Quick Transmigration: I’m Almost Dead
Chapter 63

Author: Xīxī Tè
Source: Chrysanthemum Garden

When Wu Wei woke up, he wasn’t in his own room. He frowned, feeling a bit uneasy.

“You’re awake?” 6sCy1I

After hearing the voice, Wu Wei realized that someone was next to him, and he didn’t know how long that person had been there.

Had the man been by his side the entire time?

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He was unable to restrain himself from entertaining these wild guesses, but was distracted from these thoughts by Lei Ming’s next sentence, “Why did you do that?”

Having some doubts, the corners of Wu Wei’s mouth twitched as he hesitantly asked, “What are you saying?” SE72yz

“Wu Wei.”

Lei Ming called his name and repeated his question.

The curve of Wu Wei’s mouth turned stiff.

Lei Ming took out an object that looked like a scale, “You were the one that slipped this in his bag.”

Wu Wei neither denied nor admitted to this.

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“You are a doctor.” Lei Ming uttered his name a second time, “Wu Wei, you joined the army to save people, not to harm people.”

Wu Wei’s expression gradually changed into one of pain and regret. One move, and everything was ruined.

With a hoarse voice, Wu Wei finally spoke the words he had hidden in his heart for so many years, “I like you.” anC1Fy

Lei Ming’s expression was unchanged.

“We’ve known each other for so many years, and that child has only been here for a short time.” Unwilling to accept this result, Wu Wei asked, “I don’t understand. Lei Ming, why did you choose him?”

Lei Ming coldly stated, “You don’t need to understand.”

“So it’s like this…” Wu Wei laughed with a sickly pale complexion though his expression remained resolute and persistent,  “All these years, I’ve observed you and I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t have love, that you fundamentally cannot love another person. Tell me, what is the reason, then? Why do you treat that child so differently?” Y12nvC

Lei Ming’s brows furrowed together, What reason?

At first, it was because of the black stone, and then it was because he discovered that the boy was just like him.

The persistent loneliness of being set apart from the rest of the world had finally changed. In the beginning, he brought the child back because he had wanted to understand the boy’s experience.

But gradually, the child’s disposition and attitude towards life began to fascinate him, spinning out of his control. 1TYitI

Wu Wei wanted to know where exactly he had lost and why Lei Ming was unable to accept him.

“You are you, he is him,” Lei Ming replied. “I will wait for him to grow up, then marry him.”

Wu Wei was stunned. He couldn’t believe that this man could fall so deeply into his emotions. The other party was still a child.

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Lei Ming stated, “You blocked an attack for me, but you framed him, letting soldiers who could’ve avoided death die. Wu Wei, have you accounted for this?” 6o9 pr

Wu Wei opened his mouth but was unable to utter a word.

“The objects were planted by me, but I had nothing to do with the leak of confidential information and the aliens’ preparations in advance.”

That day, when he learned the army had suffered a defeat, thinking it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he found a way to put the alien objects he had acquired many years prior in the boy’s bag.

With such indisputable evidence, the child would have no way to defend himself. VtfoD4

Since everyone hates the aliens, towards people who colluded with aliens, they would show no mercy.

In a time like this, in order to pacify the anger of the masses and bolster the army’s morale, they would’ve directly killed him.

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C vjgx iluta oijrtfv lc Ofl Zlcu’r fsfr. Pa kjr ecmifjg ktfatfg tf yfilfnfv tlw bg cba.

“Ycf mtliv, jcv sfa sbe mjimeijafv atlr wemt.” EGfbx7

Qe Qfl’r wbbv kjr j yla ecrajyif, “P tjaf tlw!”

“Dfobgf tf jqqfjgfv, P kjr sbeg bcis oglfcv. Rbk, sbe kbc’a fnfc ibbx wf lc atf fsfr.”

Lei Ming said, “You brought this on yourself.”

Wu Wei’s face turned white and then red, “Yes, I admit it. It was wrong of me to give you that medicine, but…” S6h7AW

Tears spilled from his eyes, “Lei Ming, did you know that in order to get close to you, I learned how to play Go even though I’ve never liked the game?”

