Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 601 Part 1

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She didn’t have any discomfort, and she was neither sore nor painful!

This is too unscientific!

She has read a lot of books. Don’t lie to her. She was very aware of the intensity of her work yesterday. According to her workload yesterday, when she woke up today, her body must be sore and painful. Even if it wouldn’t look like being run over by a car, she would never be as energetic as she was now.

“It’s so unreasonable, what happened last night?” As a doctor, even though she has gone through such unscientific things, Lin Chujiu still believes in science and firmly believes that it must be what happened last night. Otherwise, she won’t be alright.

“Is it Xiao Tianyao?” Lin Chujiu couldn’t think of anyone. Other than Xiao Tianyao who would help her relieve her fatigue?

“It can’t be the medical system. Although the system is intelligent, it is far from humane, and it has no therapeutic function. It must be Xiao Tianyao!” The more Lin Chujiu thought about it, the more she felt it was Xiao Tianyao. Although she doesn’t know why Xiao Tianyao would suddenly feel sorry for her, she will not pretend that she doesn’t need it now that the result was very good.

There was no soreness or pain in her body. Neither her wrists nor her fingers were sore, so Lin Chujiu silently praised Xiao Tianyao. The rumors in the capital were not wrong, Xiao Wangye was indeed one of the top 10 good husbands.

Of course, the premise was that if Xiao Wangye was willing.

Lin Chujiu, who was a lighthearted person, got out of bed and freshened up happily. As soon as she went out, she saw the breakfast that had been warmed on the stove. A flash of joy flashed in her eyes. To prevent herself from smirking, Lin Chujiu deliberately put the spoon in her mouth.

She… … has always been alone. No matter how tired she used to be, she faced a cold room and a cold stove in the morning. Sometimes when she gets so busy, let alone a hot breakfast, it is good enough to eat.

Lin Chujiu’s heart inexplicably warmed. She had never been taken care of by anyone before. It was the first time that she was taken care of by someone so caring.

Although she was strong and can live well alone, she actually needs someone to take care of her like everyone else. She also hopes that there will be someone who would be with her.

Having been alone for too long, she longed for someone to accompany her and longed for a home. Xiao Tianyao was not good and the people in the Xiao Wangfu were also not good, but that was the place in two lifetimes, which she could really call home in the true sense. So even though it was difficult and dangerous to stay in Xiao Wangfu, she decided to walk through this path. Because she really didn’t want to be alone for the rest of her life.

*Patta* A drop of crystal tears fell into the bowl after flowing down on Lin Chujiu’s cheeks.

“Really… I actually cried because of such a trivial matter.” Lin Chujiu quickly wiped her tears away, looking uncomfortable.

Trying to ignore the emotions in her heart, Lin Chujiu quickly finished her breakfast, put the tableware aside, put on her coat, and walked out.

Lin Chujiu walked very fast as if a beast was chasing behind her. But after walking less than 10 meters away from the camo, she stopped and said to the guards: “Tell to wangye, I am going to the wounded camp.” Seeing that Xiao Tianyao took care of her last night, she should give something back.

Xiao Tianyao was not a good husband. But in fact, she was not a good wife either. Xiao Tianyao was now gradually changing, so she can’t be too stingy. They were husband and wife after all, right?

“Yes.” The soldier was quite surprised when he heard Lin Chujiu’s words, so he was stunned for a moment.

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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 601 Part 1