So Pure, So Flirtatious
Chapter 1335: Formidable Yang Ming

Author: Fishman The Second

The person with a loudspeaker was naturally the handsome man - Tian Donghua. The person next to him was Zhang Bing who was holding the amp.

Tian Donghua and Zhang Bing initially pulled the amp to cheer for Yang Ming, but they did not expect a sudden change. Tian Donghua was quick-witted and tweaked the amp to the maximum, bringing a shock to the venue. In one sentence, he managed to impress everyone in the auditorium.

The school leaders sitting in the front row naturally heard this violent shout. They thought,* Who is this? How dare you be rowdy in the auditorium?* They all looked back together, but after seeing that it was Tian Donghua, they all turned back together.

These leaders were very clear on how Tian Donghua entered the university. The Tian Family donated ten million yuan to the university to set up a laboratory. Only then was Tian Donghua able to enter the university. Therefore, they had no way to manage someone with such a relationship.

Although the classmates here were shocked by Tian Donghua's deafening voice, everyone regained their consciousness and thought carefully. These words are indeed true! That was if he really didn't forget his roots, why didn't he quit the position of the president of the Taekwondo Club and start learning Long Fist [1]? He could simply form a Shaolin martial arts club!

Yet, he is still dignified to say that he won't forget his roots. Would wearing a long robe amount to cherishing his roots? What's the difference between you acting out a show on stage and a celebrity who makes a donation fraud?

The tides had turned with whispers coming from the audience. Everyone had doubts about Ren Jianren's approach. Taking advantage of this, Tian Donghua asked Zhang Bing to adjust the amplifier volume, then he shouted through the loudspeaker, "I think you just came here making a show to steal the spotlight! If you now announce the disbandment of the Taekwondo Club, we will believe what you said!"

When this was said, it immediately received the support of many students present! They would side with whoever was more right. No one was a big fan of Ren Jianren. They supported him entirely because his impassioned words moved them. At this moment, Tian Donghua's words revealed the sinister face of Ren Jianren. Everyone would naturally not be fooled and started to hate him.

"That's right. If you disband the Taekwondo Club, we will believe in you!"

"One who does not know is not guilty, but doing it while being aware is sinful! You know that Taekwondo is derived from our Shaolin 32 form Long Fist. Why didn't you learn Long Fist but Taekwondo?"

"Hmph, cry up wine, and sell vinegar. To put it nicely, you still fancy foreign ideas. What is the difference between such a person and a traitor?!"

"Defeat the traitor! Defeat Ren Jianren!"

In a short while, Ren Jianren's detestable level escalated to the level of betraying his country to seek glory. Ren Jianren's face turned sour as he didn't know what to say.

He hated Tian Donghua and Zhang Bing in his heart. He didn't know Tian Donghua, but how could he not know Zhang Bing? If it weren't because of this kid, would his Taekwondo Club have a hatred with Yang Ming? He didn't expect this kid would say sarcastic words below the stage. He was obviously on Yang Ming's side. If he didn't help Yang Ming, would he help Ren Jianren?

However, although Ren Jianren wanted to expose that these two people were Yang Ming's helpers, what the two people said were impeccable. If he said that Yang Ming sent them, the students below would definitely think he acted out of desperation. It would be weird if anyone believed him.

Seeing the students below treat Ren Jianren as a sinister and hated man, Yang Ming smiled slightly. Of course, he would not continue to stir up trouble. He would stop when it was enough. Those sitting below were the university leaders. Although Tian Donghua was not afraid of them, Yang Ming had to be considerate of Zhang Bing. Once it continued, the knife-throwing competition would be canceled.

"Hello, fellow students. No matter if Ren Jianren is playing to the gallery or trying to show off, we are not discussing this issue today. Don't you want to watch the knife-throwing performance?" Yang Ming smiled and looked at the students below as he spoke into the microphone.

"We want it. Let us forget about Ren Jianren. We want to watch the performance!"

