Rebirth of the Great Favor
Chapter 41

Author: Zhi Jiu
Source: willkissonyou

“Have the person woke up?” The man entered the courtyard and asked the servant girl at the door. Knowing that Shen Qi woke up, he pushed the door and entered.

Shen Qi was expressionless at this moment, but her body was stiff like a cat with a dangerous bow on her back. The door was pushed open with a “squeaked” sound and the man came in with slight flurried footsteps. Shen Qi looked at his expression like a lone wolf sneaking in the darkness.

The man’s figure was seven feet high and somewhat strong. It looked like he was in his thirties. His sideburns covered his face, making him look more mature than his actual age.

When the man saw Shen Qi, his tall figure had a slight pause then stepped quickly toward Shen Qi in a formidable manner.

The man came to Shen Qi and stretched out his hand. Shen Qi had already clenched the hairpin in her hand. If he had any threatening actions, she would stab him without hesitation. However, the man didn’t take action, so Shen Qi also suppressed her intent to kill.

“Resemble......” The man reached out to cover Shen Qi’s eyes, showing only the lower half of Shen Qi’s calm facial features. His voice was a little incredible but also a little excited: “Resemble...... really resemble...... resemble too much......”

Shen Qi was somewhat dumbfounded for a moment. The man moved his palm that was covering Shen Qi’s eyes down to cover the lower half of her small face, exposing her two eyes.

“These brows and eyes...... somewhat fierce......” The man thus commented. He tilted his head again and looked at Shen Qi carefully up and down, murmuring: “Look carefully...... they also resemble...... big almond eyes, the end of the eye raised...... it’s exactly......”

Shen Qi still didn’t understand. Suddenly, the man extended both hands to grab her. He grabbed Shen Qi’s arms tightly and shook, shouting in a loud voice: “You’re Little Seven! You must be Little Seven!”

Shen Qi was a little dizzy and a little confused by his shaking. As soon as she was absent-minded, the hairpin in her hand fell to the ground. Even though the sideburns covered the man’s face, it was also difficult to hide his happiness. Just when he fluttered over wanting to hug Shen Qi in his arms, Su Shengfeng standing at the door gave a light cough: “Big brother.”

The man reacted and hurriedly released Shen Qi. He turned around and shouted a voice: “Fourth younger brother!”

Saying that he then walked to Su Shengfeng’s side. He grabbed his arm and couldn’t hide his excitement: “It’s Little Seven. It’s really Little Seven! She and Mother’s look are almost exactly the same!”

By the way of addressing, Shen Qi only knew that this man was actually the general’s eldest young master. Since he was young, he followed the troops of the great general to fight on the battlefield and led a group of soldiers to conquer territories. Su Antai, at a young age he was already a Major General.

Big brother Su insisted that Shen Qi was “Little Seven”, which was the general’s missing miss since childhood.

“Why didn’t you tell me, didn’t tell father and mother?” Su Antai’s tone was full of reproach: “If father and mother know, how happy they must be! You clearly know that Mother has been depressed these years exactly because of Little Seven’s thing. The health isn’t good and now it’s even more......”

“Big brother, please calm down.” Su Shengfeng glanced sideways at Su Yanling who followed behind him. He clearly warned him repeatedly not to tell the family until the matter was clear. He didn’t expect Su Yanling told his big brother Su Antai as soon as he returned home.

Su Shengfeng said: “The matter is inconclusive. The reason why I didn’t yet explain to our parents and brothers is also afraid...... afraid that the whole happy thing in the end is in vain.

“Our Su family hasn’t given up looking for Little Seven over the years. It’s not without hope but in the end......” Su Shengfeng explained: “Big brother, you also know that Mother’s body can’t be stimulated at present. I really......”

“Why can’t it be concluded!” He was the military general in the end. Su Antai’s way of thinking was simple: “She and Mother are simply carved out of a mold. Isn’t this conclusive enough?”

Su Shengfeng was just about to open his mouth, but he saw the guard step forward and whispered to him: “Fourth young master, Prince Xuan is here.”

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Rebirth of the Great Favor
Chapter 41