Quick Transmigration: I’m Almost Dead
Chapter 64

Author: Xīxī Tè
Source: Chrysanthemum Garden

It was unknown whether the soil and water of this planet was especially suitable for Lei Ming, but the paste seemed to be getting more and more nutritious. Chen You’s whole body turned as smooth and tender as a freshly peeled boiled egg.

Lei Ming had a tough and robust kind of handsomeness with angular and pointy edges, giving people the impression of aloofness, so no one dared to play around with him. YnyTCd

Chen You was different. He belonged to the type of beauty that was soft and pinch-able. From his head to his toes, he exuded a sunny aura that made others feel warm and comfortable.

Especially when he shook his head, his golden halo would spread out, flashing in front of everyone’s eyes.

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How would one describe the extent of his beauty? You could put it this way: without exception, every living creature that caught sight of him became unable to walk and turned dizzy.

Truly frightening. G0EORZ

In order to avoid causing the extinction of other living species, Chen You refrained from going out.

The adjutant even refused to look at him directly and would leave as quickly as he came.

Chen You stared at the ceiling and sighed sadly, “Can you understand my suffering now?”

The system said that it couldn’t and added that Chen You would only have this one chance, among all the worlds he would travel through, to experience being beautiful enough to be deeply distressed by it.

“…” Chen You said, “Charge it to my account, I want to look in a mirror.”

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The system gave him a small mirror on credit.

Chen You stood in front of the mirror for ten minutes, infatuated with himself. He licked his lips and gave a deep sigh, organizing the bangs on his forehead one by one and moving them into the best position.

When Lei Ming came back, the child was looking at the mirror. After he went out and came back again, the boy was still holding on to the mirror. 4h2QLd

He walked over and silently looked at the boy’s reflection.

Chen You received a huge fright and was so startled he didn’t make a sound.

The expression in Lei Ming’s eyes was inquisitive.

Chen You licked his lips, My little partner just told me I won’t be this beautiful again in the future, so I wanted to look a bit more. 5t uI3

Lei Ming thought that the child didn’t think he was good-looking enough and was dissatisfied.

After a short pause, Lei Ming spoke, “You are beautiful.”

Chen You rearranged some strands of stray hair, “I know.”

The corners of his mouth curved up as Lei Ming encouraged, “Eat more and you will surpass me.” kIlYwq

Chen You, “…Oh.”

He wanted to say, Xiao Ming, surpassing you is not my goal. My goal is to feed you some paste.

He contemplated this but figured that if this idea was said out loud, Lei Ming definitely wouldn’t laugh. Chen You just laughed by himself instead.

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Not even mentioning paste, he didn’t even have a single drop of rice water. 7uZz4V

Lei Ming rubbed the youth’s head, “I’ve ordered a toy for you. It should arrive soon.”

Chen You’s scalp immediately exploded, More small toys? Can I refuse?

‘Soon’ arrived at a time when the two were in front of the mirror comparing their beauty.

The adjutant brought something inside, gave a report, and then left. MTZWrG

Lei Ming took out a small pair of pants from the package. It was very unique. Not only was the shape special, but the color was also a distinctive gold.

“Usually when you run, it’s a bit difficult. Wear this and try it out.”

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How considerate and thoughtful. Chen You had nothing to say.

A moment passed as Chen You looked at the pants and at the man holding them, “Have you tried them?” qR57wM

Lei Ming answered, “I don’t need it.”

Jtfc Tbe rjlv, “Zjpbg Xfcfgji, P vbc’a atlcx P cffv la flatfg.”

Lei Ming was silent as the grave, but he used a strong momentum to express three words – You need it.

Jtfc Tbe kjr gfcvfgfv rqffmtifrr. Lf mtjcufv tlr qjcar jcv obecv atja atfgf kjr j riba lc atf wlvvif, pera klvf fcbeut ab ola akb qfcvjcar. HkiKfC

Lf vlvc’a xcbk ktja wjafglji atfs kfgf wjvf bea bo. Pc jvvlalbc ab yflcu rtbmxqgbbo jcv tbivlcu atlcur lc qijmf, atfs kfgf jirb kjgw lc atf klcafg jcv mbbi lc atf rewwfg.

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Very nice.

Only, the pearls underneath the pendants were flattened and squished, so he had to frequently adjust with his hands.

