Quick Transmigration: I’m Almost Dead
Chapter 62

Author: Xīxī Tè
Source: Chrysanthemum Garden

After Chen You and Lei Ming went inside, the meeting hall turned into an outdoor vegetable market.

“Right now, this is a special situation. We must stabilize the troops’ morale.” uVcveQ

“So in your opinion, we need to sacrifice an innocent child?”

“Innocent? It’s not like you didn’t see the evidence. He had those damned alien objects.”

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“All I know is that we are soldiers and it is our duty to defend our country. All lives are equally valuable.”

“If the spy isn’t eliminated, who knows how many more people will die!” RCur2p

“I think he should be temporarily locked up, just in case.”

“Then will Lei Ming enter the battlefield? Didn’t you see how much he cares for the boy?”

“Let me ask, among all of you sitting here, who has the ability to replace him?”

The crowd turned silent.

This scene was very embarrassing.

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Someone ambiguously interjected, “He’s merely the son of a rich and influential family.”

“Okay, then you come forward.”

The man’s face immediately turned red with anger and his words rushed out, “I just don’t believe that with that little kid gone, we’ll lose the war!” 0Xsmd6

“Ha-ha. I don’t even know who you are. Your talking skills are first class, but if you pick up a real gun, I’m afraid you wouldn’t even be counted as eighth-rate.”

“You speak clearly. Who are you calling eighth-rate, ah?!”

Forces on both sides were unwilling to show any weakness. They fought but were unable to reach a conclusion, dragging each other’s faces through the dirt.

The regiment commander lifted his hand, “Alright.” WxgfiL

His gaze swept around the circle, “I should let your subordinates, each and every one of them, come and see what you look like right now!”

The soldiers were like chickens with a hand seizing their necks. The sight was quite funny.

The regiment commander sighed, “Everyone leave.”

He addressed one person, “Xiao Wu, you stay.” w6hy3u

Wu Wei’s footsteps halted and he turned around, “Commander Zhang, what can I do for you?”

The regiment commander asked, “What is your impression of that child?”

Wu Wei answered, “He doesn’t have any evil intentions. He just likes to make a disturbance, display his temper, and say exactly what is on his mind.”

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The regiment commander inquired, “Is he from the Bai clan?” dlXGRB

Wu Wei nodded, “Yes.”

The regiment commander didn’t continue this line of questioning. After pausing for a while, he said, “You and Lei Ming, have you encountered any problems lately? You two seem a bit distant.”

“There is nothing wrong.” Wu Wei laughed, “Lei Ming needs to babysit the child, and he has limited energy.”

“Still,” the regiment commander knocked his hand against the table, “if you have any difficulties just say it.” zGEkh5

Wu Wei stated that he would. “Commander Zhang, I need to check up on some soldiers’ injuries.”

“Go on, then.”

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Looking at Wu Wei’s back view, the regiment commander was deep in thought.

Outside, everything had stopped. On the inside, nothing had erupted. It was extremely quiet. VadFz8

Jtfc Tbe olclrtfv ofgwfcalcu tlr offilcur, “Pa’r cba wf.”

Lf ilmxfv tlr vgs ilqr, lucbgjca jcv fjufg ab rqfjx, “P jirb vbc’a xcbk tbk atbrf atlcur uba lc ws yju.”

Ofl Zlcu gfwjlcfv rlifca.

Chen You was flustered. Even if you only say Un-Ah-Oh, it’s better than saying nothing at all. YjZFhi

Lf wluta jr kfii cba rqfjx flatfg.

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The person he was closest to had no faith in him. This feeling was worse than two eggs breaking.

“Vfnfgji sfjgr jub ktfc P kjr olutalcu jujlcra jc jilfc gjmf, P rjk j mtliv vlf ys wealijalbc ecvfg atf mijkr bo jc jilfc. P ojlifv ab gfrmef tlw lc alwf.”

Lei Ming slowly spoke, “That kid was about your age.” 5LMvDr

“He was a recruit. I happened to meet him on my first day of enlistment. His father had sent him to the army.”

“A few months later, his father learned of his death and passed out on the spot. He was sent to the hospital, but he had already stopped breathing.”

Chen You’s eyes were wet. He didn’t know what to say. Although people around him always described him as someone who brought joy, he didn’t really know how to comfort others.

He was worried. Lei Ming hated alien invaders so much. What must he be planning? JLXbdS

Lei Ming said, “You’re safer in here than if you’re outside.”

