Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 481

Author: Fēng Yǔ Zìrán
Source: ShainaG Translations


She was clearly wearing simple robes and her hair was scattered, and her forehead was bruised, but the moment she turned around, she seemed to have a dignifying imposing manner, one like a king. Everyone shut their mouths. They wanted to look at her, but they didn’t dare.

“Heaven doesn’t like me?”

Gong Yimo laughed.

Rain was almost gone, but the sound of thunder grew. It seemed to be tearing the sky apart.

Under this situation, she was still able to deliver her words and it spread to everyone’s ears. Those who feared the anger of heaven wanted to escape but at the same time, were stunned and froze in their original spot because of her dignifying imposing manner. Their hearts shivered.

She smiled and looked up at the sky. She didn’t conceal the murderous gaze in her eyes.

Everyone felt as if they had heard ghosts howl and cry. There were tragic cries that made their scalps go numb, but if they were to listen more carefully, it felt as if they heard nothing at the same time.

At this time, Gong Yimo parted her lips and pointed at the sky, her imposing manner shocking.

While laughing, “Look! Today, I will regain my position and glory! I don’t care whether heaven likes me or not. It has no choice but to obey me!”

After she finished, the sky let out its loudest roar as if heaven was going against her words. Compared to the gloomy sky, she was so insignificant and small!

But Gong Yimo wasn’t afraid.

Towards the shocked emperor, she said, “Emperor father, ask the heaven!”

Gong Cheng was really frightened. Even he wanted to submit to Gong Yimo when she pointed at the sky, revealing the arrogance and dominance aura, and how calm and casual her attitude was.

Therefore, when he heard Gong Yimo’s words, he almost subconsciously obeyed and repeated her words.

Right now, rain had stopped completely, but thunder seemed to be inches away from them. Blue and purple sparked and exploded nonstop. It seemed as if heaven was making its last resistance. This was such a scary scene that only came at least once a century. He couldn’t help but tremble when standing on the Tiantai and talking.

“Today is the winter of December 1921. I am the third emperor of Da Yu, Gong Cheng. Here I am asking heaven… I have a daughter who is clever and intelligent. She has contributed greatly to Da Yu and to the common people. She is knowledgeable and can take on the heavy responsibility. I have granted her the same status as the crown prince as a result, and she is conferred the title as Phoenix of the Glory!”

He was a bit nervous after saying all of this.

“Heaven, please give me your indication!”

“Heaven, please give us your indication!”

Saying this, Gong Jue also kneeled down and said justly.

After he kneeled, the imperial guards all kneeled down in a straight line.

“Heaven, please give us your indication!”

People viewed Gong Jue in a positive light after he strictly punished the corrupt official and even more, there were a lot of common people that still believed in Gong Yimo. Therefore, they kneeled down sincerely.

Seeing that Gong Jue had kneeled down, the officials didn’t dare to not kneel either. Therefore, everyone kneeled in front of the Tiantai.

“Heaven, please give us your indication!”

The voices spread across the entire imperial city, and everyone’s hearts burst with feelings. They all looked at Gong Yimo in respect.

However, Gong Yimo didn’t kneel down. She looked at the sky and revealed a smile of triumph.

She originally should’ve kneeled down but she only said, “Today, I am recovering my position. Heaven, please bless us and give us a lucky omen!!”

Her words shocked everyone and they all looked up. But what did they see when they looked up?

Sound of thunder suddenly disappeared and the gloomy sky was gone.

, there was a ray of sunshine, and the sun broke through the clouds. Sunshine shone on them!

Heaven has made its appearance!


Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 481