Lei Ming waited for the youth’s product review. Q2yFGu

Chen You diligently processed the experience, trying his best to communicate with his pendants.

Seeing that the child was silent, Lei Ming assumed that it wasn’t good enough and decided to adjust it.

You could decide not to, but if you set out to accomplish something, it should be the best.

Chen You had observed this trait in another person before. eQsAPL

After repeatedly testing it out, he fell in love with this constant sensation of taking off and flying around above a prairie.

“Major General, thank you. I really like it.”

Lei Ming touched a point on the back of the boy’s pants. Chen You didn’t know what mechanism was pressed, but the seam automatically opened up and swiftly spread out in two directions, revealing a gap the size of two pendants.

Chen You twisted his neck back around and saw Lei Ming inserting his pendants. He pouted. Clearly, the man was just trying to save time and make things more convenient for himself. NOpB7i

“This won’t make the pants burst open, Major General?”

Lei Ming replied, “It won’t. The pants are elastic.”

“…” Chen You waited a bit, “Are the pendants all the way in?”

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Lei Ming’s breath was heavy, “Be quiet.” Dy910X

Chen You found an opportunity to simultaneously chat and eat paste, “Major General, you are a little hot today.”

Lei Ming, “Feels uncomfortable?”

“Not really,” Chen You added, “I’m just afraid that if the temperature is too high, a fire will break out inside.”

Just think, ah. Isn’t there electricity being generated? Once the temperature crosses a certain threshold, some smoke might be created and a fire might start. Y7uUtA

Lei Ming took his pendants and went to the bathroom. He rinsed and soaked them in cold water, and after the temperature fell, he put them back in place.

He was afraid of scalding the boy.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen You groaned and moaned. It felt nice and cool.

In the evening, the regimental commander asked for Chen You to do some ideological work. As the family member of a soldier, he needed to have a certain degree of understanding. LmYIei

Chen You was definitely lacking in this.

The commander accompanied him for a bit and kindly and amiably explained that the sanitary environment of this place was not very good. Furthermore, since there was an ongoing war, it was dangerous and not conducive to the growth and development of one’s body.

Chen You heard what he was really trying to say. He was trying to convince him to go back.

This won’t do. orNA3Q

He said, “Uncle, I’m not afraid.”

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The commander could only laugh and praise him, “What a good child.”

Chen You continued to stare at the patterns on the ground, very obedient.

“The old man is getting on in his years and needs someone by his side to care for him,” the commander continued, “but Lei Ming is stuck here and can’t get away.” AzwHTW

According to the norm, Chen You should say, “I’m worried about grandpa, so I’ll go back.”

However, this trick was just a one-way street. If he was unwilling to go, then no one could force him to.

“Grandpa’s body is very healthy and there are many uncles and aunts looking after him. Uncle, you can rest assured. The major general knows this well in his heart.”

The regiment commander pressed down on the armrest of his chair, exposing an obvious impatience. The youth was very clever and difficult to handle. csVjxF

“Little friend, do you want to go to school?”

Chen You complained in his heart, Don’t want to, ai. Go to what school, ah. It’s not like I’m here to attend class.

The commander elaborated, “Uncle has some friendship with the college dean. If you want, Uncle can write a letter of recommendation and allow you to enroll.”

No thanks. Uncle, I still have a lot of tasks to complete. I just want to go home. Chen You gratefully said, “Uncle, thank you for your kind offer, but I don’t have those intentions.” mTKch

The commander tried several other routes, but they were blocked at every point until he was at the end of his rope.

He finally understood that unless the boy was returning to the capital together with Lei Ming, the child was not leaving.

Chen You left the room and saw Lei Ming standing there, so noble and handsome that everyone else turned into a backdrop.

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“The commander wants me to go back, but I don’t want to.” i8ybEc

Lei Ming concluded, “Then stay.”

Chen You didn’t say anything. He didn’t actually want to stay here. In fact, he just wanted to leave with Lei Ming, any random corner of the galaxy would do.

A few days later, Lei Ming was commanding the aerial forces and Chen You tagged along.

Sitting inside the battleship, Chen You spotted a large, dense mass of black on the horizon. Once it got closer, he was able to see that it was made of huge insects. 6f3bAo

Their bodies were covered by hard, black shells and their eyes were as large as bronze bells. They moved speedily and whizzed through the air looking extremely fierce.