"Yang Ming! Yang Ming! Yang Ming! Yang Ming!"

"Lin Zhiyun! Lin Zhiyun! Lin Zhiyun! Lin Zhiyun!"

There were cheers for Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun. Ren Jianren watched by the side with a gloomy expression. He managed to rack his brains to think of such a sentimental play. He didn't expect it to be cracked so easily. Instead, Yang Ming criticized him as xenocentric and playing to the crowd!

If Ren Jianren had known this previously, why would he put in so much effort? Wasn't it simply asking trouble for himself? It was better off to go straight to the duel with Yang Ming. At this moment, his popularity fell even lower, dropping to the bottom.

"Alright, President Ren Jianren, can we start?" Yang Ming turned to look at Ren Jianren and asked nicely.

However, Yang Ming's smile in the eyes of Ren Jianren was like a sharp sword, which embarrassed him terribly. He made a fool of himself. But who could he blame for this? Who asked him to ask for trouble for himself?

Ren Jianren looked at Yang Ming and looked at Lin Zhiyun next to him. His eyes suddenly brightened. He finally found an excuse to attack Yang Ming, "Didn't we say we were going to look for a helper and throw knives at the apple on our heads? Whoever hits the most apples will attain victory, right?"

"That's right." Yang Ming nodded and affirmed Ren Jianren's words, feeling somewhat odd in his heart. Why did Ren Jianren ask this? The emcee had previously explained the rules of the duel. What trick is Ren Jianren trying to play with?

"Hehe, then, did you bring this campus belle to the stage to let her throw the knife at you, or are you throwing the knife at her?" Ren Jianren seemed to have seized Yang Ming's shortcomings as he asked proudly.

In Ren Jianren's opinion, how could Lin Zhiyun know knife-throwing? If it were a girl who he didn't know, Ren Jianren might safeguard against this. She could be some martial arts master who Yang Ming found. So to prevent this from happening, Ren Jianren deliberately asked the Student Union President, Xu Qianxing, to limit the participation rules of the art festival performance!

A person must be a student enrolled in the school to be eligible to participate in the art festival. Foreign aids were not allowed to perform on stage. This limited Yang Ming's ability to find helpers from outside.

But even if it were limited, Ren Jianren was still afraid that Yang Ming would be able to search folk masters to compete with him. However, Yang Ming actually found a campus belle to come on stage now!

Ren Jianren thought that Yang Ming was specifically looking for Lin Zhiyun to attract the attention of the students. In this way, the person who threw the knife should be Yang Ming instead of Lin Zhiyun. He would not believe that Lin Zhiyun knew knife-throwing.

If Yang Ming performed the knife-throwing, then it would not match the rules they had set in advance! Since they had already agreed at the time that he and Yang Ming would have apples on their heads, then their assistant would perform the knife-throwing.

If Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun interchanged their roles, it meant that Yang Ming violated the rules. He could use this to force Yang Ming to admit defeat. Even if he did not concede defeat, Yang Ming would fall into a disadvantage.

As he thought of this, Ren Jianren's mouth showed a sinister smile.

"Of course, it is her." Yang Ming looked at Ren Jianren and looked at Lin Zhiyun again, then smiled slightly, "Didn't we agree on it before? Are you trying to change the rules?"

Ren Jianren was at a loss for words after Yang Ming's question! He originally wanted to attack Yang Ming for this reason, but he did not expect Yang Ming to attack himself. Now it was he who wanted to change the rules!

Ren Jianren was very angry, but he had to restrain his inner impulses forcefully. He pinned the thoughts of scolding Yang Ming to the bottom of his heart. He said, "Of course not. I just asked casually. If there is no problem, then let's get started."

"Okay, let's get started." Yang Ming nodded and made an inviting gesture.

At this time, errand boys from the Student Union brought up four trays, two of which contained apples, and the other two trays held knives.

The gleaming knives glinted magnificently under the stage lights. The atmosphere of the students below the stage became exhilarated! This was actually a real Kung Fu - knife-throwing. It was something they could usually only watch on TV. It was out of their expectations to be able to witness it here.

