So Pure, So Flirtatious
Chapter 1337: Gone Too Far, Now He’s Hurt

Author: Fishman The Second

But now, Yang Ming had risen to another level and had surpassed the boundary of idols. When they looked at Lin Zhiyun, they just considered Lin Zhiyun as an idol; but Yang Ming had now become a god! The big hero! The martial arts master!

What did young people admire the most? Naturally, it was the legendary master who was hard to see in this real society! Yang Ming's move excited them! Which young man had never dreamed of being a hero? Who had never fantasized that he could become a martial arts hero in the future after watching some martial arts drama?

But as people grew older, many undoubtedly understood that this was impossible. How many martial arts masters were there today? Even if there were masters, they lived in the deep mountains and forests; they would never walk in society.

Therefore, Yang Ming's wonderful performance suddenly roused everyone. Yang Ming became the brilliant and amazing martial arts hero from the TV series while Ren Jianren became the shameless evil villain. When they repeatedly wanted to attack and persecute the protagonist, they would be defeated by the protagonist in the end!

Ren Jianren's current image was truly in line with this. It was a waste of talent that he wasn't asked to shoot TV dramas. He and Li Jiasheng's expressions were in place; they were gritting their teeth, but they secretly suffered a loss because of their own reasons. They were forced to suffer in silence.

When Yang Ming picked up the microphone and wanted to speak, Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng had guilty consciences, and they thought that the situation was not good. Yang Ming would not say something that was not conducive to them and the Taekwondo Club again, right? Now, Yang Ming's prestige had reached the apex. The audience would believe whatever Yang Ming said at this time. If Yang Ming really said something bad about the Taekwondo Club, they reckoned that the Taekwondo Club would be finished.

Of course, they regarded Yang Ming ridiculously. How could Yang Ming say bad things about the Taekwondo Club? The Taekwondo Club was an official organization of the school, and it was a formal club under the leadership of the Student Union. If Yang Ming were to say bad things about the Taekwondo Club, didn't it mean that he was saying bad things about the Student Union and the school leaders?

Therefore, Yang Ming would not be so stupid. Now, the Taekwondo Club's prestige had fallen to near zero. If Yang Ming talked bad about them now, it would pulverize a defeated enemy. It was not good for him; he could only have the satisfaction of talking. But in that case, Yang Ming would destroy his perfect image.

Yang Ming was not here to continue to smear the Taekwondo Club but to explain on behalf of the Taekwondo Club, and to temporarily suppress this dispute. It wasn't that Yang Ming was kind; Yang Ming temporarily let them stay on the stage so that he could continue to teach Ren Jianren a lesson in a while! Yang Ming's finishing blow was not out yet. How could he ask them to step down?

"It seems that everyone still gives me face. Thank you for your support." Yang Ming looked at the quiet and silent audience and was somewhat surprised; he did not think that his own power to rally supporters was so powerful. The excited audience immediately quieted down after only a sentence, watching and waiting for him to give a speech.

"Yang Ming V5! Yang Ming V5!" The audience spontaneously shouted the slogan.

Yang Ming made a gesture of lowering down both his hands to indicate that everyone should calm down. He smiled slightly. "Students, Ren Jiaren, the president of the Taekwondo Club, and Li Jiasheng, the vice president, and I are here to perform a wonderful performance for everyone, not to fight on the stage. Fellow students, please bear that in mind clearly! We are college students; all of whom are people with inner qualities. How could we do things that have no quality?"

"Yeah, but some people seem to have no quality!"

"Brother Yang is really generous!"

Yang Ming stood on the stage and spoke. The audience below did not dare to speak too loudly despite them trying to cheer on the situation. However, although the arguments among the audience were not large, they were also heard by Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng.

Isn't this scolding us indirectly? Some people? Who are some people? This made Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng suddenly flushed with anger! Why can you pretend to be a good person and let us be villains?

"Everyone might know that I am acquainted with the cheap president and the half-done vice president!" When Yang Ming spoke, he deliberately added a tone to the words "cheap" and "half-done." There immediately was a sneer in the audience. "We had a small dispute before, but we solved the problem through the competition in the last semester. In the beginning, I participated in the contest with the intention of having a friendly competition. Although at that time, I was very lenient, they could have the same intention, and we were lenient to each other. However, the cheap president was even more lenient, so I won!"

"Ha ha ha ha..." The students in the audience certainly wouldn't believe Yang Ming's jokes. At the time, they were able to see the situation of the competition clearly. Even the students that couldn't personally watch the match at that time found a video of it on the campus forum afterward and saw the situation, so they immediately laughed after they heard Yang Ming say that they were lenient.

Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng didn't expect Yang Ming to be a master at mockery. Their expressions were gloomy, and they didn't have any means to refute. Could they jump out and say, "I wasn't lenient then?" It would be even more laughable! They really couldn't speak; they could only keep silent, but the expression on their faces was very exhilarating.