Chen You pulled on Lei Ming’s hand and shook his head, pleading, “Don’t go out.”

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Lei Ming frowned, “Behave.”

What bullshit. If you get torn to pieces, I don’t have any magic to put you back together. Chen You followed him with an expression of ‘You jump, I jump!’ xdU3fB

As a result, he was pushed back into his seat by several soldiers.

That day, Lei Ming was carried back.

The crowd watched as the youth ran over and threw himself on the major general’s body, tears streaming down his face as he cried very pitifully.

Their focus was on the child’s face. What did he eat and drink? With each passing day, he was getting more and more beautiful. If he continued like this, where would it end? B7jImn

The adjutant coughed, “The major general just has a leg injury, and he’s temporarily unconscious.”

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Chen You asked, “He’s not dead?”

The adjutant, “No.”

Chen You’s tears instantly dried up. FTid8X

The adjutant, “…”

Lei Ming wasn’t out for long before he woke up. His gaze swept over and once he saw the child, the expression in his eyes calmed down and steadied.

Chen You went over and held Lei Ming’s hand as he asked how Lei Ming was feeling and whether anything was hurting or not.

Lei Ming stared at the boy’s tense and anxious face and was entranced. 2c1sBN

Chen You changed posture for him to look at and said in his heart, “If I tell him to choose between having me and killing aliens, would crying and stirring up a fuss have any effect?”

System, “No.”

Chen You, “I think the same.” For men like Lei Ming, both hard and soft methods were useless; he was difficult to persuade.

Chen You sighed and complained, “Why are my targets always so obstinate? The probability of meeting a good, obedient baby is really too low.” pY0tHk

The system retorted, “It’s not low, it’s nonexistent.”

Chen You vomited blood, I’m dead.

Lei Ming’s physique was very strong, especially as someone who was not a normal human, so his leg injury wasn’t a big deal. Soon, he was able to get up and continue with his duties.

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At the end of the month, Chen You grew restless and anxious. frWDbQ

Once it was the 6th, there were still four days left before Lei Ming’s accident. Chen You was nervous to the point where he could be sent to a specialized neurological hospital and get injected with a few tranquilizers every day.

What’s more, Lei Ming was afraid that he’d be worried, so he slept in a separate room every night. Every day, he was busy with matters pertaining to the war. Chen You wasn’t able to see him at all, so no matter how many moves he had, he wasn’t able to use any of them.

This was going to be the final battle against the alien invaders, since the youngest major general of the Empire and the alien race’s king would perish together.

As soon as the king died, the alien army had turned disorderly and was easily exterminated in one swoop. V2gBeD

Chen You clutched his head, “What should I do?”

System, “Are you talking to me?”

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Lately, Chen You had taken to talking to himself, so it was no wonder that the system was unsure about who Chen You was addressing. “Yes, yes, I’m talking to you. Help me find a way.”

The system said, “You have unlimited potential.” Y0Ut2K

Chen You deflected, “Before I was just bragging. In reality, my brain capacity is only the size of a single grain of black rice.”

System, “…”

“The target isn’t dead, so you still have a chance to complete the mission.”

Chen You said, “Is there still time to die?” aXMtZ

System, “There’s still time.”

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Chen You wanted to cry.

On the 10th, the army was ready to head out. Lei Ming appeared in front of Chen You with a new scar on his forehead, his expression solemn.

Chen You didn’t want to hear the ‘wait for me to come back and marry you’ kind of talk. He grabbed Lei Ming with all his strength and took a ferocious bite out of his shoulder, drawing blood. fUSnGi

Lei Ming’s brows made no movements as he simply patted the child’s back. 

“I’m going.”

“You can’t go! I-I,” Chen You recklessly blurted out, “I already have a baby!”

Lei Ming, “…” J1nHli

Chen You, “…”

The baby is a big-headed ghost. I really want to strangle myself.

He didn’t dare look at Lei Ming’s expression and feebly called for help in his mind, “Ah-4, can you figure out a way to get me a baby?”

The system replied, “No baby, but you do have an egg.” XzhxTy

Chen You was surprised, “Egg? What egg?” Surely it didn’t mean that without him knowing, he had already laid a snake egg at some point in time?

System, “Idiot.”

Chen You, “…”

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Quick Transmigration: I’m Almost Dead
Chapter 64