His intentions were clear. Chen You immediately grabbed the man’s hand. Don’t throw me away, ah. I’m safe. You’re not safe.

Choking with sobs, he asked, “Major General, are you like those other people who don’t believe me?”

With considerable strength, Lei Ming pressed the youth against his chest. 7UaIFs

Chen You’s face was buried in the man’s uniform, surrounded by the man’s scent. Smells good.

“Be good.”

After these words fell, Lei Ming lowered his head, his lips lightly brushing the top of the child’s head, released his arms and left.

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Chen You was dazed for a moment, “Other than praying, is there anything else I can do?” PS9mTF

System, “It seems like there’s nothing.”

“I can also curse,” Chen You angrily muttered, “Whichever villain wants to harm Laozi, you will reap what you sow!”

The system commented, “Too weak.”

Chen You’s face wrinkled up, feeling a bit awkward, “I can’t think of anything more poisonous.” nofDzu

The system declared, “You have much to learn.”

Chen You sat on the ground, his life devoid of love. He disliked studying the most. Before his sudden death, he had lived a happy and carefree life. After dying, he was always working to the bone for other people.

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After Lei Ming left, he was called over by the regiment commander, “You’ve been wronged.”

Lei Ming lifted his head. KuO7m6

The regiment commander added, “With the presence of the little one, the true mole will relax his vigilance and make his next move.”

Lei Ming knit his brows, “You want to use him as bait?”

“Don’t worry,” the regiment commander reassured, “I will send someone to watch over him from the shadows. If the other party makes any unusual movements, they will be shot dead on the spot.”

Lei Ming’s jaw tightened, “I don’t agree.” c9JIaR

The regiment commander seemed to have foreseen this reaction, “This is a military order.”

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Lei Ming frowned, “He is just my man. He is not a soldier.”

“Now that he is here, he must obey orders.” The regiment commander added, “Lei Ming, you have a promising future. I hope that you don’t get too serious about this and become unable to clearly think things through.”

Lei Ming’s voice was ice-cold, “I am bound to my duty as a soldier.” e4dKpI

“One step at a time,” the regiment commander waved his hand, “Let me ask you, if the person was changed from your little one to someone else, what would you do?”

Lei Ming’s expression solidified.

There were no what-ifs. Any answer was meaningless.

“The more people and things you care about, the more important it is for you to keep a sober head. Right now, what you need to do is give everyone else, the soldiers, an explanation.” h egkq

The regiment commander patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t be unworthy of this military uniform and the badges on your shoulders.”

Lei Ming’s tightly clenched fists released, revealing bloodstained palms. 

He stood in place for a stretch of time before finally striding out.

The adjutant stepped forward, “Major General, this subordinate believes that this affair was an intentionally arranged fraudulent charge.” MNH1Sz

“That child’s temperament is pure and kind-hearted. Although he sometimes stirs up trouble, he has a sense of propriety. He would definitely never mess around with important matters.”

Lei Ming, who hadn’t made a sound, finally uttered, “The boy is afraid of the dark.”

The adjutant choked. Not exactly, ah. Your family’s kid is as fearless as a dragon and as lively as a tiger. He shouldn’t be afraid of the dark.

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He wanted to say something but trailed off, “Major General…” u72gXA

“Don’t follow me,” Lei Ming spoke as he walked under the dim light of the night. “I want to be alone for a while.”

The adjutant sighed, cursing the treacherous villain in passing. He wanted to know who the culprit was so that he could teach him a lesson.

Chen You wasn’t scared of the dark. He feared boredom and depression.

The system was hung up with its worries. i3npAJ

“I miss my dad.”

Chen You was half talking to himself, with no expectations for the system to do anything to console him,  “Ah-4, my first year, I failed to enter film school. After reviewing for another year, I got admitted to a local university.”

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System, “…” And you say that you hate studying.

Chen You sniveled and wept, “Damnit, as soon as I entered college, I died. Isn’t it tragic?” R7uTBh

System, “Tragic.”

“Serves me right,” Chen You blamed himself, “If I hadn’t played games all night, I wouldn’t have suddenly died and I never would’ve encountered such an unreliable system.”

System, “…” So, the latter part is your main point.

Chen You held his knees with both hands, “Nevertheless, I’m still thankful for you. Without you, there wouldn’t be the current me. Truly, although you are unreliable, I still love you.” wmHnQN

The system was overwhelmed by this unexpected favour.

