Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 484

Author: Fēng Yǔ Zìrán
Source: ShainaG Translations


Gong Yimo returned to the palace after coming from the Tiantai and changed her clothes. Before she could rest for a bit, the emperor summoned her.

He had no choice. Luo Ye’s infiltration of the capital was too important. Otherwise, he didn’t want to rush and summon her either.

Gong Yimo naturally knew the importance of this matter so she hurried over. Right now, many officials were gathered in the Discussion Palace. They all went into the palace after changing their clothes at home. Plus, they looked at Gong Yimo strangely as if she was some rare item.

What made her gloomy was that Gong Jue also looked at her weirdly. She couldn’t describe it. If she really was to say… then probably, thinking if he should eat her steamed or simmer-fried.

Gong Yimo shook her head and shook this strange thought away from her mind.

What a pity that Gong Jue had to go after Gong Yimo arrived. Because he had exposed all these events from the past, lots of people were waiting for him in the Zhao Prison. Even if he had the intention of staying, he had to handle these matters first.

What he didn’t know was that the moment he left, Gong Yimo felt relaxed as if some sort of alarm had been disabled.

“Mo’er?” Gong Cheng waved his hands at her, and said, “Come here, come to me.”

For the most part, Gong Cheng was happy because heaven has revealed a lucky omen. This proves that Da Yu will prosper more and more because heaven has approved of Gong Yimo!

Gong Yimo sat by the seat next to him as if acting like a well-behaved child. She wasn’t stern nor dominant like she was on the Tiantai. No matter how someone looked at her, they’d only think that she was a beautiful and noble princess!

Gong Cheng was extremely pleased. He smiled and asked, “Do you know the background of the person you beheaded?”

Gong Yimo’s expression turned a bit serious. “That person calls himself Cnag Xiu. I heard of him when I was at Yu Heng in the past. He has outstanding martial arts skills, and King Luo Ye valued him a lot. Most importantly, he was KingLuo’s fiancee’s family’s henchman. Even more, he belonged to the future Princess Consort Huadan Wuyou!”

“Huadan Wuyou?” Gong Cheng obviously heard of this name because she was Luo Ye’s goddess and the lead in offering sacrifices every year to the gods and ancestors.

At this time, Gong Cheng thought of something and his eyes suddenly brightened. “That means that Huadan Wuyou is also in Da Yu?!”

Gong Yimo smiled. “She should be because Cang Xiu never leaves her side. Therefore, there is a high possibility that she is in Da Yu!”

Gong Cheng was a bit moved. If he was able to capture Luo Ye’s fiancee, then it’d provide him a great bargain in the future.

What was going to happen next? Obviously the matter regarding the money far,

Gong Cheng had already decided to have trading relations with Yu Heng, and keep the same currency. After Yu Heng, he was naturally going to aim for Yu Qi and Luo Ye. After all, the moment he opened the country’s door to one, he naturally couldn’t keep it closed for the others. Therefore, this thought had already appeared when he decided to have trading relations with Yu Heng.

But how could he have trading relations with the other two countries?

Don’t mention Yu Qi first of all. It has been going through lots of internal strifles. The puppet emperor colluded with General Yumian to go against the empress dowager of Yu Qi. Gong Cheng didn’t want to intervene in such a chaotic matter. It was also difficult to work with Luo Ye. The king of Luo Ye was different from the past kings. Not only did he have outstanding martial arts skills, but he was incredibly intelligent. Since he ascended the throne, he had made quite a few changes and the strength of the country clearly increased.


Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 484