Quick Transmigration: Help, The Male Leads Are All Broken!
Vol.1 Chapter 5

Author: Peanut Butter
Source: Tong Tong Daydreams

Quick Transmigration: Help, The Male Leads Are All Broken!

Su Tang felt thunder strike her. This was clearly a public sentencing! After Qin Hu spoke, a little eunuch quickly walked in.

The little eunuch was cute and looked to be only thirteen or fourteen years old. Because he had not yet reached puberty, his voice was clean and when he read, it was lively and realistic. But Su Tang…she just wanted to die on the spot!

She looked like she had nothing left to live for. Qin Li, on the other hand, actually became more spirited. Perhaps because the little eunuch wasn’t putting enough heart into the reading, Qin Li kicked him aside and began to read it himself, “The little prince’s face was full of both pleasure and pain. A seductive little mouth shed crystal clear saliva, not forgetting to say: ‘Ah, so cruel, no…don’t stop…’” He read until there and paused, seemingly very interested, “An qīng[1] you tell me, this little prince in here, does he want to stop or not?” He asked like this but didn’t even wait for Su Tang to answer, and said to himself, “Tsk, such an interesting little thing.”

Su Tang, “……..”

Fuck this blackened male lead!

Su Tang desperately wanted to faint on the spot again. Qin Li finally put down the little fragrant novel, “Has An qīng remembered something?”

This was clearly digging her a pit! She suddenly remembered that it was not far from the date of this body’s death in the original world. Without even realizing it, she has been moving towards her public execution!

Her eyes darkened and she leaned back on the soft pillow, voice weak, “Your Majesty, this subject is a little dizzy. Can I be given something to eat first?”

She hasn’t eaten anything the whole day. Qin Li actually didn’t make things difficult for her. Not only did he have someone prepare something for her to eat, he also had her take the medicine brought over by the imperial physician. 

She drank it down happily, but Qin Li suddenly said coldly, “You’re drinking it so well. Not afraid of me poisoning it?” 

Su Tang nearly spat out the liquid. She forced herself to swallow and then pretended to be moved, “This subject trusts Your Majesty.”

Qin Hu sneered, “But I don’t even trust myself. After all…” He took out the book again and pointed, “Look, didn’t the emperor in here also give the little prince medicine? Speaking of, this Spring Breeze Intoxication must really be a good thing. I should also give it a try one of these days.”

Spring Breeze Intoxication was the name that Su Tang had offhandedly written for the aphrodisiac medicine used in the novella. In reality, she didn’t know if such a medicine existed, but if Qin said it was real, then it was real. 

She felt like she had nothing left to live for, and couldn’t help but to ask the system, “Xi Xi[2], how dark is the male lead right now?”

System: “Oh, it hasn’t reached any special level. Just the ordinary blackening, such as killing when unhappy and also killing when happy.”

Su Tang let out a deep sigh, “No, I remember that although he was cold in the original world, deep down he cared for the common people like they were his own children.”  

The system seemed to have heard some joke: “What you just said, that was before the blackening. Love the common people? Even a legitimate son wouldn’t be spared. In the ten days you were gone, many people have died.”

Generally speaking, Su Tang returned at the peak of the male lead’s blackening, so now, the man with the 100% blackened value couldn’t be dealt with by ordinary methods.

Su Tang looked at the male lead in front of her, feeling a splitting headache forming. At this time, the system piped up again: “Forgot to tell you something. As punishment, when you came back, you also brought along a seriously ill system inside you. If the male lead can’t recover within three years, we will die together.” 

As for any other matters, such as the male lead having discovered that she was a woman, the system thought that it was all trivial and not worth mentioning at all. 

Qin Li saw that Su Tan was in a daze for some reason. He narrowed his eyes, “I remember, there seems to be a princess in An wángfǔ? It just so happens that I still lack an empress.”

Su Tang stiffened and retorted on the spot, “The subject’s sister is a fool and unworthy of Your Majesty.” 

Qin Li was unperturbed, “It doesn’t matter. Outsiders say that I’m a madman. A madman and a fool. What a good match.” 

