So Pure, So Flirtatious
Chapter 1336: The Unjust Is Doomed For Destruction

Author: Fishman The Second

However, Xu Qianxing saw that the response from the students below was so enthusiastic, so he did not let the emcee stop it! The time limit was only for those unpopular programs. Given Yang Ming's lively performance, even if the students asked for another one, Xu Qianxing would try to convince Yang Ming to continue.

Xu Qianxing would greatly promote whatever programs that suited the students' tastes. Therefore, since the cheers of the students for Yang Ming were so high, Yang Ming should continue performing it! It was not a problem.

"The performance of these two students is amazing! It is better than professional acrobats!" The school leaders were also very surprised that there were such talents in their school.

"En, this show is good! Very good. I think we should just give them first place in this year's art festival." Another school leader also nodded and said, "I see everyone's reaction is also very strong! I believe that everyone has no opinion in letting this show be the first place."

Li Jiasheng was anxious when he heard that so many people in the audience cheered for Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun. This time, he and Ren Jianren came on stage to reinvigorate the Taekwondo Club. Now, the limelight was on Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun. Why should they keep the show going on?

Ren Jianren hinted for Li Jiasheng to continue and not be discouraged. Maybe Yang Ming was just lucky. He couldn't last long with the way he showed off. Yang Ming could let one knife hit the apple, but could he make all the knives hit? He was not a martial arts master!

Li Jiasheng maintained his composure this time, and he threw a knife again. The strength of this knife throwing was very good. Li Jiasheng was eager to get back into the limelight, so he disregarded Ren Jianren's life. He directly aimed at the apple on Ren Jianren's head.

Fortunately, his knife-throwing really hit the apple on Ren Jianren's head!

Great! Li Jiasheng clenched his fist, and Ren Jianren was also very happy. Although Yang Ming was showing off, he only got one point; Ren Jianren had already gotten two points on his side! The final result of the test was to see who hit the most apples, not who was the most bad*ss!

Although the audience was also cheering for the two successful hits by Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng, the volume was obviously not as high as previously for Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun.

Everyone may be tired, right? Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng comforted themselves.

At this time, Lin Zhiyun threw a knife out. Lin Zhiyun had tried to be more precise in her knife throwing as much as possible, but she was helpless as it couldn't be achieved by practicing overnight. Although she and Yang Ming practiced for a few days, she could only hold the knife firmly and throw the knife out. As for its precision, it was not in the scope of their practice.

"Ah!" The people below the stage shouted in shock because Lin Zhiyun's knife was aimed at Yang Ming's chest!

"This..." The leaders by the stage were shocked. This is bad. Please don't hurt the student. This art festival performance is a happy event, but it won't be good if someone is injured!

Upon hearing the exclamation of the audience, Li Jiasheng immediately put down the knife in his hand. His eyes turned to Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun, and he saw that the knife thrown by Lin Zhiyun was flying straight to Yang Ming's chest. Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng were both stunned at the same time, then they laughed secretly in their hearts. Yang Ming is definitely dead this time. Let's see if he can still be arrogant!

You said that I'm trying to please the audience; I think you are the one who is trying to please the audience, right? Ren Jianren almost laughed out loud.

However, when everyone thought that Yang Ming was going to be done for, a miracle happened again! Yang Ming's body shrank as if a spring were controlling it. He wasn't completely squatting on the ground, but he only bent his knees slightly, keeping a half-squatting posture and stopping there. As for the knife, it smoothly hit the apple on Yang Ming's head once again!

The audience was stunned! Of course, the silence this time was much shorter than before. Everyone had accepted the surprise brought by Yang Ming. Applause! A big round of applause!

The audience burst into a round of applause. Even the school leaders who sat in the first row clamored for Yang Ming! This performance was indeed too exciting. Who would think that Yang Ming could catch the knife just by bending his knees a little?

