Quick Transmigration: Adonis, Let’s Talk!
Chapter 10

Author: 折树梨花
Source: Sleepy Translations (2)

Jiu Fei was incomparably happy. Her eyes were bright and sparkling like stars.

While dealing with Jiu Fei, Bai Cu also glanced at the lonely and upset Qian Sang.

Qian Sang did look quite pitiful. No one would want to reject her.

However, after Ye Yu took a look at the document, he wasn’t in the mood to look at Qian Sang anymore. Besides her, no one else could admire her expression. Bai Cu casually mentioned, “Junior sister is here. Let’s go together.”

This resolved Ye Yu’s issue.

This was the first time he was in a great mood since his girlfriend came back.

Qian Sang originally thought that she was going to be given the cold shoulder. Who knew that Bai Cu resolved the situation in the end. While shocked, she felt complicated in her heart.

She knew that Bai Cu had ruined her date tonight, but she was also grateful that Bai Cu remembered her.

Bai Cu glanced at the dramatic increase in luck value, the smile in her eyes clearer.

“Ride in my car.”

Bai Cu was driving. She casually placed her purse on the passenger seat, giving Ye Yu a proper excuse to sit behind with Qian Sang.

Jiu Fei became the supervisor. She flew to the back seat and ridiculed, “Look at those two. They were actually secretly holding hands under their jackets? And they’re still not letting go? It’s been a few minutes already!”

The light was coincidentally red right now, so Bai Cu stopped the car and Jiu Fei flew to her side.

Bai Cu touched Jiu Fei’s face half-heartedly. “Isn’t that good? We’re earning gold coins and they’re also happy, giving us more coins.”

After Bai Cu touched Jiu Fei’s face, she stopped criticizing. She just stayed by her side.

Ye Yu chose the hotel. He still chose the location that He Cu liked.

At the highest floor in the mall, he chose a table near the window. They could admire the night view while eating.

Ye Yu and Bai Cu were relaxed, but Qian Sang was panicking a bit.

Her salary didn’t allow her to eat at such an expensive place. Therefore, everything was unfamiliar to her. At the same time, she looked at the people dining here, feeling jealous.

If she could live a life like this every day, who would be willing to eat the snacks by the stalls?

What made her even more uncomfortable was that Ye Yu was chatting with Bai Cu the entire time they were eating. He was complimenting her capabilities. Qian Sang had never heard Ye Yu praise her like this.

Whenever the luck values were about to decrease, Bai Cu would shift the attention to Qian Sang and make up for the gap she felt. She felt incredibly good the entire time and the luck values didn’t drop at all.

Jiu Fei was about to get on her knees and shout Bai Cu out.

When they were almost done eating, Bai Cu went to the bathroom.

After all, she needed to give them alone time. She calculated the time and by the time she walked out, she saw someone else at another table.

Actually, she saw 2,000 luck values first.

It was nothing else, but the 2,000 luck values were too dazzling. The number was on top of a man’s head sitting across.

Last time, Bai Cu draped Ye Yu’s jacket over him, but it didn’t gain her any favorable impression. This time, Bai Cu decided to not approach him first and changed to another method.

Su Lin called a waiter over to get the bill after Su Lin finished eating. However, they said, “Mister, a young lady already paid for you.”

Su Lin didn’t have any close female friends. He knitted his brows and asked the waiter, and the latter immediately pointed at Bai Cu. Su Lin shifted his gaze and when he saw Bai Cu, he was stunned.

Bai Cu didn’t think that he’d look over here, hesitating between smiling or not.

In the end, she smiled at Su Lin.

Sitting across from her, Ye Yu thought she was smiling at him and he burst with joy.

Quick Transmigration: Adonis, Let’s Talk!
Chapter 10