"So I believe that Vice President Li Jiasheng's previous act of throwing a knife toward me was entirely due to his negligence, nervousness, and carelessness. It was merely an unintentional act. Why must we be overbearing?" Yang Ming did not continue to say "half-done vice president" anymore. If he said it too much or was too obvious, he would seem deliberate. Anyway, everyone already knew these two nicknames, and it would probably be spread afterward. Yang Ming did not need to worry about this. "Accidents may happen on the stage! I think, no matter if it were me deflecting it back and almost hitting Vice President Li Jiasheng, or him throwing it toward me before, we were both unintentional!"

Yang Ming knew that this knife that was deflected back to Li Jiasheng's thigh must've gone deep, but he was wearing a robe and cotton training pants inside, which were effective in soaking up the blood, so his injury could not be seen from the outside! Even if blood flowed down his legs, it could only flow into his shoes. No one would find out for a while.

Therefore, when Yang Ming said, "I almost hit Vice President Li Jiasheng" instead of "having hit Vice President Li Jiasheng," Li Jiasheng secretly suffered another bitter end which he couldn't bring himself to mention.

"In this case, I think we shouldn't care about these small problems. If you continued to argue with Vice President Li Jiasheng and President Ren Jianren, then the time would pass, and we can't perform anymore. Do you still want to continue watching the performance?" Yang Ming looked at the students in the audience.

"We want to!" The students in the audience replied almost in unison.

"Okay, then we will continue to perform knife-throwing for everyone. Everyone should just watch it quietly!" Yang Ming nodded, turned around, and made a gesture to Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng. "Please, President Ren Jianren."

"Hmph." Li Jiasheng snorted. He couldn't determine whether Yang Ming was intentional when he deflected back the knife, but he himself was also a martial artist. He knew that he could maintain aim in knife-throwing, but how could someone keep aim when deflecting back a knife? Does he think that he is Zhang Wuji [1]? So Li Jiasheng also began to doubt that Yang Ming was intentional.

Anyway, Yang Ming just gave the Taekwondo Club a little help. Without Yang Ming's words, Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng probably would be bombarded by the students in the audience! Therefore, Ren Jianren had to nod amicably to Yang Ming.

Originally, the time of this knife-throwing performance had long passed. However, Xu Qianxing, the president of the Student Union, standing backstage, saw that the enthusiasm of the students in the audience was so high, and the school leaders did not raise any doubts. He naturally would not force Yang Ming and others to end it. Since everyone liked it, then they should continue to perform! Given the market demand, we will supply according to market demand. This was the simplest reason.

Li Jiasheng couldn't jump out at this time to say, "Who said that I was not hurt? My leg got stabbed by you." As a result, the students in the audience would only consider him to be a fool! You threw a knife at Yang Ming, and Yang Ming is fine, but you were stabbed by the knife that was deflected back from Yang Ming. If you're not stupid, what are you?

Someone whose skills were inferior can still clamor? If it were someone else, they would have stood aside and not said a word. Therefore, Li Jiasheng could only reluctantly pretend that he was fine not to lose face, smiling bitterly.

Looking at Yang Ming starting to brag again and make some difficult moves to attract the cheers from the audience, Li Jiasheng knew that this was seen as a performance. But secretly, it was a competition that decided whether he won or lost.

On Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun's side, countless apples were hit. It would be hard to count even if the apples were laid on the ground. However, there were only a few on his side where they could be counted on one hand.

However, even if he lost, he did not have the face to admit defeat directly! If he admitted defeat, he really couldn't mingle in the school in the future. Therefore, Li Jiasheng still had to continue to seek to impress by feigning more than his abilities. Even if he lost, he had to soldier on. The arranged time was already over, and it seemed that time needed to be extended for a while. As long as I have a steady hand, and I aim correctly for a few knife throws, I believe I will not lose by too much.

Thinking of this, Li Jiasheng was slightly comforted in his heart. In fact, it couldn't be said that Taekwondo was useless; Taekwondo naturally had its own reason for being able to evolve from the Shaolin Long Fist and passed down for so long.

However, Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng lost; they could only blame themselves for not being good at learning. Also, they encountered Yang Ming, such a ruthless person. Even if they practiced for ten years, they would not be Yang Ming's opponent!

Li Jiasheng and Ren Jianren already had the mentality that they would definitely lose, but they still accurately hit a lot of apples. Although Li Jiasheng became slower in throwing the knife, a few of the knives thrown hit accurately, which made Ren Jianren felt at ease in his heart. Even if they lost, it would not be so unsightly.

On Yang Ming's side, although he made some tough moves to react to Lin Zhiyun, Yang Ming's three-hundred-and-sixty-degree vision ability had been watching Li Jiasheng and Ren Jianren, looking for an opportunity to mess with them.

However, Li Jiasheng had a steady attitude and rarely made mistakes. It was also hard for Yang Ming to find an opportunity. Yang Ming sighed. If this drags on, it's not good!

Even if the performance is more exciting, and the audience was willing to watch, the school's art festival party is not likely to organize a party for me alone. The host will surely end the performance.

