even more reluctant to make trouble.

His woman was very tired, he felt distressed.

Half an hour later, Xiao Tianyao finished massaging Lin Chujiu’s arms. He then carefully massage each of her fingers to avoid straining her fingers too much. Otherwise, Lin Chujiu would have to suffer in the future.

Aside from her hands, Xiao Tianyao also massaged her calf and other parts of her body. In short, he didn’t let go of any acupuncture points he knew that could relax people. He was afraid that Lin Chujiu would feel uncomfortable when he gets up the next day.

After tossing for an hour, Lin Chujiu slept comfortably like a dead pig, but Xiao Tianyao was sweating.

There was sweat on his body and the squishy feeling made him extremely uncomfortable. Xiao Tianyao ordered people to fetch water and take another shower, and then he hugged Lin Chujiu to sleep.

When the first ray of sunshine came in, Xiao Tianyao was still on the bed. Looking at Lin Chujiu who was still asleep in his arms, Xiao Tianyao took a deep breath, and then put a kiss on her lips.

It’s like a dragonfly skimming water. He released it just when it touches it.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t wake Lin Chujiu, but after a kiss, he let go of her and got out of bed.

Xiao Tianyao walked out and asked people to take breakfast outside the tent, but also told them not to disturb the people inside.

After having breakfast, Xiao Tianyao didn’t stay in the camp to handle official duties as usual. Instead, he patrolled the camp outside and went to see the troubled generals at the same time.

Those people were accused of treason. Today was the only chance to see them, they will be taken to the capital later on.

Xiao Tianyao never patrolled the camps, so when he suddenly walked between the camps in the army. Many generals were both nervous and excited. So to say, they were looking forward to entering Xiao Tianyao’s eyes, but also afraid to make mistakes. At the same time, they were thinking about Xiao Tianyao’s intentions.

These generals firmly believed that Xiao Wangye, who had never patrolled the camp, suddenly patrolled, there must be an important reason behind it. It’s just, they don’t know the reason for the meantime.

If these nervous and excited generals knew that Xiao Tianyao came out to patrol the camp purely to make room for Lin Chujiu to sleep well, would they vomit blood?

To let Lin Chujiu sleep well, Xiao Tianyao left early in the morning, but… …

Lin Chujiu wasted Xiao Tianyao’s kindness!

In less than half an hour after Xiao Tianyao left, Lin Chujiu woke up!

After waking up, Lin Chujiu couldn’t figure out where she was for a moment. After seeing the familiar furnishings in the room, Lin Chujiu patted her forehead, “Why did I return to Xiao Wangye’s camp again? Am I so tired that I get so confused yesterday and went to the wrong place?”

Poor child, she was too tired that she can’t remember how she came back.

“No, I came back in a sedan chair yesterday. Right… it must be them who brought me here while I wasn’t paying attention.” Lin Chujiu finally remembered what happened last night, depressed and powerless.

Yesterday, she forgot to tell the soldiers who carried the sedan chair where she was going, so the other party carried her to Xiao Tianyao’s camp. There was nothing wrong with it.

“Forget it, it’s not the first time we slept together, don’t be a hypocrite.” Lin Chujiu quickly let go of the matter. She opened the quilt and got out of the bed, but after that, Lin Chujiu was stunned… …

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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 600