Rebirth of the Great Favor
Chapter 42

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Shen Zhonghua was here? Did he find it here and come?

It was unexpected but it was also reasonable.

What was unexpected was that Shen Qi was only just a person that died for him, served by his side. Even if she could climb his bed but in Shen Qi’s eyes, it was just for him to sate his lust. But one didn’t expect Shen Zhonghua to actually come. He came...... was it to find her?

Shen Qi’s heart was beating like a drum, but she clearly knew the ability of Shen Zhonghua so finding her was reasonable.

“What is he here for?” Su Antai asked.

Su Shengfeng glanced at Shen Qi. No matter how she concealed it, he still sensed her nervousness. Su Shengfeng said: “Miss need not worry. No one dares to move a hand in our Su family.”

Shen Qi wasn’t worried about this problem. As long as Shen Zhonghua still liked Su Lianxue, cared about her, and wanted to please her, he wouldn’t embarrass the Su family. In Shen Qi’s eyes, Shen Zhonghua naturally liked Su Lianxue.

Shen Qi bent down to pick up the hairpin. Su Shengfeng and Su Yanling had already gone to the front hall to see Shen Zhonghua. Su Antai didn’t leave. He was still excited wanting to pat Shen Qi’s arm, but he was somewhat awkward and finally patted his head saying: “Reassured, younger sister. No one dares to touch my Su family’s people.”

This made her one of the Su family. Shen Qi felt warm in her heart but she felt timid because she noticed that she was greedy for such blood-and-flesh affection. Older brothers were friendly and younger brothers were respectful.

She blessed Su Antai’s body and said: “I’ll go and take a look.”

Shen Zhonghua was her master. No matter whether Shen Zhonghua was looking for her or not. There was no reason to avoid it when she knew where her master was.

“Then I’ll go, too. That kid bullied Xue-er. Xue-er came back crying with a red nose. Once I meet him, if Laozi doesn’t peel his skin, it can’t be!” Su Antai said and also followed up. In this way, several servant girls that serve Shen Qi also didn’t restrict her freedom.

(T/N: Laozi literally means: "I, your father" in anger, or out of contempt.)

Presumably, Su Antai didn’t know the relationship between Shen Qi and Shen Zhonghua. Shen Qi couldn’t help sneering. She wondered what would happen if Su Antai knew that she and Shen Zhonghua were “flowing the same pollution” and bullied his Xue-er?

(T/N: tóngliúhéwū is an idiom that literally means: to wallow in the mire with somebody.)

Thinking like this, Shen Qi and Su Antai reached the front hall together. When she saw Shen Zhonghua’s tall, happy figure, Shen Qi’s breathing was slightly slow. She thought of the dream last night uncontrollably. With just the thought of it, she already felt the anticipation of wetness between her legs.

So Shen Qi didn’t dare to think about it. SHe lowered her head and prepared to go straight forward to greet Shen Zhonghua. And Shen Zhonghua also caught sight of her and extended his hand toward her saying: “Qiqi, come here.”

“This miss is a guest of my Su family. Maybe she is still the miss of my family. You ask her to go over and she’ll just go?” Su Antai stretched out his strong arm to stop Shen Qi and said to Shen Zhonghua: “Who do you think you are!” (tenderflower: Err… the emperor’s son? ;;;;;;;;)

For these words, one was afraid that only the people of the Su family would dare to say so to Prince Xuan, Shen Zhonghua.

Shen Zhonghua wasn’t angry. With a smile like jade and stating uprightly to Su Antai: “I am her man.”

“!?” Not only Shen Qi, but the three young masters of the Su family were also shocked by Shen Zhonghua’s words. Shen Qi was even more frightened by Shen Zhonghua. (tenderflower: LOL he dropped a bomb!!) Her chin couldn’t be closed. If it wasn’t for Shen Zhonghua walking up to her and pulling up her little hand, she was afraid that she still hadn’t returned to her senses.

“Shen Zhonghua, what do you mean?!” Su Antai’s character was violent, not to be trifled with: “It’s not enough for you to provoke Xue-er, you still want to provoke......”

Su Antai didn’t continue. In fact, what he said first, Su Shengfeng also guessed it. It was nothing more than you provoke one of my younger sisters but you still want to provoke another one? But without factual evidence, Su Antai couldn’t hold this breath.

Shen Zhonghua actually opened his mouth on the contrary: “I’ve said it. There is only one young miss of the Su family in my heart. It is before and so it is now. Just......

“The three Su brothers are also clear that Su Lianxue isn’t really the young miss of the Su family.”

LOL his imperial prince is so worthless to their Su family ^0^

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Rebirth of the Great Favor
Chapter 42

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