Still Saving The World Today (Switching Worlds)
Chapter 8

Author: 手帕望明月
Source: swistranslations

A long morning meeting ended, Ye Huai did not understand a single word. He was propping up his head while sitting beside Ye Xinze, almost about to sleep.

However, due to his special status in Yu Xinze’s eyes, as long as President Yu din’t say anything, nobody dared to do anything to him.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Ling Ling, it’s so boring! I want to kill zombies.”

520: “Pay attention to the meeting.”

Ye Huai: “Don’t want, don’t want, I want to kill zombies!”

520: “…….” Wasn’t he still serious just now? I don’t know this unreasonable host!

Ye Huai has not had time to say anything yet when Yu Xinze announced the pausing of the meeting, to continue after lunch. Everyone started packing up, preparing to go for lunch.

Wang Yi walked towards Ye Huai, “Ah Qing, let’s go eat together?”

Ye Huai looked at Wang Yi, then looked at Yu Xinze, the hesitation in his heart was clearly written on his face. Wang Yi was a little disappointed, “We haven’t seen each other in a long time. Are you not willing to eat a meal together? ”

Before their mobile game company gone into crisis, Wang Yi has once stole a kiss from Ouyang Qing during one of his afternoon naps. Later, after the crisis surfaced, they din’t see each other for a long time. Wang Yi has always suspected that Ouyang Qing was not asleep that day, then disappearing because he wanted to avoid him.

“Last time, the things that happened was my bad. Ah Qing, we are still friends right?” Wang Yi thought that Ye Huai knew about it, so might as well simply apologize directly.

However, the memories that Ye Huai received did not have that. The reason that Ouyang Qing refused to see people was completely due to his company failing, his confidence having taken a hit, doesn’t have a single thing to do with Wang Yi.

But Ye Huai looks Yu Xinze. He was still whispering to Lu Tezhu. So he smiled shyly at Wang Yi, “It’s okay.”

Wang Yi was shot by Cupid’s arrow, Ye Huai shyly smiled and easily forgave him, causing the improper thoughts in his heart to quietly surface.

“Ah Qing, let’s go eat.” Wang Yi grabbed him, similar to their school days where they walked shoulder to shoulder.

Yu Xinze’s eyes swept past, seeing Wang Yi’s perverted hands, “Ouyang, help me buy takeout. At noon, go sort out the documents on my desk. Does the mess look good? Also, today you must stay in the company, not allowed to go out.”

Ye Huai frowned, looking apologetically at Wang Yi, “You should go with An Qi.” Can’t eat with the young fresh meat anymore.

Wang Yi din’t let go, pulling Ye Huai outside, dodging into the stairway,” Ah Qing, how did you get to know Yu Xinze? Why is he willing to help us go to court? Did he threaten you?”

Ye Huai stammered for a long while before saying, “He wants to make mobile games, wants me to help him, so he’s helping me fight the lawsuit.”

“That’s all?” Wang Yi did not believe, since when was Yu Xinze such a simple figure. Moreover, he heard some different rumors while in the company. It is said that Ouyang Qing became the personal assistant of the President and was even living with the President.

Did he threaten you? Or went to……harm you?”

( TN: went to……harm you – I guess that he was going to ask whether they went to bed together (shàng chuáng) but instead he changed it to harm you (shāng hài).)

“No, no” Ye Huai quickly denied.

Wang Yi looked at this Ouyang Qing, suddenly remembering when he just met him. Every time he needs to communicate with people, he is so uneasy. Only when he was facing the computer writing codes was he the most relaxed, liking the ease and calm he faced in the digital world.

Wang Yi saw his reaction and was sure that Yu Xinze did something. He hugged Ye Huai, his heart in pain, “Ah Qing. If you don’t like it, I’ll take you away. We can start again, you write the code while I handle the graphics. Also, with An Qi designing the story line, we can definitely become successful.”

“Where do you guys want to go?” Wang Yi has barely finished speaking when Yu Xinze pushed open the door, coldly asking as he leaned against the door.

He took over Da Zhe at the age of sixteen and it has been exactly ten years since. In fact, his age is not that much larger than that of Wang Yi who has just entered society, but his rich experience gives him a momentum that Wang Yi does not have.

Ye Huai, who was in Wang Yi’s arms, shivered obviously.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Ling Ling, say, do you think that Yu Xinze will punish me again?”

520: “…” I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t see anything.

Yu Xinze knocked on the door and said, “Assistant Ouyang, my takeaway?”

“I’ll get it right away!” Ye Huai quickly withdrew from Wang Yi’s arms and ran out.

Ye Huai: “This unquestionable tone is exactly the type that big brother likes, so handsome till it makes my legs soft.”

520: I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t see anything.

“Listen, if you do anything that shouldn’t be done, I will let you regret it for a lifetime.” After Ye Huai left, Yu Xinze closed the door of the stairwell and ruthlessly threatened.

“You remember as well, if you bully Ah Qing, I will make you regret it!” Compared with Yu Xinze’s unquestionable tone, Wang Yi seemed timid and unsure.

Yu Xinze sighed, “Those that are mine, I can dote on myself, I don’t need you to step in.”

With that said, he turned to walk away.

Only when Wang Yi relax did he discover that his vest was all wet. How did Ah Qing provoke such a character?

Before eating his lunch, Yu Xinze instructed Ye Huai to sort out his office desk, then pressed him down on to the empty desk to kiss him.