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“You like to drink tea, so I went out and bought many books on tea ceremony. I studied all of them just so I could brew a cup of tea for you.”

Lei Ming was indifferent, “So what?”

Wu Wei murmured, mocking himself, “Yes, so what…” goUFup

Everything was directed and acted by himself, but this person had never entered his play.

Lei Ming turned around and headed to the door.

Wu Wei faintly moved his lips, “Lei Ming, this time it wasn’t me.”

“I never wanted to hurt you.” 70lSIa

He had wanted to take advantage using the aliens, but he didn’t expect to be taken advantage of instead. He was both laughable and foolish.

In a critical moment, Wu Wei’s brain failed him. Not only did he gain nothing, but he also lost all face.

Lei Ming didn’t look back. When he got back to his quarters, he saw the boy sitting cross-legged on a chair, muttering something.

As soon as the child saw him enter the room, his entire face lit up with joy, sincere and without a trace of impurity. drMnh2

Chen You jumped out of the chair, running to him and exclaiming, “You came back.”

Lei Ming only replied with an “Un.”

Chen You tilted his head up and asked, “Then am I free now?”

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Lei Ming rubbed his hair. hKxySO

Everything was alright then. Chen You sighed with relief. He guessed that Wu Wei probably asked Lei Ming about him, but he would never know the truth. The reason why he and Lei Ming could play together is because they each have two pendants.

If all of them were taken out and lined up in a row of four, Chen You felt that Wu Wei wouldn’t need to sacrifice himself again because he’d probably be scared to death on the spot.

Thinking about Wu Wei’s fall to the ground, Chen You pursed his lips. Even though they had been separated by several soldiers, the secondhand embarrassment still reached him.

Lei Ming had been cold and unmoved as he stood back up. Truly terrible. qz IH3

Chen You stuck his hand into Lei Ming’s shirt and touched the area behind his heart. If the claw had reached him, his flesh could have been ripped out.

“Are the aliens very powerful? Can’t you dispatch warships to bomb them?”

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“It’s not that easy.”

This was the first time Lei Ming was discussing military affairs with the boy. olZwDd

After listening to him speak, Chen You was shocked. What the fuck, high level aliens can fly in the sky? They’re this powerful?

Then what can be done? They can’t die?

Chen You grabbed his pendants with one hand and used the other to take hold of the man’s pendants, “Major General, since we’re like this, are we snakes?”

Lei Ming stated, “No, we are humans.” Gn9Tft

Chen You, “…” OK, ba. You don’t want to admit that you’re a snake. Just say you’re a human being, as long as you’re happy.

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He put forth a curious expression, “Then why do I turn more beautiful?” This time, let’s see what you have to say.

Lei Ming answered, “Touch rouge and you will turn red, touch ink and you will turn black.”

Chen You, “…” I’m impressed. RFZlGa

Lei Ming ordered, “Take off your clothes, get into bed, go to sleep.”

Chen You obediently followed the orders one by one, covering himself up to his neck with the blanket and only revealing his head. “You’re not coming?”

Lei Ming originally had other matters to deal with, but after looking at the child’s pretty eyes blinking up at him, he joined him.

Chen You used the man’s arm as a pillow, “Major General, have you ever thought about leaving the army?” X3WwzQ

Lei Ming was taken aback, “Leaving?”

“That’s right,” Chen You smacked his lips, kissing the man’s chin, “You could invest in a business, start a company, and become a boss. There are a lot of things you could do.”

Lei Ming was silent.

Chen You continued his speech, talking about how leading troops to fight wars isn’t the only path in life. KMqt7V

Lei Ming was accustomed to the structured routines of the military. In his future plans, he had never thought about leaving the army.

Unexpectedly hearing the child’s words, his mind went blank, though the moment soon passed.

“Did someone say something?”

