Chapter 78

Author: Wu Zhe
Source: AmidstWoods

You dog-fucker!

Author: Wu Zhe, Translated by Ami 3

         They stayed in the store until past 9 o’clock. When people stopped coming in to buy things, Gu Fei closed up, and the two of them slowly strolled down the street.

         They didn’t eat very much today. Despite being a carnivore, Jiang Cheng was in too good a mood, so he only took a few bites before feeling full; he didn’t even eat as much as Gu Miao. Gu Fei ate even less, since he was in charge of grilling and keeping an eye on the heat the whole time.

         “Do you want anything else to eat?” Gu Fei asked.

         “Dude, in that case we can just go back and eat the extra meat we put away in the fridge.” Jiang Cheng rubbed his belly. It was actually a very pleasant feeling to be only half-full, he felt very light. Especially at a time like this, when the moon had just risen, and the night breeze was gently blowing through the streets, as he sauntered leisurely forward with his boyfriend along a deserted street with no destination in mind.

         And he didn’t need a destination. In fact, a lot of times, you don’t really need a destination, don’t need to think too much. As long as that person is by your side, you can keep walking forever.

         It had been a while since Jiang Cheng first arrived here, but there were still quite a few places in the Steel Works area he hadn’t been to. He had always thought of this place as dilapidated and grim, the people here living in a bleak stupor, this was an impression that had stuck with him even now. However…… he glanced at Gu Fei.

         But it was different with Gu Fei here. Even if he only caught a glimpse of him in the midst of a crowd, he’d feel a gentle tug on his heartstring, like his surroundings all of a sudden brightened. Everything he took in with his eyes, everything he felt in his heart, all of that changed as well.

         It would sound a little too dramatic if he spoke it aloud, but Gu Fei really was his comfort pill in this hopeless environment, his most important support when facing any and all unhappiness.

         Jiang Cheng’s phone chimed with an incoming message.

         He pulled it out to take a look, it was from Pan Zhi.

         – On how romantic love defeated friendship and the generational bond between grandpa and grandson: An Essay.

         “The shit?” Jiang Cheng stared, then swiped up on the screen, only then realizing that Pan Zhi had sent him a message at 1 AM that morning to wish him a happy birthday, and he completely missed it.

         He chuckled as he sent a reply back.

         – You might as well send it at 3am, that way it’ll be even more unlikely for me to see it

         – Don’t you make excuses, the way things are right now, you’re not gonna fcking see no matter what time it is

         – I’m seeing it now aren’t I

         – I’m telling you gramps, all good things in moderation

         A wave of nervous embarrassment suddenly washed over Jiang Cheng as he read this message. He thought of what happened last night, then thought about what probably would happen later tonight…… He swept a glance over in Gu Fei’s direction.

         – I am experiencing the rage of a single af person

         – whatsmoreawkwardthanasilence.jpg

         – Do you have something to say, if not I’m just gonna go

         – Where is our bond gramps!? Where is our bond developed over late night chats until 3am?

         – Good night

         – I’ll be there the day after tomorrow, the same train as last time, same time

         – Bringing anyone with you?

         – No one to bring, we don’t even get the summer off, everyone’s in cram school, I only got 2 days break with the death of my fourth grandpa

         – You have a fourth grandpa?

         – No, if I did would I dare to kill him! Where’s your brain? I guess you really are in love

         – Got it you may take your leave now

         – Yes gramps, good night gramps

         “Is that Pan Zhi?” Gu Fei asked beside him.

         “Mhm,” Jiang Cheng was lost in thought. The students at Fourth High were at this moment frolicking all over the world while complaining that more than half of their summer was cut off, but on the other side in his old school, they didn’t even get to have a summer at all. This disparity. “He’s taking a couple days off to come visit.”

         “Just two days?” Gu Fei was surprised. “I thought he’d come over for a week at least.”

         “Our old school doesn’t even have summer break,” Jiang Cheng chuckled. “He made some stuff up and asked for 2 days absence.”

         “Then……” Gu Fei looked at him. “Do you also have to start working more intensively? Revise according to their progress or something? Maybe I planned a few too many photoshoots, should I cancel a couple for you?”

         “Nah,” Jiang Cheng shook his head. “I can always find the time to revise if I want to, who am I, after all.”

         “You’re a super honour student.” Gu Fei smiled.

