Supreme Uprising
Chapter 547: Like A Crushing Mountain

Author: Jewelcat

"The Human Tribe attacked the Sacred Eagle Tribe unannounced and is guilty of terrible crimes… Now, the Divine Union has decided to kill these evil-doers and exterminate them all…"

The virtual realms of the Divine Union were all linked. Although the top brass of the Human Tribe was already prepared, the notice on the virtual realm struck fear in their hearts.

The word 'exterminate' was used the most in the announcements!

It could be said that the entire Human Tribe entered a state of massive terror when they received this notice.

Of course, besides shock and fear, some people also felt angry. The Milky Way's Nine Paths had already explained to all the martialists at or above the Planet Grade their reason for attacking the Sacred Eagle Tribe.

However, many humans believed that this fight for justice had actually been considered a provocation by the Divine Union. This was a bully's behavior!

It was just too much!

The most hot-blooded martialists were the first to voice their dissent when these crimes were announced. Many of them left messages that indicated their will to fight.

Some of them even roared that their weapons had been craving blood for a long time.

While some furious people were voicing their anger and preparing to fight, there were also others who asked all humans to remain calm.

To be specific, they asked the Human Tribe's Nine Paths to remain calm. Given the current circumstances, there simply wasn't any hope of victory.

Over 100 Celestial Domain-Grade entities and many top Demigod powerhouses would be fighting. When the list of names accompanying the Brilliant Sun Sage was announced, more and more humans felt stifled by trepidation.

A lot of them weren't afraid of dying, but they were well aware of the fact that the Human Tribe's strength simply wouldn't last long against such an attack.

Perhaps they wouldn't even hold out at all.

"Sun Sage, many clans have already surrendered!" a beautiful Demigod lady with golden hair and blue eyes told the Brilliant Sun Sage softly.

The Brilliant Sun Sage waved his hands dismissively. "Take no notice, they are just a bunch of ants."

The beautiful lady then said, "Sun Sage, they are saying that they can help us breach the Nine Paths. This…"

Before the lady could finish, the Brilliant Sun Sage waved her off impatiently. "Are you saying that I could break the Human Tribe just by relying on the forces under me?"

The beautiful lady was a talented member of a Demigod institute that specialized in grooming commanders. Thus, she had been assigned to counsel the Brilliant Sun Sage.

The Brilliant Sun Sage was rather satisfied with the first-class looks and talent of this lady. However, he didn't wish to listen to these confidence-diminishing words.

The lady had already performed an impartial analysis of the two sides' prowess. The reason she had voiced this opinion was only so they could attain the most benefits with the least amount of sacrifice.

"Remember this, Mili. This time, I want to crush them with a display of strength." The Brilliant Sun Sage glared at the lady called Mili as a wave of power rushed out of his body.

He now looked like a brilliant sun that illuminated the sky and earth.

The lady pondered this in silence for a bit before advising him sincerely, "Sun Sage, although you plan will be realized, I still wish to remind you that, according to my calculations, a few Celestial Domain-Grade entities will have to fall."

"That isn't a problem. There are many Celestial Domain-Grade entities from the 18 Primary Tribes," the Brilliant Sun Sage said frostily as he stared out into the void.

While the two of them were speaking, the Brilliant Sun Sage's communication device rang. Following a short moment of hesitation, he looked at the name on the screen with a frown and put the call through.

"Luo Yunyang, is anything the matter?" the Brilliant Sun Sage asked icily when Luo Yunyang's face was projected.

Luo Yunyang got right to the point. "Brilliant Sun Sage, what does the Demigod Tribe want to do? The Human Tribe attacked the Sacred Eagle Tribe because they invaded our territory first and slaughtered the Human Tribe's soldiers."

"According to the rules of the Divine Union, we haven't violated any laws. Aren't you afraid that the other tribes won't accept your reasons for attacking us?"

The Brilliant Sun Sage found Luo Yunyang's overbearing line of questioning comical. He he… Did he still want to talk about rules right now? He didn't know sh*t! Was he actually hoping to depend on the Divine Union's laws? Had his mind gone soft?

The Brilliant Sun Sage chuckled with disdain. "Divine Union Laws? He he… Let me tell you something, Luo Yunyang. Right now, I represent the Divine Union. If I say that the Human Tribe is guilty, then it means that they are guilty."

"Plus, I won't accept your surrender this time, even if you choose to pin all the blame on yourself. I won't give you this opportunity!" When he was done, the Brilliant Sun Sage added frostily, "You can just post the content of this call in the virtual realm if you want. It will be useless. Your virtual realm account has already been restricted, so you cannot release any information. This time, you must die!"

The Brilliant Sun Sage didn't end the call as soon as he was done. He wanted to see the look on Luo Yunyang's face.

He wanted to see his anger, revenge, bitter hatred, or perhaps even insanity…

As the Brilliant Sun Sage was feeling pleased and had started to eagerly anticipate an angry reaction from Luo Yunyang, he was shocked to discover that Luo Yunyang's expression was the same as ever.