"Isn't this performance too dangerous?" One of the school leaders turned around and asked another school leader around him.

"I asked the Student Union previously. They said that there was no danger to it. It seems that they are using props. Besides, those who practice Kung Fu would not do things with which they had no confidence." The other school leader replied.

"That is also true." One of the school leaders nodded and continued to watch the performance.

On the stage, Yang Ming and Ren Jianren were all set at their places, each of them balancing an apple on their head and standing two meters away. Li Jiasheng and Lin Zhiyun each picked up a knife.

The Student Union's errand boys, who had come to help before, stood far away once they recognized the situation, in fear of being accidentally injured.

For the first time, Lin Zhiyun stood on the stage where so many people watched. She was somewhat timid, and she didn't know what to do. She was overwhelmed once she picked up the knife. Ren Jianren saw all this. He was very proud and sneered,* Yang Ming, you stupid pig. You called the campus belle on stage to be eye-catching. We will see once you become a joke in a while.*

Ren Jianren nodded and gestured for Li Jiasheng to start! Li Jiasheng was actually very nervous in his heart. He was afraid that he would hurt Ren Jianren, but luckily, they took a long time to train.

Li Jiasheng also found a trick to it. He would prefer throwing it higher rather than hitting the target, so it was possible to get to the apple. Even if it missed, it would not hurt Ren Jianren. So this was a very safe way. Of course, although the accuracy would be reduced, they didn't believe that Yang Ming could be better off in any way. When they witnessed that Lin Zhiyun was reluctant and unable to hold the knife steadily now, they felt they were most likely to win.

Li Jiasheng was proud in his heart. "Sou," a knife was thrown. This knife landed right on the apple on Ren Jianren's head. It was a good start!

As the saying goes, people are in high spirits when they encounter happy events. Similarly, Li Jiasheng's spirit was refreshed, and naturally, there was a happy event. He did not expect to be able to hit it! To avoid hurting Ren Jianren, he deliberately threw the knife at a higher height. Perhaps, because of the shaking of his hand, the height of the knife thrown was lower than previously expected. It pierced right at the apple on the top of Ren Jianren's head! Li Jiasheng was swearing on his luck in his heart, but his face showed an arrogant expression.

Although everyone had no interest in the actions of Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng, it must be said that Li Jiasheng's wonderful performance won the audience's applause!

"Awesome! Wonderful!"


Even the school leaders sitting in the front row could not help but nod in praise. "These students still seem to have true Kung Fu."

Yang Ming looked at Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng, who enjoyed the joy of success there and smiled coldly. He was not a stingy person, but he was by no means a generous person. He did not continue to attack Ren Jianren by following Tian Donghua's and Zhang Bing's words mainly to protect Tian Donghua and Zhang Bing.

He was afraid that things would get out of control, affecting Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua, so he didn't let them continue. Instead, he started the knife-throwing duel. However, this did not mean that Yang Ming intended to let Ren Jianren go!

This guy lost once, yet he didn't stop. He still wanted to fight with me again. If Yang Ming did not have to perform with Lin Zhiyun, he would have ignored this guy.

Seeing Li Jiasheng throw a knife and hitting the apple on Ren Jianren's head, Lin Zhiyun was a little anxious. She hurriedly threw out the knife in her hand.

However, it might be because she was too nervous in her heart; the angle she threw the knife was really low. When she let it go, she threw it on the ground. Before it came to Yang Ming, it landed on the ground.

No matter how proficient Yang Ming was in martial arts, it was impossible to crouch on the ground to let the knife hit. Yang Ming could only let this knife fall to the ground helplessly.

Lin Zhiyun was already nervous. When she saw that she had thrown the knife on the ground, she couldn't help but be more anxious. She looked at Yang Ming somewhat helplessly. She didn't know what to do.