“President Yu……” Ye Huai had teary eyes as he pushed on the man on top of him. He has exercised recently, and his strength was not small. However, Yu Xinze strengthened his hard hold and kissed him.

“I know you don’t like it, but I like you, and only I can help you. If you agree to be with me, I promise you that the game you make will become number one in the country. No, the world’s number one.” Yu Xinze’s thigh inserted itself between Ye Huai’s knees, and he pressed him down on his desk and unyielding declared.

“No……” Ye Huai’s lips were red, and his eyes were still filled with tears as he was helplessly pinned on the table.

“You are not allowed to talk to that surnamed Wang person again, do you understand?” Yu Xinze said.

Ye Huai stared at him with a red face and said nothing.

“I heard that he wants to cooperate with some people to open a comic studio. If you see him again, I will make his studio go completely bankrupt.” Yu Xinze threatened. His heart was cold, Ye Huai’s eyes were like a thorn, piercing deeply into his heart. But he is not willing to step back. Even if he is to be a wicked person, he wants to keep this person by his side.

He recalled all the details of them getting along many times, yet he still can’t understand it. Why does he feel so deeply for this person?

Was it when he took a first glimpse? Or when he was crying for mercy in bed? Or is it the look that he has right now, with his teary yet stubborn glare?

“Stay by my side, I will give you the best.” Yu Xinze said.

Ye Huai’s ass was still hurting when he entered the conference room in the afternoon. He looked for 520 in his consciousness. “Xiao Ling Ling, I’m so tired.”

520: “You guys actually dare to……in the office… your mother, I’m going to explode! So shameless!”

Ye Huai: “Calm down, it’s just the office.”

520: “I won’t calm down! I’m still a baby! How can you perform R18 acts in front of a newborn system!”

Ye Huai: “Couldn’t you have placed a mosaic? You peeked!”

520: “No, I didn’t! But I can hear it!”

Ye Huai: “Is big brother’s voice particularly arousing?”

520: “…” Do you still want face!

While Ye Huai talked about Yu Xinze’s bed skills to 520, Wang Yi sat on the other side of the big conference table, looking gloomy at Ye Huai’s direction.

He saw Ye Huai sitting in his seat powerlessly, and with a desolate look. Although he tried to cover it up, his eyes were still a little red, and he must have cried. While Yu Xinze sat next to him and listened attentively to other people’s presentations.

Wang Yi felt resentful in his heart, hating that he did not have the ability to snatch his Ah Qing back. He was clearly close at hand, but could only watch Ah Qing being bullied by the man to the point of tears.

Yu Xinze saw Wang Yi’s look from the corner of his eyes. He adjusted his sitting position quietly, reached out under the table and caught Ye Huai’s hand.

Ye Huai instinctively shrank a little, thought of Yu Xinze’s threat, and stiffly did not dare to leave, letting him hold his hand.

Yu Xinze entangled their hands under the table, and when the other people were not paying attention, looked at Wang Yi in the eyes, thus ending another serious meeting.

The follow-up plans were all finalized, and the acquisition contract was signed on the spot. Wang Yi originally wanted to oppose it, but when he looked up and saw Ye Huai’s praying eyes, his heart became soft and he signed his name.

In the evening, Ye Huai was sent home by Yu Xinze’s driver first while Yu Xinze stayed out to socialize. He returned home to lie on his bed and pretended to be a corpse.

520: “Don’t pretend to be dead.”

Ye Huai: “Big brother is so tired, Xiao Ling Ling, massage my shoulders.”

520: “I’m an AI not a masseur.”

Ye Huai: “Sigh, children these days are so arrogant.”

520: “I just checked the progress of the mission, and the completion rate has already reached 30%.”

Ye Huai: “So fast? Then can we leave after winning the lawsuit?”

520: “I don’t know, this is judged by the main system, I am only your assistant.”

Ye Huai: “Xiao Ling Ling, you say, do you think that Yu Xinze will invite me to sleep in his room today? Then every day we can, hehe.” Ye Huai seems to see a beautiful night life beckoning towards him.

520: “My dear host, let me remind you that when you changed clothes this morning you slightly deviated from character. If I report you to the main system, you will be thrown out of this world immediately.”

Ye Huai suffered from this direct attack, his small system is no longer a naive or simple child, unexpectedly knowing how to threaten him. But suddenly there was a flash of enlightenment, “Your meaning is that deviation from character is under your supervision, as long as you don’t report it, it’s okay?”

520: “Small deviations are judged and reported by the auxiliary system. For large deviations that will cause a change to the entire world line, the main system will know immediately.”

Ye Huai: “Then what if…”

520: “No! Changing a person’s sexual orientation is a big deviation, and you will be thrown out of the world immediately.”

Ye Huai started to become drowsy, this means that he can occasionally act flirtatiously, but cannot be together with with Yu Xinze. He is obviously cool with it but still needing to pretend to be forced, he is also very tired ah.

Ye Huai wanted to know the reason, but 520 did not allow, so he began to make a scene.

Ye Huai: “Don’t you love me anymore Xiao Ling Ling?”

520: “I never loved you, really.”

Ye Huai: “Nonsense, brother is so handsome, how could you have never loved me before.”

520: “…” 120么, there is an idiot here.

(TL: Not exactly sure what 120么 means)

Still Saving The World Today (Switching Worlds)
Chapter 8