Compared to the shock of the audience, Lin Zhiyun didn't feel as surprised. She had already felt surprised at home until she felt normal! When practicing at home, if she didn't deliberately throw the knife on the ground or throw at a place where Yang Ming's jump couldn't reach, Yang Ming could easily catch the knife and let the knife hit the apple safely. He himself was unharmed instead!

Lin Zhiyun had thoroughly learned about the wonder of Yang Ming, so she didn't feel that anything was wrong. She picked up a knife again. Her previous timidity had disappeared; Lin Zhiyun had restored her self-confidence and calmness that she had at home. The knife that she threw out was a lot more stable. Yang Ming could catch the knife by slightly moving his body sideways.

This was not as difficult as the two knives thrown before, but there was still a lot of applause off the stage. Even without the previous excitement, it was much more exciting than the performances of Li Jiasheng and Ren Jianren!

Moreover, Li Jiasheng and Ren Jianren only made two hits in such a long time, and Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun had already hit three times!

"Bring on some stunts." Yang Ming smiled at Lin Zhiyun. "Those that you learned from your Sister Mengyan."

When practicing at home, Chen Mengyan messed up the practice with disposable chopsticks. She always threw some challenging angles for Yang Ming to catch, and Yang Ming was actually able to pick them up, which made Chen Mengyan feel quite amazed.

Lin Zhiyun blushed, but she still nodded. After a few days of practice, Lin Zhiyun had completely trusted Yang Ming. She knew that no matter how she threw, Yang Ming could still catch it.

Thinking of this, Lin Zhiyun threw another knife, but the height of this knife thrown was higher than the apple on Yang Ming's head.

This time, the audience below the stage had a tacit understanding to hold their breaths. They wanted to see how Yang Ming solved this problem! Even Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng's mouth also showed a cold smile, waiting for Yang Ming to make a fool of himself!

However, Yang Ming seemed not to be anxious at all, watching the knife fly toward himself...

Looking at Yang Ming's indifferent expression, everyone was disappointed, but everyone could understand that. Yeah, Li Jiasheng similarly threw such a knife before; it flew over the apple on Ren Jianren's head.

Since Ren Jianren didn't catch it, even if Yang Ming didn't catch it, it wouldn't be a big problem, right? It was just that everyone was very optimistic about the surprise brought to them by Yang Ming many times. If he couldn't catch it this time, wouldn't the audience be disappointed?

But would Yang Ming disappoint them? Just as the knife was about to fly over Yang Ming's head, Yang Ming moved in a split second! He jumped up, and the apple on his head caught the knife accurately.

"Shua..." The knife once again hit the apple precisely.

"This is too awesome! He's truly a god!"

"D*mn, this is just the same as a martial arts master! Zhang Wuji [1] is not as bad*ss as him, right?"

"I see that Lin Zhiyun actually knows knife-throwing, but she deliberately threw out some knives that are difficult to coordinate with Yang Ming's performance!"

"En, I think it is possible. Otherwise, why would Yang Ming choose her as a partner?!"

"I swear that this is the most exciting show I have ever seen!"

Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng were very uncomfortable as they heard these words from the audience, but what could they do if they were uncomfortable? They were helpless. Who made both of them weak?

The earlier performance was just a warm-up. After Yang Ming completed several difficult 180-degree movements to catch the knife, the audience all stood up. If they were not afraid of getting demerits from the school, they would have already rushed to the stage to cheer for Yang Ming!

However, even if they didn't rush to the stage, these people had already stood on their seats, waving their light sticks crazily for Yang Ming!

There was a hint of hatred in Ren Jianren's eyes as he looked at Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun, who became the focus of the audience! He deliberately planned for so long to reinvigorate the Taekwondo Club's reputation, but he did not expect Yang Ming to destroy it once again!

After this time, the Taekwondo Club's reputation would undoubtedly be even more infamous, and it would be worse than before. Ren Jianren really regretted going on stage. This was a mistake!

I let Yang Ming take the limelight, but I have become a foil... A supporting role. The existence of the supporting role is to set off the power of the protagonist. This is too tragic.