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Chen You said, “No, I thought about it on my own.” EIOqZA

“Major General, when you’re in the army, there are all kinds of inconveniences. We won’t be able to see each other often and I’ll miss you. To make the trip, I’ll have to use carrots and milk. It’s very troublesome.”


Lei Ming lowered his head and pressed his lips against the boy.

Chen You allowed him to kiss and in the interval between kisses even let out a pleased sound as his legs hooked around the man. AZ6fs

Lei Ming took the child in his arms, holding him as they kissed for a long time. 

Kissing was different from making love. They needed to be more intimate and tender, with lingering feelings.

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When Chen You was finally released, he only had the energy to breathe and couldn’t even close his mouth.

A palm rested on his head, covering him and gently rubbing, “Sleep.” j47z1p

Chen You laid on his stomach. What sleep, ah. The pendants on your body are so hard, they’re going to poke me into the sky.

“Not sleeping?” Lei Ming patted the child’s butt. “Then do you want it or not?”

Chen You bit him. If I say no, will you actually let me go and not stab me?

Looking at the strength Lei Ming was using to press him down, it was clear that he was planning to send him to the Jade Emperor. Obviously, he had no intentions of letting him go. drptC5

Chen You thought for a bit, I should get it, “Want it.”

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“First, go to the bathroom and let the water go. I’m afraid that if you’re not careful, you’ll release it on me.”

Lei Ming, “…”

In the early morning, Chen You woke up and found himself holding Lei Ming’s pants in his embrace, his face clinging to the fabric. ZSYeG2

His brain crashed for a moment before he threw the pants away. Fuck me, Lei Ming must’ve stuffed it in my arms.

The system replaced the target’s pot, “It really wasn’t.”

“You were the one who wouldn’t let go. He had no choice but to take it off and give it to you.”

Chen You, “…” How could I be that kind of person? U8HApn

“No, I say, hasn’t anything been shielded from you? Then does that mean you’ve already seen several live broadcasts in different worlds?”

System, “I haven’t. I am a professional.”

Chen You, “Hehe.” Only a fool would believe it.

Soon after he finished washing up, the adjutant knocked on the door and brought in some food. “Fortunately, you are fine. Otherwise, who knows what heaven and earth shaking actions the major general would take.” r4XtLY

Chen You continued eating, “Eh?”

The adjutant explained, “The whole time you were in custody, the major general didn’t eat or sleep.”

Chen You was stunned speechless, Xiao Ming treats me so well.

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He heaved a sigh. Then, he really could not be careless. He must try his utmost to alter his target’s fate. Zujdnd

However, after not eating or sleeping, he could still produce that much paste…sure enough, he wasn’t human.

The adjutant said, “Wu Wei has been taken away.”

Chen You inquired, “What will happen to him?”

“It’s hard to say,” the adjutant stated, “but regardless of the result, his reputation is ruined and he won’t be able to approach the major general anymore.” 9aK xM

Chen You didn’t continue this line of questioning.

Once everything was resolved, the soldiers didn’t make things hard for the child anymore. Many felt ashamed and uneasy and would apologize to him if they encountered him. They felt extremely embarrassed.

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Chen You paid no mind to this and continued to freely chat and joke with the soldiers. They were all cute and lovely people.

After a few days of tranquility, there was an outburst in the army. This time, the soldiers felt that they weren’t going mad, but that the entire world was going crazy. 2BAoSO

Because upon seeing the child every day, they all felt that as each day passed, he was getting prettier and prettier.

If something wasn’t going insane, then what else could it be?

After being fed some paste, Chen You laid on the bed feeling up Lei Ming’s pecs, worried and anxious, “I can’t eat more paste. You need to control the quantity. I’m afraid I’ll become more good-looking than you.”

Lei Ming, “You think too much.” yaYJmh

Chen You, “…”

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Luoshenhua: Late chapter, but it’s here now! Wu Wei’s been taken care of, Chen You’s brain hole is as persistent as ever, and the system is back to getting sexiled. Just a day in the life of Chen You.

Quick Transmigration: I’m Almost Dead
Chapter 63

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