Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 219

Author: Fēng Yǔ Zìrán
Source: wordexcerpt

After riding the carriage for two days, Gong Jue’s birthday arrived.

On this day, Gong Jue didn’t know what happened, but Gong Yi Mo said that she wanted to get off the carriage and play. The hurried journey back was pushed back by her.

Gong Yi Mo found it strange that the guards who accompanied them listened to Gong Jue so well, but she only thought about it for a moment before throwing it to the back of her mind.

They entered Hezhou City and were extremely lucky because the new year was coming and the streets were bustling with activity. It was very festive.

“This Hezhou City is quite out of the way. I didn’t expect there to be so many people, and looking around, it seems quite good. It can be seen that the local landlord is quite capable.”

Gong Yi Mo nodded her head, then dragged Gong Jue around the streets with her.

Gong Jue didn’t know what she was trying to do and kept a careful watch on her lest she be hit by someone.

She seemed to want to buy something, checking each stall they pass by, but didn’t get anything.

There was not a single item in the street that caught her eye. She thought for a moment and bought two candied haws, dragging Gong Jue to the only river in the city and sat beside it to rest.

This winding river was the source of life of this city. This place drifted close to the west and lacked water. That’s why people cherished this river and would come here every year to celebrate with lanterns for the river god.

The sky gradually dimmed. Looking at the lights on both sides of the river, the lively crowd, and the various lanterns in the water, Gong Yi Mo felt her heart relax. She handed a candied haw to Gong Jue.

Gong Jue wasn’t a picky either and also liked sweets. That’s why whenever she buys sweets, she doesn’t forget to get some for Gong Jue.

Gong Jue smiled and said nothing.

“Gong Jue, after today, you’ll be thirteen!”

Gong Jue heard her words and was slightly startled. His memory was good so he wouldn’t forget his own birthday. It’s just that he didn’t care. He didn’t think that the reason why Gong Yi Mo stopped the journey was in order to celebrate his birthday.

Delaying the journey to celebrate his birthday… If Gong Jue knew about this, he would never agree so Gong Yi Mo took action before telling. It gave his heart an endless warmth.

Gong Yi Mo would always give him a memorable birthday from a very young age.

Whether it was making some new pastry, giving a book he hadn’t read before that she hand copied, or taking him out to steal or cause some mischief, she spared no effort to make him happy. She would then press him to make a wish.

Sure enough, after finishing her sentence, Gong Yi Mo continued, “There are no candles or cake this year. Let’s not be too picky about it either. Just make a wish towards the river, it’ll definitely come true!”

Gong Jue found it funny. Every time she made a wish she had to clasp her hands and close her eyes. He thought it was really childish but still did so.

Looking at the lanterns dotting the river, his eyes were gentle as he closed his eyes and made a heartfelt wish.

But what Gong Yi Mo didn’t know was that since she appeared, his wish every year was the same: there was only one.

…If there is a God in the sky, please listen to my prayer. I, Gong Jue, in this entire lifetime, will only take Gong Yi Mo this one person who can… grow old together with me!

Before his wish was finished, Gong Yi Mo hung something cold on his neck, her warm breath by his ear causing him to tremble like he was shocked! When he turned his head, he saw her beautiful smiling face that made others want to swallow her down.

His throat moved.

“This is…”

Gong Yi Mo smiled, “I didn’t find anything suitable to gift you after searching for a while. Only this thing was not bad.”

It was a small compass. It was round and pretty, a decoration item.

“Do you like it?” This was something she didn’t have much of in her inventory!

Gong Jue listened to her tell him its uses and smiled, “Even if Sister Gong gifted me a leaf, I would treasure it.”

Like this candied haw, both he and Gong Che probably got it from the Emperor and hated sweets very much, but every time, if Gong Yi Mo gives it to him, he would not hesitate to eat it. That’s why everyone always thought that he liked to eat sweets.

Like then like! Because he… will become whatever she likes!

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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 219