Quick Transmigration: Help, The Male Leads Are All Broken!
Vol.1 Chapter 4

Author: Peanut Butter
Source: Tong Tong Daydreams

Quick Transmigration: Help, The Male Leads Are All Broken!

The little eunuch was taken aback. He has not served the emperor for long, but he clearly remembered how this Son of Heaven[1] had emotionlessly dealt with the former princes. This time, Prince An has only just fainted, yet His Majesty  would actually go there himself? 

It was too strange. He thought that Prince An was like all the others, but looking at it now, there seemed to be a difference.

Those who could remain by the emperor’s side naturally had to be extremely mindful and observant. For the purpose of his own future prospects, the little eunuch felt that he should be a bit more careful towards Prince An’s matters. 

Qin Li’s stature was already tall and fit, so when he started walking with great strides, the people behind him couldn’t keep up and could only trot after him in embarrassment. Therefore, such an unprecedented scene appeared in the palace.

Su Tang was still lying unconscious on the bluestone slab. The emperor has not passed down any orders, so no one dared to help the person up nor call for the imperial physician. They could only tremble with trepidation while waiting for the emperor’s orders. 

Who knew that in the end, the order never came down but the emperor himself did! 

Qin Li didn’t even glance at the maidservants who knelt down at his feet, and with coldness dripping from his handsome face, he ordered someone to get the imperial physician.

Not only was he not in a hurry to help Su Tang up, he felt that this was another one of her trick plays. After all, in the past, she had thought of all kinds of crooked ways to escape punishment, and the trivial matter of fainting had happened more often than not. In the end, even the previous emperor had given up on her. As long as she didn’t cause a huge ruckus, he had left her to her own devices. 

The imperial physician quickly arrived, but the moment he felt her pulse, his whole body froze.

Qin Hu frowned, “Speak, what is it?”

The imperial physician remained stiff, carefully glanced around, and saw so many palace servants and guards surrounding them. He cautiously said: “This old subject will check again.” As he uttered the words, he wiped the fine sweat on his forehead.

It was almost winter, where the hell did sweat come from. Qin Li’s tight knit brows could nearly pinch someone to death. Just when his patience was about to run out, the imperial physician finally knelt down, trembling once again.

After thinking for a while, the physician said with great trepidation, “Can this subject request for Your Majesty to ask everyone to retreat?” 

For an official to say this, it could only mean that there was a big secret. Qin An Jin[2] this person, Qin Li had already looked into thoroughly. After all, when it came to An wángfǔ, if it hadn’t been for Qin An Jin’s cheap father having been killed for an insidious plot back then, who just might be the one sitting on the throne right now? 

But the winner was king and the loser the bandit[3]. Speaking of this now wouldn’t change anything. 

Qin Li was naturally curious. What secrets were there that he didn’t already know?  He raised his hand and everyone dispersed.

Upon seeing this, the imperial physician said: “This old subject has practiced medicine for many years and has almost never made a misdiagnosis, and Prince An…” 

The more he dawdled, the more impatient Qin Li became. He coldly interrupted, “Enough of the nonsense.” 

The imperial physician shuddered in fright, “This old subject has decades of experience in reading the pulse. This Prince An should be a woman.”

A roar of thunder hit the ground. Qin Li heard the sudden words and couldn’t seem to regain his senses for a long time. For a moment, he thought that he was hearing voices.  

“You…say that again?” 

The imperial doctor took a deep breath, plucked up courage, and repeated the words.

Qin Li’s expression became complicated. He glanced down at Su Tang on the ground. If you were to ask him if there was hate, he couldn’t really say hate; if you were to say dislike, it couldn’t be considered dislike either. But if you told him to simply let her go like this, he really felt unwilling.

It was just that…he probably won’t be able to use any of those previous tactics to deal with her. After all, it was a bit disgusting to bully a girl. 

He furrowed his brows and looked at the body lying on the ground, remaining silent, but then the imperial physician said something startling, “Your Majesty, Prince An’s health is not optimistic.”