The tone was indifferent but his gaze never left her face. This little thing seemed to be very anxious about the people left in An wángfǔ. With that, some things were not too difficult to figure out. Why did the matters that she had concealed so well back then end up being spread in novel form now? Thinking back to what she had said earlier about been sick and recuperating at home, she must have known that her time was running out, so she made these plans to protect An wángfǔ. 

To add it all up, the foolish princess in An wángfǔ was probably the real Prince An while she had taken the little prince’s place. For her to be able to withstand such pressures, Qin Li couldn’t say that he didn’t feel any admiration. After all, the previous emperor had been the one who had An qīnwáng executed, so why would the cheap old man be soft on the children left behind. Taking in Prince An at the time had been merely a ploy for the emperor to boost his good reputation, with the intention to secretly kill the boy at a later time. But look how well the little thing had survived, with no one having suspected a thing about her true identity. 

Qin Li clicked his tongue. It was truly good scheming. If it were not for her being a woman, with her abilities, even the throne wouldn’t have been out of her reach. 

Others might have been grateful for this, but he wasn’t one of them. He only felt that he had been toyed around in circles. 

With Qin Li as the emperor, people had seen plenty of ridiculous things happen. At the moment, he opened his mouth and said that wanted to marry the foolish princess from An wángfǔ — who would dare to stop him. Even though, if one were to really consider it, he and the princess actually shared the same ancestral blood. 

Therefore, Su Tang knew that she had to be the one to put an end to this. She finally recovered a bit of her bearing, flung the quilt off of her body, and directly knelt down on the ground, “This subject asks for Your Majesty to take back the decree.”

“You think you can successfully prevent it from happening?” Qin Li squinted his eyes and looked at her dangerously. While kneeling on the ground, the snow-white skin on the back of her neck was exposed again. He endured it that first time, but now, Qin Li clenched his fingers and couldn’t restrain himself from reaching out and directly covering that patch of skin. 

Su Tang felt like life had become completely incredulous. Look at this, what was he doing touching her neck? It couldn’t be because he wanted to feel out where to best strangle her, could it?

“Beg me, ah.”

That tone, if you listened carefully, sounded a lot like how Su Tang used to arrogantly speak to him in their childhood.

But for Su Tang, how could she remember these things now? She just felt that the people who called the male lead a lunatic had indeed hit the nail on the head. 


The number of people who have begged him were not few, yet when has he ever demonstrated mercy.

What’s more, Su Tang has learned her lesson. She has just woken up and gotten on her knees, and now needed to beg? Oh sure, she would beg a fart! 

Qin Li took in her mouthful of words asking him to take back the decree, her back straight as nails, nothing at all like intending to beg someone. 

He raised the corners of his mouth, entertained, “Since little Prince An is unwilling to beg, then he can get lost.” He finished speaking and loosened the fingers that were clasped around the back of her neck, pushing her roughly aside. 

Su Tang staggered from where she was kneeling. Although she didn’t fall down, it was still quite embarrassing. In this moment, she teetered between leaving or staying. After holding back for a long time, she dryly said, “Your Majesty, this subject’s sister is barren and unfit to be empress.”

Qin Li glanced over her figure, “It doesn’t matter. I don’t like children and it would be better to not have them. This solves my problem.” 

Su Tang choked, “This subject’s sister…looks ugly…”

Qin Li interrupted impatiently, “Prince An has said so much, does he find me unworthy of his sister? I suppose, it’s the little princess of An wángfǔ after all, I really don’t deserve it.”

With these sorts of self-mocking words, Su Tang could only admit it, she wouldn’t be able to leave these palace gates today. 

She suddenly slammed her head onto the ground. Unfortunately, she accidentally used too much force, and her forehead became bloody red and her mind became faint.  

Qin Li became even more annoyed. He almost had someone drag her out to be cut down, but endured it in the end, “I told you to get lost, you didn’t hear it? Or did you really want to have a spring night[3] with me after hearing that story?”

Quick Transmigration: Help, The Male Leads Are All Broken!
Vol.1 Chapter 5