Quick Transmigration: Help, The Male Leads Are All Broken!
Vol.1 Chapter 6

Author: Peanut Butter
Source: Tong Tong Daydreams

Quick Transmigration: Help, The Male Leads Are All Broken!

Hearing Qing mention the novella again, Su Tang’s figure swayed in place. She hastily said that this subject would retreat and made a run for it. 

That appearance of hers made Qin Li inexplicably amused. He hasn’t laughed like this in a long time. Although the laughter was light, the surrounding palace was extremely quiet, so when Su Tang frantically pushed open the door, the people outside the bedchambers could hear it all.

The chief eunuch Zhou Wei saw the little prince unsteadily run out, and he rushed to greet him with a smile.

“This servant respectfully asks, will Prince An be returning to the wángfǔ now?”

Su Tang nodded bitterly. That expression of hers, don’t even mention how wronged she felt. 

Zhou Wei could clearly hear the emperor’s laughter. Since Prince An was able to amuse the emperor like this, perhaps she would end up being greatly favored. Thinking of how this young prince has just recovered from fainting, Zhou Wei called for someone to send her off. 

His voice was neither high nor low, but it was just enough for Qin Li to hear it from inside. If the emperor was not happy, he would inevitably be scolded, but when he pricked up his ears and listened for a while, no commands came down from the bedchambers. Zhou Wei immediately began to look around with a smile on his face. 

Su Tang thanked him, gifted over another bag of silver, and obediently got into the carriage. 

She couldn’t return to the courtyard that she had woken up in. That place had been randomly arranged by the system after she left the first time. It looked like a water pavilion, with a beautiful atmosphere, but the servants inside were all in a disarray. For this new mission, she could only return to the main An wángfǔ. A long time ago, she had already reorganized An wángfǔ, and the seemingly defeated wángfǔ had become in fact a steel fortress. It should be impossible for outsiders to find out anything. 

Inside An wángfǔ, everyone was frightened, and especially that little “princess.” He has finally recovered his sanity, but his body was still crippled. This time, when he heard that the little “prince” had come back, he attempted to get up from the bed in a hurry. As a result, he collapsed onto the ground.  

Su Tang happened to see this scene when she arrived. She sighed softly and helped the person up, “Big brother, there is no need to be anxious. Aren’t I standing here in one piece?”

Her voice slowed down, becoming soft and waxy, without the clear adolescent tone that she used to have. After doing so many tasks, the impression of this brother was almost nil. There was only a vague impression of having been doted on when she was young. 

“How can I not be anxious.” Qin An Jin’s face was pale, but those dark eyes studied her closely and refused to blink. “After I woke up, you holed up in that other courtyard and refused to see anyone. Yi bǎo[1], tell me the truth, what are you planning to do? And what did that letter mean!”

It was impossible to tell the whole truth, but she couldn’t say nothing either. She could only vaguely say, “I was sick before and had to recuperate elsewhere.” 

Her understated tone made it seem like a minor illness, but if it was truly minor, why could she refuse to see people. 

Qin An Jin didn’t believe her nonsense, but when he wanted to continue questioning, the old princess consort came over.  

She might have been considered the old princess consort, but in fact, she has not even reached her forties yet and her charm was still present. It was just that she has hidden her suffering in her heart over these years, and there was a hint of sadness between her brows. 

Since childhood, the old princess consort had been raised to be spoiled and did not understand worldly affairs. Later, An qīnwáng had doted on her and didn’t even take in a single concubine. As a result, when tragedy suddenly struck her family, she had been unable to handle the pressures. Despite all this, she has always treated her two children exceptionally well. 

Sincerity should be met with sincerity, so Su Tang was very happy to pamper her as well. 

“Mother, why did you come?” Su Tang asked with a smile, stepping forward to help the woman to her seat. 

She was too calm. Over the years, the old princess consort knew that her daughter was one to keep her composure. Outsiders all said that her daughter was domineering, but she knew her daughter the best. It wasn’t domineering, but having no choice but to act a certain way to survive. 

“Yi bǎo, you tell your mother. The emperor went to your courtyard today, did he make things difficult for you?”

The people who used to bully the emperor have all died one after another. No matter how ignorant the old princess consort was, it was impossible to be so stupid that she couldn’t see the current dangers. 

This must be him preparing to cut down An wángfǔ!