         “That’s right.” Jiang Cheng took out his phone again to send Pan Zhi a message, asking him to get some question banks and study materials from the teachers for him.

         – Already did, we singletons have excellent memory

         Jiang Cheng smiled. As he put the phone back in his pocket, he noticed his feet, slowly striding forward one step after the other. Beside them were Gu Fei’s feet, also moving forward at a leisurely pace.

         Amused, he took his phone out again and started recording a video of their steps.

         “Shall we guess……” Jiang Cheng started narrating to himself out of habit, then stopped halfway and shot Gu Fei a look. Gu Fei was walking with both hands in his pockets, very much at ease. “Pretend you can’t hear me.”

         “Mhm.” Gu Fei answered.

         “Shall we guess to whom do these four legs……these two pairs of legs, belong to?” Jiang Cheng held the phone between the two of them as he recorded. “Contestant Jiang Cheng is in the middle of his post-meal one hundred steps with his……boyfriend. It should be pretty easy for everyone to guess, after all, contestant Jiang Cheng’s legs are very long and slim. And as for his boyfriend’s legs……”

         Gu Fei suddenly quickened his pace and walked in front of him, then stopped and turned while sticking his leg straight out.

         “Alrighty,” Jiang Cheng giggled and couldn’t stop. “The boyfriend’s legs are very long. Contestant Jiang Cheng did say when they first met that this guy has very long legs.”

         Hearing that, Gu Fei drew his leg back and continued walking forward. As Jiang Cheng tucked his phone away, Gu Fei asked, “You were looking at my legs when we first met?”

         “I always look at a person’s legs first.” Jiang Cheng said.

         “Where would you look next?” Gu Fei asked

         “If the legs look good then I’ll look at the face, if the legs don’t look good I’ll just look at my phone.” Jiang Cheng said.

         Gu Fei laughed for a long time.

         After walking around for more than an hour in these grid-like roads of the Steel Works, they returned to Jiang Cheng’s apartment building.

         It was a very enjoyable walk. Gu Fei rarely had a chance to take walks like this, he didn’t usually have the time, or if he did it would be spent playing with Gu Miao. If he was with Gu Miao, then it would be impossible to walk at a leisurely pace. Gu Miao was like a perpetual motion machine, with an extra powerful motor to boot. One simply could not keep up with her pace and still maintain a walk.

         Neither of them spoke when they arrived outside the building. They moved directly into the corridor and up the stairs.

         Gu Fei watched Jiang Cheng’s back as he walked……back, waist, butt, and legs. He gently cleared his throat and said quietly, “I’m going to touch you.”

         “Shit,” Jiang Cheng whipped his head around and glared at Gu Fei, and said with a hushed voice. “Do you have to say this kind of thing out loud?”

         “I’m just afraid you’ll slap me on the face out of reflex.” Gu Fei said quietly.

         “And you have to do it now?” Jiang Cheng continued in his hushed voice.

         “Yeah.” Gu Fei answered.

         “……Then do you need me to answer you with an ‘okay’?” Jiang Cheng asked.

         Gu Fei laughed and reached out to stroke Jiang Cheng’s waist, then trailed his hand to his legs.

         “Holy shit!” Jiang Cheng yelled quietly, and bolted away up the stairs.

         Gu Fei immediately chased after him, then grabbed a handful of his butt.

         “Ah fuck!” Jiang Cheng jumped up, and didn’t even have time to shoot Gu Fei another glare as he continued running up the stairs.

         “I have long legs.” Gu Fei laughed as he chased him.

         “I’m warning you Gu Fei!” Jiang Cheng got to the door, and pointed at Gu Fei as he fumbled around for the keys. “You……”

         Gu Fei went over and gave him a peck on the lips, then pinched his waist.

         “I……” Jiang Cheng had no more words. He quickly unlocked the door, then yelled in a quiet voice after Gu Fei closed the door behind him. “Are you in heat or something?”

         “I’m done.” Gu Fei fell back onto the sofa and gave him a smile.

         Jiang Cheng stood in the middle of the room and stared at him for ten seconds, then turned into the bedroom, “I’m gonna take a shower, I’m all sweaty from the walk.”

         “I want to shower too.” Gu Fei said while lying on the sofa.

         “Get in line.” Jiang Cheng answered without thinking. He fetched a change of clothes and took a few steps toward the bathroom before pausing to glance at Gu Fei. “Did you want to go together?”

