Rebirth of the Great Favor
Chapter 40

Author: Zhi Jiu
Source: willkissonyou

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“Huff... huff... huff...” When Shen Qi woke up, she saw the unfamiliar top of the gauze covering veil. Only then did she know the shameful thing was just a dream.

She was relieved and a little melancholy. She didn’t understand why she had such a lustful dream nor why she could sleep peacefully in this strange environment where she was “imprisoned” without the an xi xiang given by Shen Zhonghua.

In the dream, Shen Zhonghua’s scorching hot essence was shot into her body, slipped through her inner wall, overflowed from her hole entrance, and slid down along her buttocks. And during reality, Shen Qi’s lower abdomen tightened. There was a strand of sticky thickness squeezed out of her flower hole which hit her trousers wet.

Shen Qi got up in a hurry to deal with it briefly. The servant girl waiting outside the room must have heard the movements and asked Shen Qi tentatively: “Did the young lady get up?”

“Mm.” Shen Qi responded, feeling even more ashamed. Didn’t expect that as an “imprisoned” person she got up so late. Could it be true that under Shen Zhonghua’s order, she regarded her subordinate self as a wicked miss?

What Shen Qi was surprised at was that the Su family actually sent two servant girls to serve her.

Presumably not the sixth young master, Su Yanling. It should be the order of Su Shengfeng. What was ironic was when Shen Qi refused them to serve her and changed clothes herself. Preparing to comb her black hair, it was unknown whether it was a forthright person or some other reason. One of the servant girls said: “One didn’t expect the young lady’s figure is similar to that of the young miss. These are the new clothes made by the best tailor with the most expensive fabrics when the young miss came to this Bie Garden to appreciate cherry blossoms last year, and haven’t even had time to wear them.”

Shen Qi ignored her. She didn’t know how long the two brothers of the Su family would keep her. She even wondered, had Shen Zhonghua found out she wasn’t in the palace at this time? If he noticed, would he search the Su family?

Like the dream just now, Shen Qi’s heart was in disorder again. Would he come to look for her? If he looked for her, did it mean he was anxious and cared about her? Would he know she was now at the Su family and still turn around to find her? Thinking of this, Shen Qi finally discovered that her humble heart that was buried in the dust wasn’t dead, but still held dreams and expectations.

“No......” Shen Qi curbed this idea in time. She told herself: “That man doesn’t love you, will not love you for a lifetime. Don’t be silly anymore. Love him you’ll die......”

In the previous life, Shen Qi wasn’t afraid of death. She was only afraid she would die and couldn’t be with Shen Zhonghua. In this life, Shen Qi was a little scared. It was probably because Su Shengfeng gave her hopes that she would find her biological parents. She believed and faintly felt that it wasn’t her parents who didn’t want her. They also pampered her and loved her, but she wasn’t careful, she ran around and got lost.

Living again, Shen Qi had the most self-knowledge. She naturally didn’t dare to expect herself to be the miss of the general. No matter if poor or rich, as long as she could reunite with the parents who love her, that was enough. What was more, yesterday when Su Shengfeng asked her, the more he asked, the more his expression was near leaving. Shen Qi thought there was probably no hope because he had recognized the wrong person.

Fortunately, she didn’t dare to hope because the previous life proved to her over and over again that there could be disappointment with hope. The greater the hope, the more despairing it was. Finally looking back, she only then realized suddenly. She originally thought it was just a simple wish, in her regard, it was an extravagant hope.

Here, Shen Qi didn’t expect she barely combed her hair into a simple bun and already heard someone approaching this way.

Listening to the footsteps, it was still a martial arts person. The footwall was firm, steady, and powerful, but with a hint of urgency and flustered. Shen Qi clenched the hairpin in her hand tightly. If the coming person wasn’t good, she was bound to fight.

The reason why she was using this stance was that the dagger in her sleeve was searched out by the Su family earlier. At that time, Su Shengfeng also said to her: “What makes a girl always wield sword and spear, also not afraid of hurting oneself?”

When Su Shengfeng said this sentence, Shen Qi was a little dazed. This was probably the first time someone said to her, a person that died for someone who fought in the wind and frost, a shadow sword, that you were a girl.

At that time, Shen Qi was silent and turned coldly. Only she knew she wanted to cry.

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Rebirth of the Great Favor
Chapter 40