You can't help but let the follow-up performance continue, right? So, thinking of this, Yang Ming had to make a dangerous move. On the surface, he still cooperated with Lin Zhiyun to catch the knife, but his right hand shook slightly, and two flying needles fell into the palm of his hand. It was an honor for Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng that Yang Ming used these flying needles which could quickly dissolve in blood.

Yang Ming was planning to use these top-grade things when he encountered strong opponents. However, on Zhang Zhishen's side, a lot of this raw plant material for making the flying needles were shipped here from Yunnan's Miao Village, so he was not afraid of using them up. It was just a bit of a hassle to make these because they had to be made by hand.

Yang Ming's hand was hidden in his sleeves, and his eyes did not look at Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng. Although this was only the school's stage, and there was no such thing as a powerful and highly-abled person, Yang Ming was still afraid that someone could see what was going on.

Now, Yang Ming's hands were hidden in his sleeves, and his eyes were not looking at Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng, so others could not suspect Yang Ming.

The moment when Li Jiasheng was about to throw a knife, Yang Ming shot him a flying needle and shot another flying needle to Ren Jianren.

Li Jiasheng didn't know what happened to him. He suddenly felt numbness on his right leg. He leaned forward, and the knife left his hand; he deviated from the track! Ren Jianren was shocked. He didn't know what Li Jiasheng was doing. His brain quickly made instructions to dodge it, but he didn't know why his body didn't seem to listen. His entire body swooped forward toward the knife.

Therefore, the tragedy happened. The knife was embedded into the side of Ren Jianren's face, and his entire left face was punctured! Blood flowed down non-stop.

Ren Jianren wailed. He covered his left face and fell to the ground, groaning in pain.

This change happened abruptly. The audience suddenly became silent. Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun on the stage stopped their movements. They looked at Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng, baffled.

Of course, Yang Ming's surprise was an act, but Lin Zhiyun's surprise was genuine. However, Yang Ming was already good at concealing, and others could not notice that it was fake from his expression.

"Are you serious? He's actually bleeding?" Someone in the audience finally made a sound. He recovered from the shock and looked at Ren Jianren on the stage in horror. Ren Jianren, at the moment, was full of blood and was extraordinarily terrified.

Of course, everyone did not know what Li Jiasheng and Ren Jianren were doing, but most of the students had their own guesses! Because the actions of the two people previously were in everyone's eyes, they had their doubts.

"There's no ability, but they want to imitate Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun. Aren't they finished? Aren't they injured now?" Tian Donghua's loudspeaker started working at the opportune time. Although he did not see clearly why they had made a mistake, Tian Donghua tried to guess the worst.

In most people's minds, what they thought was similar to what Tian Donghua said, but they were not sure, so they didn't say it. Now that Tian Donghua said this, everyone nodded in agreement and said, "Yes. They don't have the skill but still want to imitate others and do tricks? Great. Now the tricks aren't done well, and they have disabled themselves."

Some of the students, who didn't think so before, also understood and believed what everyone said. It turned out that this Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng saw Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun in the limelight, so they were unhappy in their hearts and wanted to imitate others! Therefore, Li Jiasheng threw out a somewhat difficult knife. Ren Jianren wanted to lean down like Yang Ming, but he didn't expect that he wasn't like Yang Ming. He didn't catch the knife, but got his face pierced!

"What's the matter? Where's the Student Union's president? Go and see what's going on!" A school leader recovered from the shock, quickly stood up, and shouted at the stage!

The school leaders were naturally nervous when such a big thing happened in the school's art festival and quickly looked for the people from the Student Union to carry out the emergency measures! Xu Qianxing was still immensely pleased with himself backstage, thinking that he really had foresight. He took great pains to invite Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun to perform. The result was an unprecedented sensation.

As for Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng, Xu Qianxing didn't care much that they were embarrassing themselves. Although Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng's club were part of the Student Union, logically, they were also part of the Student Union. They came up with this proposal. Now that they were embarrassed, Xu Qianxing could not help it. Compared with the sensationalism of this program at the art festival, Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng had to sacrifice themselves.

However, before Xu Qianxing could be pleased with himself for long, he heard the sound of horror from the audience. He didn't know what happened. He quickly pulled the curtain away and looked at the stage and the audience. He couldn't help but be shocked after taking a look!

He saw Ren Jianren covering his left face, blood spilling from his fingers, and flowing all over the place; it was terrifying! Li Jiasheng also kneeled on the ground and couldn't get up. Xu Qianxing did not know what happened to them.

It was not that Li Jiasheng didn't want to get up, but he felt a lot of pain in his leg. Just now, his right leg became limp. Although he was somewhat inexplicable, he thought that his leg injury had flared up, and he could not support himself, so he fell to the ground.

But he did not think that when the knife was mistakenly thrown out, Ren Jianren actually thought about imitating Yang Ming and leaned over to catch it! The result was as expected; the knife was not caught but directly ruined Ren Jianren's face!

So Pure, So Flirtatious
Chapter 1337: Gone Too Far, Now He’s Hurt