         Gu Fei collapsed in laughter, “Never mind, you go first.”

         Jiang Cheng clucked his tongue and went into the bathroom.

         Gu Fei heard the sound of running water a few seconds later. He stretched his legs out, leaned his head against his arms, and sighed. Then he picked up the remote and tuned to a random tv channel to watch.

         He and Jiang Cheng really were quite innocent. All this time going from mutual handies to actually doing it, and they’d never even taken a shower together……tsk tsk.

         Although at this moment he wasn’t thinking about crowding into the shower. For the first time, Gu Fei felt a respect for the power of the honour student. That silly dirty memo of Jiang Cheng’s was currently spinning round and round in his brain, the lines of ugly writing playing like a slideshow in his mind.

         His whole life up until now, he’d never had such crystal clear memory for ‘learning’, especially when the target of which was such ugly handwriting.

         It also filled him with a drive to apply the theories practically, he even stood up to compare the height of the table against himself before Jiang Cheng came out of the shower.

         It was……pretty suitable. Gu Fei braced his hands against the table and indulged his imagination for a second, and suddenly it was like a floodgate had been opened. By the time Jiang Cheng came out, he was no longer facing the table in an air-humping pose, but it was all he could do to lie on the sofa and pretend to watch TV. No amount of deep breathing was effective in calming himself ‘down’.

         Gu Fei always thought of himself as composed, one of those people with good self-discipline. But reality proved that he was still too naive.

         “I had the temperature turned pretty high just now,” Jiang Cheng walked past him into the bedroom as he dried his hair with a towel. “Remember to change it before you shower.”

         “Mhm,” Gu Fei laid unmoving on the sofa. “Grab some clothes for me will you.”

         Jiang Cheng turned to shoot him a glance, “Rather high and mighty now aren’t you?”

         “Yep.” Gu Fei nodded.

         Jiang Cheng went into the room to get him a set of pyjamas and underwear, “I don’t have any more new underwear, is mine okay?”

         “Sure.” Gu Fei reached out his hand.

         “Lord Gu.” Jiang Cheng threw the clothes on him, then turned to face the TV so he could watch as he dried his hair haphazardly with the towel.

         The way he stood was incredibly brazen, blocking off Gu Fei’s entire line of sight to the television. From Gu Fei’s angle, all he could see was Jiang Cheng’s back.

         Jiang Cheng was topless with only a pair of sweatpants hanging loosely on his hips, like it could be flung off with a single gentle tug.

         Gu Fei was planning to make him move, but now he kept quiet. After staring for a good while, he picked up the clothes and stood up. When he walked by Jiang Cheng, he suddenly bent down and put his arm around his waist, and bit down. 

         Jiang Cheng’s superhuman reflex reached the peak of its career in this very moment, before he even formed words, he first landed a slap on Gu Fei’s head. Then came the bellow: “AH!”

         “Hey,” Gu Fei let go and took a few steps back while holding his head. “Sooner or later you’re gonna slap me stupid.”

         “Fuck off!” Jiang Cheng glared at him and rubbed his waist hard. “You dog-fucker! Why would you chomp down so hard!”

         “Uh huh,” Gu Fei suddenly burst out laughing, and continued on to the bathroom as he nodded. “That’s right, I’m a dog-fucker……”

         He managed to close the bathroom door and lock it from the inside just as Jiang Cheng started charging over.

         “Gu Fei!” Jiang Cheng banged on the door. “You’re done for!”

         “What?” Gu Fei laughed and asked as he undressed.

         “Come out and fight!” Jiang Cheng banged on the door again.

         “It’s not like you can beat me.” Gu Fei said.

         “Bullshit,” Jiang Cheng said. “I should’ve recorded your whining yesterday!”

         “Thanks for the reminder.” Gu Fei put a hand on the wall to keep from doubling up in laughter.

         “You’re done for!” Jiang Cheng said. Then two seconds later banged the door again. “You’re done!”

         Gu Fei adjusted the water heater, then turned on the tap to shower, still laughing as he did. He was already a little calmer after the shenanigans, but Jiang Cheng had to end with a mention of a recording, and suddenly he wasn’t so calm again.

         When it comes to salacious activities, it really does take two to tango……

         When he came out from the shower, Jiang Cheng was sitting cross-legged on the sofa, playing with his phone. He only shot a brief glance toward Gu Fei when he heard him come out, his fingers continued to tap away on the screen.