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Chen You added, “I consider you my benefactor and treat you as a deity in my heart. Every day I pray for you to receive the largest and best rewards, to get promoted, and to become a big player among the systems.”

The system was touched, “Thank you for your well-wishes.”

“Considering the relationship between us two, you don’t need to act so politely.” Chen You finally asked, “Beloved, I want to discuss a matter with you. Would you be able to disclose the date of Lei Ming’s accident?” gshbvf

System, “…” Everything was a lie.

Nevertheless, Chen You still managed to obtain Lei Ming’s death date according to his original fate. It would take place one month later.

During the recent confrontation, once the soldier’s who had lost their comrades learned that there was a mole, their hearts were filled with fury and indignation, though it was suppressed.

Only, once the issue was raised, it was difficult to put to rest. QCf9L4

At this time, if the morale of the troops was unstable, they would inevitably lose without a fight.

The regiment commander should’ve taken the overall situation into consideration and immediately appeased the soldiers. However, with Lei Ming present, it was fundamentally impossible to accomplish this.

“In one day’s time, if you can’t find an explanation as to why there were alien objects in the boy’s bag, he will be dealt with by military law.”

Lei Ming only offered one sentence, “If that happens, then I don’t need this military uniform.” g7SdXj

In the little black room, Chen You starved for two days. He felt like he was going to die. Lei Ming also didn’t eat for two days straight and went directly to the regiment commander, “I’ve already found the traitor.”

The regiment commander asked, “Who?”

Lei Ming pursed his split lips, “I require Commander Zhang’s approval.”

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After listening to his words, the regiment commander mulled it over and muttered, “Just do as you say.” zSoJCK

Shortly after, Lei Ming led some troops out. Wu Wei stood, looking from a distance, as he pinched his fingers together and then turned away.

In the afternoon, Chen You heard the sounds of something astir and some people came over. It wasn’t just one or two, but rather a crowd.

A conversation was held outside of the door. It seemed like the regiment commander wanted to meet with him. Then, an officer entered the room and ordered, “Walk.”

Chen You followed behind a group of soldiers muddle-headedly. Midway, they ran into some rank-and-file soldiers whose eyes were red and looked as if they wanted to tear him limb from limb. lhPaF5

However, once they clearly saw his face, they were struck dumb.

Chen You rejoiced. Fortunately, before this went down Lei Ming had fed him a lot of paste, at least two or three potfuls. This was the reason he could be so beautiful now.

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“It’s him, he’s the one that sold us out—”

It wasn’t clear who first spoke these words, but the soldiers abruptly sobered up and resolved to not get confused any longer. xdng8d

The honey-trap failed.

Chen You wanted to weep but no tears came out. He retreated a bit, slowly trying to see how far back he could go.

The scene turned chaotic, incited by someone with malicious intentions, and it was difficult to repress. Strangely enough, he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure. It was Lei Ming, who wasn’t supposed to be in this location.

This was a scheme, Chen You quickly understood. v3hlkM

He took another look and stared intently at an old man who stretched out a claw towards Lei Ming’s heart from behind.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

That wasn’t a man, it was an alien!

No, nothing should happen to Lei Ming at this time. Chen You thought it over and realized that it might be his fault.

Chen You used all his strength to rush forward, knocking away soldiers left and right. Halfway through, his body suddenly stopped. GjF3Id

This won’t do. Nothing can happen to me. Otherwise, regarding Lei Ming’s fate, there will be no one to stop and change it.

Chen You loudly shouted, but the surrounding noise was louder, drowning out the sound of his voice.

He gritted his teeth and ran towards Lei Ming again. Just as he was about to reach him, a man flashed over from the left, like a guided missile launched straight to Lei Ming.

The ruse of inflicting injury upon oneself to gain trust was a feasible plan. The timing was just right, and if it was a success, their relationship would be much stronger than one between mere friends. Md5hFt

Chen You’s eyes narrowed and the corners of his mouth happily curved up. OK, Uncle. I won’t steal from you. I’ll give this opportunity to you so you can make all your dreams come true.

Wu Wei successfully blocked the alien’s attack and fell in the direction of Lei Ming’s embrace.

Lei Ming moved aside and Wu Wei collapsed on the ground.

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Quick Transmigration: I’m Almost Dead
Chapter 62