Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The Strongest Magician Conquers a Parallel World~
Chapter 15

Author: Ryousuke Hata
Source: The Secret Base

Note: This is a machine translation. (I do try to fix up some stuff though)

It is a military academy.

It’s a story of a fierce battle on the front lines.

The military academy literally means an officer.

The purpose is to be a candidate for an executive in Dubai.

Needed for the trunk, and studied only strategy and war history.

It’s important to choose strategies and tactics, and it’s also important to train here and at the top.

There are no officers or officers who can study weakly.

Annual plants have basic physical strength.

There is a birichom run that has been run for dozens of weeks in the schoolyard that is not a military academy

Bad breath from an instructor who has bad breath.

“Well, that paw. The pig is still complete. Your father’s sip is enough to be.”

“Isn’t the military academy good for your pinoromaga?”

“I had a hard time as an instructor because your bag failed to evade. Go back here and hand over the condom.”

The military retreat and abusive miscellaneous words will be quicker, but fortunately, I entered the words.

Celica is only research, and its physical strength is top notch.

I kicked off the group of running men and ran all the way.

Martial arts too.

The military academy gains and kills self-defense, and the military academy trains, but Celica is overwhelming.

“The commoner, the most woman in training”

Yes, you can sadistically hurt beauty and push with a distinction of sexual desire to challenge Celica, and Celica vice versa.

“This is a pig harmony in this country. Is the true’man’only me a rainbow?”

The line of the heart is the line of the figure of Margaret Thatcher, the iron lady.

Although he was defeated by gender, skin color, and awkwardness, Celica was strong and able to result in the adversity.

When the military academy was in the second grade, Celica’s strength and strength became known to the students, and it showed a little bit.

There is less retaliation and I feel lonely, but don’t worry about it, just go to school.

Second grade element and cadet selection aptitude were identified, and the department was a non-commissioned officer.

Those who excel in tactics and strategy are in the strategy department, and those who excel in brain are in the engineering and medical departments who do not need physical strength.

The real magical power is a curse distributed to the magic department.

The first departments of strategy, engineering, and medicine existed in the previous life, but the magic department is a department from this different world.

It was, but there is a thigh, but this civilization of another world is back.

Magic works, but science and technology have been lost accordingly.

Gasoline cars exist.

There is a coal car with magic stone car arrangement magic.

There are airships, but no airships. There are no tanks.

There was something called a magic soldier without a tank.

A magical soldier is a soldier who roams the battlefield with magic.

Weapon Weapon Weapon.

When saving Celica Garnerise, do you think of a sword that straddles the Dreahito family’s sword?

That’s Serikano’s self-sufficient liberation, and the magical soldiers in this world are still good.

Defeated by powerful weapons, magical weapons, treasure swords, treasures and scabbards are listed as items, and there are real weapons.

Celica sought with a big sword and obeyed with a big sword, some with a spear and some with a rifle.

Completed in the previous life Anti-tank rifle glasses Anti-tank rifle thrust

It is the magic soldiers and the death toll who ran through the battlefield and achieved the results of the battle.

From this world where swords, guns and magic are the main force, there is a military department, and only one magic soldier becomes a battlefield

The magic department divided the popularity of the strategy department and the military academy into two.

Kake Kake Kake Kake Kake Kake

By the way, do you have Celica?

I thought about it even before I entered the military school.

There are Marshal, General, and Marshal, a strategy department.

The magic soldier, yes, Celica wants to be the general who commands the magic soldier.

Because it’s hard to throw away the magic soldiers.

The battlefield Magata Como peaches, but the table magic soldiers have never been successful.

The inevitability of the salary that says the martial arts is from the advancement of the battlefield. Of course, the story of survival.

By the way The lost Celica was the princess Renerise.

Go to villas for vacations and overnight villas.

Celica scones and tea scones and Celica scones.

“Renerise, I’m going to get out of my way and take power, but I don’t like it, and I’m going to get ahead, but should I choose the road?”

“Continue, more”

There is Celica-sama.

I was disappointed because I expressed my disappointment, but I wonder if this was a mistake to consult.

“That is?”

“That is a picture of a matchmaking. My father is about to move in to get married.”

“… get married”

Then, I flip through the standing cup and its copy.

They were all great aristocrats, wealthy men, and royal aristocrats of the accessory country.

“By the way, can you refuse the matchmaking?”

“Yes, but I was 20 years old.”


Celica, who commented on the obedience, decided.

Then, it’s strategic to advance, and it’s a magical course to advance from hand.

Celica can crush the empire’s leading magical soldier rider.

Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The Strongest Magician Conquers a Parallel World~
Chapter 15