Su Tang didn’t try to hide and said directly, “It was nothing, just punished to kneel for a bit.” She shrugged as she said with a calm expression, “Mother knows, if he wanted to kill me, he wouldn’t need to use such a simple method like making me kneel.”

The words were meant to provide some comfort, but Qin Li’s methods were widely known to the public. Not only did the old princess consort but not feel relieved, she actually became more anxious, especially after Qin An Jin quietly looked at Su Tang and said in a deep voice, “Simple methods wear down people even more.”

Su Tang choked. Okay, so no one in this family was on the same wavelength as her. Fortunately, at this moment, there was the announcement that someone from the palace had arrived. 

This time, the palace visitor was not the chief eunuch Zhou Wei but was another eunuch who was close to the emperor. No one dared to neglect his arrival. 

Everyone in An wángfǔ tried to calm their racing hearts, thinking that this Son of Heaven has finally sent someone to avenge his grievances. Who knew that the other party actually came to bestow medicinal tonics. 

This was even more ominous than him raiding An wángfǔ.

Compared to the shock on the others’ faces, Su Tang was extremely perfunctory. She yawned and looked at the eunuch lazily, not at all flattering, and said with an arrogant air, “Alright, this prince knows. You can beat it.”

Prince An was usually arrogant, and the servants have long been used to it, but the eunuch was different. This prince was the emperor’s most favored person right now, so unexpectedly, instead of getting angry, the eunuch gave a fawning smile, “Ah, the night is getting late, and this servant should retire. It’s this servant’s fault for disturbing the prince’s rest. Please rest well.” 

This type of scene, everyone looking at it became stupid. Just a few minutes ago, they all thought that they were going to be dead souls under the imperial sword. How did it turn around and become this? It made people completely bewildered.

The old princess consort turned meaningfully towards her daughter, but Su Tang suddenly pouted, “Mom, I am tired and want to sleep.” 

Her daughter rarely acted coquettish, so with these words, the old princess consort lost any thoughts of reproach. She immediately said in distress, “Okay, okay, okay. We should…” She paused, realizing that she has spoken incorrectly, and immediately changed her words, “Then our darling should have a good rest.”

Su Tang ended up sleeping so much that she didn’t know when dusk turned to dawn. After waking, she didn’t bother to move and simply laid there comfortably while bickering with the system. Unexpectedly, the voice of a little maid suddenly sounded outside the room. 

“Prince An, people from the palace are here again.”

The person who came this time was none other than Zhou Wei. 

Zhou Wei’s attitude was not as ingratiating as yesterday’s eunuch, but his smiling face was even more cloying. 

Wasn’t it said that the emperor despised An wángfǔ? Coming again and again, it was more like a holy favorite, ah.

Yesterday was delivering tonics. Today Zhou Wei directly brought along an imperial physician. 

Although An wángfǔ had been defeated, it was still a prince’s household. If An wángfǔ had requested medical attention, the imperial hospital would not dare to refuse, but once they accepted, they would simply send over an unremarkable little physician. But Zhou Wei was different. This time, he brought along one of the highest ranking hospital envoys, and it looked like the person would be resting long-term in the wángfǔ.

Su Tang said that her body felt unwell, and the emperor followed by sending an imperial envoy to her courtyard. Coupled with the contents in that little novella, the whole court would end up feeling that the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. 

Of course, this was a matter for a later day. Right now, Zhou Wei respectfully bowed and clearly voiced his purpose for coming this time. 

“Prince An, His Majesty said that you have rested for an entire night and your body should have recovered quite a bit. Thus, what you started yesterday should be finished today.”

Su Tang knew each word separately, but when strung together, she couldn’t understand them at all. 

“What did I not finish yesterday?”

She had even kneeled. Is it possible that she would have to continue to kneel?

Zou Wei smiled, “His Majesty said that you were ill-mannered and must return to the palace to finish learning etiquette.”

The corner of Su Tang’s mouth twitched, amused. She wasn’t angry, and simply accepted the matter calmly. But then her eyes fixed on the person behind him, and she squinted, “And this imperial envoy?”

Zhou Wei continued to smile, “His Majesty is afraid that you will continue to faint and ordered the imperial hospital to have a physician follow next to you.” 

Su Tang, “……….”

What a good counterattack. It directly cut off her tactic of pretending to be sick. 

Quick Transmigration: Help, The Male Leads Are All Broken!
Vol.1 Chapter 6

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