It seemed like what he had just said hadn't had a single effect on Luo Yunyang.

The call was ended voluntarily by Luo Yunyang. When he ended the call, the Brilliant Sun Sage felt a little sullen and weirded-out.

That fellow had contacted him. What exactly was he trying to imply? Could this be a sinister plot?

The Brilliant Sun Sage wondered for just a moment before pushing these thoughts to the back of his head.

Even if there was a plot, it wouldn't be of any use against the mountain that was about to crush the Human Tribe.

"Reporting, Brilliant Sun Sage. Luo Yunyang just asked the Thunder Ray Tribe to withdraw its forces. He was rejected forcefully by us!" A Thunder Ray Tribe leader reported to the Brilliant Sun Sage respectfully.

Following the report of the Thunder Ray Tribe, the Brilliant Sun Sage received similar reports from the other Primary Tribes.

These reports removed completely even the faint doubts the Brilliant Sun Sage had harbored in his heart. It seemed that even a genius would struggle against such an overwhelming pressure.

"Sun Sage, we have already passed 10 of the Human Tribe's systems and haven't met any resistance. There aren't any humans to be found in these systems," the Brilliant Sun Sage's secret assistant, who was called Mili, reported once again.

The Brilliant Sun Sage took a look at Mili's serious expression and said nonchalantly, "Mili, do you think that the Human Tribe is plotting something? Don't worry about it. Even if they have some tricks up their sleeves, they won't be of any use. Do you think that Luo Yunyang could still rely on a Supremacy's help?"

Mili nodded lightly. According to her analysis, the Human Tribe didn't stand a chance. The reason she was overly suspicious was just because the actions of the Human Tribe had been very strange.

"Shall we continue to press forward, Sun Sage?"

Mili's question made the Brilliant Sun Sage even more dissatisfied with her. He even entertained the petty notion that this lady had reached the top of the strategy hierarchy at her institute due to some shenanigans. Perhaps she might have even relied on her looks. Otherwise, why would she keep repeating such naive questions time and time again, when victory was laid out before them?

"Attack! The largest, most flourishing Human Tribe is ahead. There are at least 100 billion humans around. Evacuating them all in such a short time would be simply impossible."

The Brilliant Sun Sage gestured with his large hand. "It doesn't matter if the Human Tribe continues retreating. We will sweep and smash the entire human race!"

Aboard the colossal warship, the detection equipment kept constantly surveying thousands of miles, looking for information. Through the information garnered, it was obvious that the Human Tribe hadn't left.

A devious glint appeared in the eyes of the Brilliant Sun Sage, as well as the leaders of the other tribes.

They hadn't amassed such forces to allow the Human Tribe to keep hiding!

However, as their ship was about to enter the jump point of that star system, the Galaxy-Grade operator of the detection equipment suddenly exclaimed loudly, "Luo Yunyang! It's Luo Yunyang!"

Luo Yunyang? This name was a fable for the martialists of the Divine Union. The judgment and extermination of the Human Tribe was targeted at Luo Yunyang.

Many people reckoned that Luo Yunyang definitely wouldn't sit around and wait for his death. He would resist to his last breath, or even flee straightaway.

After all, given Luo Yunyang's current cultivation base, if he found a place devoid of people to hide, finding him wouldn't be an easy task.

Before leaving, more than 100 Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses had already secretly snuck into the Human Tribe's territory. Their motive had been to discover Luo Yunyang's whereabouts and launch a beautiful sneak attack at the most crucial time.

Killing Luo Yunyang was the true objective of this operation.

A call from Luo Yunyang was nothing out of the ordinary. However, seeing Luo Yunyang in person was something inconceivable. Some people actually wondered whether they were seeing things.

The people under the Brilliant Sun Sage quickly gathered before the main screen of the colossal warship and saw Luo Yunyang sitting leisurely on a small planet.

The small planet was facing their fleet of warships. Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses didn't find it difficult to control the direction of a small planet.

However, Luo Yunyang was currently rushing towards them.

"Is this a suicide attack?" A Thunder Ray Tribe powerhouse seemed puzzled.

Although he felt that Luo Yunyang would have to be too naive to employ such a method, he also knew that there were indeed people with unconventional ways of thinking in the vast cosmos.

"Ha ha ha… It doesn't matter what he is thinking. However, if he is rushing over, then he is abandoning his last route of escape!" The Brilliant Sun Sage simply didn't consider a plot. He just gave straightforward instructions. "Everyone attack together! Don't let him escape!"

At the Brilliant Sun Sage's command, all the Celestial Domain-Grade experts took to the void and rushed towards Luo Yunyang.

In a moment, they had already restricted Luo Yunyang into a 10-000-mile radius of space.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang smiled and said in an elegant manner, "Long time no see, everyone. I hope you have been well!"

Supreme Uprising
Chapter 547: Like A Crushing Mountain