Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 489

Author: Fēng Yǔ Zìrán
Source: ShainaG Translations

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She was confused. Even if she had some sort of feelings for Gong Jue, she shouldn’t be that afraid of him, right?

This was really going against the laws of heaven! She thought of how she used to pinch his face when she felt like it, and bullied him whenever… those days were gone. She wanted to cry at his current state.

She just wanted to hug his thighs, but why had he been wanting to eat her up when she raised him?

Who knew that there were quite a few… that want to eat her up.

By the time Gong Yimo walked to the plum garden, she just realized this issue. She wanted to cry again.

Her unreliable father! He really knows how to dig a pit for his daughter!

There were quite a few men in the plum garden looking around and eager to show off. They all revealed their talented sides, hoping that the princess would be interested in them.

The reason why Gong Cheng called Gong Yimo over was because he had the same thoughts.

He had abundant experience in choosing imperial concubines, but male lovers? He thought about it before deciding that it was better for Gong Cheng to select one that she liked. Therefore the moment she came, those burning and passionate gazes made her shiver!

The emperor waved her to his side and secretly said, “Mo’er… I thought about it and they all are talented. They all… are unique in their own ways too. Don’t be shy. Just tell me who you like.” He pondered before adding, “You don’t need to choose just one person either.”

Gong Yimo felt a mouthful of blood stuck inside her heart. She glanced at everyone and smiled fakely. The intense gazes on her felt as if she was the wolves’ prey.

Where was their integrity? They were choosing a male lover, not a top scorer in the palace examination!

She thought that of the men that came to volunteer themselves, none of them would be good. After all, why would they volunteer to be her male lover? Maybe they were bad on the inside or had ulterior motives. Hm, that must be it!

“Emperor father… I don’t want any of them.”

“No!” Gong Cheng subconsciously rejected. He already made this public, so how could she not choose? Plus, if Gong Yimo didn’t get married, she wouldn’t have children. He wanted her to have someone to rely on when she grew old.

“That’s settled. It’s okay if you don’t want to choose. I will choose a few for you. You just need to stay by the side and watch.”

What else could Gong Yimo say? She sat down, feeling despair taking over. She welcomed the gazes from all directions and sat still. When she noticed Shen Shiye was there too, she wanted to throw her shoes at him!

Was he here to support her?

When Shen Shiye saw Gong Yimo, he humphed unhappily. In the past, he had to leave because of an order. Who knew that so much had happened when she came back. Not only did she refuse to marry anyone, but she also decided to select male lovers. He really wanted to smack her head and see what she was thinking.

The poetic gathering still continued but because everyone wasn’t fully paying attention, it wasn’t that interesting. Especially when Gong Yimo left, those men acted as if their souls were gone. At this time, they already stood up to stretch. Gong Cheng suddenly walked over to a man that he approved of and said in a low voice, “Dong Quan, right? What do you think of the princess?”

Thinking of how disinterested Gong Yimo was when she sat there, a glint of smile flickered in Dong Quan’s bluish and purplish eyes.

“Princess? She’s really good.”

Gong Cheng was a bit proud. After all, this was his first time doing something like this. Although the other party was just a scholar, his imposing manner was pressing. One could tell that he would make a lot of contributions in the future.

Therefore, Gong Cheng asked in a low voice, “Are you willing to go to the princess’ residence?”

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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 489