With this, Qin Li’s face completely sank, “What do you mean by not optimistic?”

“To speak frankly, I am afraid the body hasn’t been properly nourished over these years. The foundation is too weak and that’s why it led to fainting after kneeling.”

The physician felt that he had encountered some rotten luck. Seeing that kind of temper in front of him today, it was clearly like gearing up to kill people off like flies. Not to mention, he was just a little physician. Even those imperial princes at that time were slaughtered to bits and pieces. Within the court, nobody was safe. Prince An, without the protection of the former emperor, had seen his glorious days come to an end, but at least this young emperor had been willing to slowly mess with her. Now, who knew if she would be sent to her grave —this was a crime of deceiving the emperor!

It wasn’t clear what the emperor was feeling at the moment. The cold sweat grew on the physician’s forehead. After thinking it over, he then said truthfully, “With proper nourishment and care, living for another 10 or 20 years is still possible. Without proper care, I’m afraid there won’t be many years left.” 

With eyes full of vicious currents, Qin Li stared intently at the unconscious girl. It wasn’t clear what he was thinking. After a while, he bent down and directly picked up the person into his arms. 

The physician was shocked and immediately got up from the ground to chase after them.

Qin Li didn’t let anyone help. Holding her like this, he suddenly discovered that this little thing, who had liked to strut around and show off her strength back then, was now so frail that it was frightening. Although Prince An had been an imbecile at the time, it had not been like the other imperial princes, so Qin Li had wanted to first tidy those people up before using her as a toy for amusement. Even if he got tired of her later, it wouldn’t be too late to kill her. 

Only, the little novella had suddenly appeared. Bystanders found it amusing, but Qin Li knew very clearly in his heart. The details written were even more thorough than what he himself knew. For someone to be able to write these things, it would be futile to think that the person had not been just as involved in those matters. 

Qin Li already felt that it had been much too easy for him to ascend the throne, especially in the early stages, as if someone had been paving the way for him. Thus, he didn’t ban the book when it first appeared, wanting to see if more information would come out.  

However, before he could even deal with her, the damned thing had already tormented herself into this. He was a little upset, although not because he felt sorry for the person in his arms, but because he lost control over the matter.

Qin Li did what he pleased and directly tossed Su Tang into his bedchambers, not demonstrating an ounce of tenderness or pity. It was only thanks to the extreme softness of the white jade dragon bed that she didn’t accumulate damage.  

After dropping her, he once again pointed to the imperial physician behind him, “Go, wake up the person.”

The emperor might have carelessly thrown the person, but the physician didn’t dare to be careless. He took the pulse carefully again and then pressed his fingers into its center. After a while, seeing signs of her awakening, he said: “Your Majesty, Prince An is about to wake up. This subject will prepare some medicine.”

Qin Li was expressionless, and with a grand wave of his hand, the imperial physician was considered dismissed. As for Qin An Jin’s secret, unless the old man no longer wanted his life, no one would have the courage to reveal it without His Majesty’s permission.

When Su Tang woke up, she found that her surrounding environment had changed, but before she even had time to feel happy about it, she saw the dog emperor looking at her with a cold face. She startled, then quickly discovered something even more frightening.

She was actually lying on the dog emperor’s dragon bed!

Fuck, it was too dreadful! 

Qin Hu looked at her and directly said: “Tell me, who wrote that novella.”

He asked this, but he already had the answer in his heart. According to the information from his spies, the book originally came from An wángfǔ. In the entire wángfǔ, only the old, weak, and disabled were left. Other than her, it was impossible for anyone else to have the courage to do something like this. 

But right now, Qin Li wanted to see how she would deny it. 

Sure enough, the little thing pretended to be at a loss. Because she just woke up, her pair of beautiful eyes were still misted over, “Ah? What Your Majesty just said, this subject really doesn’t understand?”

Qin Li heard this, didn’t get angry, and instead smiled, “Is that so, then I will order someone to read it to you.”

Quick Transmigration: Help, The Male Leads Are All Broken!
Vol.1 Chapter 4