         “Rhythm Master?” Gu Fei noticed the jingle. “And here I thought you’d be playing non-idiotic games.”

         “I play at a level idiots like you can never hope to reach.” Jiang Cheng said.

         Gu Fei chuckled and didn’t answer, just watched as he leaned against the table. Jiang Cheng’s fingers were nimble and swift, in the light of the screen they even left behind an afterimage……gorgeous.

         Of course, it was also possible that this optical illusion was due to his 0.70 D astigmatism.

         “Such a happy birthday,” After a while he went and sat down beside Jiang Cheng. “And you’re spending it like this?”

         “How else should I be spending it,” The corner of Jiang Cheng’s mouth turned up in a smirk. “Go to bed and let you record me? Hold it in and dream on.”

         “I won’t record you,” Gu Fei pressed up against Jiang Cheng and put his arms around his waist, then kissed his shoulder. “Cheng-ge……”

         “Cheng-ge what?” Jiang Cheng said.

         “Don’t make me get rough.” Gu Fei said.

         “The shit?” Jiang Cheng turned around in shock, but didn’t manage to keep the smile from breaking out on his face. “This young man got some guts?”

         Gu Fei didn’t respond. He snatched away Jiang Cheng’s phone and tossed it onto the coffee table, then before Jiang Cheng could react, bore down and pushed him back onto the sofa.

         “You dare to mutiny,” Jiang Cheng landed a slap on his back. “You really should record the way you are right now, like a dog fighting for……”

         “Shit?” Gu Fei continued.

         “I’m not talking to you anymore,” Jiang Cheng let out a long drawn-out sigh. “I only feel a profound helplessness.” 

         “You don’t need to help today.” Said Gu Fei.

         Jiang Cheng paused, then: “You ass, I’m not talking anymore.”

         Gu Fei kissed his ear and chuckled.

         Jiang Cheng clenched his teeth and tried but failed to hold it in, then burst out laughing with him. Eventually he stroked Gu Fei’s back, “Hey, laughing didn’t get you down?”

         “……Mhmm,” Gu Fei answered. “You can feel it?”

         “No shit, it’s not like you’re wearing thick pants.” Jiang Cheng said.

         Gu Fei planted a very earnest kiss on Jiang Cheng’s lips, starting with a gentle peck, then he withdrew and stared into Jiang Cheng’s eyes. Jiang Cheng narrowed his eyes and asked, “Is your bouche amused?”

         “Mmm.” Gu Fei swept the tip of his tongue between Jiang Cheng’s lips.

         Jiang Cheng immediately bit it.

         He smiled, and deepened the kiss, reaching past Jiang Cheng’s teeth. When Jiang Cheng returned the kiss, he also bit back gently, and Jiang Cheng retaliated again.

         This kind of bite for a bite, not at all serious makeout behaviour was pretty immature, and did nothing for a romantic atmosphere compared to experienced drivers, nor was it a good representation of the poise of a new age thirsty youth. But Gu Fei enjoyed it a lot.

         He enjoyed this feeling, the feeling of lingering in and around Jiang Cheng’s lips, reaching and retreating, slowly going deeper and becoming more intertwined. It was exciting.

         Very exciting, in fact it was the kind of excitement that made him feel like his pants had gotten a size smaller.

         He released Jiang Cheng’s lips and bit his chin, then took another bite on his throat. By then he could feel Jiang Cheng’s breaths quicken. As he trailed kisses all the way down to Jiang Cheng’s belly, the breaths came even faster.

         He pulled Jiang Cheng’s pants down.

         “Are we not……going inside?” Jiang Cheng asked.

         With one swift motion, Gu Fei flung the pants to the floor. He held Jiang Cheng’s ankle against the backrest with one hand, and with the other hand traced a path from the ankle up to the tattoo, then with a flick of his fingers, brushed down the leg again.

         “There’s no time,” He felt like his hand holding Jiang Cheng’s ankle was like holding a car door open, and couldn’t help finish the line. “Get in the car.”

         “You weirdo.” Jiang Cheng was already panting lightly as he spoke, but at this he started giggling again.

         “Stop laughing.” Gu Fei bent down and traced his tongue around the teeth-mark tattoo as he reached a hand into Jiang Cheng’s underwear.