Li Jiasheng was also very angry. He and Ren Jianren looked into each other's eyes. Both of them saw jealousy and hatred in each other's eyes! Li Jiasheng clenched his teeth, and a murderous vibe flashed in his eyes! He couldn't let Yang Ming go on like this; he had to do something.

Li Rensheng looked at Ren Jianren; he quietly pointed his finger at Yang Ming and then pointed at the knife. Ren Jianren was not stupid. He immediately understood the meaning implied by Li Jiasheng. He hesitated a little, but he finally nodded ruthlessly. I'll stick to it until the end. I will show Yang Ming who the boss is today. Otherwise, I will be depressed after I go back.

Li Jiasheng picked up a knife and took aim in his hand. His face showed a ruthless expression.

On Lin Zhiyun's side, she once again threw the knife to a higher spot on Yang Ming's left side. The audience once again cheered because they believed that it would not be an exception given Yang Ming's amazing performance a few times before. Yang Ming would be able to catch this knife smoothly.

Li Jiasheng took the opportunity to pick up the knife and throw it toward Yang Ming's crotch! He wanted to give Yang Ming a bloody lesson to let Yang Ming know that he would be punished for stealing the limelight!

Yang Ming had been paying attention to Li Jiasheng's movements before. From the beginning, Yang Ming had locked on Li Jiasheng and Ren Jianren with his special abilities. These two guys were not gentlemen, but they were pure villains. Yang Ming was afraid that they would do some dirty tricks, so he had been staring at their movements.

When the two exchanged glances, Li Jiasheng pointed to the knife throwing and pointed to Yang Ming himself. Yang Ming knew the guy's thoughts, so he had to be somewhat vigilant.

Sure enough. When Lin Zhiyun threw the knife, Li Jiasheng couldn't help but shoot!

Li Jiasheng was a man who couldn't be said to be deceitful. At that time, he could say that he was not intentional. Knife-throwing is like this; one couldn't say that an accident was impossible.

Looking at the direction of the knife that Li Jiasheng threw, Yang Ming frowned. Isn't this guy too vicious? He actually aimed at my crotch. If so, then don't blame me for being impolite.

"Ah--" As Li Jiasheng threw his knife, the audience below the stage consequently exclaimed! If Yang Ming wanted to catch the knife that was thrown by Lin Zhiyun, his body would inevitably get hit by the knife that was thrown by Li Jiasheng. Yang Ming would surely be injured!

Even Lin Zhiyun, who saw the situation at this time, could not help but be startled. She exclaimed, "Yang Ming, get away!"

Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng were looking at Yang Ming like watching a good show. They thought, You either dodge embarrassingly, or you take the knife. Let's see what you do!

Just when everyone thought that Yang Ming would avoid it, they didn't expect Yang Ming to really try to catch the knife! Yang Ming flew up to catch the knife that Lin Zhiyun first threw. The knife firmly hit the apple on Yang Ming's head.

However, what followed was the knife that Li Jiasheng threw! Seeing that this knife was going to hit Yang Ming, it was too late for him to dodge now.

The audience below the stage closed their eyes; they did not dare to look at this bloody scene. Even Lin Zhiyun was so scared that her face turned pale; she didn't know what to do.

However, would Yang Ming really be hit by this knife? If Li Jiasheng could hit Yang Ming, Yang Ming could not be the disciple of the King of Assassins. He might as well be the disciple of the King of Being Slain.

Just at the moment of imminent peril, Yang Ming simply deflected the knife with his hand... Of course, if it were an average person, he would not dare to do this. How would someone deflect the knife with his hand? Wasn't that digging his own grave? If he failed, he might even cripple his hand.

But this was a piece of cake for Yang Ming. The place where Yang Ming touched was the knife handle; he did not touch the tip and the blade at all!

