Quick Transmigration: Adonis, Let’s Talk!
Chapter 9

Author: 折树梨花
Source: Sleepy Translations (2)

Bai Cu opened the system store. Seeing that she was about to purchase something, Jiu Fei stayed midair.

“Host, what do you want to buy?” She asked eagerly.


Her eager expression dimmed.

Bai Cu stared at the shop for a while, ignoring the supplementary tools. She chose a pink lace princess-style dress.

The price was exactly 300 gold coins, the total she acquired from Ye Yu and Qian Sang. She purchased it without hesitation.

Quickly, Jiu Fei noticed something different about herself.

Her originally dirty and white dress had transformed to the new pink princess-style dress.

Jiu Fei found it a bit unbelievable. She spun around in the air a few times. In the end, she shyly flew to Bai Cu’s side and said in a low voice, “Host, you’re so nice.”

Jiu Fei liked being beautiful and she was jealous of systems that have lots of clothes and snacks.

Her previous few hosts didn’t buy anything for her. Compared to buying things for her, it was more practical to exchange for tools. No one would waste gold coins on her.

Bai Cu didn’t mind. “It’s not like there is anything for me to buy. These are just little items.”

Jiu Fei admired Bai Cu even more.

She tossed her phone at Jiu Fei and said, “I’ve just been playing games since I’m free. Let me finish up this document.”

Jiu Fei had been eying the phone for a long time. Bai Cu had given her a new dress and her phone to play with, making Jiu Fei float in the air due to happiness. She sat by the sofa and started playing a game on the phone.

Bai Cu was very efficient with work. In less than half an hour, she completely finished organizing the document.

She looked at the time to see it was almost time to get off work.

She printed out the document and picked up her bag. She called out to Jiu Fei, “We’re going home now.”

Jiu Fei obediently flew over with the phone.

It was unclear whether they were fated or not, but the moment she got off the elevator, she saw Ye Yu and Qian Sang standing next to each other and laughing. Their relationship didn’t seem professional, more so like friends or rather… a couple.

Ye Yu was here, so she didn’t specially go find him. She handed the document over before saying, “Take a look at it. I don’t think there are any problems. If there are, feel free to call me whenever. I suggest you do not call me after 9pm. I’m leaving now.”

Ye Yu had been feeling resentful for the past two days. Ever since Bai Cu came, she hadn’t done anything proper.

He looked at the document suspiciously when his eyes brightened after only reading through half a page. He looked up to see that Bai Cu wasn’t out of the company door yet, so he hurried over. He excitedly said, “Xiao Cu, let’s eat together!”

Qian Sang thought she had heard wrong. Clearly, two minutes ago, Ye Yu said that he’d go to the small restaurant with her.

Why was he going to eat with Bai Cu now?

Bai Cu glanced at Qian Sang and nodded. “Sure.”

Jiu Fei reminded her, “Host, Qian Sang’s favorable impression of you has decreased. The luck value…decreased by 59.”

Jiu Fei thought that Bai Cu would care a lot about it when she heard Bai Cu say, “I know. Let me know when the luck values are all gone.”

Now, Jiu Fei was completely confused with what Bai Cu wanted to do.

Bai Cu touched her wrist and faintly said, “There is a loophole in your system.”

Jiu Fei asked, “What?”

Who could find the system’s loophole.

“The acquired luck values would disappear due to the extent of favorable impressions. However, the corresponding gold coins brought by the luck values wouldn’t be affected after it was used.”

She even took a look at Jiu Fei’s pink princess-style dress while she was at it.

Jiu Fei also looked down, incredibly excited.

Bai Cu said timely, “It’s fine. We still need them. They’ll be the one earning the coins for your clothes.”

Quick Transmigration: Adonis, Let’s Talk!
Chapter 9