         Jiang Cheng’s whole body suddenly stiffened. He tilted his head back and drew in a sharp breath.

         This reaction also made Gu Fei’s breathing a little difficult. But fortunately, here was the benefit of having already rubbed one out beforehand……though at this very moment he was still having a really hard time holding back. 

         Compared to the straight forward head-first approach of Jiang Cheng, Gu Fei thought, he himself was practically the most virtuous thug of the new age. When faced with an enticing picture such as this, he actually had the self-control to not jump right in and start biting.

         Even though the memory of the so-called tips in the dirty little summary was a little faded at the moment, still it persisted in playing over and over in his mind like a broken record.

         Gu Fei didn’t act out the summary word by word, it was enough to understand the basic steps. Everything else, he improvised in reaction to Jiang Cheng’s live feedback.

         Jiang Cheng’s panting was low and rushed. The light in the living room was brighter than in the bedroom, so he lifted an arm to cover his eyes. 

         It was a very seductive gesture. Gu Fei reached out and felt around the sofa cushions for the bottle of lube, and squeezed some out in his hand, the whole time keeping his eyes glued to Jiang Cheng’s face.

         Jiang Cheng had a very nice face shape, it was sculpted without being severe. With his eyes covered, Gu Fei could still see his straight nose, slightly parted lips, and his pretty chin……

         Jiang Cheng moved his arm slightly from his eyes when he felt Gu Fei’s fingers draw close. He shot a glance at Gu Fei and mumbled, “Fucking hell, when did you get that?”

         “When you were showering.” Gu Fei braced a hand beside his head and went in for a kiss, as he continued moving his other hand. 

         Jiang Cheng frowned and let out a very small moan.

         It was probably the most useful tip in the entire dirty little summary: first, second, and then; pay attention to the pace, slow down……

         Gu Fei had no idea how he managed to get through this process, there were no less than ten instances when the thought “fuck the notes and let’s just go” flashed through his mind.

         The expression on Jiang Cheng’s face changed from “that doesn’t feel very fucking good” to “I’ll kill you if your finger moves another inch”, and then “ok this is tolerable”, to finally “you can start now”.

         Gu Fei felt like every single pore in his body had been conscripted to capture Jiang Cheng’s reaction, it was the first time in almost 18 years he’d been so completely focused on one task, and it was all for this shameless activity.

         He no longer needed the guidance of the dirty little memo at this point. He could already hear Jiang Cheng’s heartbeat within his own, could hear Jiang Cheng’s breaths within his own panting, and could understand Jiang Cheng’s impulse from his own impulse.

         He jumped off the sofa, pulling Jiang Cheng up with him.

         “What are you doing?” Jiang Cheng was a little confused by the sudden turn of events.

         It was only then that Gu Fei thought to glance at the living room window. Fuck! Good thing they closed the curtains to light the candles this morning and hadn’t opened them yet!

         With this drastic tensing and relaxing of his mood, his desire also shot straight up from the stimulation.

         “You.” Gu Fei answered, then tugged on Jiang Cheng’s arm and pushed him down on the table.

         With Jiang Cheng’s arms pulled back behind him, the muscles on his back and sides were taut as they contracted from the effort. Gu Fei’s vision was suddenly a little blurry from all the blood rushing up in excitement.

         He leaned down and bit Jiang Cheng’s shoulder.

         Jiang Cheng’s breath hitched, but he didn’t make any sound. Gu Fei’s fingers trailed down his back and across his waist, then pulled his underwear down. Jiang Cheng turned his head to the side.

         As Gu Fei traced his fingers back around his inner thigh, and slid in with the coolness of the lube, Jiang Cheng’s breathing suddenly got a lot heavier, and accompanied by a very low sound. Like a moan, or perhaps just a sigh.

         Gu Fei pressed up against his back and clutched his waist tight, then licked the back of his ear gently, tracing a line to the back of his neck. Along the way he could feel Jiang Cheng’s surging pulse and the tensed skin wherever he went. 

         He stuck a knee between Jiang Cheng’s legs and pushed them apart. This image that he went over countless times in his mind was all of a sudden before him.

         At this point, it was impossible to follow the dirty little memo and carefully observe the other person’s reactions, Gu Fei could practically hear the cries from within his own panting.

         Get in the car!

        Start the engine!

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Chapter 78