The students who originally supported Lin Zhiyun and Yang Ming could not help but feel a little disappointed at the moment, but most of them were here to look at handsome boys and cute girls. Lin Zhiyun was a timid girl. How could she match up with those who knew martial arts in the Taekwondo Club? Li Jiasheng was the Taekwondo Club's Vice President. It was reasonable to have good accuracy.

"Zhiyun, it doesn't matter. Just treat it like when we are at home." Yang Ming comforted Lin Zhiyun indifferently. Yang Ming didn't care about the win or loss of this game. The ultimate goal of Yang Ming was to let Ren Jianren have an embarrassing incident to give him an unforgettable lesson.

At this time, Li Jiasheng threw the second knife, but this time, it missed. The knife thrown flew straight above the apple on Ren Jianren's head and landed not far away behind Ren Jianren.

Li Jiasheng sighed. It was a coincidence. After he calmed his mind and aimed the angle of the knife above a little, then it would accurately hit the apple on Ren Jianren's head.

However, Li Jiasheng couldn't directly aim the knife at the apple. After all, it was too dangerous. If there were a small mistake, it would pierce into Ren Jianren's head. It was no joke!

Under Yang Ming's encouragement, Lin Zhiyun finally relaxed and picked up a knife. Of course, Li Jiasheng's mistakes also made her relieved. It seems that the opponent is not so powerful.

Lin Zhiyun calmed down her heartbeat, and then she threw the knife in her hand to Yang Ming. However, the knife somewhat deviated to the bottom right of the target. The students among the audience sighed once they saw it!

This knife was also a bit off angle! Many of them came to watch the performance of Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun. They naturally hoped that their combination could beat Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng. However, after seeing Lin Zhiyun's two consecutive mistakes, everyone understood that Lin Zhiyun fundamentally knew nothing about knife-throwing. It seemed they would lose.

Li Jiasheng and Ren Jianren also looked at Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun with a sneer. They stopped their own affairs and watched Lin Zhiyun and Yang Ming embarrass themselves so that they could diss them.

However, at this time, incredible things happened! They saw Yang Ming tilting his body to the right in an extremely and incredibly exaggerated posture, but he could guarantee that the apple on his head would not fall.

"Shua," the knife accurately pierced into the apple on Yang Ming's head! Of course, it could be said that Yang Ming was letting the knife land on the apple on his head.

Silence! A dead silence! The audience was stupefied! The school leader was stupefied! Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng on the stage were also stupefied!

If it weren't because Yang Ming's whole body still maintained this weird posture of leaning forward, they could hardly believe that this scene happened in front of them! It seemed like Yang Ming only made such a posture to take the knife specifically...

Indeed, as long as the audience thought a little, they would know that Yang Ming was dedicated to receiving the knife rather than wait for the thrown knife to shoot the apple on his head!

"Waa…" There was warm applause coming below the stage. It was unprecedentedly enthusiastic! The students below were crazy. Even the school leaders chatted with colleagues around them in amazement. They were full of praise!

Too strong! It was too powerful! Everyone else used knives to shoot apples. Yang Ming used apples to receive the knives! These were two very different concepts. As long as you have a brain, you know that the latter is more difficult than the former!

However, Yang Ming did it, and he did it quite well!

"Yang Ming is formidable. You are so cool! I support you!"

"That is too bad*ss! It's the first time I saw a knife-throwing performed as such!"

"I said it earlier. How could Yang Ming lose to Ren Jianren, those hypocrites?!"

"Yang Ming! Yang Ming! Lin Zhiyun! Lin Zhiyun!"

The cheers below the stage made Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng outraged. Their previous successful opening was overwhelmed by Yang Ming's momentum too! Ren Jianren didn't understand.* Did my nemesis send this Yang Ming deliberately to trouble me? Why is everything so tough after meeting him?*

Coupled with Ren Jianren's nonsense previously, plus the episode of Tian Donghua and Zhang Bing, it took a lot of time. According to the schedule, the performance should end now!

So Pure, So Flirtatious
Chapter 1335: Formidable Yang Ming