Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 483

Author: Fēng Yǔ Zìrán
Source: ShainaG Translations


The empress dowager was shocked by the scene in front of her.

That woman, loved by all, was really standing on the Tiantai and receiving all’s respect. Even heaven has no choice but to bestow a lucky omen for her. Was she really just a bastard whose father died?

Why was it different from what she expected?

Gong Cheng was startled awake by the common people’s applause!

He glanced at his daughter with a complicated expression. This was his daughter! This was glory that belonged to Da Yu, and to him, and more so for everyone in the world! This moment would be recorded in history and everyone in the future would find out!

The imperial city was bustling and lively as if it had been celebrating New Years as one listened to this world-shaking cheers and applause.

Who dares to let heaven change faces, and obey a person? Only princess!

This princess belonged to Da Yu, and she would always bring glory to the country!

Huadan Wuyou almost spat blood out.

She glanced at the woman on the Tiantai, her beautiful face almost distorted!

Impossible! She clearly predicted that the weather would be bizarre together. Even more, she lost one of her most powerful fierce generals as a result of this! How come she ended up helping that woman in the end?

She thought of how much the king valued this woman. She felt fortunate that he hadn’t seen this scene, otherwise he’d probably be more curious about Gong Yimo and more disappointed in her.

What she didn’t expect was that since she was able to illegally immigrate to Da Yu that King Luo Ye could too!

Even more, that person was at the pavilion not far from her. He was smiling at the scene

His pair of eagle-like and deep eyes were full of interest. His eyes were purplish blue, like a beautiful gemstone in this world. One couldn’t look away after first glance.

Interesting, interesting.

This Da Yu was really getting interesting.

Compared to Gong Yimo, the Huadan beauties that the people of Luo Ye bragged and flattered were no match to her. It was unclear how interesting their expressions would be once they found out about this.

King Luo Ye glanced fixated at that woman, secretly thinking about this.

Gong Yimo lifted her head as if feeling a gaze. The two didn’t make eye contact, but it felt as if their gazes were trained and fixated on one another. Gong Yimo slightly knitted her brows.

Just who was peeking on her?

King Luo Ye felt even more surprised. His handsome face was hidden in a corner as he curled his lips up, revealing a provoking smile.

She really is a powerful woman! Just like a wolf on grassland and an eagle in the sky. One couldn’t be off guard with her.

The procedures following it were successful. The officials all congratulated her, and the emperor and empress blessed her too. The emperor was extremely happy that he granted valuable and rare rewards, and even added the subtitle “reinforcer of the country” within Gong Yimo’s title.

This wasn’t the end. The empress also conferred her a subtitle, “elder.”

Gong Yimo was ranked seven, but after she was conferred a subtitle, she was the first one amongst the princesses.

Her complete title became. “Elder Princess Phoenix of the Glory, Reinforcer of the Country.” She got the same salary as the crown prince and status equivalent to him.

The officials hadn’t expected this at all because the title of princesses usually contained only two words. The empress’ title had four words. As for Gong Yimo however, she was the first princess to obtain a title with six words since the founding of Da Yu. Her status was extremely high, one point away from the top.

The title conferring ceremony finally ended after the entire afternoon whilst everyone was still shocked by her glory and honor.


Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 483