So, one unfortunate thing happened. The knife changed its direction sharply from Yang Ming's hand, and it shot toward Li Jiasheng's crotch. This happened in a split second. Li Jiasheng was shocked. Even though he saw that Yang Ming deflected the knife and thought about dodging it, he was still one step late. The knife still flew past his lateral thigh. There was suddenly a large hole in his robes, and his thigh was also bleeding. He immediately felt a sharp pain.

"Oh..." Seeing this wonderful scene, the audience below the stage began to erupt again. They danced. Yang Ming had become the embodiment of a god in their hearts.

"Are you f*cking intentional?" Li Jiasheng suffered a loss, and he was unwilling on the spot, pointing and shouting furiously at Yang Ming.

However, before Yang Ming spoke, the audience below the stage was displeased. You threw a knife at him, but you are unwilling when he deflected it? You actually dared to complain?

"One can say that you are good at aiming, but now, Yang Ming deflected the knife. Is it possible that he can still aim?" Tian Donghua shouted at the stage at the right time.

His sentence awakened the audience. The audience below the stage was unhappy already. Now that Tian Donghua said it, they were even angrier!

"You are now complaining about the victim as the villain! You threw the knife at him, but it was deflected as a result. Do you still have face to ask if he was deliberate?"

"Yeah! How can a deflected knife be accurate? Do you think this is a martial arts drama?!"

"If I have to explain why this deflected knife hit you, Li Jiasheng, again, the reason is very simple! God knows what you did! The unjust is doomed for destruction. You wanted to harm the other, so God wants to punish you now!"

"Don't talk nonsense with him. If he doesn't want to perform, then he should step down. Let Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun continue the show. We are really unwilling to watch these two dumb*sses perform!"

"Step down! Step Down! Step Down!"

"Mighty Yang Ming! Mighty Yang Ming! Zhiyun, go! Zhiyun, go!"

Li Jiasheng found that he had made a big mistake. He was furious before, so he didn't think much. He regretted it immediately as soon as he said it! The audience below the stage weren't fools. Now that it had progressed to such a situation, then he was really in a dilemma!

Ren Jianren was very angry at Li Jiasheng. Even if you have resentment against Yang Ming, you can scold him after you get down! If you really can't take it, you can bring him to a corner and beat him up, but don't say it on the stage! Aren't you embarrassing yourself? As he thought of this, he couldn't help but glare fiercely at Li Jiasheng. This is such a great shame today!

Li Jiasheng's face turned from red to white, white to green, and green to purple. He wanted to explain, but the audience below the stage scolded nonstop. He didn't have the chance to speak at all.

"What happened just now?" The school leaders also saw that something was wrong. Although they did not know if Li Jiasheng's leg was injured, they were also worried about any uncontrollable conflicts on the stage.

According to the current developments, Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng would definitely be ousted off the stage, but Yang Ming did not want them to step down so soon. He didn't use his killing move yet. He had just given Li Jiasheng a lesson, but not Ren Jianren. He had to teach this guy a lesson first.

Yang Ming knew the strength of the deflected knife. He knew in his own heart that even if Li Jiasheng could dodge it, it was inevitable that his thigh would be wounded. That was enough for him to suffer for a few days.

"Well, everyone, be quiet. Listen to me." Yang Ming walked over to the microphone and spoke.

If Ren Jianren or Li Jiasheng said these words, the audience would certainly not be quiet, but they would continue to scold and criticize. But when Yang Ming opened his mouth, the auditorium became quiet!

Yang Ming had now become an idol of these college students. They couldn't wait to embroider "Brother Yang V5" on their clothes to prove how much they supported Yang Ming. Therefore, they would unequivocally listen to Yang Ming.

Many boys came to see Lin Zhiyun previously. It couldn't be helped as she was the campus belle, so the male students went to see the eye candy. For Yang Ming, they were just watching the show along the way. They were not as enthusiastic as the girls.

So Pure, So Flirtatious
Chapter 1336: The Unjust Is Doomed For Destruction