Quick Transmigration: Adonis, Let’s Talk!
Chapter 11

Author: 折树梨花
Source: Sleepy Translations (2)

Su Lin’s friend sitting across from him saw him looking in another direction, so he followed suit.

Seeing that Bai Cu was smiling at him, he asked Su Lin, “You know her?”

Su Lin withdrew his gaze. “I don’t know her.”

She was a very strange person.

He really didn’t know him. However, the other party seemed to have some motive.

She enjoyed eating this meal a lot. After she was done eating, Qian Sang felt as if Ye Yu was absent-minded. It was dark right now. If Ye Yu left with that woman, who knows what may happen.

She needed to think of something.

Qian Sang clutched her stomach and stopped.

Hearing her soft gasp, he turned around to see her clutching her stomach, her expression a bit unwell.

Qian Sang bit her lips and strained, “My stomach hurts a bit.”

Jiu Fei said angrily, “Liar! Nothing is wrong with her body!”

Bai Cu understood. “I have some matters to attend to, so I may not be able to take you guys home. Since junior sister isn’t feeling well, Ye Yu, why don’t you take her to a doctor?”

Qian Sang tossed her a grateful gaze.

Bai Cu thought that Qian Sang hadn’t done those excessive things, then she’d be a pretty good girl.

In terms of favorable impressions, she was quite generous.

Ye Yu looked apologetically at Bai Cu and then hailed a taxi, leaving with Qian Sang.

Bai Cu leaned against the car door and waited for Su Lin to come down.

Su Lin saw Bai Cu leaning against the car the moment he came out. In the night, she stood there, dazzling. It was hard for anyone to ignore her.

Su Lin talked to his friend for a bit before heading towards Bai Cu after his friend left.

He stood in front of her and glanced at Bai Cu’s black and bright eyes mixed with a tint of laziness, like wine kept for a decent while. It made one want to closely taste it.

Su Lin shifted his gaze and took out his wallet, asking, “How much?”

Bai Cu blinked her long eyelashes. She faintly smiled. “I don’t want money. I just want to be friends with you, okay?”

Su Lin looked at her on alert. Bai Cu had seen that sort of gaze many times. In the past, when she was alive, there were some people looking at her as if she had bad intentions.

Su Lin took out a stash of bills from his wallet and shoved it in Bai Cu’s hand.

He inevitably touched Bai Cu’s hands in the process. Her hands were delicate and soft. Su Lin immediately withdrew his hands as if he had touched something hot.

Bai Cu didn’t deny his offer either, taking his money. She got in the car and slid the car windows down, saying to Su Lin, “I didn’t lie to you. I just want to be friends with you. Oh right, it’s going to rain tomorrow. Remember to bring an umbrella. Hopefully when we meet next time, you’ll want to be friends with me.”

After that, she drove the car away.

Su Lin waited for her car to disappear then he looked at his hands.

He was a bit confused because he had never seen someone like her.

His fingers… were burning a bit from touching hers.

Su Lin thought that something must be wrong with his brain. He shoved his wallet into his pocket and got in his car as well.

Bai Cu finally received 20 luck values. Compared to Su Lin’s 2000 luck values, 20 was too little.

However, Bai Cu was very pleased. “It seems like Su Lin wants to be friends with me too. Little Fei’er, exchange the coins for a tool. The tool that can read people’s information.”

Jiu Fe’s face flushed and said cutely, “Okay~”

She used the tool on Su Lin. After Bai Cu got information on him, she thought about her next plans.

Quick Transmigration: Adonis, Let’s Talk!
Chapter 11