Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 487

Author: Fēng Yǔ Zìrán
Source: ShainaG Translations

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Shen Shiye sat unwillingly at the end of the banquet table, glaring at these people!

Right now, Gong Yimo was reading. Hearing that Gong Jue was about to come, she hurriedly stood up in fear. She didn’t know how to face him.

She felt very complicated feelings for him. Firstly, she thought that it was better to cut off their relationship in order to prevent rumors and countless troubles in the future. Secondly… she was afraid of hurting him. This placed Gong Yimo in a very difficult situation. She had never felt so much hesitation.

As for Gong Jue, he entered Gong Yimo’s palace without a care.

Even more, when he walked in, his expression was dark and full of murderous intent.

“What’s the matter?” Gong Yimo looked at him confusedly and asked. Seeing that he wasn’t in a good mood, she tossed her thoughts away, asking in concern.

“Royal sister doesn’t know?” He humphed. “Everyone, dismissed.”


Seeing that Gong Jue dismissed everyone, Gong Yimo immediately became on alert. She swallowed her saliva and asked, “What happened?”

Gong Jue smiled and walked closer to Gong Yimo calmly. But she had been moving back subconsciously, making him unhappy.

“Emperor father is selecting male lovers for you.”

“What?” Gong Yimo was shocked. She thought of something and hurried out. Look at the time now! Even if he really wanted to select someone, he didn’t need to act on the decision that urgently.

But when she walked out and was about to walk past Gong Jue, he hugged her from behind, tightly!

“You… let go of me!”

Gong Yimo suddenly remembered that he was the most dangerous. The moment he walked close to her, she exploded! Her ears were also red, itchy from his breath on her.

Gong Jue buried his head in her neck. “I refuse to let you go! Are you going to see those men?”

Gong Yimo knew that he was jealous and she was really speechless. She calmed down and said, “Let me go first. I just want to look for my father and tell him not to do this.”

“You can’t do that right now.”


“I don’t want those men to see you. You’re mine!”

Gong Yimo was conflicted and twisted her body. She noticed that Gong Jue was hugging her too tightly, and she wanted to use violence!

How did it come to this point? She was a bit angry.

“You weren’t like this in the past. You’re so well-behaved in the past, and you wouldn’t do this to me.”

Gong Jue smiled and suddenly lifted his head. “How did I treat you?”

He kissed her hair incomparably gently.

“Like this?”

Then he followed the strands of her hair and left countless burning and passionate kisses on her neck.

“Or like this?”

The numb and engrossed feeling made her feel angry but also helpless. But she couldn’t do anything about Gong Jue. She could only purse her lips and say, feeling wronged, “…You would never overstep your boundaries in the past. You were well-behaved in the past!”

Gong Jue suddenly laughed in a low voice. In the past?

“What if I tell you that I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time already?”

His words stunned Gong yimo.

“Not only do I want to kiss you, but also touch and possess you… Plus, I’ve been wanting to do it. I didn’t do it in the past because I… didn’t dare to let you know…”

Gong Jue felt slightly bitter when he recalled his past that he didn’t even want her to know. He wanted to seek comfort from her.

His hands were wrapped around her waist, his fingers sliding on her body. His eyes were deep and dark as if something deep was surging inside.

“Now, you know. I… don’t need to control myself either anymore.”

“I’ve always wanted to possess you!”

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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 487